Moving on

December 15, 2006

This is my final post on Before the end of the year, I’ll have transferred to a new position within Reuters, to a division that serves institutional money managers. I am excited about this opportunity, but I know I’ll miss the dot-com world. I’ve been writing columns online about investing since 1999.

Things looking up for Borat

December 12, 2006

borat_media.jpgThings are looking even more up for comedian Sacha Baron Cohen, better known as his title film character, Borat, the blundering Kazah journalist .Two lawsuits — one by two frat boys, another by Romanians — were thrown out of court. Another man has filed suit, but not against the filmmaker. Instead he’s suing a restaurant, claiming the staff at the eatery allowed the Borat filmmakers to tape him in the men’s restroom.

Looking for diversification candidates

December 1, 2006

Even bullish investors must be starting to wonder how much longer the stock market can maintain its vigor as oil price rallies alternate with corrections and as observers wonder how the Federal Reserve will resolve the tug-of-war between economic sluggishness, especially in the housing arena, and latent inflationary pressures.