Route 66 Revisited – One for Bill Richardson

May 14, 2007

Eds note: As Reuters correspondents Nick Carey and James Kelleher travel through America in a vintage Porsche, they’re reaching out to Americans on what issues matter to them.

I came across Carl (he declined to give me his last name) watering his lawn in front of his home at 322 D Street in Needles, California, an old railroad town on the ColIMG_3711.JPGorado River close to the Arizona border. Carl, 65, says he’s “semi-retired” from the Southern California Gas Company because he still works one day a week driving a company-sponsored bookmobile to even more remote towns. He voted twice for President George W. Bush, though he admits, “I don’t know if that was a mistake or not.” As he looks to the 2008 election, he says he’s attracted to Bill Richardson (pictured right), the Democratic governor of New Mexico.

“My big issues are immigration and Iraq — not necessarily in that order. I’m mixed about Iraq. Those people (in Washington, D.C.) know more than we do, supposedly. But I don’t see an end to it. On illegal immigration, Carl thinks the U.S. should not only deport migrants in the country illegally but punish those who hire them too.

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This is one smart guy. I support Richardson also, along with an astonishing majority of New Mexicans, 70% of whom voted to re-elect him Governor. His international resume is powerful, compelling, and refreshing at once. God knows we need someone like him to rebuild America’s tattered and practically destroyed image internationally, through diplomacy, something sadly totally lacking in 6 years of corporate driven plutocracies, with Haliburton running the show. Iraq is a total disaster: nobody but Richardson is dealing with this in his speeches, in my opinion. He has stated he would end the war the FIRST day he is in office. We may not agree with CAl on immigration, but in general and broad strokes, he is right to support Richardson for president.

Stephen Fox
New Millennium Fine Art
Santa Fe, NM

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