View from Bloomfield: Higher gas prices and the war

May 17, 2007

We met Remi Nathan, 23, who lives in Albuquerque butĀ hails from Connecticut, at a gas station in the town of Bloomfield in northern New Mexico. Remi sells wholesale perfumes and colognes he said hes a part owner of a company that operates from here to California and he travels extensively to towns like Bloomfield to tout his wares.

RemiNathan.jpgRemi had this to say on life in Albuquerque:

We have a pretty serious problem with gang violence in Albuquerque at the moment, but if you know where not to go, you can avoid trouble very easily.

Education is also a big problem in the city, the system is under-funded and not working well.

On immigration

Immigration has long been a serious problem further south toward the border in New Mexico, but its also getting pretty serious in Albuquerque. There are plenty of illegals who come to the city willing to work in the construction industry or in restaurants for much less than legal residents of Albuquerque, which has made a lot of people angry. It doesnt affect me personally because in my line of work you need English and a whole different set of skills to sell the goods I do.

On the war in Iraq

I try not to watch the television news at all because Im tired of hearing about it (the war). But I can tell from the way gas prices have been rising that its not going well. I thought this was supposed to be about keeping gas prices down.

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