Church goers: Bush’s ‘heart in the right place’

May 21, 2007

Clarkson3.jpgPresident George W. Bush’s popularity ratings among voters are languishing at low levels nationwide, but in a series of interviews, people from large congregation and staff of the First Baptist Church in this southern neighbourhood of Oklahoma City said that they think the current president is doing what he believes is right, as Pastor Kevin Clarkson put it.

For the members of this Baptist Church – in the heart of the U.S. Bible Belt – Bushs pronounced faith is what matters. Some of the memberHarve-Allen.jpgs of this church we talked to say they are guided more by President Bushs faith than his political affiliation.

Kathy Metcalf, a retired congregation member, said “hes a praying president and that hes seeking Gods will. And its a gigantic responsibility and a burden on his shoulders.”

Bill Hamilton, the Sunday school teacher, said Has he made mistakes? You bet he has and hes owned up to those. But I dont have the solution for that.

Hear Harve Allen, member of the congregation, who thinks the president “has his heart in the right place.”

Marie Meek in charge of the churchs Tape Ministry, which among other things records services for absent members of the congregation, said she was “very grateful that hes a Christian and hes stood firm all these years.”




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Having lived in Oklahoma for over 2 decades, I can attest to the total cluelessness of the christian faithful here when it comes to understanding world events. How can Harve Allen say that Bush has his “heart in the right place” when the President started an un-necessary war that has killed nearly 500,000 Iraqis. Definitely Oklahoma alright, yes sir-ree.

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A quick note of worth is that, just as with most groups in the country, a few people don’t speak for everyone’s opinions, especially at a church the size of First Moore. There are people who don’t align themselves with the republican party just because it’s what’s done in a baptist church. Many in our congregation wish to really dig into the core issues our country faces when deciding on the next president. Issues like correcting our foreign policy and social security. We see that things in the United States are changing, and a shift in stance, not a compromise, must be taken.

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