Birthday milestone, Tulsa-style

May 22, 2007

Birthday3.JPGReuters Correspondent and Route 66 Team member James Kelleher, left, turned 44 years old on Monday, the day the team drove from Oklahoma City to Tulsa. He was in a funk about the milestone the whole day.
To cheer him up, they joined the team’s hosts in Tulsa, Phil and Miranda, spent Monday night at two of the city’s hotspots: McNellie’s and the Soundpony, a tavern conveniently located alongside Cain’s Ballroom, a landmark musical venue in Tulsa.
When the Soundpony’s bartender, right, learned James Birthday2.jpgwas celebrating a birthday (and after he corroborated the claim by scrutinizing James’ Illinois licence), he made James what he claimed was a traditional Soundpony birthday libation: blueberry liqueur served in a hollowed out hotdog.
After donning the protective Soundpony hotdog headgear, James threw back one half of the hollowed-out hotdog. Nick was recording the whole event for posterity, so an anonymous fellow Soundpony patron stepped up to the plate and downed the other half. Both men then ate their hotdogs. 
James lived to blog another day, though he did wake up with what he claimed was a hotdog-induced headache. The anonymous patron, who did not have the benefit of the protective headgear, was not heard from again.
All photos taken in Tulsa, Oklahoma on May 21, 2007.


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Enjoying your articles & unique perspectives from the highway.
An exciting road trip along Route 66 sounds like a great birthday celebration to me!

Posted by Marla C | Report as abusive

While returning to Tulsa on May 19, from a long weekend camping at Palo Duro Canyon, near Amarillo, we started to notice the Jags headed west on I-40 and the frontage roads that were Old 66. I spoke with a Dutch gentleman in a “68 ? Sedan (Saloon?) in Shamrock, Texas and learned of this Tour. ( A short time later we saw an “E” type pulled over by a local sheriff on I-40).
I had a red ’58 3.4 liter MK1 coupe with the birdeye dash during the mid-60s while stationed in San Diego in the Navy.
The Bartender at the SoundPony is my cycling buddy Mike, a TRUE character !

Posted by Leo B | Report as abusive

Happy Birthday, Kelleher

Posted by Hanlon | Report as abusive

I hope no animals were hurt during James’ seemingly reckless birthday spree. I’m glad it was just a fake hotdog you were drinking out of. Fewer little piggies were killed. Come back and cover my trial James!

Posted by LordBlack | Report as abusive

Hey, those are my sunglasses.

Posted by Ali | Report as abusive