A brief jaunt along Kansas 13.2 miles of Route 66

May 24, 2007

Galena2.jpgThere are, or were, only a few miles of old Route 66 in Kansas, down in the far south-eastern corner of the state, but this short stretch of road is considered by many fans to be about as close to the original state of the road as you can get.

But be advised to take a good map with you and watch where you are going, as the dozen or so miles of Route 66 still here 13.2 miles, to be precise is also notorious for getting people lost.

The highway passes through pleasant, green wooded, farmland and small toBush Creek bridge2.jpgwns like Baxter Springs, Riverton and Galena (pictures on left), all exuding a faded rural charm.

If you come toGalena1.jpg this part of Route 66, you have to stop at the Bush Creek Marsh Arch Bridge (right), which is between Baxter Spring and Riverton. This is the only remaining Marsh Arch Bridge left on Route 66.

For many years it was called Graffiti Bridge because of the names scrawled and painted all over it. But it has obviously recently received a fresh coat of paint, so for now it is graffiti-free, though who knows for how long.

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I was reading your blog after it was over. I was reading about the bridge in Kansas.
It was called Graffiti Bridge. Several years ago, it was repainted with a graffiti free paint. It took a week to dry. The locals took turns spending 24/7 to make sure no one tagged it while the paint was still drying. Just FYI

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