rtr1m8qf.jpgActor Bill Murray gave us a long explanation for his bizarre antics in Stockholm last month, when he was picked up by police and tested for drunk driving after being found at the wheel of a golf cart en route to his downtown hotel.

In Venice to promote “The Darjeeling Limited”, Wes Anderson’s latest comedy in which Murray plays a nameless businessman who appears in short scenes at the beginning and end of the film, a deadpan Murray was asked: “What the heck were you doing in that golf car in Stockholm?”

It was an unusually direct question from a group of journalists who tend to presage their questions with long and rambling praise for whichever film they are talking about.

And the answer?

“I was in Stockholm. A friend of mine, Jesper Parnevik, invited me to play in a pro-am golf tourament in Stockholm and I was driven to a party celebrating the event in a golf cart, and after the party the people that drove me in the golf cart did not wish to drive, so I said ‘I can drive’ and I drove. I ended up stopping and dropping people off on the way like a bus. I had about six people in the thing and I dropped them off one at a time and as the last couple were getting out also wished to be dropped off at a Seven Eleven — I didn’t know they had Seven Elevens in Stockholm — they just asked me to come over, and assumed that I was drunk, and I tried to explain to them that I was a golfer.”