Good reason for those flag-waving trucks in Bloomfield, NM

May 17, 2007

flags7.jpgOK it’s true: Bloomfield, New Mexico is actually more than 120 miles north of the path that old Route 66 took across this stark, beautiful state. But sometimes it pays to veer off the beaten path.

Little Water? How about none at all?

May 17, 2007

Little-Water3.jpgThe most remarkable thing about the Little Water stream or even river to a newcomer to the desert is that there is no water in it.

Sleeping on the job in Cannes

May 17, 2007

Thanks to the reader who responded to our blog yesterday talking about whether a film’s reception at Cannes was important to its box office prospects. He/she referred to a claim in today’s Times (I must confess I could not find the story during a quick search of their site) saying journalists attending early previews the morning after a long night of partying chose long, foreign films, knowing they would provide a good chance to catch 40 winks.Cannes4.jpg

A rich landscape, an impoverished people

May 17, 2007


Take a drive through the Navajo Indian Reservation in New Mexico and youll find plenty of views to wonder at, amazing rock formations that can entertain most new visitors for hours on end.

Chooshgai, a puzzlingly deserted desert community

May 17, 2007


Heading north up state highway 491 from Gallup, New Mexico, the community of Chooshgai appeared on top of a flat hill on the right hand side of the road just a few miles inside the Navajo Indian Reservation.

View from Bloomfield: Higher gas prices and the war

May 17, 2007

We met Remi Nathan, 23, who lives in Albuquerque but hails from Connecticut, at a gas station in the town of Bloomfield in northern New Mexico. Remi sells wholesale perfumes and colognes he said hes a part owner of a company that operates from here to California and he travels extensively to towns like Bloomfield to tout his wares.

At Cannes, it is showbiz as usual

May 17, 2007

Talk about showmanship. Jerry Seinfeld and the makers of “Bee Movie” set Cannes buzzing on Thursday — the film festival’s second day — when Seinfeld dressed up as a bumble bee, strapped himself into a harness and rode a wire from Seinfeld performs stunt as bumble beethe top of a swanky hotel down to the beach.

Southwest cool in Gallup, New Mexico

May 17, 2007

elrancho1.jpgelrancho2.jpgGallup, New Mexico is a key embarkation point for travelers interested in visiting the nearby Navajo Indian nation.

Development pressures and ‘the peaks’ in Flagstaff

May 17, 2007

EdgarUqualla2.jpgEd’s note: As Reuters correspondents Nick Carey and James Kelleher journey through America, retracing the path of Route 66, they’re talking with people they meet along the way, asking them to tell us — in their own words — what issues matter most to them.

Don’t forget Winona… and an orange asphalt sighting

May 16, 2007



In the song “Route 66,” Bobby Troup said “don’t forget Winona,” though why, is anyone’s guess. It may be the most unprepossessing piece of real estate celebrated in American song.