Detroit auto show: Jaguar aims to rebuild image

January 14, 2008


Jaguar, on the brink of being sold to an Indian automaker, has worked to sharpen its brand image after earlier strategic missteps, the Ford Motor Co unit’s managing director said at the Detroit auto show. 

Detroit auto show: Scion says ‘What me worry?’

January 13, 2008

scion.jpgScion, the Toyota brand aimed at younger buyers, is not losing its edge and becoming more mainstream, Jack Hollis, head of the unit said.

Detroit auto show: Ford, Keith croon for remodeled F-150 pickup

January 13, 2008

ford2.jpgIn a blaze of loud music and louder fireworks, and using a cast of personalities led by country music star Toby Keith, Ford today unveiled the latest reincarnation of its F-150 pickup truck.

Detroit auto show: Here comes Speed Racer’s Mach 5!

January 13, 2008

mach5.jpgSpeed Racer may be a “demon on wheels” as the carton theme song proclaims, but the real-life version of the beloved Mach 5 (pictured right) proved a disappointment to some at the Detroit auto show, including the auto enthusiast Web site Jalopnik.

Detroit auto show: Toyota plugs in

January 13, 2008

priusplug.jpgThe streets outside baseball’s Comerica Park in Detroit were never so quiet — even on a cold Sunday in January — from the inside of Toyota’s early prototype plug-in hybrid (pictured left).

Detroit auto show: Group calls for more “green” cars

January 13, 2008

greenprotest.jpgAutomakers dressed in “green” at the Detroit auto show, but it wasn’t enough for a vocal band of Michigan college students (pictured left) aligned with the Freedom from Oil Campaign.

Detroit auto show: Chrysler’s moo-ving experience

January 13, 2008

In Hollywood, the old adage is “never work with animals or children.” dodgecow.jpg

In Detroit, the new adage — after today’s unveiling of the updated Dodge Ram (pictured right) — might be “never work with cattle.”

Detroit auto show: GM takes top car…again

January 13, 2008

malibu.jpgGeneral Motors might be struggling in the North American car market, but it is still managing to impress the automotive media that hands out awards at the Detroit auto show.

Detroit auto show: GM kicks of show with Kid Rock, new ‘Vette

January 13, 2008

kidrock1.jpgGeneral Motors opened the Detroit auto show with an event, dubbed GM Style, that blends new cars, fashion, music and Hollywood stars.

Detroit auto show: Mercedes strikes up the band for small SUV

January 13, 2008

Mercedes came back to Motown after its divorce from Chrysler and brought along a band of German musicians.