Italian far-right uses pig to “desecrate” future mosque site

November 14, 2007

A pigItaly’s far-right Northern League has come up with some provocative ways to protest against the construction of mosques. One of its members, Senator Roberto Calderoli, has called for a “Pig Day” to demonstrate against a planned mosque in Bologna. In December 2006, protesters left a severed pig’s head outside a mosque being built in Tuscany. Their latest idea was to parade a pig around the site of a planned mosque in Padua last weekend to “desecrate” the property.

Italy’s Sky TV has the video here. It’s in Italian but you’ll get the point.

The woman leading the protesters is former deputy Education Minister Mariella Mazzetto, a Northern League member. She told the journalist: “We have blessed the ground that the city of Padua wants to transfer for the mosque … It is a question of defending Italian identity.” Muslims and non-Muslims joined in denouncing the protest.

The rest of the video deals with a case that could be seen as the opposite of the Northern League’s approach. A priest in Treviso has been allowing local Muslims to use his parish hall for Friday prayers for three years. “For me, they are all children of God,” Father Aldo Danieli told Corriere della Sera. But his bishop told him on Saturday he would have to stop the practice, since Church law said Catholic places of worship could not be used by other religions.

This probably won’t be the last time that the Northern League uses pigs to try to provoke Muslims. How should they react?


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God bless the creative work of this Italian group!

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PT Murphy, are you then saying that God allows us to hate those not of “His” religion? Do I then have the right to destroy the property of others because I don’t agree with their religion?

Oh… that’s right, He does. He said so during the Crusades. What was I thinking to question Him? So since God = Hate, then I guess it indeed is okay to kill someone for their religious beliefs. This means that God is indeed fighting on our side against Allah. Praise be to HIM and our King Bush for bringing the truth to the heathens in their own countries and murdering nonbelievers.

This just proves all religious people are childish.

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