Texas Baptists: not enough fire, brimstone … or heaven

February 6, 2008

Christian preacherSouthern Baptist preachers are being asked to heat up their sermons with a little more fire and brimstone.

The theme of a three-day “Empower Evangelism” conference held by the Southern Baptists of Texas Convention (SBTC) this week was “When Time Is No More”. The focus: getting preachers to spend more time talking about when their flock runs out of time.

“A lot of times today, it seems that in the modern church you don’t find as much preaching on heaven and hell. (But) the whole thing that we’re about is preparing people for when they stand before God in judgment,” said SBTC president Bob Pearle, a Fort Worth pastor.

“There are still many, many Southern Baptists that faithfully preach what the Bible teaches about heaven and hell. But you have a lot of them that are a little hesitant about talking about that, about talking about sin, about talking about judgment,” he told Reuters at the conference.

That may come as a surprise to many outside the Southern Baptist fold, who tend to think America’s largest evangelical denomination already does a lot of “fire and brimstone” preaching.

The devil is in the details, say Southern BaptistsThe latest issue of the Southern Baptist Texan has a series of articles on heaven and hell. One looks at the clash between popular and Scriptural takes on the concepts. Another looks at how theologians approach the topic: is Hell, as evangelist Billy Graham has asked, a burning within the hearts of the dammed for God?

“This is just a reminder that preachers have been called to be a prophetic voice to this culture,” said Pearle.


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If only those Dixie Baptists would read the Bible they so loudly claim to believe to be the Word of God!

They would discover that not all preachers are called to be prophets.

They would discover that not all prophets talked about hell or brimstone.

They would discover that the earliest Christians did not shout hell and brimstone at people.

They would discover that the secret to the growth of the early churches was in how they lived and acted–they loved each other–not in terrorizing other people.

It is no wonder that the Dixie Baptists are over the hill and on the decline–they lost track of the gospel of Jesus of Nazareth.

Posted by Asinus Gravis | Report as abusive

Seriously.. do these guys think that by beating us over the head with there religions and beliefs that we are all going to beg for our souls to be saved.. Why should we..there is no given that there is a heaven in the afterlife..

You give me proof and I might consider it. In the meantime I will just keep my spotinheaven.com

Posted by heaven | Report as abusive

Well, one cannot know God unless He draw him. You might certainly be a vessel of dishonor, ready to do your part in the chastisement of God’s children, to perfect their faith, then off to judgement for you.

But not that baptists would know the difference with their escapism theology of the rapture that DOES NOT reconcile with God’s word, but is a twisting of minute scripture.

You see, the SUM of thy word is truth. Sum means nothing left out. It must agree with it all. So, some would say it cannot be. Those some do not have the discernment of the spirit to establish that perfect understanding and therefore believe the truth in error.

Lo, the time is upon us and your divisiveness will set your path.

But let him who is righteous continue, and he who is not, not.

Posted by steve | Report as abusive