Centre of Silence is golden at Maharishi Mahesh Yogi’s home

February 8, 2008

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi’s house and headquarters in the Netherlands, 7 Feb. 2008/Michael KoorenThe late Indian mystic Maharishi Mahesh Yogi lived out his final years in a golden yellow wooden residence on a secluded site of a former monastery. His house was surrounded by a well-tended garden dotted with animal figures that lit up at night. Two blue elephant statues with raised trunks flanked the front gate.

Visitors removed their shoes when entering the building constructed in a traditional Vedic architectural style in harmony with natural law patterns of orientation, placement, proportion and materials. Nearby was a tent decorated with pots of roses, daffodils and orchids. Rajas in white robes and golden crowns sat on red velvet seats, sometimes drifting off into deep contemplation.

India? Nepal? No, the Netherlands. The former Beatles guru, the man who brought Indian mysticism to the West and attracted westerners to his ashram in India, lived his last years in the Dutch countryside, close to the small town of Vlodrop near the German border.

The most interesting part of the house was the “Centre of Silence” right in the middle. It sounds like it might be their main meditation room, but it turned out to be a meeting room for the Maharishi’s Global Country of World Peace movement.

The room was full of flowers and pictures of Indian saints hung on the walls, but my eyes were immediately drawn to the table in the middle of the room, which was covered in trays overflowing with glistening golden coins.

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi’s house and headquarters in the Netherlands, 7 Feb. 2008/Michael KoorenEach tray was marked by a national flag from around the world and brimming with the coins of various countries tinted in gold.

“The gold coins symbolise the fact that the Maharishi believed that every nation should have affluence,” a spokesman said.

The Maharishi died at his home overnight on Wednesday at 91. The memorial service was held in Vlodrop on Thursday and a funeral is due to take place in the Indian city of Allahabad on Monday.


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After Maharishi

Here is a Question from Arthur Max, Associated Press reporter who in a February 1st 2006 Press Conference, asked Maharishi this question:

Maharishi, so many gurus, people like yourself have given so much thought to the direction of the world and have tried to lead great numbers of people in their direction. But by the very nature of their personalities and their own thinking, one has to wonder what happens to their Movements when they’re no longer around. Would you like to speculate on what will happen to the ideas
of the Maharishi whenever the day comes when he’s not here to give us his own personal thoughts?


Doesn’t matter. There is a phrase; “Man is the master of his own destiny.” So the destiny of every man doesn’t depend on the existence of
Maharishi or his absence. Man is the master of his own destiny.

Maharishi is showing a way. Who comes on the lighted way, he’ll get to the target, he’ll
get to the goal of the way, those who don’t, they don’t, that’s all.

Man has a choice. Education is so very limited today. Whether this generation understands the words of Maharishi or not. Those who will understand will be better off, they’ll be the master of their own destiny. Others will remain
slaves of circumstances and situations, doesn’t matter.

Maharishi’s message does not remain limited to his physical body. This is the message that was
there before the body of Maharishi, and it will remain there when the body of Maharishi will not come up.

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This the REAL truth about TM

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This the truth about TM.


This is Doctors Look on TM


I suggest you look at both before considering if TM is right for you

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