How Dutch Muslim leader reacted to Wilders anti-Koran film

March 31, 2008

“Our goal is nothing other than working peacefully for our society’s future, the future of our children, but also the future of the Netherlands. Muslims in the Netherlands love this country — they of course criticise some developments, as any citizen. The Netherlands is our country and we will try together with our compatriots to find the right tone … to finally get away from the ongoing polarisation in society, so that we can finally get on with our daily lives and don’t have to be afraid of each other.” — Mohammed Rabbae, Chairman of the National Moroccan Council of the Netherlands

Logo for Fitna movieThe day after Dutch lawmaker Geert Wilders showed his anti-Koran film on the Internet, warning of Islam as a threat to Western civilisation, Dutch-Moroccan leader Rabbae had separate messages for his compatriots in the Netherlands and for fellow Muslims abroad. Speaking to Dutch and foreign journalists in the El Ouma mosque in Amsterdam, he sought to assure the Dutch that Muslims considered themselves part of society, had no sympathy for violent extremism and respected the law and the constitution. “What people feel threatened by also threatens us. What threatens Westerners also threatens us. There is no difference,” he said.

He urged Muslims abroad to respect this. “We want to tell our Muslims brothers and sisters abroad, in the Middle East, in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia etc, that we as Muslims in the Netherlands are best positioned to analyse the situation in the Netherlands, and to determine the response to Wilders and others … I am appealing to our brothers and sisters abroad to follow our strategy, not to frustrate our strategy by any violent incidents or an attack to a Dutch embassy,” he said.

“Looking for conflict with the Netherlands there is looking for conflict with us. We are indivisibly Dutch, indivisibly citizens of this country.”

About 50 hardline Muslims protest outside Dutch embassy in Jakarta, 31 March 2008/Dadang TriThis presents an interesting contrast to the reaction of some Danish Muslim leaders who went to the Middle East seeking support from fellow Muslims for their protests against the Prophet Mohammad cartoons. We know what that lead to. Rabbae stresses his Dutch identity as much as his Muslim identity and tells fellow Muslims abroad to respect the way Dutch Muslims have chosen to react to the Wilders film. There have been verbal official protests in the Muslim world and some loud street demonstrations, but so far not the violence seen after the Danish cartoons were published.


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Mohammed Rabbae is Chairman of the National Moroccan Council of the Netherlands and his words are quite eloquent but… notice he does not address the hateful koran verses in question. They are there !! Muslims needs to address this.

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The cold north wind is blowing in vain – Danish and Dutch futile attacks on Islam

The North Wind was trying to demonstrate its stronger power over that of the sun by blowing so hard to make a man wearing a coat to take it off. Instead of removing his coat the man held tightly onto it. When the sun had its turn it just had to send warmth to make that man willingly take off his coat. From Aesop’s fables.

With the republishing of the so called “Mohammed cartoons” most Muslim websites and newspapers now exhibit signs displaying “except Mohamed” urging visitors and readers to boycott all Danish products. This public campaign has worked to the extent of making people detest any Danish product.

Privately many Muslim leaders or Imams are gleaming with joy for the reaction that such provocative moves have caused and many of them can not remember any thing like it. They wonder whether is it a rekindled love or dormant emotions or feelings that have been awakened.

These Imams have never seen such a show of love by the masses for prophet Mohamed, and now the stage is set for the anti-Koran film which perhaps would also reignite the interest in reciting the Quran.

At the end of the day if these provocations turn out to be counter productive, should Muslims be thankful ? Certainly but not to Jyllands Posten or Geert Wilders. Instead they should be thankful to Allah who put at their disposal such an arrogant and ignorant enemy whose actions only served to strengthen their beliefs.

Denmark has chosen to embrace the role of the whipping boy to whom all angry emotions are vented and Denmark is probably taking over the USA in one area, the country which has its flag suffer most frequent flag desecration or burning. So the previously respected Danish flag is now being widely used as a floor mat.

Denmark followed by the Netherlands have chosen to be the football players who score the auto goal, or the soldiers who carry the guns that backfire.

While Muslims are not happy with such provocations and do not appreciate these actions they are certainly grateful for the result. So why shall they pray for the replacement of conveniently placed players or soldiers?

Obviously the source of these irresponsible provocations is not the cunning British or the sly French but rather they originated from the land from where the north wind blows or the land of the blond which proves that blond stupidity does have certain merits. Shakespeare was thoughtful in saying: “Something is rotten in the state of Denmark”

But why did the Danes or the Dutch choose this time? Probably it is just miscalculation on their part. They may have thought that this is the best time to defeat Islam morally as it has so far resisted all attacks militarily.

A similar situation where attacks have backfired was mentioned in the Quran in the chapter of light or “Sura Noor”. There is a verse that refers to an incident when Aisha the wife of prophet Mohamed was accused of adultery. The verse says:

“Those who have brought forth the false accusation were a group from within you. Do not think it is bad for you, for it is good for you. Every person amongst them will have what he deserves of the sin. And as for he who had the greatest portion of it, he will have a great retribution.”

This systematic attack on Islam has so far been directed towards the most sacred person in Islam; the prophet Mohamed and to the most sacred book the Quran.

We should expect the next attack to be directed towards Makkah (Mecca ) the most sacred place for Muslims, where the Saudis would not welcome that attack publicly but privately would love to see millions of Muslims flock to Makkah exactly as the man wearing the coat was holding it tightly as the north wind blows stronger.

One can not help but ask the question: What have the Danes or the Dutch gained from all of this? And have they ran out of other ideas to demonstrate the right for free press?

Mohamed Alkilani
Benghazi Libya

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We must thank people like Wilders and like Rabbae, because they have the courage to show the way of how this bitter medicine prove itself effective.
The liberties we took for granted are the result of Europe’s past generation suffering, and we are mere custodians, before passing them to the future generations. These liberties are not ours, to sell them cheap just because those who dislike them are numerous or violent enough.
Whoever considers him or her self a citizen of Europe must learn that the right to dissent, criticise and even mock without being harmed or bullied is never to be renounced.

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He says, “I am appealing to our brothers and sisters abroad to follow our strategy, not to frustrate our strategy by any violent incidents or an attack to a Dutch embassy,””
Yep, their strategy of lulling the masses back to sleep until their numbers have grown sufficiently to take over ‘peacefully’.

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Quote: We, Muslims in general are very tired listening to the accusations that we are a violent society. And if those accusations do not stop, we will kill you. End Quote.

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It is interesting to see a religious leader react in a socially mature and prudent fashion against one person’s stereotypical and misinformed view of a group of people following a certain religion. If Mr Wilder’s aim of this film was to point out the irrationality, racist and criminality of terrorism alone, he did not achieve his goal. He carelessly (or deliberately) attached people of one religion to a group of irrational miscreants who also use religion as an excuse to murder. The Koran, like the Bible and other religion’s texts, is a Holy book and will remain so. The Holy books are to be read and interpreted as the author/s wished them to be read. The Holy books have been and will continue to be interpreted in different ways by different people – depending on their upbringing, education, ability to rationalize (think sensibly), social ability/inability, (penchant for causing harm to other people). Eg: The Dutch Imman’s reaction was in stark contrast to the Dane’s Immans’ reactions. (Why?) Readers of some history will be aware it not just Islam, miscreants have used as an excuse to torture, rape, dismember, etc. The Holy Bible has also been ‘sacrileged’ and it’s Holy writings (mis)interpreted in an irrational way for the sole pupose of a miscreant to have their penchant for making others suffer/damage property come to fruit. The lack of education of the masses surrounding these ‘miscreant sacrilegious misinterpreters’, many disguised as so-called religious authorities, allows these miscreants to continue their ‘sinful lust’ for murder and mayhem. It’s not a matter being/not being ‘blonde’. Just because a few people of one country agree one thing, it is ignorant to assume that ALL people of that country agree on the same thing. A little bit of education may decrease one’s ignorant and stereotypical view of others and actually discover that not all ‘blondes’ are stupid, not all Westerners are infidels, rapists/ murderers, not all Muslims are terrorists and that just because someone doesn’t think, talk, look exactly like you, they aren’t necessarily a bad person. I suppose it would help if everyone was brought up learning and practicing basic common decency and basic common sense towards everyone and everything. But if you’re ‘dragged’ up thinking women are just property, female babies are worth nothing so murder them, killing your children’s mother by setting her on fire because she doesn’t have money/dowry for you to buy a TV, believing women don’t have the ability to drive a car or be educated because they aren’t male, that ALL Western men are out to rape your women, steal your country and make slaves of you all and make you eat McDonalds, and that Islam is a murderous and callous religion, well, the hurdle to get over/ through is a big one! May the Good Men of ALL religions not sit by and do nothing but help this world become a better place for everyone.

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All this commotion,heated exchanges,for what? Wilders is a copy-cat.He has only rehashed what muslims have chosen to demonstrate to the world how to endoctrinate non believers.
–Beheading a person alive, live on camera.
–stonning live women to death–only men have this joyful honor.
–slash throat of disobedient daughters. This HONOR performed with great care & devotion by fathers & sons.
–proud display by mothers of their little “darlings” strapped with TNT ready for the kill, as directed by Allah Akbar.
–slaughter of 100 of thousands innocent men,women,chidren, throughout the world.
–Open,brazen,brave islamic those who disagree with their blood-letting approach to religion, by sending paid killers to eliminate them.
All this carnage,enjoyed by by Allah’s beloved children is usually followed by dancing in the street, and passing out sweets.
Ah!.the joy of Muhammad’s LOVE.

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[…] are calling on other Muslims to leave Dutch citizens alone. FaithWorld takes a closer look at the Dutch Muslim response, contrasting it with the response of some Danish Muslims. The Economist suggests European Muslims […]

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This bigotry is getting out of hand. It is unfair to label all muslims and islam according to the uneducated generalization of this film which serves no purpose other than inspire hatred and will be used by radical terrorists as proof that the West is Hell-bent on destroying islam. I know a lot of muslim families in my community who do not share the disgusting and twisted interpretation of Al Qaeda and other such organizations that take advantage of poverty and lack of education and even the brainless help of such ill-timed and ill-judged propaganda such as the film provided to us by Wilders, and it is unjust to persecute them and attack their faith on the basis of the narrowminded, uneducated and mostly twisted content of his film. We do not judge all of Christendom by the standards of the Ku Klux Klan, and likewise we cannot judge the overwhelming majority of moderate muslims by the standards of Osama bin Laden and his ilk, partaking in their style of mindless intolerance..As a human being I am disgusted by the response of reactionary bigots to Mr. Rabbae attempts at calling on muslims to practice restraint and tolerance and rejecting violence as a response to this film, putting himself and his community at risk doing so, and the Dutch Government was right to distance itself from the hate-inspiring message of this offensive films. it brings to mind the message projected by the films produced in Nazi Germany against Judaism, depicting a Jew as despicable plotting creature bent on enslaving the world to his purpose. Are we ever going to learn from our past and stop doing this?

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we europeans stopped you before under Charles the Hammer. The asian nestorians stopped you under Ghengis Khan. Soon the Indians will stop you again. And your obcence ostentations will blow away on the desert wind like the old city of the pillars in the Rub-al Kali

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The most important message in the Qur’an is that Allah is in charge of Muslims. Since Allah has declared a permanent war it follows, that the Islamic world is in a permanent war with the un-Islamic world. There cannot be any negotiation with the non Muslims, since it means negotiating with Allah (translation ~ Lucifer).

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Few Muslims today understand that many of their recent or distant ancestors entered Islam at sword point. As Arab dominance gripped cities and nations, many undoubtedly embraced Islam not only to survive, but to avoid payment of Poll Tax (Jaziya) and escape the humiliation reserved for the Zimmies (non-Muslims living under their Arab rulers). Except for those who joined for personal gain, probably most people were forced to join, accepting Islam solely for the purpose of survival for themselves and their children. Undoubtedly nearly all of those so forced hoped and longed for the opportunity to escape the grip of Islam at the time of their induction, but the grip of Islam on families, neighborhoods, and nations is very tight. Dreams of freedom became sad resignation, and after a generation or two none remember or recite the old hopes and dreams. It’s interesting to take note that much of Islam today is made up from what essentially is a conscripted army. Islamic efforts to make that army tow the official line and become more responsive and obedient warriors (Jihadists) continue to this day. Calls to arms and Jihad seem constantly issued from various sources, and there seems to be a new crop of recently indoctrinated energetic young people ready to answer the call to prove their devotion, and to make teachers and family proud. Those who respond are also enthralled by the promise of glory, luxuries, and virgins in the next life. Properly incited, they depart on their dangerous journeys knowing nothing of the root causes and circumstances of their ancestral parents forced conversions. Their father’s father’s father, an entire previous lineage of many peoples, cry from the dust lamenting the choices of their progeny, but are unable to speak to hearts now filled with the same hatred and blood-lust that first drove them into bondage. It is a huge tragedy and travesty spanning generations, with little hope of redemption.

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It is due to Muhammad’s life that Muslims act barbaric and run amuck, Allah’s hallmarks is a cult. In other words, we cannot compare Islam to other religions because due to the prophets narcissistic manners, Islam falls in the category of a cult, not a religion. Yes, Islam is a cult founded by an Arab man from Mecca in Arabia , by the name of Mohammed, who lived from 570-632 A.D. . A huge problem is that cults are incredibly difficult to dismantle intellectually. The brainwashing is grandiose.

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Indeed, the Prophet of Islam’s deeds and words, Islamic law and its interpretation, has always been totally intolerant and he practiced an unholy life. According to Muslims, the prophet of Islam was Khataman Nabiyyeen (The last prophet) and Allah will no longer send prophets. Well, if God chose a man like Muhammad who butchered, raped, terrorized, massacred and killed so many innocent people with the sword of Islam, then we are dealing with a terrorist, God.

Until we understand this and put a stop on this widely spread, contagious disease, many innocent people will continue to die. The very survival of the civilized world is dependent upon our understanding that Islam is mankind’s greatest enemy.

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Whatever it is, I hope the muslims deal with this issue with great tact and diplomacy. Let there no be aggression and violence whilst trying to put things right. I guess peach march and proper public information could of some help. Let the world see that the muslims are also peace lovers.

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This is simple insult and hate video clips.Many degraded individuals do such rubish work. As a Muslims I would love to have discussion with any one who is intrested to have one.

However, I don`t have time to waste with someone who simply want to insult me.It is an honor to react to such morally degraded person. Muslims have to learn and see how `civilized` world are and pray for their guidance.

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[…] Originally Posted by Fade Languish How can you even take that film seriously? It’s media at it’s worst, just relying on the juxtaposition of shocking images and words. You could just as easily pull a bunch of extreme biblical references and flash some, I dunno, bombings of abortion clinics and Ku Klux Klan marches. Or maybe some extremist Jews speaking mixed with Palestinian children being shot. Did you notice the God bless Hitler image seems to be an illustration? Wilders is a repugnant man in many ways. He makes it very difficult to take Voltaires advice and defend to the death a persons right to express themselves even though you disagree with them. People should be free to critisise, mock, humiliate and lampoon anyones beliefs, its the disproportionate reaction to this critisism that causes me concern. I read Indonesian Muslims have already stormed the Dutch Embassy in Jakarta. Lets hope the attitude of moderate muslims like Mohammed Rabbae prevails. FaithWorld ? Blog Archive ? How Dutch Muslim leader reacted to Wilders anti-Koran film | Blogs | Reu… […]

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Well… when I saw “God Bless Hitler” clip in Fitna, I felt disgusted “what sickos!!!”. Such inhuman and morally degraded are “fanatics”. We have them in every religion.

Well, correct me if I am wrong. I think the Christian fanatics have killed more Muslims than the Muslim fanatics of Christian. So…. what kind of movie we can make out of that.

There are many muslims who are totally against the brutality of the muslim fanatics. But there are some who quietly feel good about all these things. So, the real problem the muslim religion is facing is not the outsiders or people of other religion but their own muslim followers who are not really muslim but so called muslim.

Many people are developing disinterest over religions because all of them have beautiful scriptures but horrible people (followers). They quote everything from the Quran, Bible, etc. but never bothered to embody them.
So there are many who go into “free thinker” kind of stuff. In fact many of the “free thinker”s are nicer than the so called “religious practitioner”s.

I guess being a spiritualist is the best of all.

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[…] blog.reuters […]

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These verses have been in the Koran since 1400 years ago. Does Wilders actually believe he’s the first to be able to criticize it. There have been thousands of poems criticizing Islam since it first came to the Arabian peninsula. Obviously as time goes on society learns to accept new things and chastise some old ones. Suddenly anyone who marries a girl under “18” is a pedophile. Well what’s in Bible or Talmud that defines an appropriate marriage age? This was not a concern 1300 years ago when everyone was busy criticizing Prophet Muhammad PBUH about copying the bible and not being able to produce any “miracles” like Jesus did by walking on water.

If you take verses out of any book they can seem violent and senseless..Some of the verses in the Quran do have violence, but keep in mind this is a commandment during a time of violence against muslims.
Example: I’ve seen people refer to the verse
That sounds pretty bad but that’s not the whole sentence, so one cannot simply rely on this…the entire verse is:
008.039 And fight them on until there is no more tumult or oppression, and there prevail justice and faith in God altogether and everywhere; but if they cease, verily God doth see all that they do.

And please…its only a matter of time before someone comes out with a video of all the violent verses in the Bible or the Old Testament…because you know there’s enough.

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Dear Kvn, I think your right on the mark there. Those verses in the Quran, 8:39 for example- “fight them on until there’s no more…” I wonder how many of these ‘so-called’ religous fanatics actually read the whole verse and understand it the way the author wanted it to be understood? Maybe one of the problems is that these persons (terrorists) are either not being given the whole information of the Quran, but just a selected part (from the Immans) – “fight them on until there’s no more..” and then through lack of education (or penchant for murder and mayhem), act on that verse – literally. Of course you are definately right about the Holy Bible also with some of it’s verses. It goes to show that it ‘all boils down’ to the individual’s interpretation of the Holy word and how they are ‘educated’ to interpret it. We can see from Mr Wildeers film that his interpretation of the Quran is as twisted as the murderous miscreants using it (the Quran) as an excuse to kill. (Or Wildeer’s also has a penchant for mayhem). And Neil – I think you have the right idea too, “I guess being a spiritualist is the best of all.”

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