Debate yes, “fitna” no

April 2, 2008

“fitna” in ArabicWe’ve been following the story of the Geert Wilders movie “Fitna” on the Reuters file and on FaithWorld and it has attracted quite a few comments. Some are vociferously for or against it, and that’s what comments sections are there for. But we have been getting some comments that are simply in very bad taste. The comments section is open to provocative comments, but not cheap slander. That rule applies to any religious leader, politician or anyone else we talk about here. Debate yes, fitna (strife) no.


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Geert Wilders film is right on. Quotes are taken right out of the Koran and visual evidence from the news illustrated what the Koran is promoting. Islamofascism is the major evil of the 21st century. It must be crushed by democratic countries around the world. Europeans have been fools to allow so much Islamic immigration. The moderate muslim world needs to step up and confront radical Islam or all muslims will continue to be suspect in the eyes of freedom loving people everywhere. The world needs to wake up!!! It’s not just a Christian vs. Muslim conflict. Muslims promote violence and hate towards all other religions.

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I feel that the previous commenter did not actually read the post. The post is not directly about the slanderous movie, but the comments around it. That being said, I think Rich is the prime example of people who the movie is made for. Mr. Wilders is the leader of the anti-immigration Freedom Party (an odd combination btw), so naturally he would have an issue about the largest immigrant population. Secondly, I am a Muslim and last time I check, I have not promoted hate or violence to anyone. Lastly, please do not tell me to “set-up” or “rip out violent pages of the Koran” because Islam is a pure religion. Pure in the sense that it has never been altered. It is the word of God and does not need to be “modernized” for people too narrow minded to accept the fastest growing religion in the world. Wilders’ movie was made on the sole purpose to provoke; and clearly it has done its job. Yet, those who take it as serious as Rich has, needs to double check their notion of being modern and accepting.

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That is the idea: ‘debate’ yes, ‘fitna’ no, and ‘fitna’ or strife as the editors eloquently put it is exactly what this film promotes. You only need to look in on blogs like this one to see what it is doing: It is taken at face value and viewers who have no background generalize on the basis of what they saw in the distorting content, and the few radical terrorists use this as pretext for a so-called crusade against an attack on the islamic faith, and the victims of all this dangerous rhetoric are the overwhelming majority of moderate faithful who with my own eyes I saw suffer taunts, insults ,discrimination and mindless uneducated bigotry from outsiders who do not even attempt to discriminate between decent law-abiding faithful and the ilk of Bin Laden who twist the meaning of this faith into murder, as is seen from this needlessly taunting and inflammatory production. There is no place in a civilized society for this type of careless slander. I have taken the trouble of studying islam and found out for myself that it does NOT advocate mindless bloodletting. The content of ‘facts’ used in this film has been taken out of context and edited to fit the profile. It is wrong to pass judgement on muslims in general and their faith based on the actions of a few, and that is why the Dutch government rightly distanced itself. If we are ever to coexist in peace with one another, then we should stop the influence of this evil few by trying to understand one another, rather than get out of our way to spread defamation and stoop to the level of propagating derogatory, hurtful and needless insults promoting strife, and I really cant understand what Wilders hoped to acheive with this film, other than the very very few votes of ultra extreme right-wing denomination to be found in the civilized and refined society of the Netherlands. I’m glad I don’t think that way

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the comments here around this film are as I explained before examples of reactionary bigotry. some people did not even bother to go and check if all muslims really are like that or looked at quranic text in its full context and its explanation in other languages. No, directly they took this movie at face value as if it were an encyclopedia brittanica and started rhetoric that is merely the opposite extreme of Alzawahiri’s. that is my point. The very great majority of muslims like the gentleman in the previous post do not accept or condone the words and actions of radical terrorists using islam as a cover, and they reject the way these people, who like Wilder twisted the quran out of context in a shape that would serve their ends. This movie is unfair to them, unfair to their faiths, and so is every uneducated comment that appears here. For the sake of civilized human behavior, I wish that people would try and take a closer look at muslims, and like me they will realize that they are not self-detonating bloodthirsty desperadoes .

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The Koran isn’t the direct word of God. God didn’t actually write it down did he? It’s the word of a man, perhaps a man you believe got it directly from God, but let’s not be silly here. It’s the word of a man, no matter how well intentioned his ideas were. I never understand how people can honest and truly believe that any religious text is God’s word. It’s always a man’s words. All that is different is some people actually believe this person got their message from God. I also never understand how God apparently stopped talking to people 500 years ago or so. If someone says they spoke to God these days they get laughed at,but if you read an old text that allegedly contains God’s words to someone then it’s reason to go out and kill people.

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More commentary from people who do not even bother to check their ‘facts’ before typing them on blogs. The Muslim faith says that the Koran IS the word of God, passed on to Mohammad by Gabriel in the language of Mohammad so that he may understand them, and that text has been written and preserved ever since. That is why it is very offensive to Muslims to suggest that the Koran is to be ‘changed’ or ‘ripped out’. At a closer look taken in its full context, Islam is in fact a very moderate faith. It is clear from blogs like this one that people need to take a closer careful look and understand things like this fully and not pass rash hasty judgement. I never saw Islam as a religion of evil, and I never will.

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Wait, you want people to check the “fact” that the Koran is God’s words? Where do you people come from? If you take it on faith that it is directly God’s word, that’s fine for you. It doesn’t make it a fact. The fact is it is a man’s word. Sorry, God didn’t write it down, a man did, thus it’s not direct from God. This is yet another reason why people can’t seem to debate religion, some people can’t distinguish their beliefs from facts.
That aside no religion is evil, it’s the men who invent or interpret them that are evil.

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