Even pope visits have their T-shirts

April 19, 2008

It isn’t an event without a T-shirt. Here are two of them on sale in New York for Pope Benedict’s visit …

A T-shirt for Pope Benedict’s visit, 16 April 2008/Joshua Lott……………………………………………………………………………………………………..

A T-shirt for Pope Benedict’s visit, 19 April 2008//Chip East

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One day the Vatican City in Rome, Italy, will be the next Ground zero. The people who go on Holiday to Italy will be able to buy a T-Shirt with a photo of what once used to be the former Vatican City. Does the Pope the leader of the phedophiles Catholic Priests and Nuns who sexually abused over 60,000 American children not know that the American government has over 40,000 nuclear bombs? Just because there are over 1000 Billion people who are Catholics the Pope does not really have a guaranteed at all that any future American President or American military General will no blow up the Vatican City so that it looks just like Ground zero. It is very stupid to be overconfidence and take a chance and underestimate someone or a country like America who has 40.000 Nuclear Weapons. Any friend, brother, parent, or lover can change his mind anytime and blow you away when they are drunk. No God and not underground shelter can help and protect someone or country when an ICBMs or SLBMs rocket is launched with 10 Nuclear warheads. There is not Time Machine to go back and tell the Catholic Priests not to abused 60,000 American children. It is too late to change history. There is not hope and no salvation for the Roman Catholic Church and the Vatican City so it will become the next Ground zero for not showing respect to the American citizens and specially to the children. Very soon the only memory of the Roman Catholic Church and the Vatican City will only be found on a T-Shirt and Postcards. When the American government strikes back on the Vatican City with an ICBM they will say that it was a ‘computer software error’ and will show no pity just like the Catholics showed no pity to 60,000 American children.

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