Catholic bishop goes YouTube to warn about Internet

April 29, 2008

If a Catholic bishop wants to warn youngsters about moral dangers lurking on the Internet, where should he go to get his message across? YouTube, of course. That’s what Bishop Peter Ingham of Wollongong , in New South Wales in Australia, has done. The four-minute clip accompanies a pastoral letter just issued by the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference on the same subject.

The white-haired prelate confesses up front that he’s a newbie in cyberspace. “I wouldn’t know my Facebook from my Second Life, or a blog from a chatroom,” he admits. To show how familiar young people are with the Internet, he tells the story of how a little girl learning the Lord’s Prayer misunderstood its appeal for deliverance from evil and ended it  by saying: “… lead us not into temptation, but deliver us some email , amen.”

Here’s the whole clip:

YouTube Preview Image

PS: Hat tip to The Religious Write.

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I’m so pleased!
I’ve been saying around my parish that we really need to get out and use Electronic Evangelization!

How wonderful it is that Bishop Ingham found the time and energy to make this video for YouTube. And what better place than to go to the site where our teenagers are spending the most time?

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