Harun Yahya preaches Islam, slams Darwin and awaits Jesus

June 19, 2008

Here is an edited Reuters transcript of the Adnan Oktar interview:

Harun Yahya, 21 May 2008/Osman OrsalHow many copies of Atlas of Creation have you sent out, and where?

We have sent the book in French, English and German. The number of books sent isn’t as high as assumed. I guess it’s at most 10,000. The reason it has become sensational is because of the influence of the ideas. People tell each other about these ideas so the dimension of the impact is enlarging. This huge impact shows the influence of the book. It shows how influential the author has been.

There is not a single person in Europe who has read the book and hasn’t been influenced by these ideas and changed his ideas about Darwinism. But humans are generally in shock when their belief systems are destroyed. They become aggressive and create harsh responses. This is basic human psychology. Maybe some people don’t read my book and I have nothing to say to them. But their friends who’ve read these books tell them. This shows the destructive effect of the book, indirectly, just like the atomic bomb.

Why did you send it to France?

France has been widely known as being a strong country in atheism and materialism for a long time. That’s why we’ve given priority to France. In fact, the effect of my books in France have been dramatic and this is quite pleasing. We even see Nicolas Sarkozy changing his ideas. He was known to be a Marxist but now he declares ideas that are in parallel with Catholic and religious person. He has been expressing his faithfulness to God and that is quite pleasing.

Nicolas Sarkozy a Marxist? He has always been a conservative.

As far as I know, he has a tendency towards the left and materialism. But I’m talking about his previous views, not his recent ones.

Why fight Darwinism?

Darwinism and materialism are at the root of all disasters. At the root of Masonism and fascism. Its destruction also meant the destruction of nationalism and fascism. This has been a very dramatic change before the coming of Jesus Christ. This is also the destruction of Marxism.

IstanbulIs there any reason why these ideas come from Turkey?

It’s not a decision of Turkey, it’s my personal decision. It was just a religious insight because of my love for Allah and all the prophets, including Mohammad, Jesus Christ and Abraham. In fact, I believe the world will unite under one religion and be beautiful and full of love. The destruction of Darwinism will mean the destruction also of the system of Satan.

Mass-mailing the Atlas must have cost a lot. Do you get financial or other support from abroad?

The number (of books distributed free) isn’t as big as is generally believed. Unfortunately there is no financial support from abroad. It would be wonderful if there were but there are only us distributing and financing this.

Do you work with United States creationists?

Years ago, they came to our conferences. But creationism in the U.S. is not as powerful. It doesn’t have very sound scientific foundations. Our creationism is much stronger. It has better foundations and is much more influential. For example, they say the world has another 7,000 years to go. But this is not scientific and they show no evidence for this. This shows how weak their system is. But our ideas are always creating evidence and we present the evidence from history. We say the universe was created by the Big Bang billions of years ago. These ideas are in parallel with science. An exhibit on evolution at the American Museum of Natural History in New York, February 2007

Do you support “intelligent design”?

The intelligent design system seems very insincere to me. It’s the product of a weak belief system. Everything was created by Allah and we have scientifically proven this.

They just don’t say that God did it. Don’t you believe that?

It is obvious that this is insincere. If one believes that Allah has created the world, he should say so openly. Avoiding this only creates suspicion. Just saying some power has created this will be annoying for people who sincerely believe in Allah.

What has been the reaction to your books in the U.S.?

We are in parallel with their ideas. It is in total agreement with the belief system of Christians and Jews. When you look at the belief systems of the three major religions, you see there are many overlaps and common ideas about afterlife, prophets, and moral issues. You see they’re all in parallel. When Jesus Christ arrives, this discrimination will also be abolished and there is going to be one single religion.

We’ll get to Jesus in a moment. Before that, though, can you say if you have Saudi backing?

It would be wonderful if there were such backing. But unfortunately we don’t have any offers of such kind until now. We would welcome those offers. I think the Gulf and other Islamic countries do not quite appreciate the importance of these ideas. I think the Western world has come to understand that these ideas are very important. If the Islamic countries would also appreciate and think the same, I think they would be supporting us.The Blue Mosque in IstanbulYou may say they don’t quite appreciate that Darwinism is a threat. They are defending themselves by the following arguments. One idea they have is that Darwinism is an old theory that has lost its influence so there is no need to fight Darwinism. The second idea is that Darwinism is compatible with Islam. In fact these are passive defence mechanisms. This is human psychology. When you are not strong enough to do something against something, you just make excuses for not doing so. But we didn’t do that, we created very strong evidence against Darwinism and we destroyed Darwinism.

I still can’t understand how you finance all this.

My books have sold 8 million copies in one year. This created such huge profits and, since I don’t receive any copyrights for these books, the publishing house earned a lot of money and they used some of this money to promote my book. As part of this publicity campaign, they sent some of my books for free. This is what other publishing houses do as well. Other companies in Turkey also follow this rule. They allocate huge percentages of their profit to promotional campaigns. So the publishing house does the same thing.

Is that 8 million figure for all your books?

It is the total number of books. I have 250 books.

So the business finances itself?


Are you the biggest publisher in the Muslim world?I don’t know. I think we have to investigate that. I don’t know where to askBut it seems so. Technically it seems so. My books have the highest number of sales. Also from the internet my books have been downloaded 10 million times in one year. No publishing house could achieve that.

Why do you distribute books for free if you need sales to finance the business?

The sales of hard copies are enough.Harun Yahya, 21 May 2008/Osman Orsal

But what is the purpose? Is it just to get your religious message out?

I would like the world to be introduced to brotherhood. I want wars and terrorism to come to an end. I want everybody to know the love of Allah and be united under one religion and live in brotherhood.

How many people work for you here?

There are 20 assistants who help me. The translators aren’t included in this number. But most of the translators work on a voluntary basis.

Now let’s get to Jesus. Why do you talk about him? When is he coming?

When you take the hadith and the verses of the Koran, we understand that Jesus is going to be coming. When we analyse this from a technical point of view and look at the words of the prophet Mohammad, we understand this is going to be in the next 20 to 25 years. When he comes, first he will not know that he is Jesus. He is going to be discovered by religious Christians who have some beliefs in parallel with Islam. Then Jesus is going to learn all the different religions including Islam and he will read the Koran. He will unite these religions into one religion. He’s going to unite the Koran also to the Holy bible and Christianity into Islam. Harun Yahya book on the second coming of JesusWhen he came the first time, he reinterpreted Judaism into the Holy Bible. When he comes this time, he will reinterpret the Bible according to the Koran and take it as a reference. We believe that he will be born in a small group and he is going to meet the Dajjal (anti-Christ). By showing miracles, he is going to beat him.

Which Christian group will he be born into?

We are not sure about it. Maybe it is just beginning to form.

What will be the holy scripture when Jesus comes?

When Jesus comes, he will take the Koran as a reference. As you know, the Bible is a book very close to the Koran. So in a way he will also be taking the Bible as a reference.

But the Koran will be the one holy book for all these believers?


Does that mean Jesus becomes a Muslim?

Yes. In fact he is a Muslim. Prophet Abraham and Moses were also Muslims. All these are Islamic religions. All Islamic religions are the same.

Harun Yahya book that Jesus did not dieWhen Jesus comes, do you expect the Mahdi to come too?YesWho will it be?

We don’t know who the Mahdi is, whether he has come or not. He also cannot claim ‘I am the Mahdi,’ as far as we know. When the Mahdi comes, he is going to behave in parallel to Jesus Christ. We know the Mahdi will be from the descendents of the Prophet Abraham, just like Jescus. This will be the last period of the world, when Islamic ethical values will govern the world. This is going to be also a reflection of the domination of the descendents of the Prophet Abraham. There will be no Jews or Christians who don’t believe in Jesus Christ, because of the miracles that he will perform. We understand this from the Koran. The Koran says the following. the people who believe in you will be victors until doomsday. This is said about Jesus.

People say you think you are the Mahdi.

There are two indicators of the Mahdi. I do not have make a claim. I have written a book. Some people, because of the parallels in what I have written and the hadith of the Prophet Mohammad, have thought that I could be him. But this is not my origin. I am also one of the descendents of the prophet Mohammad. I am known to be a person called Sayed. Because of the parallels of my book with words of Prophet Mohammad, some people may have thought (that I am the Mahdi). But in Islam, I cannot make such a claim. It is forbidden for me to make such a claim. It would mean that I would be an innocent person without sin. To make such a claim would be wrong according to Islam.The Mahdi will have only undeniable evidence (that he is the Mahdi). When the Mahdi comes, he will work in parallel with Jesus. This will be a time when Islam governs the world. When that happens, he will be the leader of the Islamic world. We will say that maybe this person is the Mahdi. But other than that, we cannot make any final conclusion and I cannot make such a claim.Harun Yahya book on the Mahdi

Maybe your supporters do so because they think this?

I am a sincere Muslim. Because of my attitude, comprehension, love and respect to people around me, these people are supporting me. They cannot say I am the Mahdi. This would also be in conflict with their Islamic religion. It would mean I don’t need to be exempt. I would be innocent. This is wrong to claim so. Of course everybody can suspect that when you have a good person in front of you, that is a very good person and that person is going to heaven probably. You can think about it and have the suspicion he might be the Mahdi. But you cannot have the final diagnosis that he is the Mahdi. That is wrong according to Islam.

In your pseudonym, which John in the Bible does Yahya refer to?

It’s John the Baptist, who gave the news of Jesus.

Why did you choose this?

Harun was the assistant of the Prophet Moses. Yahya was also the assistant of Jesus Christ. When Jesus comes to the world, we also would like to be helping him. This would be a big honour to us. You might say this is a prayer for that.Harun Yahya book on Islam for children

Why do you publish so many children’s books

For children it’s very important to have the love of Allah. It’s a big pleasure for them that Allah exists and heaven exists and they will be living for eternity. I would like to give this great message to the children.

How do you work?

As I said, I have 20 assistants. When I’m about to write a book, I ask for all the information and they gather all the information for me. That’s why it’s very easy for me to write a book. I just do the interpretation, I add the pictures, I send it to the editor and I don’t do anything afterwards. Most of these books have quotes in them or they’re a collection of other books. That’s why it’s very easy and fast for me to be so prolific.

What’s your next big project?

I have more than 250 books now, more near 260. I am preparing a book about skulls. I am showing skulls which are fossils as evidence there was no evolution. So I continue to produce Islamic books.Harun Yahya book on the end times

But not another Atlas of Creation? No further campaign?

Our biggest project right now is to lay the grounds for the coming of Jesus Christ, to just prepare the background of this. When he comes, he’s going to have extraordinary power and perform phenomenal miracles. Islam will spread rapidly through the world. The miracles he will show will be undeniable, including to the anti-Christ.

So all of this is the buildup for his second coming?

That’s correct.

Can you summarise your overall philosophy in a few words?

When you look at the Bible, the Pentateuch and the Koran, you see the message they’re trying to give is very simple and easy. They want happiness for all people. They want people to be sincere and love one another. They want everyone to live in peace in heaven until eternity. We also have this basic philosophy. We don’t want any violence, any chaos, any anarchy in the world/ we want people to live in peace and happiness in the world.

Where does the Atlas fit into that?

Satan has deceived people by Darwinism. In fact, nothing can be a product of coincidence, not you, not me, not an orange, not an apple, not Albert Einstein. This is just a deception of Satan. We are just preparing the background for this belief.

Harun Yahya book on DarwinismFor example, right now I am forming a 3d image of you in my brain which is much more perfect than the best television in the world. You know how many people are working in the production of television. This cannot be a coincidence. Some power must have created this. It is so obvious, but Darwinism was spread under the deception of Satan.Darwin has mentioned many intermediary fossils but none of these fossils have been discovered. We have presented as evidence of about 100 million living fossils as evidence of creationism. This also proves that the ideas of Darwin are invalid. When you look at a protein, it is impossible to create a protein by coincidence, technically and scientifically. This also proves how false these ideas of Darwinism are.Even ten fossils in my book are sufficient for refuting Darwinism. When you look at hundreds of pictures in my book, this is nothing compared to all the fossils that have been discovered. So we understand that Darwinism has come to an end.


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The guy is obviously deranged, but more obviously doesn’t even understand the theory he is trying to debunk. He is also lying about the existence of transitional fossils and forms, of which there are many. His approach is no different to Christian apologists and advocates of intelligent design who make unsupported claims about the “truth” of creation but ignore the overwhelming evidence for evolution.

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Wow! What a defeat for Darwinists… If anybody has to say something, he/she should write a book as a reply. If not, then he has to be contented with weeping after the big loss of their theory.
What an enthusiastic vision of the future world. I pray that Harun Yahya will come true and Islam will will bring peace and tranquility to the world. We wait the Mahdi’s and Jesus Christ’s coming with our full heart.

Posted by Farook | Report as abusive

He is one of the greatest leaders in history, due to his bravery and courage in awakening people from one of the greatest deceptions in the world, the evolution theory. He has been put to prison, he has been put to asylum and he has been threatened with death for so many times, but he is still endeavoring for his cause. This cause is the truth, that nothing is the result of coincidence, but every being is created by Allah. Humanity is waking up to a beautiful century and we should all rejoice to embracing the truth. And we should be very thankful to Allah and to Adnan Oktar who is the means for this very significant occasion in history.

Posted by Soner Ayan | Report as abusive

It used to be true that criticising this guy in Muslim company was a problem – you might well find yourself surrounded by his apologists. Now it’s his supporters who are on the back heel, not helped by the fact that some of his former devotees have publicly suggested he might have some problems in the sexual morality department, along with heavy handed attempts to silence his blogging critics through legal action.

Posted by Yakoub | Report as abusive

[…] Harun Yahya preaches Islam, slams Darwin and awaits Jesus (Tom Heneghan, FaithWorld) Those who laugh together, live together (Ruth Gledhill) Welfare shouldn’t be left to ‘faith groups’ (Terry Sanderson, Guardian CiF) Angry Christie makes racism claim (BBC News Online) […]

Posted by Poll shows Brits know jack about religion! « The Cultural Anarchlyst | Report as abusive


His book requires no reply, it is fantasy. There is already more than enough published evidence for the fact of Darwinian evolution and one more relious apologist who either can’t or won’t understand that does’nt alter things a bit. In my opinion no religion will bring peace to the world, they are all by definition divisive, mutually exclusive and irrational.

Posted by Steve Bowen | Report as abusive

Unfortunately many people don’t know Allah and true faith. As Allah’s Justice and Mercifulness, the faith of Allah, the religion is also just and merciful, neither divisive nor exclusive, contrary uniting people on a common basis. Division takes place hereafter. I recommend Harun Yahya works to everybody who wants to learn real faith. (www.harunyahya.com and www.harunyahya.tv are the reference sites)
His vision about the future of the world is very exciting, gives believers hope and eagerness. With these views he is not only stimulating Muslims bu also Christians and Jews. He is definitely a clever man strengthening the believers both spiritually and politically with his campaigns (as in the case of Turkey). I think nobody can deny that.

Posted by Bk2007 | Report as abusive


Even if what you say about faith is true, denying the immense and unassailable evidence for Darwinian evolution still makes no sense. Faith in any god should still allow people to believe the facts about the universe as they are without compromising. Just because a 1000 or 2000 year old book says so, doesn’t mean it is so.

Posted by Steve Bowen | Report as abusive

I a a Muslim but im skeptical about Yahya’s vision of the second coming. As Muslims, it is mandatory for us to believe in the second coming of Jesus (a.s.) and Imam Mahdi. But no one except Allah knows how and when they are coming. There are so many signs that are to be fulfilled before the coming of Anti-christ himself. Some of the signs are that two-thirds of the the world’s population will die (WW III), and the two-third of the world’s harvest will die( Global Warming). Also, AntiChrist will be a very strong political leader admired by everyone (possibly President of the EU) before breaking loose.

Posted by shaikh rahman | Report as abusive

Deranged are those who believe that the symbiotic universe and living beings are the product of coincidence. If you told Michelangelo that the painting in the Sistine chapel was not his work but was just coincidence he and other people would call you deranged, he would also be very upset; same goes for this amazing universe and all the perfect living beings in it, any one who calls this coincidence has a serious deficiency in logic. Just like Darwin who was a deeply disturbed individual, who had a hatred for God and religion. Read the history about him, the guy was a crackpot with confused ideas, who had the audacity to claim that man was a worthless animal probably because he felt like that himself; he was a mixed up individual.

We can say the same about his origin of species, just because some deranged old man 150 yrs ago wrote in a book that life came into being by some absurd coincidence, doesn’t mean it is so.

Harun Yahya is the one thinking clearly; Darwinists and Materialists are living a delusion.

Remember ‘Chance’ or ‘Coincidence’ is not a conscious intelligent being. Chance is not a God. Chance cannot give rise to anything.

Allah created all things.

The Last Word:
There is No Doubt about Allah

How many Signs there are in the heavens and earth! Yet they (disbelievers) pass them by, turning away from them. (12/105)

Anthony Flew a lifelong Atheist who now admits that it is impossible for life to come from coincidence;

“Biologists’ investigation of DNA has shown, by the almost unbelievable complexity of the arrangements which are needed to produce [life], that intelligence must have been involved.”
(Richard N. Ostling, “Lifelong atheist changes mind about divine creator,” The Washington Times 10 December 2004; http://washingtontimes.com/national/2004 1209-113212-2782r.htm)

“It has become inordinately difficult even to begin to think about constructing a naturalistic theory of the evolution of that first reproducing organism.”
(Antony Flew, “Letter from Antony Flew on Darwinism and Theology,” Philosophy Now; http://www.philosophynow.org/issue47/47f lew.htm)

“I have been persuaded that it is simply out of the question that the first living matter evolved out of dead matter and then developed into an extraordinarily complicated creature.”
(Stuart Wavell and Will Iredale, “Sorry, says atheist-in-chief, I do believe in God after all,” The Sunday Times, 12 December 2004; http://www.timesonline.co.uk/article/0,, 2087-1400368,00.html)

Posted by Kamil Imran | Report as abusive











Posted by joe morreale | Report as abusive

to see and better understand

= the Evolutionary Creation concept, and its related Quranic and Scientific credible many evidences;

= the dark influence of Gnostic and Evangelical (= MESSIAH DAJJAAL) Crusader ideologies behind this fanatic “anti reality” and “anti evolutionary”
pseudo-religious doctrines.

= the worldwide hidden cultural and political “Crusader” agenda behind this “anti reality” and “anti evolutionary” tirade.

and much more very critical information, please visit the web site below

http://blogs.reuters.com/faithworld/2008  /04/07/harun-yahyas-islamic-creationist -book-pops-up-in-scotland/

and see the comments by “Evolutionary Creation” and then “Evangelism Exposed,”
especially starting at –May 27, 10:21– and then continuing downwards to the end, at the comments section.

Posted by Believer | Report as abusive

All my replies to the deluded previous commenter (evolutionary creation) are on the same blog.
Including the refutation of evolution in LIVING THINGS (i.e first cell in primordial soup into species turning into different species, ape and then man!) in the Qu’ran.

See admissions of several non-muslim scientists of the scientific miracles (with ESTABLISHED modern scienctific FACTS)of the Qu’ran (last and final Guidance/revelation to mankind) which proves without a shadow of a doubt it’s Divine Origin.

Posted by joe morreale | Report as abusive

I am including again on this site a summary from a previous blog

The topics i have spoken about in the previous 2008/04/07 blog:

(1) The pychological aspect – How throughout history atheists, who have out of arrogance and rebellion refused to submit to the Creator and the excuses they seek to justify their atheism. Today they think that “science” with the evolution scenario has provided them that justification.

(2) How the theory of evolution has been totally disproven and demolished especially from 80’s onwards by science (from molecular eg cell to paleontology eg fossils) and countless admissions of disappointed evolutionists themselves

(3) How it is sustained and kept “alive” by deceptive propaganda via academia, media, hollywood etc.
They stubbornly ignore the evidence and continue propagating the same nonsence to the ignorant masses and come up with so-called “evidences” which time and time again are shown to be nothing concrete beyond the usual hypothetical and speculative nonsence based upon wishful-thinking

(4) The propaganda methods and techqniques that are employed in the deception carried out in the name of ideological concerns i.e materialism and it’s unobjective stance and rejection of any supernatural explanation of the universe although it is clear, obvious and irrefutable from a rational, logical, reason and scientific point of view that God and Creation is a most solid and concrete reality.

(5) The 150 years of frauds and scandals committed in the attempt to prove a fairy tale eg Haeckels embryo’s, piltdown man scandal, stanley millers experiment, “missing links” deceptions and on and on…

(6) The disasters (wars and conflicts) that Social Darwinism has caused and continues to cause – fascism, communism, neo-capitalism. The subtle indoctrinating (eg competiveness in economic arena to the encouraging of immorality and breakdown of family values) of children from early academia, media(icluding childrens cartoons), hollywood that life is a stuggle, big fish eats little fish, might is right etc, etc

(7) How the architects and maintainers of the current Secular World Order are the Freemasons and how evolution/materialism is a very important tool to their agenda.
An example: The undemocratic nature regarding the teaching of science in schools – the refusal to teach both possibilities – Creationism and Darwinism and leave people to make up their own minds.
The bloodiest era in our history (late 19th century onwards) has occured since the collapse of religious values due in great part to the man-made secular systems which have led to world wars and social moral breakdowns.
This refutes the commonly held notions that religions bring conflict as the truth of the matter is that atheism,fascism, communism and neo-capitalism have statistically made FAR MORE victims physically as well as psychologically in total than all previous recorded history.
Religion when misapplied can and does cause massive damage but in terms of generalities and numbers when compared with secular stytems and the lack of religious values in society at large it remains superior as there is and never can be any superior alternative to the deterrent of genuine belief and fear of God and the Hereafter.

(8) The myth that religion and science are incompatable.That religion “has” to be materialistic.

In truth science is a investigation of the workings in nature from which you then draw conclusions to how the Universe came into being: Chance-based evolution dressed up as a “scientifically” imaginary false deity called “natural selection”(mother nature!) , Guided Evolution or Creation (not by evolution)?
The first is out of the question as Science has shown, the second could have been possible but again science has shown that God did not create it that way and the third is in actual fact the scientifically solid fact of creation NOT via evolution (at least not in living things changing in to different living things, ape and then man scenario)

(9) How history has not been presented to us correctly. How the Muslisms are the founders and creators of modern science( discoveries/ experimential method) and how they led Europe out of their Dark Ages into their Renaissance.

(10) The refutation of evolution in the Qu’ran by weak and apologetic Muslims who do not know or willingly ignore the scientific deception which is evolution and how they load certain verses of the Qu’ran in order to fit it in with their evolutionary preconceptions.
see How Darwinism is incompatable with the Qu’ran

(11) The delusion of the majority opinion. In Galileo’s time the majority of his contemporaries believed him to be wrong but in fact he was right. Therefore being in the majority is no proof of one being in the right.

How pyschological complexes and academic peer pressure and a long deep-rooted history (over 100years) of deception that religion and science cannot co-exist in scientific and academic circles(institutions/uni’s) which are nearly all in the hands of evolutionists supported by secular world order machine leads to this scenario wherby Materialism is considered “sacrosanct” and untouchable.
This again shows how democracy is in fact made a mockery of and how the masses are brain-washed and deceived.

(12) The scientific reality of the Qu’ran which proves irrefutably it’s Divine Origin see Scienceislam.com where several non-muslim scientists and their admissions

(13) I have mentioned several books which can be referred to regarding the refutation of evolution and it’s propaganda deceptions eg Evolution Deceit, The Dark Spell of Darwinism,Global Freemasonry,The Disaters that Darwinism Brought to Humanity, A Definitive Reply to Evolutionist Propaganda etc

(14) How i have dealt with the issues from a Muslim perspective which is in total agreement with eatablished modern scientific findings and facts.

I am not a pro-evangelist as some people keep on making out eg “evolutionary creation” from previous blog.

How evangelists deal with the issue is their concern and i will only agree with aspects where we as Muslims can find common terms.Unfortunately we live in a time of great confusion. I have made this clear but it keeps on conveniently being ignored. Some brothers are obsessed with the evangelical issue and waste a lot of time by devoting a large amount of their discourse to it.

The real enemies for ALL HUMANITY is the currently dominant Secular/Atheistic systems i.e Secular World Order and their agenda (see American One Dollar bill with one eye on top of the pyramid and do research into it(Freemasons) which iclude atheists as victims although they cannot see or understand it.

Posted by joe morreale | Report as abusive

and to see some more righteous Muslim & Christian scholars and scientists who have been fighting against these fanatic “anti-reality” and “anti-evolutionary” pseudo-religious Gnostic and Evangelical “Crusader” doctrines for at least 100 years by now,

and some of their rightful answers to all of their basic
“methodically distorted & deliberated” objections against “Reality of Matter” and “Evolutionary Creation” concepts,

you can also see Musa-Moses brother’s related critical writings and informations at the same web site,
starting from –May 11, 7:28– at the comments section and continuing downwards to the end.

so all the comments by “Moses,”
then “Evolutionary Creation,”
then “Evangelism Exposed,”
then “evangelical Intelligent Disguise!”

will, inshaAllah, be sufficient for all the sincere believers here that they may truly
see the “rough face” of these Evangelical Ideologies
who have been acting for 100 years by now, worldwide, under the disguise of

“Religious Heroes fighting against Materialism & Secularism etc!”

http://blogs.reuters.com/faithworld/2008  /04/07/harun-yahyas-islamic-creationist -book-pops-up-in-scotland/

may God (Allah) awaken all of us –Christians & Muslims & Jews & Others– in near future against these
Pseudo-Religious & Pseudo-Scientific false “Crusader” ideologies; perhaps:


Posted by Believer | Report as abusive

I agree with joe on one thing:


For the rest, it would be too boring to show all the mistakes Joe makes.

One-dollar-notes as proof of a biological topic… now that is what I call deluded.

Posted by Jack | Report as abusive

Harun Yahya (Adnan Oktar) was convicted of libel, slander, fraud and rape in Turkey. The man was an interior decorator before he decided to debunk evolution.

He wrote a book (a picture book really) that “debunked” evolution called “Atlas of Creation”. Of course one of the animals he claimed “didn’t evolve” turned out to be a fishing lure (not actually a fly Harun, sorry). And one “eel” was actually a venemous water snake.

The man is an idiot and is the laughing stock of the educated world.

Posted by al.rawandi | Report as abusive

Jeo went over to the RD.net site and did exactly the same there. After pasting random crap he then claimed victory. Unfortunately he did so after:

1. Providing no proof of god, no response to questions about the existence of god or a response to the hypothesis that there are no personal gods
2. Providing no alternative theory for evolution. Refusing to actually read any of the material that is presented to him. Effectively sticking his fingers in his ears and going “La, la, la I’m not listening” when actual evidence is presented
3. Not responding to the hypothesis that his prophet, a medieval camel herder had anything more than an epileptic fit. In any case unable to defend said camel herder against paedophilia
4. Being unable to show that the Muslims of the middle ages did anything more than transmit knowledge that they acquired from Latin and Greek sources
5. Being unable to defend against the fact that Muslim countries are in the main theocracies or dictatorships with poor health, wealth and education
6. Being unable to argue against the fact that secular nations have much better civil rights and better economic prospects
7. Being unable to defend the person whose bitch he is from the fact that he is a rapist and blackmailer
8. Being unable to answer a simple question about the translation of a single Arabic word
9. Quote mining philosophers and scientists. Then not realising that Popper changing his mind about the theory of evolution effectively undermined any other quotes Joe has made on the subject
10. Cutting and pasting material from other sites without attribution, i.e. stealing other peoples work
11. Being unable to give an example of at least one transitional stage of a human being from baby to adult
12. Proving to be a sexist, misogynistic pig after producing some seriously objectionable posts about a female member of the site
13. Being unable to point out where in the Qu’ran the Navier-Stokes equation is described
14. Being unable to point out where in the Qu’ran where koala bears, Brazil or the planet Neptune is described
15. In fact being unable to dispute any claims at all on the Qu’ran
16. Being unwilling to admit that Harun Yahya had selectively misquoted authors time and time again even when presented with the documentary evidence that he had done so.

He also went into complete berserk mode after it was shown that Zakir Naik had made a speech in which he said “If Osama Bin Laden is terrorizing the enemies of Islam, I am with him. If he is terrorizing America, the biggest terrorist, then I am with him. Every Muslim should be a terrorist.”

You can find the quote here – http://www.youtube.com/swf/l.swf?video_i d=Bxk5AAA5FbI&rel=1&eurl=&iurl=http://i. ytimg.com/vi/Bxk5AAA5FbI/default.jpg&t=O EgsToPDskKStocKCCs7_0VfyHthAyLv

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One of things that Joe did on the RD.net site was to post material from Yahya which purported to show that authors such as Crick, DMS Watson, Karl Popper, T. Neville George, Harold Urey, H.S. Lipson, David Kitts, Steven Stanley and George Gaylord Simpson amongst others were either mistaken or did not support the theory of evolution.

What in fact had been done was to quote mine these authors, in one particular case choosing two sentences out of a 30 page paper. Now, showing a fishing lure with a hook sticking out of its backside and claiming it to be a caddis fly could be classed as ignorance or incompetence.

But extracting one or two sentences or fragments of sentences out of a whole paper is an act of deliberate deceit and shows a total lack of integrity.

When Joe was shown the quotations in context and was pressed for comments he could make no response.

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Go to the site mentioned and check out my comments and see that i have covered and explained everything that the above muppet has accused me of.

Posted by Joe Morreale | Report as abusive

Harun Yahya is a name given to a cult organisation that is fueled by saudi oil money. He blocked wordpress, google groups, etc. with their illiterate organisations money and blackmail power over Turkey’s justice system. He is a charlatan that of it’s international owners that amuses even creationists.

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Harun Yahya is a hero. He was fighting against Darwinist monsters and win this war. They try to continue to play games but have been defeated. Now the sun has rised and has no where left to hide.

Posted by cemal | Report as abusive

Mr. Adnan Oktar is a very courageous Muslim with total devotion in Allah in saving the world from the deceit of evolution. The entire humanity will be thankful to him when they realize how they were fooled. You may view his works at www.harunyahya.com.

Posted by Mert Sansoy | Report as abusive

“What an enthusiastic vision of the future world. I pray that Harun Yahya will come true and Islam will will bring peace and tranquility to the world. We wait the Mahdi’s and Jesus Christ’s coming with our full heart.”

Farouk, Harun Yahya won’t bring peace and tranquility to the world. He is just a con man. Honest and caring people of all faiths , and no faiths, will bring peace and tranquility only by a concerted group effort.

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