Rocking in Pennsylvania at “Christian Woodstock”

July 7, 2008

creation1.jpgMOUNT UNION, Pa. – It was muddy, it was loud and there were a lot of smiling, happy people offering free hugs and praising Jesus.

The Creation Festival drew around 70,000 people to rural Pennsylvania last month to listen to Christian music, ranging from hard rock to R&B, hip-hop and punk.

Check out the Reuters story on the festival along with an audio slideshow of pictures by Mike Segar, who got his feet wet to catch the moment when nearly 200 people were baptized in a pond. 

Now in its 30th year and growing bigger every year, the festival is in many ways like any secular summer music festival — thousands of young people camping out, getting muddy in the rain and eagerly hunting down their heroes for autographs.creation3.jpg

But these music fans wore T-shirts with slogans such as “Virginity Rocks” and “Mosh for Jesus.” To read more about the unusual merchandise on offer, click here.

PICTURES: Reuters/Mike Segar.


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I LOVE the creation festivals!! Some of the biggest names in Christian music play there!

Posted by Angela | Report as abusive

I wish I could have attended this; sounds like it was really awesome!

Posted by Supernova8610 | Report as abusive

Are they doing a repeat performance again this year?

Posted by Carl | Report as abusive

I have not been part of a christian festival since I left my country, I would really love to experience those moments again.

Posted by Electric bike | Report as abusive

It is nice to see young people engaging in something productive and beneficial for their futures.

Posted by Tutorgiant | Report as abusive

extremely nice. pleased to see all these young people in this venture

Posted by fatstripping | Report as abusive

Of all the things I’ve lost, I miss my mind the most. – Mark Twain 1835 – 1910

Posted by Jimmy Judson | Report as abusive

The best part is you don’t hear of people dieing here like you do at the bonnarroo.

Posted by Nakedjay | Report as abusive

Some of the biggest names in Christian music play there!

Posted by Indiangirls | Report as abusive

Playing Christian musics rocks and awesome.

Posted by SamJhordan | Report as abusive

Look like Virginity Rocks really .

Posted by smilefine-news | Report as abusive

Do they do this every year? It’s awesome if they do.

Posted by emty | Report as abusive

I’ve never been to a Creation Festival but it looks awesome.

Posted by JarrodPines | Report as abusive