Comments on: Telegram diplomacy, Vatican style Religion, faith and ethics Sat, 23 Apr 2016 23:25:07 +0000 hourly 1 By: The Truth Is... Sun, 20 Jul 2008 03:50:49 +0000 I see the Pope as the head of a mafia-type of money-making organisation of titanic proportiona.

He is NOT the only representative of God on earth as he would pretend to be – that is a ludicrous claim and goes back to the Catholic churches origins when it was formed from the remains of the ancient Roman mafia. It was a way of furthering the mafia racket – and remember, there were once two popes – bothing fighting for supremacy via numerous bloody battles.

The whole thing is rotten. The Vatican even has its own secret service, which in the past has been linked to clandestine murders and executions – which would be in keeping witht history of violence, torture and skulduggery of labyrinthine and massive proportions.

Wearing his ridiculously outdated and over-the-top garb, he looks ridiculous.

The Catholic church has also become the last refuge for the bigot and many practicing Catholics are among the most bigoted and hypocritical on the planet.

I would like to see the Catholic church reformed without a pope and much of it’s multi-billion fortune distributed back to the people it was filched from.

That wold be in keeping with the doctrine of Jesus Christ, I feel.

While dirt poor people are continually extorted for the little money they have in order to swell the coffers of a greedy and ruthless church, then justice will be trampled on.

The is something digusting, anti-Christian and morally reprehensible about the Pope supporting a system that was originally a reflection of the way the mafia extorts money from people.

Protection mopney – yes, something like that!

By: al Wed, 16 Jul 2008 07:45:44 +0000 Even though nearly the entire WORLD does not want the self-appointed fool anywhere near them, or their children, Ben dict us pp XVI believes he can bless some-

Cordial greetings will not repair the world of damage he
has caused. With “assurances” about his praying to the
Almighty must be about finding more children to ruin.

Will popus payus? I didn’t think so. Not enough money in the Vatican, you say? Lier. The monstrous acts
the vatican has performed while accumulating the world’s
wealth is never quite forgotten before another intrusive
oration crawls it’s way down from off the lips of this

The pope, as some call him, says he blesses us. Is that
before of after I have an abortion? Does he bless me as
soon as I get a divorce? Does he also bless me when I mo-
lest children or do I need a lot of money for the big
ones? Can he bless me when I try to forget what horrible inhumanities have been committed by rome throughout the world–throughout history? I try to for-
give and forget but it is hard when you, dressed in funny clothing, holding most of the world’s finances
through lies and deceit, say you bless me while children around the world STARVE. You have not blessed anyone so far, except for those who have found you out.

One fine day when all God’s children that have been
aborted, stand before you, pope, and say, “why did you kill us”?, will you bless them then?