Bishop Gene Robinson reflects on ever present threats

July 15, 2008

Bishop Gene Robinson preaches in London, 13 July 2008/Alessia PierdomenicoSitting in the sun-kissed grounds of a London church, U.S.Bishop Gene Robinson reflected in sombre mood on what it meant to be the first openly gay bishop in the 450-year history of the Anglican church.

Robinson, a divorced father of two, has received death threats and wore a bulletproof vest at his consecration back in 2003. Two uniformed police officers stood guard last month as he entered into a civil partnership with his longtime partner. He was heckled when preaching in London over the weekend.

“I take the threats very seriously, I have to,” he said. “But I am not interested in being a martyr, I just want to be a bishop.”

Robinson’s visit to Britain concides with the Lambeth Conference, the ten-yearly meeting of bishops from the worldwide Anglican Communion, but he has not been invited to attend. So he has several speaking engagements outside of the conference, including a sermon at Saint Mary’s Church in the Putney section of London on Sunday where he urged Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams to show firmer leadership and get conservative foes to tone down homophobic taunts.

In an interview with Reuters, there was no hiding the disappointment in his voice when talking about Williams’ decision not to invite him. And he repeated that he felt it was high time Williams took a stand against Conservative opponents who taunted him with homophobic mockery.

“There is no place in the Christian Church for someone to say Satan has entered the church with my consecration or that gay people are lower than dogs,” the 61-year-old bishop said.

Bishop Gene Robinson preaches in London, 13 July 2008/Alessia Pierdomenico“You cannot say those kind of things about gays and lesbians people and then be shocked when there is violence against them,” he said.

Clearly exasperated with a navel-gazing church obsessed with its own internal problems, he said human sexuality was an important issue but added “I would agree with many Africans that there are so many more important things to be dealing with.”

But he was clearly proud of what he had achieved in trying to sweep hypocrisy away, saying: “I would like to think I have raised the issue of how destructive ‘Don’t ask, Don’t tell’ can be.”

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Business as usual for Ubishops. Haven’t read the good
book since…………..ever? You wonder why you get so
much greif from people when you don’t know what is right
or wrong. Too bad. It’s your bed….lie in it. Alone.

Fight all you want to so you can feel better about your-
selves while you air to the whole world how gross you are. People watch what you do all day long. What a

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I can’t help but repect Gene Robinson for his openess and honesty in the midst of Anglican hypocrisy and homophobia. It is a bit of a shame though that such an otherwise intelligent person is wasting time with religion at all, when there are real issues out in the world someone with a social calling could be working on. He should the church worry about what their imaginary friend thinks about sexuality and leave them to it.

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He needs to be sacked.

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What the heck has homophobic got to do with anything, that expression in itself is an attack on the very word of God. God is very clear in scripture about homosexuality. If there are fellings or urges to have sex with a man then this calls for what is known in scripture as self control. Also simple obedience to the word and just abstaining from anything that the bible tells us to abstain from…and homosexuality is one of them. If being driven by a sexual feeling is all that drive and motivates a person above and beyond our our good friend and councilor, Holy Ghost…then are we surprised that god was so sick of those in sodom and gomorah that they were no longer needed. We should take heed from this example in scripture and keep a heart of daily repentance and simply stay obedient to how the bible tells us to live. There is more power in the name of Jesus than any other force that is known to man for us to live and love by. Thank you for the opportunity for me to comment on this.


In what sense is a book that is mysogynistic, homophobic dictatorial and retributional good!??

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Will GOD will ever forgive you westerners, i wonder.

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With regard to the comments made by Clive Watson (Below)

If the bible is so clear on homosexuality it is also clear that slavery is acceptable.

Leviticus 25:44-46: “Your male and female slaves are to come from the nations around you; from them you may buy slaves. You may also buy some of the temporary residents living among you and members of their clans born in your country, and they will become your property.

Exodus 21:1-4: “If thou buy an Hebrew servant, six years he shall serve”

Jesus has nothing to say about homosexuality, except that we should all love each other. It’s strange that so many Christians are filled by hate, yet they protest love. The bible is open to interpretation (and all other religions), that’s why there are so many different churches and so many religious wars!

My thoughts are: if you agree that the bible says that homosexuality is unacceptable, it must also be true that slavery is acceptable. I rest my case.

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Oh crap could we please not have another article about Gene media-tart Robinson and his oh-look-at-moi unsourced, unamed unsubstantiated threats. It’s a mockery on those Christians who are truly suffering for their faith. Why doesn’t the media see the cognitive dissonance in a man who continues to bleat about being “a simple country bishop” and yet spends most of the time outside his own country talking about himself while his dioces shrinks and shrinks.

You get better sense from Roseanne Barr:

Never once in my 54 years have I ever once heard a gay or lesbian person who’s politically active say one thing about anything that was not about them. They don’t care about minimum wage, they don’t care about any other group other than their own self because you know, some people say being gay and lesbian is a totally narcissistic thing and sometimes I wonder.

I’ve never heard any of them say anything except for “accept me ‘cause I’m gay.”

It’s just, it’s screwed.

And you’re better off heeding Camille Paglia’s warning about the Gay Inquisition and the media’s complicity in it.

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Clive Watson

Why should anybody be concerned what the bible says about anything? The old testements are fables of a neolithic tribe formalised as a self agrandised history, the morality is indicative of the time and we are better than that.
Homosexuality is now known to have a strong genetic and developmental component. At the risk of commiting the naturalistic fallacy even if religious apologists can’t see it as “good”, they should at least be tolerant of its existence. If god makes someone homosexual (which is the implication for believers)he presumeably meant then to live that way.

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Interesting how Gene Robinson now wants to play the ‘victim’.
He left his wife for another man.
Most people would call that adultery and imomoral.
Yet the Episcopal Church decided to make him a spiritual leader!

Let’s call black white, and that which is immoral, good.
And let’s when people object, cast ourselves as a victim.

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I’ve been in the Episcopal Church all my life and I can tell you this issue has destroyed the Church. Tear the pages out of your Bible that you don’t agree with and you might as well believe that the whole book is a lie. The more these twisted ideas get shoved into my face the more I will push back. I will not be mowed down by those that turn wrong into right just to please their own desires. If someone wants to “update” God’s word then let them start their own Church and stop trying to bring down a Church that has been already established. When Jesus stopped the crowd from stoning the woman to death for adultery he didn’t tell the woman to continue with her sinful lifestyle. He said go and sin no more….


………”Satan has entered the church with my consecration”……….from his own lips!

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Is the constant taunting and destructive language in any way beneficial, or an appropriate illustration of the mainstream opposition to the Bishop’s lifestyle? Certainly not.

I find it ironic, however, that Bishop Robinson shuns the concept of physical martyrdom, yet openly acknowledges and embraces this psychological gauntlet as if the whole world ought to pity his ordeal.

The bottom is simply that his sin, just as any other sin, is evil in the sight of God. It is against the very nature of whoe He is. Those that would emphasize Bishop Robinson’s certain sin over others are ignorant of God’s holiness; all sin is detestable.

But rememeber; just as we cannot describe this man, or any that choose this way of life, as “lower than dogs”, we must remember that before God we are all filthy, in need of redemption. As long as Bishop Robinson refuses to recognize that spiritual corrosion, then he will continue to stand in error before a Holy God.

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Jesus loves all people even Gay folks. Gays are not lower than dogs, nor has Satan has entered the Church but a Gay person should not be at the helm of Christ’s Church. Homosexuality is a infirmity like being born blind or deaf. I frankly would not want to be counseled by someone who does not understand the intricate relationship between a man and a women. I would not fly on a plane with a blind pilot nor will I sail in a Church with a Gay person at the wheel. I am coming from the background of a biologist and a creature attracted to its own sex is not a working model, good people!

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James says: “He left his wife for another man.”

Did he? All the information I’ve found says they met well after the divorce.

Clive watson says: “If there are fellings or urges to have sex with a man . . .”

I’m going to stop you there, because you’re making a common mistake when discussing homosexuality. It isn’t just about sex any more than heterosexuality is just about sex. That’s a piece of it, but it certainly isn’t the whole of the issue.

As for what the Bible says, I’m of the camp who say that it’s been mistranslated, misused, and misappropriated for some time.

Interesting that my anti-spam word is ‘love’.


Great comments RBP! I could not agree more. Did you see the video of Gene Robinson driven from the pulpit by people who stood up to him from the congregation. I wish I could have been there! m

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Mrs. Boyle says: “I frankly would not want to be counseled by someone who does not understand the intricate relationship between a man and a women.”

So you wouldn’t be comfortable with a single bishop? How many persons of the opposite gender must a candidate date before he/she is acceptable? Is there an examination before ordination to help decide the candidate’s fitness for couples counseling?

How about priests who don’t have children? Would you be uncomfortable with someone who hasn’t raised children and therefore (by your reasoning) does not understand the intricate relationship between a parent and a child. Would it be better if we didn’t allow childless persons to be ordained? And how many children is enough? Should they be required to have at least one boy and one girl? Boys and girls are different, you know, so they’d better have experience with both.

(Of course that’s ridiculous. That’s my point.)

P.S. Being gay is not an infirmity.


Tonight I watched a fascinating movie entitled “Because the Bible Tells Me So” which details the clash between literalist religions and homosexuality. In it, Gene Robinson was profiled (along with many other stories). In curiousity, I googled his name and found this article and this discussion thread. I would encourage everyone to view this movie, although I am realistic to know that many of you are so entrenched in your position that you may not be open to seeing another point of view. In truth, we have more in common with others based on being simply human than we have that is different. Yet so many of us choose to put our attention on the differences—race, nationality, religion, sexual orientation—whatever it is that we focus on to make us be “us versus them”. Why must we have a “them” to judge negatively, to hate, to condemn? How can we switch our focus and attention from how we see we are different to more be on how we are alike? The irony really is that when we judge others, that says more about us than it does about the other person.

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In all the arguing over Gene Robinson’s homosexuality, a number of important points are missed, sometimes deliberately! It is NOT a sin to a homosexual, to say but it is a sin to be a practising homosexual, that’s a simple biblical fact and the church is not ‘homophobic’ to point that out. Quite deliberately many of those supporting Gene Robinson will say that they are defending rights: just for once I would like to hear about responsibilities! The fact that a single hetrosexual man should not have sex is every bit as difficult for him as a homosexual not engaging is any sexual acts, but I don’t hear too many single hetrosexuals in the church screaming that they are being denied their rights!
I pray for Gene Robinson and those who support him.

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Henry Gibson says: “…to say but it is a sin to be a practising homosexual, that’s a simple biblical fact and the church is not ‘homophobic’ to point that out.”

Incorrect. There are plenty of questions on the veracity of the translation and interpretation of the clobber passages.


Wake up all ye misguided people who can’t seem to differentiate the downright savage from what is morally right.

Do we still, as the Old (and partly irrelevant) Testament states, ‘stone’ adulterers to death for their sins?

Do we still publicly hang six year old child thieves, as supported by the church – even though it indicates extreme savagery and barbarism?

Do we still ‘skin people’ alive as the Old Testament ascribes?


Get real folks – we move on to a more civilised way of living and the way the church has reformed it’s views on slavery (once supported by the churche), for example, shows that the church is often OUT of kilter with the doctrine of Jesus Christ. Life changes – we learn to be more civilised – more in kilter with Christ’s teachings and NOT old testament passe’ doctrine.

Too much quoting and bible bashing is a bad thing when it FAILS to pay any respect to the doctrine of Jesus Christ.

Do you not understand who Christ was?

Throw away your preaching of condemnation of gay and lesbian people – stop the hate language and the open season ethos where persecution is the logical result.

Hypocricy, cant and bigotry is what lays behind homophobia – as simple as that.

See the light and stop the persecution and hate of people who happen to be a little ‘different’.

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I don’t hate anyone but I don’t agree with the stance of Gay people on many issues and can’t condone the hedonistic behavior practiced by so many of them. I am of the Baby Boom generation and am not a puritan and I see what goes on. I know lesbians who go to big events and scream and yell about heterosexuals being”breeders” while the have their genitals pierced. I know of many Gay men with multiple partners who love to get in your face about it too. Sorry, enough it enough. I am a liberal but this stuff has all gone way too far. I am not a bigot either. HIV infection is jumping rapidly again in young men thanks to the laziness and promiscuity. I don’t care if you want to do these things but leave me out of it and leave the Church alone. Gene Robinson cares not for the Church he is selfish and conceited. His arrogance shows me he clearly is not even a Christian for their is nothing of Christ in the way he conducts himself. I am sick or the Pseudo-science saying people are born Gay. It’s not so. Most science shows it’s a set of factors that makes someone choose the same gender for a relationship. People who were abused as children tend to abuse children when they are parents. Should we except that as normal? Pedophiles are said to have a very strong attraction to children they can’t curb. Should we now except that as normal and let them molest children because the poor things can’t help it? NO!

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Dear Mrs Boyle

As a gay man, let me tell you that there are many things in my tribe that I don’t like either – I disagree with the “lesbian slander of ‘breeders’” and the promiscuity that seems to be more prevalent in my orientation group than in yours; but to all of a sudden declare that “enough is enough” and rage this campaign against “the gays” because of it, is not only unfortunate but also slightly misguided.

If I had to say “enough is enough” about the heterosexual world based on all of the government corruption, incompetent presidents sending countries to unnecessary war, business collapses based on fraud and incompetence – I could blame nearly all of the worlds current problems on “heterosexuals” and feel so much better about not really having a hand in any of them – can you see how flawed your argument is?

To call Gene Robinson ‘selfish’, ‘conceited’ and ‘arrogant’ makes you a judger. And if you go by the pure Word of God, He and He alone will judge. I have to wonder whether you’ve even met the man? If you haven’t all the more shame on you.

I’d also be interested in the course of your scientific claims that “most science shows it is a set of factors” and ‘isn’t genetic’. Sure, I think its a mix of nature versus nurture but I can tell you than neither I nor the vast majority on my gay friends were molested as children (as your post seems to imply), nor are we statistically more likely to molest ourselves. Genetic predisposition is an imperative in homosexuality; agruably as it also is for pediphilia and certainly as it is to be black. At one point in time all three of those things were on the wrong side of the law; currently only one is (and I would wager my last dollar that it stays that way). To use it as a “scare tactic” of “what next?” is both short-sighted and ill-advised.

My wish for you on this Sunday – as it is for everybody on everyday – is that we act out of love, live out of pease and say jack-shit about things that we know nothing about.

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What I mean by enough is enough is I am not remaining quiet anymore. It was not a threat. I am fighting back for my rights and for the Church I love. I am sick of being pushed to the wall and of Gay issues dominating the Church is what I meant, Dakin. Gay people are a minority but that is all you hear about in church politics and I am good and sick of it. I am tired of the rude way many Gays act towards the Church as well. You seem like a well educated and very thoughtful person and I respect your very well thought out response. I have watched many interviews and short videos with Gene Robinson speaking and I stand by my observations on his character. The pulpit is no place for a personal fight or for one to constantly hack at ones parishioners about this topic. It is petty and self centered. I believe allot of Gay people would like to see the Church brought to its knees or even would like to destroy it from within. My Brother in Law and my cousin are Gay men and the things they say all the time are not lost on me. I know far more than you might think.

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I thought the use of the term “naval-gazing” was interesting. More properly, naval gazing is known as hesycas and is, to thebest of my knowledge, only practiced by Orthodox Christian’s, who do forbid homosexual conduct for all members of the Church, not just bishops. So, if the Anglican bishops really are beginning to practice hesycasm in an effor to obtain the Holy Spirit, Robinson might have something to fear.


Mrs. Boyle, the fact that you’re broad brushing an entire group of people because of two that you know is startling.
Please read over your last post and replace occurrences of the word “Gay” with “Colored”. That’s exactly the argument made half a century ago, and it was just as stupid then as it is today.

For what it’s worth, I’d like it if we didn’t have to talk about this issue too. There’s one way to achieve that, and it doesn’t include talk about how The Gays want to “destroy [the church] from within”.


Dear Mrs Boyle

Let me apologize on behalf of all Gays everywhere for the extent to which their plight has monopolized your life. I agree that it is both thoughtless and insensitive that they push their agenda at the cost of your peace-of-mind. They should complain about the discriminating tax and impossible immigration laws; about their lack of Constitutional protection or access to fair employment practices; the fact that they are not allowed fair medical visitation rights and are treated pretty much as secondary citizens of this country – they should complain about those things somewhere else. Somewhere where it doesn’t disturb the peace and is out of earshot of those who have all of these things.

You see Mrs Boyle, if I wanted to marry someone from a different country and still call the USA my home I could not; hell, I can’t even get married (which, contrary to popular belief is more about the legal equality than about anything else) and while I “live in sin” with my partner, I don’t get any of the tax breaks heterosexual spouses do, nor could we adopt kids together that would otherwise have no access to emotional stability and financial security. I can’t even visit my partner in hospital as I am not “family”.

Gay rights really are the last in the fight for full civil liberties for all. I’ll bet that Martin Luther King also had people call him arrogant, selfish and conceited. I bet many folks said that he was inappropriate to use his pulpit for his message and for sharing his dream. (Did you know that the first assassination attempt was by a black woman?) But it takes people like him and Gene to make the rest of the world sit up and take notice. I wonder where we would be as a civilized society had it not been for the guts and determination of MLK. I wonder whether we’ve ever thought about how really hard it must be for Gene to do what he is doing. Imagine that you had reached the amazing heights of being a bishop and then were uninvited to an international gathering of all bishops. Do you think Gene really wants to cause a racket because he likes the noise? I bet that this is one of the most painful times in his life; I bet that he would like nothing more than to go silently into the night and not have his face blazing across TV screens the world over.

But he does it – he does it because he sees it as his Christian duty to raise this type of awareness; this type of “enough is enough” noise. He wouldn’t be doing his job if he didn’t; he wouldn’t be true to himself if he laid low and “let someone else do it”. We are not doing our Christian jobs if all we do is look around for stones to cast at him; we are not really true to our kind if we didn’t want everybody to have what we have. True freedom; true protection; true equality.

But you’re right; enough is enough.

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I know far more Gay men than just my Brother in Law and Cousin and my neighbors are lesbians. I hear the things they say all the time and I watch how they enjoy making other people squirm. I hear all the comments about how heterosexuals are breeders and how evil the Church is. I read hundreds of stories on line and I can tell you I find the Gay movement for the most part to be very unchristian. In an age where 50% of heterosexuals cohabitate it is ironic Gay people are so hung up on marriage. I am all for civil unions but a marriage is and always will be the joining of a man and a women and you can try all kinds of stunts but marriage is two opposites joining to create something new before God. You can’t have everything you want in life. People in the rest of the world understand that. Only spoiled brats in the West think they can rewrite history and defy natural laws. Jesus in anger turned over the tables of the money changers and people who defiled the temple and he will clear the Church of those who would twist his words for their own purposes.

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Mrs. Boyle said: “…[Jesus] will clear the Church of those who would twist his words for their own purposes.”

On this we agree. You have a lot to answer for.


Mrs Boyle

You extravagantly expose your sensationalist tendencies in order to prop-up your own prejudice and fevered adherence to stereotyping and myth making. Shame on you!

Gay men and Lesbians are not all the same and you have absolutely no moral ground to stand on when you preach discrimination and persecution based on lies, misinformation and cant.

And you extravagantly display a complete inability to understand the truth within the doctrine of Jesus Christ.

Mrs Boyle, you personify what’s wrong with the church and you and your kind have formed a boil on the doctrine of Jesus Christ that needs urgent lancing.

The poison you embody is an insult to what Jesus did for us!

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alot of people have said that at the time when the bible was written homosexuality was not understood, mem have loved men , and women loved women almost as old as the earth is , the book of genesis 19 shows sodom being destroyed because of homosexuality , let us take not the men tried to rape a prophet of God , rape is another question but yes! homosexuality existed, people have the right to be what they want to be on their honour and blood.but it is important not to think it is okay when it comes to the laws of God , you can join another faith, live the way you want but do it out side this faith that men have laid down their lives to preserve , let it be done on individual blood, spirt and soul. human beings have changed every law of God to fit their own rules its disheartning and sad but in conclusion let every man be a liar and God be true



Odd that you think homosexuality was the reason for Sodom’s destruction, especially since the Bible says otherwise. (Ezk. 16:49-50)

Bishop Robinson is doing exactly what he should do. He’s defending the Church against those who would prefer it be exclusive and hate filled.


Of all the Gay people I have known over the past 30 years about 1% have stayed in monogamous relationships for over 5 years. HIV cases are on the steep rise again especially in young men. Show me how Gay people are not selfish? Show me how they live the lives Christ would have them live. Prove to me its about love not just sex? Sorry I just don’t see it. My own cousin cheated on his lover. Everyone knows the truth, Guys you fool only yourselves.

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Mrs. Boyle, I feel comfortable saying that you are the most bigoted person I’ve come across in YEARS. You’ve exposed your hypocrisy for everyone to see.

If it’s just the same, I’d appreciate it if you didn’t identify yourself as Christian anymore. Your demeanor here is antithetical to everything He stands for.


Mrs Boyle, I smell a rat and you are playing loose with the truth when you claim to have known lots of gay people. Rubbish and balderdash!

You are not, by your own language, anything near to being a Christian.

Preaching condemnation in such a excrementally disingenuous fashion sees you foisted by your own petard: perhaps YOU need to come out of the closet?

Perhaps you are so ashamed of yourself that you seek to cast attention from you to others, and in doing so make people believe that you are not at all gay?

You are typical of your kind, dishonest, slanderous and full of vile rancour.

Pray to God you can be saved! ;-)

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Of course I know lots of Gay people. I am not playing any games. I told you my cousin is Gay and so is my Brother in Law. My closest neighbors are lesbians. In my line of work a very large percentage of the people are Gay. I hold Gay people to the same standards I hold everyone. I expect people to exercise some self control and not act like junk yard dogs breeding in a vacant lot. Adultery is condemned in the Bible more than homosexual acts but our country doesn’t seem to even notice that. Matt you don’t have the right to judge me. Divorce is wrong in all but the most extreme situations but since the 70s our culture has lowered the standards to about six inches above the ground. All sexual relations that are acts of lust not love are a sin as far as I am concerned. If you idnore the Bible how can you say you are Christian I ask you?

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dear ‘the truth is..’

How come the minute a person becomes adamant in their views against homosexuality , they are accused of being a closet homosexual or a homophobe. So to according to many who are pro gay-to oppose this activity as being sinful means you either secretly want to do it, or you are afraid of it. Oh come on–try to find an intellectually honest response. How about you simply believe the word of God on the matter.

The Bible, GODS word characterizes sex between those of the same sex as being sin. And there are other stronger adjectives He uses to discribe it as well. SO if you want to call her a bogot closeted homosexual then I guess that is waht you are calling God as well, becasue she is simply in line with what the bible says this activity is.


gay culture seems like Neverland
a lost boys theme pervades
but hopefully is growing up
as old oppression fades

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prisca said: “The Bible, GODS word characterizes sex between those of the same sex as being sin.”

No it doesn’t.


It’s clear that some who comment here know next to nothing about Bishop Robinson. And yet they are so quick to jump to conclusions and judgments of this fellow child of God. That in itself is opposed to the example of Christ.

Regarding the blatant falsehood that says the threats on Bishop Robinson’s life are contrived or overstated – upon what evidence do some base their claims that the threats are not real? No evidence at all; yet they apparently feel entitled (and sometimes even gleeful) to bear false witness against a neighbor. Their actions seem only to be rooted in preconceived bias and ill will. The truth is that law enforcement (including the FBI) have at times considered the death threats against Bishop Robinson credible enough to advise protective measures and in some cases directly provide said protection.

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Dear Matt–Yes it does so characterize it- Leviticus 18:6-23–verse 22 to be exact–and in other books as well.

Posted by prisca | Report as abusive

prisca, Nope. That’s a mistranslation. Lev. 18:22 refers to temple prostitution in connection with the verse before.

So, again, no it doesn’t.


Regarding prisca’s reference to the Leviticus holiness codes, in Hebrew, “abominations” (TO’EBAH) are behaviors
that people in a certain time and place consider tasteless or offensive. To the Jews of that time an abomination was not the same as a law, it was not something evil like rape or murder forbidden by the Ten Commandments. It was a behavior (common to the surrounding society) by non-Jews that Jews thought was displeasing to God.

Both Jesus and Paul said the holiness code in Leviticus does not pertain to Christian believers. Nevertheless, there are obviously still people who pull the two verses about men sleeping together from this ancient holiness code to say that the Bible seems to condemn homosexuality.

Yet these same people appear completely willing to ignore other requirements of the holiness code in the surrounding text. For example, have you ever said grace over a meal and then eaten leftovers from that meal two days later? Then you’ve committed an abomination according to a plain reading of Leviticus. Ever worn clothing made of two different materials, say, like a poly/cotton blend? Guys, have you ever shaved your beard? Ever eaten shellfish? Then you’ve violated the holiness codes.

Do we stone those guilty of adultery? When a son is rebellious and refuses to obey his parents, do they bring him to the outskirts of town so that we can all stone him to death? Of course not. To do either would be unthinkable. Yet the holiness codes require those actions.

When someone cites Leviticus as a justification for their prejudice, it’s either done out of hypocrisy or ignorance. But it’s also understandable, since many don’t actually study the Bible, and only gather their understandings from what others have told them.

Posted by Scott Smith | Report as abusive

In my previous post, it would have been more accurate for me to have said “present in the surrounding society” instead of “common to the surrounding society.” I don’t believe that anyone can say just how prevalent the behaviors prohibited in the holiness codes were at that time in history. But the fact that the behaviors are listed reasonably indicates that the behaviors were not unheard of during that time. Sorry for the poor choice of words in my previous post!

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Leaving your wife and kids to go hump men is not really too Christian so my guess is maybe Mr. Robinson should excuse himself from the ministry and become a masseuse or something and not be in the pulpit at all. Just my thoughts you understand.

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Again, someone who knows next to nothing about Bishop Robinson has to bleat their judgmental tripe. The true story of Bishop Robinson and his former wife is an amazing one full of grace, respect and love for each other and for their children. It’s an example of two adults behaving very honorably to each other, and keeping their concern for their children foremost. ‘Boo’, his former wife, was among the first to receive the Eucharist from Bishop Robinson at his consecration, a choice she made (she has said publicly) to clearly demonstrate her continuing support for Gene.

Yet with little to no knowledge of the real story of these loving parents, who though divorced shared the responsibility and upbringing of their two daughters, Mrs. Boyle feels justified in slinging her slimy bilge at their entire family. How very unlike Christ’s example. Shame on you, madam.

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Grace and respect means you marry someone for life and you stay at home and raise the kids you fathered, Scotty

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“The Gospel according to Ms. half-Boiled”

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All churches except that we are all sinners but they expect the sinner to acknowledge they have sinned and try to do better. Forgiveness is the most profound part of Christ’s Church. Read- John 8:1-11 . It is truly beautiful. Love is not about ignoring peoples sins its about looking past them and loving that person despite their sins. But to be redeemed one must acknowledge they are a sinner and turn away from sin. We all make mistakes and backslide but through Christ there is always hope. On this Sabbath I wish you peace.

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Being homosexual is no more a sin than being heterosexual. It’s morally neutral.

While true that as sinners we all fall short, it’s also true that we cannot earn our redemption. It’s freely given, through the death and resurrection of the Christ.

Our commission from Christ was not to point out the specks in others’ eyes, but to love our neighbors and to love our God. Christ did not make the love we bear our neighbors conditional upon our neighbors’ sharing our opinions about what constitutes sin. We are to love them, not judge them.

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