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By: Scott Smith Wed, 13 Aug 2008 13:02:35 +0000 Most of Mrs. Boyle’s posts are patently offensive, embodying judgment and an ignorance that is casually hateful and cruel towards gay people. Evidently she’s blind to that. However, she takes offense when the hateful untruths she espouses are contradicted. Perhaps that’s because, as she herself admits, her views are completely subjective, based upon her own understandings & experiences of life and the Bible. Since her conclusions are so easily routed by objective facts, her only choices are to cede the argument or become more shrill.

She has posted links to articles that do not support her arguments. Since she seems to think they do, she must have highly developed the ability to screen out any factual information (or indeed, any possibilities) that her eyes do not want to admit into the whited sepulcher of her pharisaical heart.

Liberal? In casting dispersions on those she claims she doesn’t want to see suffer, yes, she is very liberal. She says she is ‘liberal to moderate on all issues’ yet her subsequent sentences belie that claim.

Perhaps though, I was too quick to label her her a bigot. While her actions may be bigoted, maybe she herself is not. She certainly doesn’t like being classified as one. Is she blinded by bias, committed to her own ignorance, compulsively opinionated, unconsciously cruel? Sadly, her own words point to ‘Yes’. But maybe she’s not actually a bigot.

She’s certainly entitled to her opinions, even when they unfairly malign someone who’s dedicated his life to the service of one of God’s communities of faith. Or even whole communities of neighbors. She’s welcome to malign all gay people as much as she wants. I’m sure that’s what she’ll continue to do, tilting at every lavender windmill she myopically perceives.

No matter who’s opinions are right or wrong, I’m certain that God values actual people, even gay people, more that He values the judgments we pronounce on each other.

By: Mrs. Boyle Wed, 13 Aug 2008 05:57:26 +0000 I have seen my ram sheep bugger each other but as soon a female comes on the scene they forget about their male sex partners and bee line for the ewes. I am stumped by these studies as in 25 years of breeding sheep I have never had a “Gay” ram. I have lived on a this farm for 20 years and I only see animals that are bisexual at certain times. I have never seen one in all these years only focus on the same sex. Why would you say I am a hater or a bigot? Have I shown any hate towards any Gay person? The answer is no. Do I want to see violence against Gays, no. Would I say something cruel to a Gay person, no. Do I enjoy it when Gay people suffer, no. You are the bigots. You are so sure you are right because you want acceptance so bad you feel the need to attack anyone who does not agree with your position. Did you follow the Washington Post link about Homosexuals and nature vs. nurture I posted? I see allot of people suffering who are Gay and I can only ascertain that this is why the Bible says it is wrong to have relations with someone of the same gender. I am just as hard on heterosexual couples who live together out of wedlock and single mothers. I think they are all going against God. Our society is depraved and twisted. This super liberal stuff is crazy. I am not a conservative. I am liberal to moderate on all issues. My feelings about this issue are based on my understanding of the Bible and by my life experiences. All this enormous social change came about because there was so much wealth and food and so many resources. These have been the highest of times. When things get really hard economically people will suddenly stop being so easy about all these rapid social chances that hurt women and children so much. You cannot understand humanity by looking at life from 1979-2008, folks. Are you are telling me everything until the far left took control in the West has been wrong? I don’t think so! These have been years of unprecedented change and upheaval. Hang on to your seats folks ’cause the roller coaster has crested and is going down fast now. It won’t be going up any time soon with energy prices as they are. The pendulum is now going the other way and people are taking stock of how far we have strayed from God’s plan. Hopefully people will wake up and hear God’s word again soon and stop being hedonistic and start doing His will.

By: Scott Smith Mon, 11 Aug 2008 03:39:55 +0000 NARTH: An organization that lack credibility, with a long documented history of junk-science and misusing others’ research. About NARTH

According to an official statement issued by the American Psychological Association in 2006:

“For over three decades the consensus of the mental health community has been that homosexuality is not an illness and therefore not in need of a cure. The APA’s concern about the positions espoused by NARTH (The National Association for Research and Therapy of Homosexuality) and so-called conversion therapy is that they are not supported by the science. There is simply no sufficiently scientifically sound evidence that sexual orientation can be changed. Our further concern is that the positions espoused by NARTH and Focus on the Family create an environment in which prejudice and discrimination can flourish.”

Mrs. B said: I am coming from the background of a biologist and a creature attracted to its own sex is not a working model, good people!

Any knowledgeable biologist can confirm that homosexual behavior is seen in many mammals. While biologists are still puzzled about why homosexuality is such an enduring characteristic, recently there was some fanfare among researchers that statistically at least, maternal female relatives of gay men exhibit higher fertility rates. Here’s a link to an article on this research:

Mrs. B said: Did you see the video of Gene Robinson driven from the pulpit by people who stood up to him from the congregation. I wish I could have been there!

Perhaps if she had been there or had actually read the article that accompanied the video to which she linked, she would know that it was the sole heckler who was quickly escorted out of the church, that the congregation drowned out the heckler’s insults first with slow clapping (a sign of disapproval in Britain) and then by loudly singing a hymn. Bishop Robinson then asked the congregation to pray for the man, and then continued his sermon.

Mrs. B said: Show me how Gay people are not selfish?
Assuming that altruism is defined as a value that includes giving of one’s time and energy to others at some cost to oneself and without expectation of reciprocation, the few studies that have been done indicate that gay men are far more altruistic than straight men. In fact, there is evidence that gay men are at least as altruistic as straight women, who routinely score at the top of altruism scales. Here are just a few resources:
1. A. Christopher Richards, “Altruistic Behavior and Caregiving in the AIDS Epidemic” (Paper presented at the Center for AIDS Prevention Studies, 1992).
2. D. Salais and R.B. Fischer, “Sexual Preference and Altruism,” Journal of Homosexuality, 28(1-2)(1995).
3. E.O. Wilson, Sociobiology, (Cambridge, MA: Belknap Press of Harvard University Press, 1975).
Interestingly, some marketing research has indicated that lgbt donors to lgbt charitable institutions also donate money to other non-lgbt institutional charities which do not provide any services to lgbt communities. While more research needs to be done to solidly confirm this, what has been studied so far indicates that lgbt donors are far more willing than heterosexual donors to invest in charitable institutions that they don’t use, even ones that help people who were very unlike them.

Mrs. B said: Except that the Bible says it is a sin to perform Homosexual acts.
That’s infinitely debatable. There are at most seven passages of Scripture that have been traditionally interpreted by some Christians as portraying homosexual acts as sin, but I would argue that these people have misused Scripture to justify and support their existing prejudices. At most, these passages indicate that it’s sinful for heterosexuals to perform homosexual acts, or that it’s sinful to use sexual acts (i.e. rape) against the unwilling to subjugate and victimize them.

Mrs. B said: …another big time Priest in NYC taken from his church due to accusations of fondling boys. (Monsignor Harris)
That’s a sad story. Even sadder, the DA’s office has said it is unlikely to charge Monsignor Harris on these allegations, so at this point it still has yet to be proven that he in fact did fondle any one. However, another priest from that parish was charged, tried and convicted a few years ago for molesting a girl.

Mrs. B said: I can tell you when I look around I see almost only very unhappy people who are Gay and Lesbians.
People often have trouble seeing what’s right in front of them. LGBT people are generally no more or less happy than heterosexuals, though research shows there is a higher incidence of depression among the LGBT population when compared to heterosexuals. Studies have concluded that’s most likely due to the added social stigma and discrimination that LGBT people experience. Mrs. Boyle has demonstrated this stigmatizing of gay people most ably as well as repeatedly.

Mrs. B said: …as a social worker and teacher…
I though she said she had a background in biology? Well, perhaps she taught biology, though I would expect a biology teacher to be a bit more up to date on current scientific findings.

Mrs. B said: Science shows that same sex sexual orientation is not something you are born with.
Science shows no such thing, as Matt stated in his post. Again, here’s a helpful summary on the current (reality-based) state of scientific research on sexual orientation, from Dr. David G. Myers, professor of psychology at Hope University, a Christian college:
What science has repeatedly indicated is that sexual orientation is not something subject to the will. Heterosexuals cannot willfully become homosexual, and gay people cannot willfully become heterosexual. Some studies have indicated that a statistically small number of highly motivated gay individuals have been able to temporarily reorient their sexual behavior, and enter a sexual relationship with an opposite sex partner, but anecdotal evidence indicates that these situations often end in sad scenarios like Mrs. Boyle described about her neighbor. The ‘ex-gay’ partner’s natural orientation re-emerges, and both he (or she) and their straight partner end up hurt and disappointed. It would be more beneficial to society to encourage gay people marry each other, and heterosexuals to continue marrying each other.

As to the claim of not being a hater or a bigot: If it looks like a bigot, writes like a bigot, and clings to views despite a preponderance of evidence to the contrary, it probably is a bigot.

By: Mars. Boyle Sun, 10 Aug 2008 22:15:40 +0000 Chuckle all you want to, Matt but you are no angel. Some of the links on that site may be slanted but the mainstream scientists all say the same thing people are NOT born Gay. I have been following this topic for years. tent/article/2008/06/30/AR2008063000355. html

They also say some genes make certain individuals more prone to be promiscous but that does not mean you have to do that. God gives us free will.

By: Matt Algren Sun, 10 Aug 2008 21:32:42 +0000 Every time someone uses as a reputable source an angel starts to giggle.

By: Mars. Boyle Sun, 10 Aug 2008 21:11:06 +0000 My dear friends, I am not someone who hates homosexuals, I just want them to stop trying to force the rest of us to except what they do and force us to say what the Bible says about same sex relations is wrong. I have said it before here, I have relatives who are Gay. I do not ever try to hurt them in anyway or pound them into seeing things my way. God will deal with the issue when the time comes. Please, just stop trying to beat the rest of us into agreeing you sins are not sins. Calling every person who does not agree a bigot widens the gap by miles. Please come down from your ivory towers and embrace reality?

By: Mrs. Boyle Sat, 09 Aug 2008 17:50:15 +0000 “Born that way” theory

By: Scott Smith Fri, 08 Aug 2008 18:17:19 +0000 Like I said, Mrs. Boyle is delusional, and can’t seem to stop herself from proving it over and over.

There have been many peer reviewed scientific studies over the past 40 years that demonstrate that homosexuality isn’t a choice. The dominant emerging scientific consensus is that there are several contributing factors which determine where an individual ends up on the spectrum of human sexuality, from heterosexual to gay.

Here’s a helpful summary on the current (reality-based) state of scientific research on sexual orientation, from Dr. David G. Myers:

Mrs. Boyle certainly seems to have an obsession with condemning Bishop Robinson, easily ignoring and discounting that fact the story of his family doesn’t actually fit into her prejudices. Oh, and Mrs. B: I think Father Ted’s right – homosexuality is no more a sin than heterosexuality. But since you obviously have a deep-seated need to demonize gay people, especially gay men, feel free. You’re entitled to your opinion. But the facts are the facts, and the opinions you’ve been casting around here aren’t based in reality.

By: Matt Algren Fri, 08 Aug 2008 16:52:39 +0000 Oy. Mrs. Boyle/Boye opines: “Science shows that same sex sexual orientation is not something you are born with. Despite the frantic efforts of Gay men who want to believe that, there is no serious scientist yet that will say it is so because there is zero proof.”


Then Mrs. Boyle/Boye tries (AGAIN) to equate pedophiles with gays.

Wrong AGAIN. Homosexuality is NOT an illness and it is NOT abuse waged on innocent victims. Pedophilia is both of these things.

Then Mrs. Boyle/Boye tries to paint Bishop Robinson as some degenerate, saying, “His loins speak louder to him than God!”

You’re wrong. AGAIN. As I and others have said between your ignorant tirades, you need to do some research on Bishop Robinson.

Finally, you’ve mentioned a couple times that your big problem with Bishop Robinson is that he’s divorced. My question to you: Are you this concerned about other religious leaders who are divorced? Do you spend this much energy vilifying and defaming them?