Vatican official attacks U.S. Democrats as “party of death”

By Reuters Staff
October 1, 2008

Senator Joe Biden with Catholic priest Zhang Depu near Beijing, 10 Aug 2001/poolVatican officials seldom single out political leaders who differ with the Church on issues like abortion rights or embryonic stem cell research. But now that the Vatican’s highest court is led by an American, the former St. Louis Archbishop Raymond Burke, we can expect things to get more explicit in Vatican City — at least when when it comes to U.S. politics.

Burke, who was named prefect of the Vatican’s Supreme Court of the Apostolic Signature in June, told the Italian Catholic newspaper Avvenire that the U.S. Democratic Party risked “transforming itself definitively into a party of death for its decisions on bioethical issues.” He then attacked two of the party’s most high profile Catholics — vice presidential candidate Joe Biden and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi — for misrepresenting Church teaching on abortion.

He said Biden and Pelosi, “while presenting themselves as good Catholics, have presented Church doctrine on abortion in a false and tendentious way.”

Nancy Pelosi kisses Pope Benedict’s ring during his U.S. visit, 16 April 2008/Larry DowningPelosi drew U.S. bishops’ scorn for saying in a television interview last month that the Church itself had long debated when human life begins. Biden is a practicing Catholic who also supports abortion rights and analysts have said he could help woo wavering Catholics into Obama’s fold. Both argue that they cannot impose their religious views on others.

Burke said pro-life Democrats were “rare” and that it saddened him that the party that helped “our immigrant parents and grandparents” prosper in America had changed so much over the years.

Burke made headlines as archbishop of St. Louis for his public attacks on public figures who strayed from Catholic teaching. He suggested during the 2004 presidential campaign that Democratic presidential nominee John Kerry, a Catholic, should be denied communion because of his views on abortion. Several bishops said at the time they would not give him communion and the media staked out churches where he attended Mass to see if he received it.

“Lately, I’ve noticed that other bishops are coming to this position,” Burke told Avvenire, which is owned by the Italian bishops’ conference.

Archbishop Raymond Burke/Archdiocese of St. LouisCardinal Joseph Ratzinger, now Pope Benedict XVI, wrote a letter in 2004 to American bishops restating the Church position that a priest must refuse to distribute communion to a Catholic politician who supported abortion rights. But Burke lamented that the letter was never distributed.

Burke’s criticism isn’t limited to Democrats. Last year, he accused singer Sheryl Crow of being “a high profile proponent of the destruction of innocent lives” for defending a woman’s right to have an abortion and for being a proponent of stem cell research. He resigned as head of a children’s medical charity that featured the singer for a benefit concert.

Pope Benedict has been encouraging Catholic bishops to speak out more openly on public policy issues to make the Church’s voice heard. Any bets on when we’ll hear from Burke next?


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First of all, if you are not a woman who has carried a child in your womb, then you should not have a say. Period. You have NO idea what you are talking about.

Not once, in either of my two pregnancies, was I in control of the human inside me. NOT ONCE. Anyone who says it is a womans choice because it is HER body is ignorant of the truth. They (my children) were not me, nor part of my body, nor under my control. AND God knew them before he placed them in my womb. Just like he knew you and loved you. You want a choice??? Choose a condom! Choose abstinence! Murdering a child because you are not responsible enough to have safe sex is pathetic, disgusting, and should NEVER have been made legal.

But honestly, that is neither here nor there. Abortion within the first trimester will never be illegal. What is important is to look to the moral character of a man who whole-heartedly believes that it is ok to murder a child who is perfectly capable of survival outside of the womb. A man who would deny medical treatment to infants born alive. Children of God, left to die in a trash can. If you support this, then you are guilty of murder too. And may God have mercy on your soul.

As for war… I don’t believe we have re-instated the draft. NO ONE is risking their life for their country by force. They know the risk when they sign up for the armed forces, and they are proud to take that risk. I have several friends and family in Iraq and Afghanistan. Ask them who they are voting for in November. You will only find a handful of democrats over there. The numbers are staggering. The only ones whining about war are the ones sitting over here on their asses hoping the goverment delivers their welfare check on time and that their foody card has enough on it for pizza tomorrow. If you’ve never carried a child, and would never risk your life for your country, then shut up and go to bed. Your opinion doesn’t count.

Posted by Shelly | Report as abusive

Though I am not a Catholic, I am impressed with the church’s bravery in speaking the truth. Those comments here trying to muddy the waters about Iran and nuclear war are just missing the point and also hoping to divert attention from the moral bankruptcy of the Democrat party. The facts are that the Democrats place no value on the most innocent lives among us; the unborn. They hide behind euphemism to put a presentable face to the horrors of infanticide, calling it ‘choice’.

This is one Protestant that truly wishes God’s blessing on these men for speaking the truth.

Posted by John | Report as abusive

There is a difference between personal beliefs and the secular public policy that governs a multicultural, multi-faith society. Get it straight: we believe in separation of church and state. Quit trying to impose your religious beliefs about “life begins at conception” with public policy.

Nobody forces any politician or anyone else to be a member of the Catholic Church. If you don’t like the teachings and rules of the Church then join a different one or none at all. But stop trying to make the Church bend to your political agenda.
Prof HMC

You know, if my dog had puppies, and I put them in a sack and through them in a lake, because I didn’t want them or couldn’t afford them or for whatever reason, I would be arrested for cruelty to animals. But a woman can abort (murder) her baby and the abortionist put a baby fighting for its life in a trash can and leave it to die, and she or the abortionist is not arrested for taking a human life.

Do you not see something wrong with this picture?

Posted by P. Evans | Report as abusive

.. words of wisdom from the the sponsors of the inqisition, witchburning, and aboriginal genocide.

Posted by narf9 | Report as abusive

Life begins at conception, no logical arguement can deny this. In the USA we are guaranteed the right to life, yet we contradict this right with abortion. Right to life or right to death? The choice should be clear, logically speaking.

Posted by tothestars2 | Report as abusive

The issue here is about abortion. It’s time to stop looking at abortion as a philosophical discussion and start admitting what it is. The church says life begins at conception because biologically that is when the existence of a human life does begin. It is the clearest most scientific fact. Egg and sperm merge and life begins. If you don’t “believe” that it is like saying you don’t believe 2+2=4, because that is not your belief. Americans need to be educated about abortion. Let’s start with visuals shall we. Google “abortion” images if you can stomach it and have the courage to face the truth, the real inconvenient truth. Like it or not, the democratic party supports this.

Posted by lookatit | Report as abusive

If you want to justify abortion other than the killing of an innocent human life then tell me when life begins. Give me an answer that is irrefutable, that doesn’t change with time or technology. The only answer is conception. To deny that is simply a non-answer. If you want to justify abortion as a convenience, that it’s simply not in the mother or fathers best selfish interest then be honest and say that. It’s amazing to me that the Democratic party, the one that says its looking out for the little guy, leaves behind the most vulnerable of all.

blah blah blah….they fail to recognize their irrelevance in modern society.
One wonders what demons Burke must be battling that he needs to lash out at others….

Posted by Karol Wojtyla | Report as abusive

To fbla: Do a little bit more research on your 3 questions for Sarah Palin, instead of just swallowing what the Democratic humps put forward as their analysis. Somehow they managed to warp the fact that Alaska requested reimbursement from insurance companies of those that were insured for medical procedures following rape to “Palin requires rape victims to pay for their own tests”. Come on, tell me you’re not that obtuse (and no, I’m not a Republican, before you accuse me of being a right wing fanatic).

Posted by Jackie | Report as abusive

I sure hope this Vatican official makes the same judgement call on politicians throughout the world who support abortion. European countries are more pro-abortion than the US, for example.

Posted by steve | Report as abusive

Why would ANYONE listen to the catholic church on issues of ‘morality’?
…Billions in hush money for the molestation scandal, a profound ignorance concerning the ‘every three second’ malarial death rate & ‘every 4-7 second’ starvation death rate in children, (W.H.O. figures), pope john-paul2 giving a ‘peace’ medal to the scientist who created the ‘neutron’ W.M.D. subvarient, astounding intolerance of noncatholics…
A shallow concern for foetuses until birth, a worship of big business…
I could be ‘excomunicated’ for visiting an abortion clinic, but I can fly a nuclear-armed B-52 & recive the sacrements?
…Why would ANYONE listen to the catholic church on the issue of ‘morality’?

Archbiship Burk was born and raised in Central Wisconsin and brings with him grass roots midwestern values.

As Biship of the Lacross Diocese he was firm and fare. Biden and the other Catholic Democrates be warned that He will Archbiship Burk will be very vocal and express the positon of the Pope and in General All Catholics.

Former native of Central Wisconsin who played Kick the Ball with Burk as a pre-teen in Stratford Wisconsin when visit friend and relatives who lived there.

Posted by Bob | Report as abusive

The Catholic leader is correct.
The Democrats have been taken over by mixed nuts and assorted fruits, religious fanatics who are Humanist-indocrinated whether they understand the source of their new, Christianity-replacing faith or not.
Their founding scriptures, the Humanist Manifestos ( nd death for old people and the ‘right’ of ‘choice’ to kill innocent unborn children.
Their First Commandment is that there is no God, and their sacrament, the body and blood of living human children, practiced 1.5 million times per year in abortuaries. Very humane and ‘enlightened,’ eh?
Whether it’s ‘Choice, Diversity, World Community, Equitable Redistribution Of Wealth And Resources, Consenting Adults,’ etc., all the Democrats ideas and beliefs come from the Humanist belief system, not Christianity.
Of COURSE they hate Catholics (I’m a Protestant, but I like Catholics and their Biblical stance on Life), and of COURSE they believe their own religion and it’s liberal mantras are the superior ones.
But they ARE just as religious as the Catholics!

Yea! Come on out, Vatican! Thanks be to God!

Posted by Mike Mundy, Houston, TX | Report as abusive

Good for the Vatican.

And for the record, the Vatican is opposed to the Iraq war, a doctrine of preemption, etc, ya crazy rabid liberals! And how come you never hear of the sex abuse in the San Francisco public school system?

Posted by Dave | Report as abusive

Thank goodness someone is speaking out about this.
Life is Life. Murder is Murder.

Posted by Cory | Report as abusive

If there is a chance that that life does happen to begin at conception and If by chance your eternal resting place, i.e. heaven or hell, is based on your complicity in electing a person that not only tolerates abortion but actively promotes it as a right, who do you turn to for advice? Nancy Pelosi? Barack Obama? or perhaps the church that’s been preaching the same evil of abortion for 2000 years… You decide. But be sure you are right. Eternity is a very long time.

Posted by Lifer | Report as abusive

The Church should stay out of expessing opinions of politics and scientific technology. Recently, after some 450 years they have apoogized to Galileo for having stated that Earth revolved around the sun. Religion has always been a stumbling block for progress. As far as abortion is concerned church prelates take vows of chastity (pity) they are provided everything and are not aware of what it takes to support a family, put kids though school, pay all sort of bills,etc. Cardinal Burke, get involved in Italian politics and give opinions and see where they send you. It is best if you stay out of politics and expressing your opinion on stem cell reserach, you really know nothing about it and how many humans it would help.

Posted by Fernando E. Mercado | Report as abusive

I used to be pro-choice, until woman killed my child.

You that have such scorn for those that are not perfect enough for you – and choose life – must not really cherish life at least as much as I do.

People aren’t perfect, and when nations seek to destroy others, the resistance to that is war. That is not an abortion issue. Get your proportions in order, or quit grasping for straws.

Pointing out that pro-life proponents are not perfect – ergo can never be wrong on the abortion issue – is ridiculous and illogical.

Nobody is perfect, and neither are you – therefore – the argument regarding perfection of proponents of either side is wholly irrelevant.

It comes down to the value of human life.

There is nothing more valuable. Seems you don’t get this idea.

Posted by The Man From Uncle | Report as abusive

43,000,000 babies killed all thanks to Democrats and Roe V Wade. Who, BTW, has since admitted she lied, and is pro-life now. And even with the invention of the ultra sound, and all that it shows, including a nearly fully developed baby at 11 weeks, the Democrats STILL obssess about aborting live babies, then support selling their body parts to ghouls who would research them. LETS BE HONEST! It is not about CHOICE, or a womans reproductive rights. That’s nonsense. A woman if free to take the pill, wear the patch, or have an IUD. It’s about the money that the research brings the Universities aka DNC Madrasses. I would like to see Nancy Pelosi take communion. Does she even go to church?

You may use other arguements to justify abortion but here are the facts:


Number of abortions per year: Approximately 42 Million
Number of abortions per day: Approximately 115,000


The total estimated human loss of life caused by World War II was roughly 72 million people.

In less than two years, the number of human lifes extinquished is greater than all the people killed in WWII. This is a horrible fact and by the way, thank your parents for not having an abortion or you wouldn’t be reading this.

Posted by Bob Seward | Report as abusive

GOD BLESS Archbishop Burke!!! Finally someone in the Roman Catholic Church is speaking the TRUTH about the Democrats in the United States!!

Posted by BROMEO | Report as abusive

Raymond Burke is making his home state of Wisconsin proud. I’m not even Catholic, yet I have admired his stance on issues since he led the La Cross Diocese.

How many Christians throw away their morals and vote for the worldly democratic party. It’s not o.k. to pick and choose what you believe in the Catholic Church or any church, yet that is exactly what you need to do if you are to vote for Obama, Biden, or any democrat.

Posted by jake | Report as abusive

The Church should stay out of expessing opinions of politics and scientific technology. Recently, after some 450 years they have apologized to Galileo for having stated that Earth revolved around the sun. Religion has always been a stumbling block for progress. As far as abortion is concerned church prelates take vows of chastity (pity) they are provided everything and are not aware of what it takes to support a family, put kids though school, pay all sort of bills,etc. Cardinal Burke, get involved in Italian politics and give opinions and see where they send you. It is best if you stay out of politics and expressing your opinion on stem cell reserach, you really know nothing about it and how many humans it would help.

Don’t use the “slippery slope” argument liberals. You need to keep on subject not drop into personal attacks because of someone’s faith.

Posted by Doug M. | Report as abusive

People seems to shrink from moral absolutes as if moral absolutes were toxic. There can be no moral absolute if there is not a final arbiter of right and wrong. It is amazing to me how so many people have such poor biblical scholarship. They think they know what the bible says, they view Christ as a kind of Ghandi figure. Essentially they dictate what the bible says, they do not allow it to speak for itself, if you will. No where does the bible in either old or new testament prohibit killing. What is prohibited is “murder”-the illegal taking of life. There is a hebrew and aramaic work for “kill” and there is also a word for murder( illegal taking of life). Throughout scripture the state is not prohibited from defending itself(to the comment of warriors aiming rifles and “killing people) nor from authorities use of lethal force to defend its citizens. What is however consistently prohibited is the taking of innocent life, life that is unable to defend itself. Words have meaning and killing and murder are quite simply not the same-all murder is killing, BUT not all killing is murder.

Posted by Craig Blaine | Report as abusive

I believe it was January 1972 that the Democratic majority Supreme Court ruled that a woman could have her child in her womb killed in the most horrible and cruel manner possible. Then,6 months later this same Court(?) ruled that an ax murderer/s could not be put to death in the most humane manner,because they considered murderers above punishment of death that these same people authorized for innocent babies. While there’s always a possibility of my eternity in hell,at least I will have reason to celebrate,because,surely these people will be there,regardless if they do,or donot believe in its existence.

Posted by HaroldC | Report as abusive

you wrote:
“If it were up to these guys we would still follow scientific models where the sun circles the Earth.”

Try learning a little history. The concept directly challenged the widely accepted model of the world that was held at the time. The Pope, and many others in the church knew that the solar model was very likely but there were political reasons that put them in a difficult position at the time. That is to say, the old idea that there is “the truth and then there is God’s truth” meant that political upheavals could follow sudden redefinitions of the static model of life and God’s plan as explained by the church. For all its faults, the confrontations with apostasy and the extremely close relationship between the church and political centers of power, the church has been a powerful force for scientific development. For instance, the kindly monk portrayed as observing the differences in pea seeds and learning about the segregation of “traits” (genes) was actually a scholar trained in chemistry, physics and biology and was assigned to undertake studies on animal and plant improvements by the Vatican. His seminal work (little joke or two there) was largely ignored because he explained it in mathematical terms (quadratic equations, etc.) and a lot of people at the time just didn’t get it. But anyway, your accusations about the Church as a force of ignorance only demonstrate you traffic in the cheap, sleeazy “recieved” wisdom of tin-pot bigots, in just the same way as the ass-end bigots who sieze on religious dogma try to explain everything in those terms.
BTW: I’m an agnostic, not a religious person as you might impune, simply because rigidly doctrinare people think. I like to know what I am talking about, rather than blathering abusive slogans and insolent rubbish.

Posted by Brendan | Report as abusive

The Blog person, Phil Stewart, states:
Burke’s criticism isn’t limited to Democrats. Last year, he accused singer Sheryl Crow of being “a high profile proponent of the destruction of innocent lives” for defending a woman’s right to have an abortion”

Phil Stewart must be from somewhere other than the United States or from Reuters!

The “criticism isn’t limited to Democrats” – implying Sheryl Crow is not a Democrat?

First of all she is a flaming democrat – and, for the uninformed outside of the USA, Sheryl had a long-time ta-da-da-frolicky with little Bubba himself – our former President.

Get informed you foreigners! Bill Cliton and Hillary were an embarrassment.

Posted by vonurbach | Report as abusive

My ex-husband (well-loved still) was abused by a Catholic priest. Spare me your pro-life platitudes, you idiots who espouse this position. Try seeing the other sid, for once. Catholic priests, bishops, archbishops, popes – these MEN have no right at all to spout their ridiculous, pathetic views on the subject of whether the Democrats are in their favor. Catholic or not, the people will make up their own minds, which is as it should be.

Posted by Katherine | Report as abusive

Jordan: try early 1500s on the Reformation, it’s a little more accurate than 1100. You’re thinking of the Orthodox schism.

The Babylonian Captivity was about 600 BC, and involved the Hebrews.

I believe the Archbishop has spoken truly, and is not out of line. I would like, in the interests of balance, for him to, at some point, address Republican apathy in doing anything to stop wrongful bioethical practices other than give lip service to it. I think it makes them a “party of death,” too.

Gee Michael, and I thought this was a non-political article by the head of a Church and his view of those that pretend to be Catholic.

Morals are a very slippery slope for the left when you consider Obama and his votes for infanticide. Even partial birth abortion isn’t enough to satiate the liberal blood lust.

Posted by Dave | Report as abusive

Wise and uncompromising words from a wise man.

I’ve noticed a few comments which resort to moral relativism with Republicans. That’s part of the problem, too.

Democrats are responsible for their own actions. God does not judge us in the light of what an opposing political party did or did not do, He judges us in the context of our own actions and inactions. When your day has come and you’re ready to enter eternity, will you tell God “but the Republicans are just as bad!”

I think not.

Posted by Bill | Report as abusive

What Pelosi has said and done is very dangerous. Biden is trying to capture votes by throwing his religion to the wind. Glad to see the Vatican finally stepping up. We have already heard about how they feel about Bush and war.

Posted by Dee | Report as abusive

Apparently Democtrat Catholics only have to support certain parts of the Bible. Any thing else would be above their pay grade. There is a reason Wall Street’s approval rating is one point higher than the Democrat controlled Congress. Political hacks and left wing lunacy does not get the support of the common American.

remove their tax exempt status NOW !!!

Posted by Seeuinoz | Report as abusive

To you Demo-homies who play this “respect” life equivocation game: fact~ since Roe v.Wade~60,000,000 “legally” protected abortions. (Source: Guttmacher Institute PLANNED PARENTHOOD…America’s PM Murder Incorporated…statistical arm and principal tax-for each-murder deduction)Defend that Civil Rights, non-
smoking,Global Warming Metro-MSM lackeys.
Arthur McVarish, Houston

Posted by Arthur F. McVarish | Report as abusive

Would it be so difficult for the church to excommunicate Democrats? It is a centralized hierarchy after all. Why don’t they just get on with it and stop pussyfooting around?

Posted by Jim | Report as abusive

Just to the make a Biblical distinction for unbelievers. The commandment “Thou shalt not kill” is given to individuals–not governments. War is an altogether different matter than the premeditated murder of the innocent unborn. The democratic party is the party of pro-choice in this country. And I might add that given how the pro-choice folks have mocked Governor Palin on this, it seems that “choosing” life doesn’t count!

Posted by Sheila Cantrell | Report as abusive

The letter Archbishop Burke refers to was from then Cardinal Ratzinger, now Pope Benedict, to the US Council of Catholic Bishops. The letter instructed the US bishops to deny Communion to Catholic politicians that supported abortion publicly. The letter was intercepted by the now retired cardinal of Washington and intentionally hidden from the council of bishops. Later when this Cardinal submitted his 75th birthday resignation to the new Pope Benedict, it was accepted promptly.
Archbishop Burke has been the greatest defender of the faith here and in Rome. Benedict’s recent Papal appointment to Prefect of the Apostoic Signatura (the highest ranking figure in church law) makes him a very prominent figure in the Vatican and some say a name to be reckoned with for the next Pope. He is sure to stress his points on Catholic teaching further here when it comes to abortion and Catholics that support it. No doubt about it. God Bless him. American catholics have been mislead by Washington politicians that keep promoting themselves as “Catholics” to get votes but promote baby killing at the same time. Archbishop Burke, I believe has had enough of that.

Posted by John McCuen | Report as abusive

Remember !!!!!!!!!!!!! “Blessed Is The Fruit Of Thy Womb!

Abortion Kills Children!!



Posted by Mike Mundy, Houston, TX | Report as abusive

Wow, a Reuters article that seemed to give respectful coverage of the Vatican — I was amazed. But then I start looking at the comments and realize that the moonbats hoover near at hand. Really — what a disgraceful bunch you all are.

Posted by Nancy | Report as abusive

Everybody’s wrong! Life begins with the production of sperm and egg cells. Through the artifice of celibacy the church assures the death of these sparks of human life. It is the Catholic Church that is the party of death, in in defiance of the Bible’s admonition to be fruitful and multiply. Bruno I’d better get out of here the church probably wants to burn me again!

Posted by Runo | Report as abusive

politicians can’t hide behind the naked truth that abortion today is analogous to slavery 150 years ago.

would politicians today argue that slavery should remain legal because it was the law ? or that slavery should be up to the “choice of the landowner” ??

i left the democrats when i finally recognized this argument. they are cowards and have exchanged their knowledge of what they know is right and wrong, they know right from wrong but have sold their souls to remain in power.

who can have a conscience today and still be a member of the democratic party anymore.

not me anymore.

not me anymore.

if this argument has not sunk into your thick head, what is the matter with you.

if you are pro-color, do you realize that blacks are only 12 percent of the population but a gigantic share of babies killed ?? are you jiggy with that ? are you ok that our “black leaders” are jiggy with that ?

if you are pro woman, do you realize that half of the babies killed, i.e. 1-2 million babies a year, are baby girls ? are you ok with killing all these little girls ? and you call yourself pro-woman ? who is defending THESE women ? who ?

what a disgrace !!!!!!!!!

Posted by jm | Report as abusive

Good for the Vatican, and the numbers of pro-life democrats are growing!

But – - why is Senator Infanticide going to be welcome at the Alfred Smith Dinner in NY?

What kind of mixed message does that send to Catholics?

Posted by Ann | Report as abusive

Abortion murders the most vulnerable in society who have no voice wether they can be born at all. I am a Catholic who admits to being a worthless sinner, but I pray that God will have mercy on not only me, but on all those who also fall short of His glory. I ask every one to open your heart to Christ because He gave his life for all who believe in Him

Posted by Patrick | Report as abusive

This is America not Medieval Spain. You don’t have to be Catholic here. But if you ARE Catholic you have to accept the Church’s teachings. Don’t agree, go to another church. It’s really that simple. BTW, Rudy Giuliani and former Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Ridge should be included in that list and they are Republicans. The Democrats are fully Pro-Death though.

Posted by Ted K | Report as abusive

Simple and plain Logic: Abortion- MURDER Aid and Support to Abortion- MURDER The taking of a life for the sake of ‘convenience’- MURDER The taking of an innocent life in the womb that cannot defend itself- MURDER Support for individuals who profit in the Abortion industry- Accessories to MURDER Voting for people who support the taking of life; whether it be in the womb,on a feeding tube,the aged and infirmed in a hospital bed, or just because someone is not wanted- MURDER. Any way people that want to rationalize it, justify it, make excuses for its existance, ignore it, downplay it, ocstracize and ridicule in the Public forum those who defend life in all its glory, there is just one word to describe it– Pure and unadulterated EVIL. Think about this when you go to the polls, people. How will God judge us as a Nation, on what we have accepted into our hearts, and what we have ommitted by CHOICE…

Posted by Den | Report as abusive