Who is the most Christian among U.S. candidates?

October 9, 2008

Given the faith factor in U.S. politics, it was probably inevitable that someone would come up with a poll asking who is the most Christian among the presidential and vice presidential candidates. The Times in London has done it — and come up with some interesting results so far. After an initial lead by the candidate thought to appeal most to evangelical Christians, the candidate now way out in front is the one who rumours say isn’t a Christian at all.

Articles of Faith blogThe online poll is open until next Wednesday, so click to Ruth Gledhill’s blog Articles of Faith to vote. The poll is a bit confusing — the post starts out asking whether Sarah Palin is a good Christian and then presents a voting table asking you to choose the “better Christian” among the presidential and vice presidential candidates. The winner of a four-horse race should be termed the “best” in the group, but maybe that sounds too judgmental.

Anyway, after voting, let us know here if you think this poll is representative of American voters’ views or skewed by votes from outside the United States.


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Sadly, i do think it is representative. At the time of my posting Palin was in the lead. i know this isnt a place for religious debate, but it astounds me that “good christian” equates almost directly to “most facist”.
for all the talk about evil muslim theocracy, we sure are overly concerned with our religion controlling government.

Posted by Jeremy | Report as abusive

a ‘good christian is one who actually believes and lives by the word of God. Palin gets criticized for making statments that contain such words as “God’s will”..or “thank God for the pipeline”–well guess what–it appears that she not only believes in God, she really BELIEVES in God–that is that He is present, that He moves and works within the universe and His will is to be sought and He is to be thanked. It appears to me that she is the real thing–and her own stance on abortion–si a biblical one–and then the fact that she was faced with a pregnancy that many women opt to have abortions when faced with–a child with downs syndrome–shows she endeavors to live her faith–even when it hurts. That I do believe shows she is in line with scrpture in her beliefs AND actions.

Posted by Pr | Report as abusive

the bible says nothing about abortion, only “thou shalt not kill” which the present “christian” government does plenty of, “thou shalt not kill, unless its cute and i can see it” onward christian soldier.

Posted by Jeremy | Report as abusive

Who cares who’s more “Christian”?

The question itself is ridiculous. Being Christian shouldn’t give any candidate an edge on someone.
Actually religion should be barred from being discussed in politics.

Hell Obama and McCain could worship a lint bunny in the sky for all I could care. The only important thing is who would be a better leader, and choice in religious beliefs just doesn’t matter.

Posted by Dave | Report as abusive

I believe it is important for a nation’s leaders to be God – fearing christians, we don’t have to look and see why a nation is sliding down morally/economically. America sent a lot of missionaries in the past and experienced a lot revivals through Spirit of God. I read and heard some about Sarah Palin, and was impressed by her outspoken christian beliefs, if she believes the bible to be the Word of God, in the trinity, the virgin birth and deity of Christ, salvation by grace thru faith and in the other fundamental christian beliefs, she is a christian. If Sarah Palin is not ashamed of proclaiming her beliefs and living her christian faith then she is the best christian candidate.

Posted by Marc da Silva | Report as abusive

Jeremy–the Bible says you shall not take innocent life–and the life inside a womb is both innocent (not dserving of death) and human. Because the word ‘abortion’ does not appear in the Bible does not mean principles relating to life and how to treat it don’t appear there –and they are to be applied to life in the womb as well as outside of it. I admire Palin for living by the faith she claims.

Posted by Pr | Report as abusive

sarah palin goes on about abortion .it is no big deal obama should ask one of his supporters like char, who is reportedly supposed to have had three to tell women there is nothing to worry about

Posted by brian lee | Report as abusive

TO BRIAN LEE–as a person who had an abortion and forever after regretted it–and suffered much from the experience emotionally–AND I never got another chance to have a natural child and is now past the age ofbeing able to concieve–I think your suggestion to tell people ‘nothing to worry about’ as regards abortion is the epitome of IGNORANT.

Posted by jan | Report as abusive

hi jan, brian lee i posted that to highlight the apathy that exsists in the murder of the innocent i expected a response from the anti war brigade like pink who protest about the irac war yet are perfectly ok with a baby being dragged from the womb and being murdered on the way out.also i mentioned cher to highlight the live for the moment brigade of hollywood.a word of encourage for you, my only brother died in my fathers arms when he was 5 months my perents were only young at the time he was having a convultion fit, the docter did not show and because of their inexperience,my brother swallowed his tounge and choked. my mother never fully got over it.and my father carved out a grave stone with a hammer and chisle to deal with his grief.many years later i thinking about my mother who had died and was missing her terribly when the LORD spoke to me, don,t feel sad for your mother ,don,t you know who she is with? shes with your brother john ,that was his name.we have a savour who although he was going to raise his friend lazarus from the dead ,looked at the grief of his sisters and family and wept with compassion at there grief, when was there a person such as this?do you not think your baby has not been in his arms? learn to love him and some day you will be in the presence of both of them, do not let your heart be troubled.

Posted by brian lee | Report as abusive

There are three things that should not matter one bit in an election.

The first is race.
Who cares what ethnicity the president is? It shouldn’t make one bit of difference. We are all Americans.
We need to get rid of this “African-American” “Hispanic-American” “Jewish-American” dogma.

If you’re an American, you’re an American. Cut and dry. You don’t need a secondary term to define yourself. You’re an American whether or not you’re black, white, red, yellow, or green.

The second is Religion. Being a Buddhist, a Mormon, a Catholic, a Muslim, or an Atheist should not matter one bit.
Being an American means embracing and accepting the idea that our citizens have a wide and varying range of religious beliefs.

The third is sexual orientation. It does not make one bit of difference if a man is straight or gay in the political scheme of things.

The funny thing is you get these Chrisitian Evangelicals who sometimes spew some of the most racist, bigoted garbage I’ve ever heard, yet they’re supposed to be loving Christians?

Explain how intolerance fits into the whole Christian ideals….please.

Obama/Biden 08!

Posted by Dave | Report as abusive

as far a sexual orientation–if a person told me repeatedly and insisted that the sky was green and the grass was blue,(and they were not color blind nor had any visual problem) but in all other ways their reasoning seemed ok, but they continued to insist that the the sky was green and the grass was blue, I would think something was seriously wrong –that they were completely in denial about a major reality. If you look at a man, and a woman, you can tell what nature has in mind–yet there are those who insist, in fact, that it is just the opposite–becasue of a ‘feeling’ or ‘urge’ they have. I think it goes to capacity to apprehend reality correctly and not deny it in order to legitimize one’s feelings and how they have decided to act on them. That is something to be considered. Such a fundament denial of reality goes to ones reasoning and judgement

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