Looking for the red lines between Christianity and Islam

October 13, 2008

Christian crosses and Muslim crescent in Beirut, 28 Nov 2006/Eric GaillardCan someone be Christian and Muslim at the same time? This came up over the weekend in two articles from almost opposite sides of the globe.

Rev. Ann Holmes Redding in Seattle thinks she can be both. Her Episcopal Church does not and is moving toward defrocking her if she does not renounce Islam. Redding, who has been an Episcopal priest for 25 years, first announced her dual faith over a year ago and was given 15 months to think it over. Now facing defrocking, she told Janet Tu of the Seattle Times that she is “still following Jesus in being a Muslim” and feels “privileged to see God in more places, rather than fewer places.”

Now take a Google Earth-style leap to Istanbul. There, Mustafa Akyol asked in the Turkish Daily News whether Islam required Christians and Jews to give up their traditions in order to be saved. The standard answer is yes, but Hayrettin Karaman, a professor emeritus of Islamic law, recently questioned that in the conservative Islamic daily newspaper Yeni Safak. “He noted that Islam does not necessarily ask Christians and Jews to abandon their traditions. It rather tells them to keep their traditions while respecting Islam as a sister faith,” Akyol wrote.

On the blog GetReligion, Mollie asks exactly where the doctrinal lines are. Judging from these two articles, it seems that Christians draw a clear line but Muslims may not. Is this the case? And if so, what does that mean for Christian-Muslim dialogue?


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If someone want to be a christian as well as muslim at the sametime,itseems to be that the person wants to view the same in two different colour glasses.It is true,anybody can have the regard and faith in god after followed by different doctrins.Religion is the way to know,feel,worship the god. Here religions exist as variables while the God remains static as well as one.God can always and everytime be worshiped or reveared by any person.Everyone is equally favoured by the almighty.Religion is the rout, to be with the environment where where God could be felt and understood.So by holding two different religions at a time,is not at all undesireable or offensive.

Religion is the route, through which any person can conceptualize as well as attain realization about God. If any person belongs to any particular ‘religion’,can take resort to any other ‘religion’to feel or understand and see the god in new way.Both the wayss are converging at the same point where the almighty ‘God’exists. Basically,so all types of religions are representing for the same objective.A person can love or regard ‘Jesus Christ’,At the sametime, the person may have faith in ‘Allah’. No botherings or implications should appear in this respect. Because, everyone is equally favoured by the God-Allah,who has no separate existence except one.It is the human’s desire or longing to view the same object in dufferent colours.It is not at all offensive,if a person follows the two different religions to realize the God in different environments.A christian, a muslim,a hindu or a Buddhist everyone is child of the almighty God..Everyone has the right to follow the different religions as to worship the God undoudtably.

The question is not whether or not one can be a Muslim and a Christian at the same time. The question is this: will one group or the other will allow you to be a member of both groups simultaneously.

The Muslims have demonstrated the answer to this time and time again — no. They’re not going to have friendly debates over coffee about this. Heads will roll. They consider anyone who is not a Muslim ‘kafir’ — infidel, and an infidel who will not convert will be struck down. It says so in the Koran, so this debate is ultimately pointless.

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Mohammed is dead and his body is buried in Medina, Jesus died, was buried but he resurrected from the dead and is alive(Revelation 1:18;Hebrews 13:8). Muslims believe that too and they believe in Jesus’ second coming on earth. Jesus is alive because He is God, the second person of the trinity and is the only way to the Father(John 14:6). Mohammed is not a god, so who are you going to follow Jesus Christ who died for our sins on the cross and rose from the dead or Mohammed? If man wants to know the truth Jesus said ” Search the scriptures, for in them ye think ye have eternal life and they are they which testify of me” John 5:39.

I’m a Muslim, and I’ve always said, better the God fearing Christian than the irreligious Muslim!

That’s totally impossible. She can pretends to be dual. but once she starts to follow Jesus, she cant be a Muslim. its because the God does not call upon everyone to ask for Jesus, but for in the Name of Allah. prophet is the last of him, and hear from god. Be one, Jesus or Muslim. the Only religion is Muslim Says the Koran for the Allah. think about it….

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they update bible weekly. this sounds crazy. the gods Koran book cannot be updated whenever human want.that is suitable as long as the world lasts. We cant believe that. A guy who believe In Allah will not say Jesus is God. He is not….

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[...] Looking for the red lines between Christianity and Islam [...]

i am a muslim and i am the question for marc da silva that.My dear brother marc u think that jesus is god do u hav any prove?You quoted the verses of bible ok that quotation is right but is the bible authentic?Is it was written in front of the jesus?Or he told someone to write?According to my knowledge at the time of jesus hebrew language was there and the is no bible in hebrew.before giving the quotations pease be sure that the book from u r giving quotations is authentic.My dear brother.

Posted by mirza rizwan baig | Report as abusive

Hello Mirza! First of all we both have the freedom to our faith, I appreciate your response to my comment.

Yes I believe Jesus is God, I or He don’t have to prove it to you because Jesus simply declares it. As a muslim you believe that God can do anything right? Because nothing is impossible with God, and if you believe that God can do anything then you must believe that He can go down to earth and become human right? If He can become man then who among all men that have ever lived on earth will you nominate to be God, one who has lived a perfect, sinless life and who died for all mankind and rose again whose body you won’t ever find? If you can honestly answer that question I believe there’s no one else you would think of except Jesus. Now regarding the bible’s authenticity I also need to ask how you can prove that the Koran is authentic doesn’t it have errors and conflicts? You can read the Bible and you won’t find any conflicts nor errors, the koran was claimed to be written by one man while the bible was written by the prophets and apostles under God’s inpiration. Yeshua(Jesus) quoted from the Old Testament so there was already written scripture during His time, if you care to look at Luke chapter 4 He read from the book of Isaiah in the synagogue. The bible’s authenticity can be proved through its declaration as the Word of God, and through historical and archaeological findings, and most of all through people whose lives have been changed.

Hello Michael!

You’re right about the pope,and you really know your history, but I don’t believe in the pope that he is a christian nor does he teach the bible or the teachings of Jesus; I’m not a catholic, I’m an independent bible – believing born again christian. Christianity can be traced all the way to Christ not to the pope nor any other individual here on earth. Jesus said “I am the way the truth and the life no man cometh to the Father but by me” John 14:6. Jesus is theology He is God, if anyone wants to know the truth he needs to pray for the truth and God will show him where to go and what to do.


First of all whoever call CHRIST the GOD, is very very wrong.

Lets understand what GOD wants from us. JESUS or MOHAMMED were HIS messangers the did their work and gone.
What we did, divided ourselves in different sects w/o understanding RIGHT or WRONG.

GOD is so generous that HE shines his sun, gives rain, bread, water even to those who doesn’t even know HIM or worship idols.

Instead of fighting on being a christian or a muslim, lets try to follow GOD’s true path and HIS path is help each other w/o caring who we are, tolerate each other, don’t have hostile feelings for each other, don’t try to let others down because they are muslims or christian.

Think positively for others, no matter what religion they belong to.


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Dear Harrison,
Let them think of christians whatever they like, you show by your acts that who is better and make them say so through their own tongue.

Dear Yakoub,
Don’t be an extremist please. You are no one to decide who is better or worse. Let the GOD decide it. You do the best good deeds you can do.

As far as following a religion is concerned remember IBRAHAM, in his days there was no religion at all but still GOD loved Ibraham, talked to him w/o any religion because he was living a right life, a life that was love and liked by GOD.

Try to understand the message of GOD throug JESUS or MOHAMMED.

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The divisions between Jews,Christians & Muslims can actually be solved by looking into their common origin. But it will take small amount of sacrifices from all sides.

Posted by phil | Report as abusive

The idea of them both ganging up on the rest of us is too appalling for words. A truer case of “my enemy’s enemy is my friend” (as long as they stay that way until they are both destroyed) it would be hard to find.

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my dear Marc u r misunderstanding, the bible is not authentic i want the original version of bible in its original language.And my brother as u said that Jesus said that i am god show me one versus of the bible that Jesus says i am god worship me?Jesus never said like this in bible Becoz he knows that he was only a messenger He says in bible john ch-16 v-7 to 14 that a Helper will come he will glorify me he will convict the world of sin, and of righteous, and of Judgement and more he told.The helper was our prophet MUHAMMAD{S.A.W.S.}.Jesus said another prophecy of our protphet in John Ch-14 v-26 that the holy spirit will come He will teach you all things.What do u say about this?And Jesus never said that i am son of God in the whole bible but He said 61 times that i am Son of Man.And i am Muslim i get hurt when anyone say wrong about Jesus ur bible says that Jesus was merciful but in ur bible that Jesus give cursed to a tree that it will be drought by tomorrow.What is this Jesus never says like that He is a prophet of merciful not giving curse to anyone.Only one bible was given to prophet Jesus but what is this there r 4 bibles that is wrong n that four bibles contradict with each other that one says when Jesus was at cross he cried with pain and another says that He didn’t cried.This is the only one contradiction i hav many if u want i can give u but clarify above contradictions first.And lastly coming to the authenticity of Quran i think u hav not researched about Islam.God has given us brain to think n pick what is right n wrong.For ur knowledge the Quran was written in front of our prophet n he corrected it every year in the month of Ramzaan.The Quran has not changed but the bible has changed n many things which r against the teachings if Jesus r written.

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i wnat to chat wid u marc give me ur ID

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and u said that Jesus is sinless but according to old testament everyone who take birth from women is sin.What is this this wrong,against the teaching of Jesus.So my dear brother come to the religion which praises Jesus not degrades Him.By accepting Islam u will not go away from Jesus but u will come closer to Jesus.So my brother come to the religion of Jesus.

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I appreciate your comments, the helper you Are referring to in John 16:14 is the Holy Spirit not Mohammed, sorry I don’t think you have read the Bible, Jesus said many times declaring His deity look at John 10:27 – 30 and I John 5:20. Sorry my friend you are a true muslim as much as I am a true christian. Regarding the koran I’ll show you the original bible if you can show me the original koran. Jesus was born of a virgin He is sinless look at II Corinthians 5:21, and I Peter 3:18. I would love to chat with you we can do it thru my yahoomessenger just add my name on your list and we can chat real time.

Jesus is known as the son of man meaning he represents
mankind. He is also known as the son of GOD meaning he
represents GOD. Both this mean he is the intermediate factor between man & GOD.” Only by me can one reach
up to my Father”
Christians, Muslim’s & Jews have common Origins & if sincere work is done on this prespective, solutions can be found keeping in mind Christ’s first & second commandments.
The above comment is based on the Christian prespective.

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Marc da Silva,

U have told that God can do every thing, but there are thing that God too cannot do, he cant tell a lie , he cant throw u out of his creation & he can make an other God.. The creator is only one & there is nothing unto him. Every child born is sinless & Jesus(pbuh) did not die for any bodies sins, he was just a messenger like messengers before him were.If u say he is son of god then wat do u say about Adam(pbuh) who had no father nor mother. he was made frm clay & the word of Allah made him into existance & its been repeated with Jesus(pbuh) who had a mother. infact he isnt dead. when the people came to crusify him, he was raised up alive to the 4th heaven & an other person resembling to him was replaced insted & Allah know the best.

i agree, why not ?

U have told that God can do every thing, but there are thing that God too cannot do, he cant tell a lie , he cant throw u out of his creation & he can make an other God.. The creator is only one & there is nothing unto him. Every child born is sinless & Jesus(pbuh) did not die for any bodies sins, he was just a messenger like messengers before him were.If u say he is son of god then wat do u say about Adam(pbuh) who had no father nor mother. he was made frm clay & the word of Allah made him into existance & its been repeated with Jesus(pbuh) who had a mother. infact he isnt dead. when the people came to crusify him, he was raised up alive to the 4th heaven & an other person resembling to him was replaced insted & Allah know the best.

I agree your. very good.

By appointing Rahm Emanuel chief of staff, Obama has, at one stroke, wiped out his credibility with the Muslim world.

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