Obama may have tricky relations with the Vatican

November 6, 2008

Two months ago, a Vatican official branded the U.S. Democrats the “party of death” because of its pro-choice stand on abortion. His words failed to sway millions of Catholics who cast their vote for Barack Obama.

Now, the Vatican will have to deal with the first pro-choice U.S. administration since that of former President Bill Clinton, with which it had very scratchy relations.

Nearly 25 percent of U.S. adults — about 30 million — are Catholic and, according to exit polls cited on the non-denominational Beliefnet website, some 54 percent of them voted for Obama as opposed to 46 percent for McCain.

Here’s the full text of Vatican correspondent Phil Pullella’s analysis.

The issue of whether Catholics could vote for Obama was widely debated on Catholic blogs during the campaign. Do you think his election has answered the question? Should the bishops keep the debate going with regular statements about his policies?


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I will say that just because we do not see eye to eye with everything out there. Does not mean life will end. I was born a catholic, Yet i have since left them and became a christian. This came about when i found i could no longer agree with the vatican. But because i do not agree with the vatican does not mean i hate catholics. No i love them as god would love them and i get along with them in my life. Please keep in mind that god loves us all one in the same….

Attn we will – You make two interesting comments: (1)”I was born a catholic, Yet i have since left them and became a christian” and (2)”But because i do not agree with the vatican does not mean i hate catholics.” Either this means you think Catholics are not Christians, which would essentially undermine the second statement, or you don’t know what the two terms mean.

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The bishops certainly should continue to comment on the policies of Obama, especially those that disrespect the right to life. American Catholics have become numb to the ugly issue of abortion. The reality of what has been sanctioned as legal and merely a woman’s choice is now becoming more obvious in our economic climate. America has aborted a huge portion of the present day financial supporters of the Social Security System. Our children will struggle because of the drain now put on this system. So Catholics of America, by not paying attention to the abortion issues we have not only demoralized our society but we’ve also depleted our most precious resources. So much for our concern about the economy. . .

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