Did Muslim rumours, terrorism DVD actually help Obama?

November 7, 2008

Did the “Obama-is-a- Muslim” whisper campaign energise Muslim voters to turn out en masse for him? Did the widely circulated DVD “Obsession: Radical Islam’s War Against the West” actually end up helping him at the polls? That seems to be the case, our Chicago religion writer Mike Conlon reports in this analysis.

“Unpublished polling data indicated that the Democratic President-elect got somewhere between 67 percent and 90 percent of the Muslim vote, probably nearer the higher end, Ahmed Younis of Gallup Center for Muslim Studies, said in a telephone briefing,” Conlon writes.

“Mukit Hossain, executive director of the Muslim American Political Action Committee, said at the briefing that support for Obama among Muslims ‘changed dramatically’ in the last three to four weeks of the campaign ‘when people started calling Obama a terrorist’ in the crowds at Republican rallies.”

Do you think the smear campaign backfired? Whichever way you answer, how can you prove it?


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This can’t be proved…and this kind of religion-based speculation is not productive…and is best kept at the lowest profile possible…until Our Best & Finest get home from Iraq, Afghanistan & northwestern Pakistan over the next (hopefully) no more than 18 months.

When you’re backing away from a hornet’s nest, you must keep your eyes on the hornets. Members of Our Best & Finest can only hope that those on the home front (of whatever religion) can finally put religion on the back burner for once. This business of which religion voted for whom is a volatile subject.

Our Best & Finest don’t want to hear about Muslims, Christians, Jews or whomever, Mr. & Mrs. Reader. They just want to hear about Americans coming together as a country to support them on the home front until they finally get home themselves.

OK Jack
Disabled American Veteran

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This is silly. Muslims were for Obama from the start for many of the same reasons Americans were – they wanted change. Especially from a Republican party that used them as a scapegoat for everything they did (eg., eroding civil liberties to extricate the “Muslim Extremists”)

These smear campaigns against Obama had no bearing on Muslims’ minds. Republicans alienated the Muslim vote a long time ago and given the opportunity, McCain did nothing to change course.

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