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Not one person ever became president that G-d did not appoint himself.
Exactly who was elected has been appointed, and who is elected now, was supposed to be elected. G-D don’t loose elections LOL. Obama wiil be good for the economy, but he will make a great mistake, and this mistake will bring a wrath on America, like we have never seen. Obama, will not back Israel, and we WILL see the effect of that DECISION come to pass. Just like when we ( the US ) put pressure on Israel to divide their land for Palestinian peace. That was biblical, do not divide his (G-d’s) land and his people. We are already seeing, what those decisions have brought upon us as a Nation…
Ask me where I got this Information. I’ll be glad to show ya.

By: eric Sat, 22 Nov 2008 18:19:15 +0000 By dragging god into partisan politics, the fundamentalists put at risk the credibility of their faith. Witness the last election: McCain and god lost. Thousands of believers had their prayers ignored. [was god away from the phone when the call came in?]

Religion doesn’t have a lot of credibility among the thinking class at the best of times; linking it to sleazy politics sure doesn’t help.

By: Naaman Fri, 21 Nov 2008 10:51:05 +0000 This old chestnut again? Ms. Parker must have a very short memory. Every time that GOP loses, some of the elite start talking about the “death” of the Religious Right. They have never been right before. Why should we believe them now?

Conservative Christians are among the most-committed and most-reliable footsoldiers in American politics. Our numbers and our influence are nowhere near as large as the secularists fear — Exhibit A is the continued availability of legal abortion — but we do have an impact. In a year like 2008, in which every single factor was breaking in the Democrats’ favor, the GOP simply couldn’t win even with our help. However, this loss doesn’t mean that conservative Christians are finished, nor does it mean that the GOP is finished.

We simply need to sharpen our message, clean out the corruption, and come back again in 2010. Democrats survived the 2000 & 2004 elections. We’ll survive 2008.

By: Dominick Villapiano Fri, 21 Nov 2008 05:27:08 +0000 To Robert
I promise they are not trigger happy, we just don’t fears end times because we have hope, some thing the World can’t possibly have without knowing Him. You see this book has been written and you me or anyone else is not going to change that. Robert, really without all the whooplah that you get from the churches, there is a better plan….Man i like life, i do, had a blast, but we can’t understand what G-d means when he says He has something better, because we can’t comprehend it. EVERYBODY was born with a measure of faith, even you. I teach on end times and NOT TO GET IN FEAR about it. The most damage done by churches, preachers and teachers is the age old Fire and Brimstone…trying to scare people to G-d….It does not work, will not work and never has worked. But we do live in a place that won’t be as we know it forever,,and as the bible does say, lovers of the world won’t like to hear that……..The Lord gave me a message a few months ago, and no not audibly, but in my heart….come to my Web some time and start with the message 1st Believe and if you read the rest of the messages please read them in the order, right to left…from the top to the bottom. I promise after the first story, you will see your first miracle. See if it wasn’t a G-d given message…..Oh and in case your wondering why I write G-d like this..Its because I teach to many Jewish people…I am not going to go it to it, but I write it that way not to offend them….
Just click on my name, it should take you there…
World School Of Prophecy & News’ Events
Dominick Villapiano

By: Anonymous Fri, 21 Nov 2008 00:57:41 +0000 The Evangelicals are the BIG losers. If they onlly folowed what Jesus Christ Himself taught and modeled, they would have known NOT to get into the same bed as the U.S. politicians. Jesus Christ said that if you’re part of the world, then you are really against God.

The Plan Of The Christian God Es

Do You Have Faith In God? ps

By: Robert Reppy Thu, 20 Nov 2008 19:25:56 +0000 I can definitely say that I, as a moderate independent, am very much put off by the evangelicals’ control over the republican party. They come off as anti-science, irrational, medieval-thinking buffoons, railing against Evolution and biological research while they take their children to exorcists and pray hysterically for the Rapture.
People like that scare me to death. Their world view is so bizarre that I despair of being able to come to any common ground with them, ever. They believe in demons, for christsake!
I will never vote for any party that lets people who think like that get near the nuclear button. They may well decide to hasten us to Armaggedon because they decide it’s “God’s Will”.