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“Mr Oktar more then anyone else has placed the deception of evolution increasingly in the open and there is nothing that his enemies can do about it.”

Joe you’re way out of your league if you think that Adnan Oktar has any reliable evidence against evolution.
Oktar is the paranoid who tried to stifle Richard Dawkins freedom to speak. Not the other way around. Science has nothing to fear from Adnan Oktar as Oktar doesn’t know any science and completely misunderstands the theory of evolution.

By: Zaki Badawi Tue, 07 Jul 2009 14:51:23 +0000 Harun Yahya is a megalomaniac that is desperately trying to get publicity for his cult and will tell any old fib to do so.
Yahya has no scientific credentials. In fact his only credentials are criminal ones, as he is currently serving three years in jail fortrying to blackmail a woman into having sex with him.

By: dina Thu, 14 May 2009 16:20:04 +0000 when is the deadline?

By: rudy Tue, 31 Mar 2009 04:47:53 +0000 Asalamu Aliekum!
I wrote a tract on the ‘seven golden verses’ from the Honored Qur’an which tells of creation from both the Honored Qur’an and the Bible.

Please view it and may you be blest…wishing you His Eternal Peace, rmh

By: Joe Morreale Sat, 13 Dec 2008 16:53:19 +0000 To Nathan,

I have read your article and it does the same thing that other secularists who’s world view has been utterly demolished and are desperate: which is the attempt to discredit a person by attacking his character.
Often in history those who espouse the truth are subject to this kind of behaviour but it is in vain because any sincere and objective seeker of the truth can see and understand what is going on and cannot fall for it.
Those who do are usually in vain, giving in stubbornly and obstinately to their whims and desires (wishful-thinking).
Mr Oktar more then anyone else has placed the deception of evolution increasingly in the open and there is nothing that his enemies can do about it.


By: Nathan Schneider Fri, 12 Dec 2008 21:20:49 +0000 The first report from my recent trip to Turkey was just published in Seed magazine. It’s an exploration of my experience meeting Adnan Oktar and his associates. I’m writing to invite you to take the time to read it and to invite you to comment on it. I’m always eager for feedback.

I’ll be writing about Islamic creationism more in the future—an article is currently planned for the March/April issue of Search magazine (formerly Science & Spirit).

* See the article at Seed magazine online:  /the_art_of_creationism_1.php

* Discuss on my blog: tist-of-the-beautiful/

By: jhonny Wed, 26 Nov 2008 11:53:07 +0000 Such a contest will also serve the believers to unite under one single flag: The belief in God.No matter if we are christians, jews or muslims, we all believe in God’s creation and pray our Lord.Creation will unite us.

By: monique Wed, 26 Nov 2008 11:49:54 +0000 I look forward to hear the results of this contest.For me the biggest proofs of the evolution deceit are the fossiles.I am really excited to see other proofs and search for them myself!

By: alfred Wed, 26 Nov 2008 09:07:53 +0000 i don’t understand why the author wonders about who would enter this contest. there is already a huge interest in it. it is true that yahya is one of the few and definitely the most active muslim in the field, but that doesn’t mean that there are few believers in creation among muslims. on the contrary, a great majority do believe in creation. i believe christians and even jews would also be interested in it, because they basically say the same thing: God created all life.

By: mary Wed, 26 Nov 2008 08:49:40 +0000 I am preparing for this competition. There are lots of proofs that I can write as a prove of creation.
Because there is no evolution, everything is a proof of God.