Tragic end to hostage drama at Mumbai Jewish centre

November 28, 2008

The two-day hostage drama at Mumbai’s Jewish centre ended tragically on Friday when Indian anti-terrorist forces stormed Chabad House, the Chabad-Lubavitch Jewish community center, only to find Rabbi Gavriel and Rivka Holtzberg and three other hostages had been killed by Islamist gunmen.

The Israeli-born rabbi, who grew up in the Crown Heights section of Brooklyn in New York, arrived in Mumbai in 2003 with his Israeli wife to serve the small Jewish community there, running a synagogue and Torah classes, and assisting Jewish touristsĀ in the seaside city.

(Photo: Indian anti-terrorist commando lowered down to Mumbai’s Nariman House, where Chabad House was located, 28 Nov 2008/stringer)

We have been filing the story from Mumbai and New York, but inevitably the rest of the Mumbai drama — the clearing of the Trident-Oberoi hotel and the continued fighting at the Taj Mahal Palace hotel — has competed with space in our updates. If you’re looking for more information, the Holtzbergs’ Chabad Lubavitch communities in Crown Heights and in Mumbai have been posting extensive information on their websites:

Mumbai-Based Rabbi and Wife Killed in Terrorist Attacks –

Press Conference on Mumbai Tragedy

Here are the New York Daily News, New York Times, Jerusalem Post and Jewish Telegraphic Agency stories on the Holtzbergs.

(Photo: Indian commandos break window after explosion on fourth floor of Nariman House, 28 Nov 2008/Punit Paranjpe)

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How foolishly police and people are beleiving what that terrorist is saying.
Tell me, if he has visited India as student just few days back and holds Indian visa- Why do they need to take that risk and enter via boat.
Other thing, do you want to say that they carried all these heavy amminution with them from boat to Taj hotel straightway and went for attack. No one noticed them carrying these heavy ammunition bag. It looks like attacks it was also predecided what to talk if one gets caught.
How much foolish can Indian intelligence officers and poiticians be?

Posted by Viral | Report as abusive

One question that I am asking all indians that ok if you say it is Pakistan tell us one thing was their navy sleeping when ten people were crossing border, hijacking boat and killing their people. Further, everybody watched the CCTV video of police being hidden behind some pillar, I agreed police doesn’t have weapons to fight, but they could have call with any phone, why didn’t they do that.

Indian media has posted pictures of so-called terrorist and say they were muslims and from Pakistan, however the truth is otherwise because the picture clearly shows terrorist was wearing thread band on his right hand which is symbol of hinduism and they wear it to have success in their mission. Please stop raising finger on Pakistan, and start revamping yourself and think out of box

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