Lashkar-e-Taiba’s goals

December 3, 2008

In the aftermath of the Mumbai massacre, a lot of attention has been focused on the militant Islamist group Lashkar-e-Taiba that has been blamed for the bloodbath. Simon Cameron-Moore, our bureau chief in Islambad, has written an interesting piece on what they’ve done in recent years. As a religion editor watching this story unfold, I was also curious to know how they think. What kind of religious views do they have? My Google search has turned up an interesting answer.

An article entitled “The Ideologies of South Asian Jihadi Groups” gives a very concise and complete run-down of Lashkar-e-Taiba’s thinking (hat tip:Times of India). In today’s context, the article’s author is just as interesting as its content. An academic at the time he wrote the article in 2005, Husain Haqqani is now Pakistan’s ambassador in Washington. He’s been in the media quite often arguing that Islamabad did not support Lashkar-e-Taiba even if it was operating in Pakistan. Indian media arent’t buying it.

Sorting that out is not my job. I just wanted to note a list of the goals Lashkar-e-Taiba has set for itself. In a publication entitled Why Are We Waging Jihad? that Haqqani cites, the goals are listed as:

1) to eliminate evil and facilitate conversion to and practice of Islam;

2) to ensure the ascendancy of Islam;

3) to force non-Muslims to pay jizya (poll tax, paid by non-Muslims for protection from a Muslim ruler);

4) to assist the weak and powerless;

5) to avenge the blood of Muslims killed by unbelievers;

6) to punish enemies for breaking promises and treaties;

7) to defend a Muslim state; and

8 ) to liberate Muslim territories under non-Muslim occupation

Can we call these Lashkar-e-Taiba’s “religious goals?” It’s hard to draw a dividing line, but these cover both religion and politics. In South Asia, where they have first-hand experience of this kind of thinking, they would describe these as “politico-religious” goals. That clumsy term is more precise, but could it catch on elsewhere?


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—Looneys would be more appropriate….

Posted by Indian | Report as abusive

I am from Azad Kashmir infact very close to the Indian border. I can tell you that these guys are our heroes and the reason being. 1997 the indian commandoes crossed the LOC and mudered innocent civilians and when I went to the village as one of cousins is a doctor and I went along. What I saw was a lot worse then what we saw in Mumbai, there was head here n there. The inncent were just running for their life before they got butchred by the Indian Black Cats.

Then the locals Mujahideens decided enough was enough we will cross the line and do the same. Yes two wrongs dont make it right but when your enemy only understand one language one make sures hes a expert at that. So yes they did bring back heads of indian soldiers stuck it on the biggest trees facing the way Indian Army is so they know what goes arounf comes around.

The both countries and their leaders need to get their act together and adopt the polict LIVE AND LET LIVE.

Posted by Kashmiri786 | Report as abusive

Please, contribute your platform for a better cause, give ppl the rigth infroamtion, the goals that you have listed:
– How did you get those ( some body got a hand on book ) and u said those are the set of goals, I wonder …
– Those goals are not relavent in todays time – like collecting taxes from non-muslims for protection.

Looks like, a section was taken from some diferent context and put it here. Please have ppl who understand the total picture of any region, religion and cause before they write some thing like this.

Posted by Avid reader | Report as abusive


I was thinking of the 10 terrorist,If in any of the incident i would have been involved i would have given my life for saving another life at the beat of my heart,it could have been a pakistani life also,for us guests are like gods atleast some like me still beleive that.I would have chased them up & if i had killed or they had killed me i would have still given a burial befitting any human beings.In death every man is the same kafir or islamic follower.

The question now comes in is by mistake dawood (PBUH) (may allah give him strength to kill more kafirs) or salahuddin (PBUH) (May allah give him a wicked mind to kill a few more million people) was born in a different religion,would he have carried this destruction i would not think so. If i had been born into islam would i have carried the destruction of human life i would think the probability would be very high so it is fair to assume we are 2 human beings one born to destroy another born to protect & save the human beings.

Atleast in india the law books do not have discrimination, mumbai police commissioner is a muslim that is what democracy & pluralistic society is about.Look at malaysia they are planning to ban yoga because it is a kafir practice. Look at let idealogy to charge tax on non muslim, to spread islam. Can u imagine if every country in this world decides to levy where there is no muslim majority a tax on muslims or kill them what happens to let.

I could not think how any human being could have been doctrinated to kill indiscriminately 100s of people in a railway station. Give up islam now, don’t follow a religion where your sons, grand sons,their sons are always going to have this crusade in some corner or the other corner of the world.How many countries you will battle thailand,nigeria,bosnia,india,UK, USA, Israel,Phillipines.

There are so many nationalities who work in other countries like Gulf have you seen anyone causing these disturbances for them.They contribute for their successful economies.Whereas any country where you have muslims they always are plotting to bomb,destroy,kill or murder someone.They are a lawless breed obeying the political masters like ISI.

The policy of live & let live will never happen anywhere in this world, someone or the other a guy like you will keep thinking islam is under threat from kafirs so let us blow them.Even you have not spared china & russia also.After these incidents not many countries will give you visa also if you have a muslim name & trust me not many want to work in a muslim dominated country also.You can eat dal roti chaawal than to work for some one,who would treat kafirs as dogs & cowards.I had been so much disturbed the last few days after hearing a man can kill his colleague because he was a kafir for sake of allah.Is your religion of that quality & can justify someone to be killed even if he has helped getting a job for you.

Posted by vijay | Report as abusive

Avid reader, as it says in the post, Haqqani writes in his article that this list came from an Urdu-language publication by Markaz al-Dawa wal-Irshad, the organisation of which he says Lashkar-e-Taiba is the military wing. It is entitled “Hum Jihad kyun Kar rahe hain?” (Why Are We Waging Jihad?). The link is there under “The Ideologies of South Asian Jihadi Groups.”

Posted by Tom Heneghan | Report as abusive

All of you outsiders n indians i bet none of you ever been to Pakistan. So hwo can you comment on a place you not see, not heard their views not seen how they live not seen what RAW is doing inside Pakistan. Just grow up and start thinking outside the box and not be spoon fed by Indian media.

Pakistan Zinda bad

Posted by Majid | Report as abusive

LeT has goals? The LeT terrorist caught in Mumbai says another thing, that he was paid to cause these barbaric acts, not because he had any goals like what you’re saying. Anyways, from newsreport after newsreport coming out, the Indians sure can make LeT terrorist sing!

Posted by J Daniels | Report as abusive

Indian-good one..
Kashmiri 786-u seem 2 b 1 of those 4m lunatic terror grp,hence supportin..n i knw many kashmiris who pefer bein called kashmiris rather than indians or pakis..

Would any1 in their ryt mind consider killin for religion?i wud say the whole religion system shud be banished worldwide..all shud be world citizens and not hindu/muslims/christians/….or any such crap..

Posted by rashmi | Report as abusive

raise above narrow mindedness to fight this bloody war on humanity.

Posted by reddy | Report as abusive

We have seen Afghans celebrating, smiling after they were set free, we are seeing some Iraqis with the same feeling.
We are also seeing UAE / Emarites / Dubai enjoying their luxuries.
Why aren’t we seeing any Palestine, Pakistanis in similar feeling.
So does that mean a people who enjoy their lives are non-Muslims, and who suffer and die are Muslims?

Psychologically, these Groups are saddists, who couldnt enjoy their lives will not allow others to enjoy their lives. Some people like above posted will take them seriously as Saviors and Suffer sooner or later.

I bet someday sooner we will definitely notice the beautiful Pakistani Girls are closed under Burka, and all Pakistani Men will be stopped to wear Trousers, Shirts, Jeans, however I can assure still the Indian Muslims will enjoy their lives as they want.

Posted by Blogger | Report as abusive

To the editor,
I’ve been deeply moved by two things,
1. People getting killed “indiscriminately” (actually the attackers did discriminate – they let off a Muslim but chose to kill a Hindu who gave them water at the Cama Hospital)
2. People – sorry young 20-somethings is the apt word – being brainwashed into doing all this slaughter.

It raised in me the question “What is Islam – why are so many people using its name to carry such barbaric acts”. It lead me to the following website,
Now, I’d like to believe that Univ of South Calif will not be putting up crap on their servers. I read these and was deeply disturbed about the “JIZYA” and how it says that all non-Muslim people should understand and accept that their religion is inferior. I’ve never lived in an Islamic state in my life “ever” – if you or one of the public reading this could corroborate this JIZYA I’d appreciate very much.
There are a few Suras that also say the worth of a woman is only half of a man. Having been raised by a single widowed “Hindu” mother I have always been taught to treat women as powerful persons. I have seen women Presidents, Prime Ministers and Chief Ministers in my country. I have also seen many crimes against women in my country too – but those are carried out by demons – not the proper minded people here.
Is ISLAM indeed following what the various Suras state? Does it ask Muslims to fight? Was the Prophet ‘morally correct’ to marry 11 wives and have an undetermined number of ‘concubines’? This might not be relevant to the previous posts – but when you describe the “goals” of L-e-T it makes one ponder over such questions – doesn’t it?
A Humble person trying to understand Islam

Posted by Help_Me_Islam | Report as abusive

i think if one just started minding his/her world will be a far better place. we humans are the worst thing god could have ever done to this beautiful earth…. fighting like idiots..for i dunno what…islam hinduism,india pakistan..these things are all human made and are turning against humanity itself.its high time we made a little use of the brain nature has given us. “god” wouldnt have given us the power to think if he just wanted us to follow what a preist, imam, quran, geeta supposedly say…esp the ones about knocking down peopleof other religion..give me a break guys…how can killing of innocent people give u what u want… its not a rocket requires only a little common sense to understand that violence begets violence…. and love begets love.i rest my case!

Posted by homo sapien | Report as abusive

I do not know what is fed to all these indians, because they all are saying things for which their exist no evidence only media news which we see on TV and press is again repeated here. What makes them think Pakistan is involve in terror attacks in India. One question that I am asking all indians that ok if you say it is Pakistan tell us one thing was their navy sleeping when ten people were crossing border, hijacking boat and killing their people. Further, everybody watched the CCTV video of police being hidden behind some pillar, I agreed police doesn’t have weapons to fight, but they could have call with any phone, why didn’t they do that. Please stop raising finger on Pakistan, and start revamping yourself and think out of box – Peace is the only solution.

The comments by vijay is the true picture what indians are doing – Lying, and defaming Pakistan. You_____ stop doing this. We all Pakistani are proud of our country, Islam is the pure religion and the only true religion on earth. Non-muslims are trying to destroy Islam because they are well aware that thier religion is based on false thoughts. whoever he/she is you should be ashamed of yourself.

One more thing don’t even think of harming prosperity of Pakistan – the country of great nation – because this will never happen. india had tried it earlier through element of RAW in Karachi, now this false propaganda on media, this dream of your will never come true.

Posted by Peace | Report as abusive

I am not a scholar on Islamic studies, but I can give you some knowledge that you must have. ISLAM is a religion on peace. Romans, Germans, France, America etc. everyone have been fighting with one country/nation or another but it doesn’t’t mean that the nation is all time warrior same is applicable to Muslims. We Muslims respect Jews, Christians, and Hebrews similarly as we respect Islam, we are not taught to fight. But we are also taught to lie, which is not now done in many religions. Islam is the first ever religion which gave women high respect in society, the half value for women is only a part of Islamic studies — everyone knows that women are emotional, some way self centric, soft hearted — everyone complains of his wife being nagging, being more involve shopping, and have impulsive thinking —- that is why in some cases women is given half value. We highly respect women as being mother, sister, wife, daughter, etc. The concept of JIZYA is like tax and nothing more, it is collected to arrange for social and religious affairs of non-Muslims so in way it is beneficial for non-Muslims in the society of Muslims – do any other religion has this arrangement – no. Non-Muslims ask about the legitimacy of our Prophet (PBUH) being married to 11 different women at different time – but they ignore the facts, our prophet had children from only one women BiBi Khadeja, which means he involve in marriage intimacy with only one woman. Other marriages were out of circumstances, like release of woman in custody, honoring the companions of Prophet, for the purpose of spreading Islam among women, children. Marriage was necessity to each of us (all mankind) what is the right way to live life, and this could only be possible if someone is living with someone without hesitation of any kind

For further details, check website, etc. Many books by Dr. Zakir particularly “Questions by non-muslims”.

Posted by Peace | Report as abusive


I concede to the point that you are far more superior to me & your country is the best country in the world & everyone is dying to work for you & the Arab sheikhs, I am the most evil person in the world so God Gave me birth in a brahmin family.I do not even in dreams influence anyone to follow or study my religion or sect. I was wondering was God on a Vacation before the advent of Islam, Was everyone born before Mohammed doomed to hell. Why should i always choose heaven why can’t i choose hell if i can see peace around this world.Unlike you i don’t drink the religious cola fed by anyone including the religious text books,if i have to call bullshit as bullshit i just do that.For your kind information in hinduism we define god also as “Aham braham Asmi” which means i am the god, if i can conquer my senses.

Religion is something which evolves for each century, you can’t apply a medieval stone age related texts to people in the 21st century,I am not saying one needs to be disrespectful to others i am just saying you need to have core eternal values of truth,integrity,honesty,equality as the founding pillars.To organize yourself better you need to have faith, my only problem with faith is if it is organized at a mass level there is distortion & one upmanship which breeds ignorance,arrogance,stupid ritualism.

In both our countries we are not working with highly literate population who are analytical,we are dealing with illiterate masses who are far better of when a literate society aims to takeover & guide the destiny of our people to erase their backwardness through modern secular education founded on obedience to law & democratic principles.As far your recommendation of reading Dr Zakir book, honestly i don’t contemplate even looking into it since the premise begins with establishing Islam as religion of truth & greatness.I am rather better off for muslims to role model themselves on people like APJ Abdul Kalam who went on to become the president of India,He was hailed as one of the best scientist part of India’s missile development programe & he could achieve this in the most impoverished circumstances. They are the portraits which needs to hang in India or Pakistan not LET or Osama Bin Laden who feed & thrive on hatred & nobody in pakistan or the maulvis have the balls to throw him out.

These terrorist attacks are about unprovoked violation of another country,the government of India has to reply with the maximum force that is the opinion of masses here & that will happen.You keep praying allah while we will force our science labaratory to come with solutions to combat weapons of mass destruction & find new weapons which we will unleash on people who do not follow international laws & perpetuate killing innocent life. We will come to punish those people who did this to us & someone has to escalate this to free the world which is living in fear every day in every home thinking about when another ingenious terror act can come from a islamic jihadist.Savour your victory for now, enjoy 3 or 4 more high profile arracks from now on & then we will come “I have become death shatterer of the world” & like a 1000 suns burst in the sky so would be our weapons.

Posted by Vijay | Report as abusive

Someone has said that Islam is the purest religion..

I don’t accept this.

No one teaches u to kill innocent people. If you feel that people who not Muslim or kafir should be killed than you taught the wrong lesson by your ancestors.

If you feel that the people through out the world should become Muslim then convert them, not by killing them but love and affection.

I am a Hindu, my religion tells me to accept everything which is good for me people around me.

Take an example of Buddhism, it teaches you to live ib co- existence, here in India you will find people of every religion living together and complete harmony with on another,

I do have friend who are Muslim…Eti..nehal.. ahmed, syed, salim and many more.

We have never treated them inferior to us.

The Pakistanis are getting bad name by there own act.
Learn from India how to grow up economy, bring happines in life of its citizen,

Live life with freedom, to express yourself.

last message to the Muslim community,

Come to India and see how we live with one another.
Don’t be jealous of our progress, We are still a superpower and will remain a superpower.

Learn from us..

Posted by Pradeep | Report as abusive

First understand islam,
Islam the word itself means peace, when islam starts with a name of peace how can any body disrupt the peace of other people, Islam is a religion which allows freedom of choice where no other religions offer, there is noway to force down the throats of others the islamic law. most people around the world never want to know the reality they always depend on others to pass the news believing anything which comes their way.some people bloging tell that they have done some good and call them heroes but have they really studied the life of prophet muhammed Pbuh. during a war Hazrath ali was spanked in his face by his oppenent he withdrew his sword and did not attack him . Islam does not allow personal revenge it is a religion which wants to save the humanity from the fire of hell and to acknowledge who the true lord is. these misconceptions are leading people away from islam instead of bringing them closer to islam.Jihad is a word for self defence not to massacre people it is being wrongfully utilised by some militant groups to get honour of islam no they can never acheive it by there personal propogandas. I appeal to the people who read this blog please read about islam and prophet muhammeds pbuh life history to get the true concept of islam instead of giving an ear to this thought less goals some people are trying to acheive in the name of Islam….

Posted by khan | Report as abusive

i think we should see the reality and not the preachings of any text. the reality is that PEOPLE ARE DYING. the question is not about whose religion is the purest. DARK AGES ARE OVER GUYS…..jaziya indeed!!!!the last i heard of it was from aurangzeb centuries ago.have you all come to the 21st century on a time machine or what? when did islam originate…in 2-3 century AD…certainly not before that….i am really shocked…god waited so many million of years before giving humans the so called “purest” of all religions….now thats really strange… seems like god acts like our own laid back governments. only that person who has never committed a sin has the right to blame someone else… and as far as i think u all would have by this time committed thousands of sins right since u were all a baby. so there is no purity left in u… forget about purifying religions… “impure” people do not make “pure” religions…. sorry if i just ran over ur medieval dogmas…. but i think we are attaching too much importance on what we think…. this whole wide universe….. with billions of galaxies… with millions of stars and planets.. and solar system…. and within it our tiny sun..with tiny planets around it… our tiny earth..with misrable insignificant humans in it… with tiny unenlightened brains… thinking they know everything….they can’t control their own lives and land and they talk of god and “pure religion”….u all dont even know what is happening in the house right beside urs right now guys…u all cant understand different thoughts and beliefs of ur own species… u cant respect them…forget about knowing and respecting god who has made it all… U ALL MAKE ME LAUGH!!! i know ur mundane brains wont get what i am saying…but who cares! ….god has certainly stopped caring…

PS: no religion is my favourite..but seriously.. islam is ging me the creeps… respect for women…. umm…women? i am sorry…i cudnt see ur women as she was totally drapped head to foot in some black material… surrounded my other wives of her husband

Posted by homo sapien | Report as abusive

At this point of time, the world is heading for a very complex situation. We have seen that it is been centuries since religious tension started. Obviously we can see that no war won can be based on religion.

There are number of theories why US invaded middle east, rise of Israel, Kashmir dispute, Georgia dispute. So the actual facts will not be taken out as theories defeats facts sometimes.

There is no way to educate extremists in Islamic states. I was shocked when I saw How Pakistan media (News Cahnnels, News Papers) and local analysts interpreted the Terror Attack on Mumbai. They started coming out with theories like “Chist-Zionist, Hindu-Zionist, Israel-Zionists are responsible for the terror attack on Mumbai, and it is their conspiracy against Islamic Ruling nations”. Just imagine even educated people who are working in such a responsible jobs and positions can create such unimaginable theories to the PUBLIC of NATION and mislead them, how can any issue be solved through diplomatic Measures?

From this I was horrified to think that “Educating People seems impossible task at this point of Time”

Strategic war against Terror is required than just destroying terror camps.

Posted by Neo | Report as abusive

Stop this Islam is not worth a chat..

Posted by Om | Report as abusive

Since last six decades Indian politicians, media and intelligentsia seems to be acting part of an age long campaign to demonize Pakistan, a failed state plagued with terrorism and at the verge of a collapse. At the same time, theses elements are quick to remind how India in all these years has risen as the world’s largest secular democracy, where people of all castes, religions, color and creed co exist in harmony. Of course it all sounds very remarkable. But if truth is to be told, this impression of Incredible India couldn’t be more erroneous. Let me quote William Dalrymple’s a respected British historian renowned for his expertise in Sub Continent history. His latest book. , The Last Mughal: The Fall of a Dynasty, Delhi 1857, has been awarded the Duff Cooper prize for history. On 14 Aug 2007, he writes in GUARDIAN, under the heading “The ‘poor’ neighbour” ( g/14/pakistan.india1)
William Dalrymple, notes, “In the world’s media, never has the contrast between the two countries appeared so stark: one is widely perceived as the next great superpower; the other written off as a failed state” ….He further adds, “On the ground, of course, the reality is different and first-time visitors to Pakistan are almost always surprised by the country’s visible prosperity. There is far less poverty on show in Pakistan than in India, fewer beggars, and much less desperation. In many ways the infrastructure of Pakistan is much more advanced: there are better roads and airports, and more reliable electricity. Middle-class Pakistani houses are often bigger and better appointed than their equivalents in India. Moreover, the Pakistani economy is undergoing a construction and consumer boom similar to India’s, with growth rates of 7%, and what is currently the fastest-rising stock market in Asia”.

. Indian media has posted pictures of so-called terrorist and say they were muslims and from Pakistan, however the truth is otherwise because the picture clearly shows terrorist was wearing thread band on his right hand which is symbol of hinduism and they wear it to have success in their mission. Please stop raising finger on Pakistan, and start revamping yourself and think out of box.

One more thing don’t even think of harming prosperity of Pakistan – the country of great nation – because this will never happen. india had tried it earlier through element of RAW in Karachi, now this false propaganda on media, this dream of your will never come true.

Posted by Peace | Report as abusive

So many questions go unanswered, and some are promoted to mysteries. Below is the one.
Why would China (No Religion Nation) is a close friend to Pakistan (Projecting itself as Islam Nation)?
We all know China is also a victim of terrorism, I guess they do not have guts to fight like USA, India, Israel, etc. therefore would have approached as a friendly without shredding any $$$ instead selling / gifting an outdated weapons to Pakistan as its the epitome for terrorism in the world.
Now US is also a friend of Pakistan, but have different approach, they shred some $$$ to all Pakistan Politicians and make things work for them.
With all these activities known, we the people still show some strange patriotism with the nation as We are this and that etc. Believe me when things goes worst to War, none of these exists, all that exists are a smoky atmosphere and corpses, of course those who survived are with Tears. Some survived cunning people will rob from corpses.
Therefore I urge, first become a Patriot of Humanity, World and then country.
Those who respect their own Mother will also respect others’ Mothers’.
Last thing, Please ask your mother how she feels if you die as a extremist and how she feels if you die for humanity.

Posted by Blogger | Report as abusive

I am a born Hindu and know for sure that Islam does not preach violence in any sense. Prophet Mohammad preached love for fellowmen.
We Indians dont hate Pakistanis per se, but hate your attitude of hurting India.I an not blaming all Pakistanis but those who shield our criminals like Dawood and gang, LeTs and those who perpetrate terror.
India is a peace loving nation, the world respects and a growing economic superpower and that is why Pakistan is jealous of us. What will you gain by sending a few fidayeens, you think real Muslims will be happy. you are only feeding your ego.
Growup, apply your mind not in thiese senseless activities but to serve humanity.
Atleast make Prophet Mohammad proud by giving love not hate

Posted by Abhijit | Report as abusive


I tried to give a reply yesterday,though i do admit there is an element of Bias in my posts & sometimes i stretch. The truth of the matter is there has to be a public opinion which needs to be built around India & Anywhere that an enemy country is harbouring unprovoked attacks in name of religion & diversionary tactics. Indian bloods are not to be sacrificed for their manipulation. We as a civil society have to stand up not stand down anymore,it would be naive to think that this ghastly attack if goes unpunished will lead to more emboldened attacks. At some point of time we have to prepare ourselves for some deep sacrifice & raise ourselves to fight these barbarians & countries who provide sanctuary for these criminals.The consequences of war is certainly disasterous & a heavy price has to be paid, but it is still justified since the evil will get uprooted once & for all in every country in this world.This evil has to be faced boldly,courageously and fearlessly, this is not about territorial ambitions or strategic things, this is about defence of freedom liberty of sovereign countries. A theocratic nation which blackmails people & other nations is surely worth fighting for & sooner one does it the sooner it is better.It is naive to think a country will reform when everything they spew out is hatred & venom on their neighbours.

Posted by Vijay | Report as abusive

Hey hey wait lets read this artical ,  ?fbshortid=3631&fcatid=14&fstatus=Curre nt&bcatid=14&bstatus=Current

this guys is a scientist and says he will use his Nucler weapons as soon as india attack them what a chep way to threat india and he would have said that to courage weak pakis who are begging money from IMF to eat .

that is was pakis milatary and others do to threat india and other world by saying we will drop N bombs.

these paki military or any one cannot fight with a regular war with india , they lost four wars and lost half of it country .

since pakistan existed in history and they lost half part and they will loose the whole nation sooner or later . existance of country pakis is not certain and may be war with india is inevidabale .

they are jealous of our economy growth ,these beggers decided to stop indias economy boom by killing our people and threataning with N bomb can only stop india

go india go .

Posted by vishnu | Report as abusive

well all i was trying to say was there is no such thing as a pure religion or watever this guys were debating on.. neway… everyone knows..even the pakastanis that pok has numerous terrorist camps who sponser terror on indian soil. if pakistan has no skeletons hiding in its cupboard it should allow india to have a joint military campaign with the pakisani army against terrorist camps in pok. if pakistan denies this then there is something seriously wrong with its conscience. india can’t attack on its own as it will most probably topple the civilian government in pakistan. this would make matters bad for india and worse for pakistan.
i think the pakistani citizens ..rather than attacking us should put pressure on its government to co-operate. terroism thrives on lack of unity and friendship.

Posted by homo sapien | Report as abusive

growth rate statistics do not determine the future of a nation. the urban pakistan may be on the road to develoment but the pattern of economic development is patchy and incomplete with a weak and backward agrarian sector. a large part of pakistan is terrorist infected. extremists are constantly trying to establish their influence politically. things are bad in our neighbouring country. if that was not the case large US forces wouldnt have been carrying attacks in the tribal areas of pakistan. statistics have their own place but larger reality may be something totally different.
a well developed, peaceful and a strong democratic pakistan is in india’s interest. india wont demonize pakistan. it has nothing to gain from it.

Posted by homo sapien | Report as abusive

pardeep don’t be silly while equating your country with somthing like super power. how the hell you can claim of being super power when 40 percent of your child are dying of not any lethal disease but an epidemic of hunger. grow up man and try to be what and wherever you and your country are. Self-proclaimation isn’t going to work as the world around is not fool and they are very well informed.

Posted by Shayan | Report as abusive

ya go india go … hell

Posted by kick india in the ass | Report as abusive

when there are lack of rational arguements…anger comes in… as we can witness here…sigh!

Posted by garima singh | Report as abusive

Can we go back to 1947? Where was so called ‘Pakistan’?
lol, it’s nothing but a torn piece from India.
Now that they got some gifts and sweet outdated presents from China, they yap so much.
If the people, assets, and income generating areas of India are terrorized by Pakistan then where the hell we develop?
have a see:  /COUNTRIES/SOUTHASIAEXT/0,,menuPK:15885 0~pagePK:146748~piPK:146812~theSitePK:22 3547,00.html

Of course, if the war escalates btw 2 nations, then its a economic disaster for the World, cos as everyone in this universe know that most of the Technology services are in India, and therefore I urge people here not to behave like educate idiots and talk something that saves the world and live in peace and harmony by eradicating this epidemic disease called “Terrorists and Terrorist Groups”

Posted by Blogger | Report as abusive

Dear Shayan,

The day is not far when India will be a global Superpower,,

you can see that from the recent reaction of the world on mumbai attack.

I am not sure when you Pakistani will come out of the stone age but i am sure that we Indian have already come out of it.

today the literacy rate of India is 65% very soon it will be 75,85 and finally the complete population will be educated, but your country prefer to send the innocent children to madrasas instead of sending them to school providing the modern education.

This even you knew that your country is not stable like us(for proof please refer to the world bank site/

so stop comparing yourself to us.

I am Indian and i am proud to be an Indian,

please go through the fobes magazine, you will see four out of ten richest man are from India,

and all the Indian citizen, contribute to the development of Indian in what every way you can,

and let us show to our jealous opponent that war is not won by spreading terrorism but by spreading the message of love and peace.

Jai Hind.

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Islam doesn’t mean peace, anyone who Say’s Islam mean peace then is a big fool,

I really don’t know why you muslim have two way mentality,

On on hand you speak of peace, On the other hand you speak of jihad,

I do have many valid point wherein i can proof that it but this being a public blog, i am bound to limit myself.

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pakistan should stop worrying about india. whether india is a superpower or no should be the least of their concern right now. pakistan today is virually three country in one. one ruled by the civilian gov, one by the military and one by the religious talibanis in the north west. if you dont want pakistan to be balkanised into diff countries..which will most probably happen if your civilian government continues to remain in perpetual state of denial ….. then cooperate with india. this is your only chance. or the day will come that pakistan will b in such awful condition that even the military rule of the 20th century will look like a golden period.
whta kind of a gov is this which cant even conrol such a tiny country like pakistan..these are the outcomes of lack of democracy and secularism.

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From where did the Militant Camps emerge so suddenly and how did Pakistan raised and arrested Lakhvi, which they had been denying….
Just bcos US told IMF or Militants? I think its high-time and World must accept and declare Pakistan as a “Terrorist State”

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I urge all Human Beings to sign your petition here in favor of Humanity and against Terrorism.

“It takes moments to Break, however it takes lifetime to Make”

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If I replace the term Indians with Idiot than this would not be so inaccurate to do so. They don’t see the true picture, and they are really do not see the truth. Pakistan, the nation of great religion, has been many times accused of being sponsoring and supporting the Kashmiri freedom fighter, Afghan defense against soviet invasion and on many failures of indian defence for protecting its people, but no viable evidencs has ever been given either to Pakistan, United Nation. Many people from Pakistan have been accused of links with many riots in india but why no evidence has been provided or Interpol being contacted?. Recently they establish that the detained terrorist belongs to Pakistan, however the truth is that, which being hidden by Indian media is that all such details provided by india pertains to a person who have died 15 years ago – just ask yourself why indian or supporters of indian media are not showing the relatives of detained suspect, why not showing the videos of villagers who said that they knew that detained person – We all know that Indian media – Indian govt. is lying and lies don’t live and speak for long.
A person who had seen his mother, wife, sister, daughter being raped by soldiers, knives being put into thier sensitive body organs, infants being burnt alive, killing for no reason – this all happen in indian occupied Kashmir, indian Gujrat, and even mumbai – what do you expect him to do – he’ll fight for his defense – and will be termed by cowards as terrorist – yes he is a terrorist to those who made him to become one.
Previously they were showing photos in which so-called terrorist was wearing the thread band on his right hand – now they are showing the same picture without that band – isn’t it their effort to hide the truth that those persons were infact Hindu and actually planted by indians themself. How can they simply said that there exist no evidnce of any indian support – nobody would believe that only idiots can and they have accepted that as truth.

Long live and prosperous Pakistan.

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Whole world saw Sayeed and So called Pakistani Civilian Govt. ISI everyone declared that there is no Terrorist Camps, then how did they raid and captured Lakhvi today? Did Lakhvi Mr. Duplicate is prepared? or eyewashing the World? Where the Hell he came from?
Matter of fact, Pakistanis are meant to eat $$$ when UN and US said that IMF is not being released so they went to PoK and captured LeT? The whole nation is a freak, greedy.

Indian soldiers killing in Indian Kashmir, all bull shit.. when your guys can enter cities and kill, then its natural that your guys enter into Indian Kashmir, therefore Soldiers did right thing.

When in the History we divided a piece of Kashmir for Pakistan, why the hell Pakistan is unhappy? why they want Indian Kashmir? why don’t all Muslims in PoK / IK go and reside in Pakistan, are you / they afraid of Minority / MQM.

Come on, have sense, Muslims in India are living life, part of Indian Society, can you give a proof where Indian migrated Muslims are enjoying the same in Pakistan? They Abduct women, convert them to Islam forcibly, however in India we didn’t do that when Muslims stayed back here.

If you have some common sense, then please think why Indian Muslims didn’t crossed the Border during Partition? Why they wanted to stay here?

India has a history of 10,000 years and never invaded any Nation, and what is the History of Pakistan 1947? and how many invasions tries so far? 4 to 5 and still trying.

This is enough to show What India is and will be and what Pakistan was, is, and will become.

Baap, Baap hota hai.
Aur beta, beta hota hai.
Beta, Baap main se aata hai.
Pakistan, Hindustan main se aaya hai,
Lekhin bahut begad gaya hai,
Ab Baap ayega aur bete ko sudare ga…

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dear sirs ,
first of all ,let us not insults religions ,second we must work up our mind ,i am muslim ,as my small infos says jizya was in the past and now it is replaced by taxes to the state ,the laskhar e tyba ,are terrorists ,we do not kill people who are in peace ,sorry but these people give bad impression about our religion ,really ashamed of them

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We can’t dare to condemn any Religion, however there are some people who interpret the Religion and its theologies in a different way. Every Religion has good people and the bad, that doesn’t me the whole Religion is bad / good. No one can ever Judge a Religion.
In fact the Religion has its own conception, many people lived and died for it and still doing it, then who are we to condemn.

However in this instance i would like to say this, Whosoever kill any living beings in the name of Religion for a bad cause will suffer and history has some evidences for this, but its is so shameful that stubborn people will not accept it.

India is a good example for this that we celebrate Diwali and our friends celebrate Id. I guess such incidents would not happen elsewhere other than India.

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Mr peace,
i beg u to stop thinking bout india and worry about ur country. india will survive…its a big nation. but pakistan is going in deep shit… 1971..lost bangladesh and now will lose many other things. why dont u focus inwards. may pakistan live long and be prosperous… but wishing is something very different from reality…. do something bout it… why dont u ….
it has all the signs of a weak nation…i wont say kashmir is a heaven and all indian soldiers r mahatma gandhi… there is lot of violence and terror…but not just frm indian side. and wht will happen to kashmir if we let it go? pakistan will take it? plz first try to control the territories u already have rather than asking fr more…..and this is the fist time i am hearing of things like women being raped at gun points by soldiers in mumbai!!! where r u getting all this info from…
and have u ever considered the option tht ur media may be lying to u about things. but chances r more that this is the case as your media is well controlled by political parties. india is a free democratic nation.. and our press enjoys total freedom.
well…cant help it if u cant change ur stance because it wont harm me or any indian or neone in the world in any way. the only one going to get harmed is ur country and its citizens…

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You know the Latin Catholic will not enter to Syrian catholic church, these
two will not enter to the Marthoma church, these three will not
enter to penthacost church, these four will not enter to Salvation army
church, these five will not enter to 7th day Adventist church, these six
will not enter to orthodox church, these seven will not enter to Jacobite
church,? this there are 146 castes in Kerala alone for Christianity,
each will never share their churches for Christians ! Wonderful
One Christ, One Bible, One Jehova?.What a unity !

Among Muslims, Shia and Sunni kill each other in all the Muslim
countries.The religious riot in Muslim countries is always between these
The Shia will not go to Sunni mosque, these two will not go to Ahamadiya
mosque, these three will not go to Sufi mosque, these four will
not go to Mujahiddin mosque?.like this it appears there are 13 castes in
among Muslims, Killing / bombing/conquering/ massacring/? each other !
The American attack to the Muslim land of Iraq is fully supported by all
the Muslim countries surrounding Iraq !
One Allah, One Quran, One Nebi?.! Great unity !

For Hindus 1280 books, 10,000 commentaries, more than one lakh sub
commentaries for these foundation books, 330 million gods, variety of
aacharyas, thousands of Rishies, hundreds of languages,?still everyone goes
to the SAME TEMPLE ? whether unity is for Hindus or in others and
never Quarreled each other for the last ten thousand years in the name of

My choice : Hinduism – The UNIQUE in the world. by an American
It sounds TRUE – but what do you think………………

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i will tell u about hinduism. they all go to the same temple… well except shudras i suppose who are still not aloowed entry in mny temples irrespectveofall legislations against untouchability.
in rural india lower castes are still living aloof…. well in hinduism we have the great caste system. bramins, kshatriya vaisyas shudras and innumerable other sub castes. they cant marrry each other… ar eproud of their caste and surnames…godknows why.
out religous texts espof the later times are full of gnder discrimination..caste discrimination… andmany other social evils… so well..i am not too sure about uniqueness of hinduism in this respect

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Well Garib singh, with all the divisions in hindu culture..the uniqueness and the need of the world today is no violence in the name of caste. dont you think ??

Posted by Om | Report as abusive

@Om : Thanks Om for the wonderful comment of yours…i knew about the Shia and Sunni but nothing about the castes in Christians. It was quite an enlightening post for me at least ! Garima , yes we have castes , but we are trying to abolish it and in a decade or so we will achieve it. In big cities these days inter-caste marriages are allowed. We are doing introspection and realizing the mistake is important ! Isn’t It …
@Garima : Your reply to peace was excellent ! The Story about raping at gun point was really funny ! i guess this is how they brainwash the youth… I felt like laughing at him/her (Peace) when i read his/her comment yesterday … i guess this person is sleeping and still claims that India has no proof against Pakistan…I guess Pakistan media is still being totally and absolutely dictated!

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violence need not always be in the form of armed or physical can be violence against human rights…mental violence…expoitation. violence can be in the name of “honour killing”…recently there were may instances of girls beingkilled because they had affairs with guys of other religion or caste. i am not saying hinduism is bad…i am just saying its not so utopian as u r pointing it out to be..thats it. wats so hard to believe in this… its like… everyone knows it. give me a break! duh…

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I don’t know why we are arguing here about What was wrong in hinduism , islam ,christianity … (refering to initial 2-3 comments) …lets agree on one thing … its not about Islam … we should blame about any religion …i think even if the terrorist don’t act we have enough problems with the narrow mindedness of the other community and have all the latent heat to give raise to communal clash.

Secondly don’t try to argue with all those who are talking on behalf of Pakistan … this name is quite a satire .. PEACE is from a country which doesn’t believe in it !
I just wanna say –
“Tum use jaga nahi sakte jo sone ka natak karta ho !” …You can’t convince someone who can’t accept his mistakes … and that is the reason why Pakistan never improves !

Pakistan never believed in peace right from its inception that’s the reason of its very origin … and i am thankful that they are not a part of us today … Its India’s bad luck that we have such EVIL Neighbour !

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i was very very dislike with the political groups that they claim politics become one of things that very very up of these all…

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