Comments on: Lashkar-e-Taiba’s goals Religion, faith and ethics Sat, 23 Apr 2016 23:25:07 +0000 hourly 1 By: javaindo Thu, 26 Jul 2012 01:59:45 +0000 i was very very dislike with the political groups that they claim politics become one of things that very very up of these all…

By: Proud to be an Indian Fri, 12 Dec 2008 17:05:28 +0000 I don’t know why we are arguing here about What was wrong in hinduism , islam ,christianity … (refering to initial 2-3 comments) …lets agree on one thing … its not about Islam … we should blame about any religion …i think even if the terrorist don’t act we have enough problems with the narrow mindedness of the other community and have all the latent heat to give raise to communal clash.

Secondly don’t try to argue with all those who are talking on behalf of Pakistan … this name is quite a satire .. PEACE is from a country which doesn’t believe in it !
I just wanna say –
“Tum use jaga nahi sakte jo sone ka natak karta ho !” …You can’t convince someone who can’t accept his mistakes … and that is the reason why Pakistan never improves !

Pakistan never believed in peace right from its inception that’s the reason of its very origin … and i am thankful that they are not a part of us today … Its India’s bad luck that we have such EVIL Neighbour !

By: garima singh Thu, 11 Dec 2008 08:13:34 +0000 violence need not always be in the form of armed or physical can be violence against human rights…mental violence…expoitation. violence can be in the name of “honour killing”…recently there were may instances of girls beingkilled because they had affairs with guys of other religion or caste. i am not saying hinduism is bad…i am just saying its not so utopian as u r pointing it out to be..thats it. wats so hard to believe in this… its like… everyone knows it. give me a break! duh…

By: Radhika Ganesan Thu, 11 Dec 2008 06:21:16 +0000 @Om : Thanks Om for the wonderful comment of yours…i knew about the Shia and Sunni but nothing about the castes in Christians. It was quite an enlightening post for me at least ! Garima , yes we have castes , but we are trying to abolish it and in a decade or so we will achieve it. In big cities these days inter-caste marriages are allowed. We are doing introspection and realizing the mistake is important ! Isn’t It …
@Garima : Your reply to peace was excellent ! The Story about raping at gun point was really funny ! i guess this is how they brainwash the youth… I felt like laughing at him/her (Peace) when i read his/her comment yesterday … i guess this person is sleeping and still claims that India has no proof against Pakistan…I guess Pakistan media is still being totally and absolutely dictated!

By: Om Wed, 10 Dec 2008 18:38:49 +0000 Well Garib singh, with all the divisions in hindu culture..the uniqueness and the need of the world today is no violence in the name of caste. dont you think ??

By: garima singh Wed, 10 Dec 2008 08:49:44 +0000 i will tell u about hinduism. they all go to the same temple… well except shudras i suppose who are still not aloowed entry in mny temples irrespectveofall legislations against untouchability.
in rural india lower castes are still living aloof…. well in hinduism we have the great caste system. bramins, kshatriya vaisyas shudras and innumerable other sub castes. they cant marrry each other… ar eproud of their caste and surnames…godknows why.
out religous texts espof the later times are full of gnder discrimination..caste discrimination… andmany other social evils… so well..i am not too sure about uniqueness of hinduism in this respect

By: Om Tue, 09 Dec 2008 17:52:39 +0000 You know the Latin Catholic will not enter to Syrian catholic church, these
two will not enter to the Marthoma church, these three will not
enter to penthacost church, these four will not enter to Salvation army
church, these five will not enter to 7th day Adventist church, these six
will not enter to orthodox church, these seven will not enter to Jacobite
church,? this there are 146 castes in Kerala alone for Christianity,
each will never share their churches for Christians ! Wonderful
One Christ, One Bible, One Jehova?.What a unity !

Among Muslims, Shia and Sunni kill each other in all the Muslim
countries.The religious riot in Muslim countries is always between these
The Shia will not go to Sunni mosque, these two will not go to Ahamadiya
mosque, these three will not go to Sufi mosque, these four will
not go to Mujahiddin mosque?.like this it appears there are 13 castes in
among Muslims, Killing / bombing/conquering/ massacring/? each other !
The American attack to the Muslim land of Iraq is fully supported by all
the Muslim countries surrounding Iraq !
One Allah, One Quran, One Nebi?.! Great unity !

For Hindus 1280 books, 10,000 commentaries, more than one lakh sub
commentaries for these foundation books, 330 million gods, variety of
aacharyas, thousands of Rishies, hundreds of languages,?still everyone goes
to the SAME TEMPLE ? whether unity is for Hindus or in others and
never Quarreled each other for the last ten thousand years in the name of

My choice : Hinduism – The UNIQUE in the world. by an American
It sounds TRUE – but what do you think………………

By: garima singh Tue, 09 Dec 2008 17:00:24 +0000 Mr peace,
i beg u to stop thinking bout india and worry about ur country. india will survive…its a big nation. but pakistan is going in deep shit… 1971..lost bangladesh and now will lose many other things. why dont u focus inwards. may pakistan live long and be prosperous… but wishing is something very different from reality…. do something bout it… why dont u ….
it has all the signs of a weak nation…i wont say kashmir is a heaven and all indian soldiers r mahatma gandhi… there is lot of violence and terror…but not just frm indian side. and wht will happen to kashmir if we let it go? pakistan will take it? plz first try to control the territories u already have rather than asking fr more…..and this is the fist time i am hearing of things like women being raped at gun points by soldiers in mumbai!!! where r u getting all this info from…
and have u ever considered the option tht ur media may be lying to u about things. but chances r more that this is the case as your media is well controlled by political parties. india is a free democratic nation.. and our press enjoys total freedom.
well…cant help it if u cant change ur stance because it wont harm me or any indian or neone in the world in any way. the only one going to get harmed is ur country and its citizens…

By: Blogger Tue, 09 Dec 2008 15:04:41 +0000 Wael,
We can’t dare to condemn any Religion, however there are some people who interpret the Religion and its theologies in a different way. Every Religion has good people and the bad, that doesn’t me the whole Religion is bad / good. No one can ever Judge a Religion.
In fact the Religion has its own conception, many people lived and died for it and still doing it, then who are we to condemn.

However in this instance i would like to say this, Whosoever kill any living beings in the name of Religion for a bad cause will suffer and history has some evidences for this, but its is so shameful that stubborn people will not accept it.

India is a good example for this that we celebrate Diwali and our friends celebrate Id. I guess such incidents would not happen elsewhere other than India.

By: wael rashed Tue, 09 Dec 2008 00:33:37 +0000 dear sirs ,
first of all ,let us not insults religions ,second we must work up our mind ,i am muslim ,as my small infos says jizya was in the past and now it is replaced by taxes to the state ,the laskhar e tyba ,are terrorists ,we do not kill people who are in peace ,sorry but these people give bad impression about our religion ,really ashamed of them