When it’s better to lead with the economy than with the innuendo

December 11, 2008

President-elect Barack Obama gave a wide-ranging interview to the Chicago Tribune , offering his hometown daily a scoop that forced other journalists to choose which angle to highlight in their reports on it. Reuters chose to lead  with his comment that the most pressing problem right now was to “stabilize the patient” and save the U.S. economy from losing millions of jobs. I agree this is the key message he sent in this interview and deserved to take top billing. So I was surprised to see how many news organisations went with a different angle.

(Photo: Obama in Chicago, 9 Dec 2008/Jeff Haynes)

“Obama to take the oath of office using his middle name”“At inauguration, it will be Barack Hussein Obama: interview” “I, Barack Hussein Obama” — several news organisations led off with the fact that Obama would be sworn in under his full name. What did they expect? That he would kowtow to his campaign critics who pointedly called him Barack Hussein Obama but didn’t have the courage to say what they were hinting at, i.e. that this self-confessed Christian was a “covert Muslim” or “Muslim apostate” and therefore unreliable?

Given the context of the campaign, the fact that Obama has not been cowed is interesting. We mentioned it in the third paragraph, the Chicago Tribune in the second. But let’s ask if making this the lead, putting it at the top of the whole story, gives the whispering campaign against him much more importance than it is due?

It would have been more of a story if Obama had decided he could not be sworn in under the full name he got from his father and without the middle name from his grandfather. Americans love to talk about their roots, so seeing him run away from his own heritage would have been something to write about. Should we be surprised that he has not done that and wants to be taken as he is?

There was a genuine Muslim angle in the interview — that Obama plans to reach out to the Islamic world with a speech in a capital of a Muslim country. His aides had already indicated this was on the cards, but he confirmed it first to the Trib so they led with that. Our veteran Washington correspondent Steve Holland made that the second paragraph in his story, quoting him as saying he wanted to “reboot America’s image around the world and also in the Muslim world in particular.” In both cases, they reported this angle before mentioning Obama’s middle name.

(Photo: Obama image in Jakarta, 25 Oct 2008/Dadang Tri)

What do you think? Were the “Obama is a Muslim” rumours just a campaign tactic, or will we keep hearing this even after he is in the White House?


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America Being Punished For Rejected God
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It really doesn’t make much sense that the word Muslim is such an issue. If anything, the US government owes all Muslims a big apology. We now know that 911 was an inside job and had nothing to do with Bin Laden. Just look up wtc7 and ask why Marvin Bush(GW’s brother)was in charge of security for the wtc complex leading up to 911. The war on terror is a hoax. Ask why half of the alleged hijackers are still alive.

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The mothership is waiting to pick you up. Put on your white tennis shoes and tin foil hat so they know where to find you.

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to suggest that obama was at one time a muslim is ridiculous to convert to christianity from islam is an automatic death sentence.in the middle east unlike bush who got shoes thrown at him,the ladies however discretely are throwing underwear at obama .in iran he,s the prodical son,tee shirts with his face are sold out. they are burning effigys of bush, when obama leaves office there will be streets all over the middle east named after him you will see.

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