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Since you seem so knowledgeable on those with no brains and condescendingly chide people to “get educated,” it’s spelled h-y-p-o-c-r-i-s-y.

You’re welcome.

By: Jane Gilroy Sun, 14 Dec 2008 17:29:30 +0000 It is extremely difficult to look at the beautiful children conceived through in vitro fertilization and criticize the process through which they were conceived, yet since the process itself is relatively new it needs to be examined with an eye towards all its repercussions.
The major objection concerns the number of fertilized embryos and their ultimate destinations, none of which appear respectful to their human status. The
Church has said much about this with which I agree. However, I would like to address another aspect that I believe needs to be considered. The process used fractures the unity of the act whereby children are normally conceived. The father’s role in particular becomes functionary. Others become involved in fertilization process in ways that were not possible in the past, ways that shift the former uniqueness of the father’s role.
Respecting human life at its earliest stages has the potential of strengthening family life, which in turn has the potential of strengthening society. While recognizing children as gifts to be welcomed and not as entitlements goes counter to the world’s views, history demonstrates that the wisdom of the Church’s teachings has far-reaching effects for the good of all.

By: Chris Sat, 13 Dec 2008 19:52:30 +0000 To understand the begining one also has to look at the end. Religion likes to take a blind eye to its own failings when it creates paradoxes by its own beliefs.

Here is the paradox: Relgion, states that life begins with the first division of cells, or at least the Pope and Christians do. But if life begins then, then life does not end till long long after a body is buried in the ground. How dare Christians bury a living human. You see the cells don’t die when the human ceases to interact with us, in fact the awful smell and or decay, is in fact a sign that many of the cells are still in fact alive. Humans are not just simple single celled organisms – so given that – the gift from God that religion should be based on has nothing to do with the body. I think they even teach that as well… don’t they? Its the spirit that matters – and if the spirit leaves the body at death… then when does the spirit enter the body? And when is death? You can’t define the begining of life as the first division of cells – if you also don’t define life as the last cell to die.

Hypocracy is exactly what Jesus the man was fighting against – Jewish hypocracy at that time. With knowledge should come greater understanding – not a demand for more prohibitions and rules.

If the spirit leaves the body when the brain stops – then no spirit and no human exists until the brain can support the body on its own. No brain, no self support – no spirit.

Before condeming what they don’t understand – people should try to educate themselves on the topic – use the gifts we have over the other animals on this planet, instead of attempting to rule on topics based on uneducated moral stands which may simply be based on improper education and the bias that comes with it.