A Catholic Google? Are Muslim, Jewish or other Googles coming?

January 3, 2009

So now there’s Catholic Google*, a search engine that calls itself  “the best way for good Catholics to surf the web”, It claims that “it produces results from all over the internet with more weighting  given to Catholic websites and eliminates the vast majority of unsavoury content, such as pornography”.

When I heard this today, my first question was whether Google was getting into the religion business. Were there Muslim, Jewish, Hindu, Buddhist or other versions of the search engine out there as well? If not, would Google come up with them soon? Would it design filters that screen out cartoons of the Prophet Mohammad, pro-Palestinian websites or other items that followers of certain faiths might not want to see?

It turns out the answer is “No” to all above. Catholic Google has no connection to Google itself (here’s its disclaimer).  Somebody has reserved a URL for a Muslim Google but it has no content. There’s a Jewgle out there, but it’s more about jokes than real searches.

took a quick spin through Catholic Google and found that its Google SafeSearch filters were about as reliable as the bursting fishing nets in Luke’s Gospel: “It seems that when it comes to filtering topics beyond the standard “offensive” categories (swear words and sex) , CatholicGoogle only serves to make queries potentially more offensive. A search for “drunk” yields a video of “Drunk Catholic Kids”. Perhaps even more bizarre: a search for “sex” offers an article bashing the Church’s stance on sexuality (they may have included this in the results for a balanced alternative perspective, but I doubt it). It’s as if the site just appends the word “Catholic” to whatever you’re searching for and crosses its fingers.”

The disclaimer also says Catholic Google works closely with the real one to ensure the ads that pop up alongside its searches are not objectionable. But it does admit that some of them “may not be in line with Catholic doctrine and we do not endorse any of the results or adverts displayed on Catholic Google.” It wasn’t hard to find the out-of-line ads — it took almost no search time at all to find ads for gender selection, a gay dating service, surrogate mothers and divorce lawyers.

I think trying to use computer filters to create a religious search engine like this is a fool’s errand. Either it will be so restrictive that it doesn’t really search well or it will be so open that objectionable material gets through. Has anybody seen any site that gets the balance right?

(*hat tip: Patrick Heneghan)


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Visit also http://www.mygodsearch.com about religion and web 2.0

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I am the owner and creator of TheCatholicSearch.com, which has been around for a few years now. The way our site works is we only give search results from sites that have been submitted by our users and reviewed for Catholic content. The idea came to me during my RCIA classes. I received a list of sites to study and I decided that a “Catholic Search Engine” that only searched these sites would be useful. It kind of grew from there.

I also should mention that the other site that you mentioned will probably get into trouble with Google. Originally TheCatholicSearch.com had a “googlish” logo and other “googlish” features. Google did not like it and shut us down for a bit until we sorted it out and changed our logo design.

Thanks, Jereme

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The muslim Google is here: http://muslumangoogle.com
“Powered by Google”

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Recently, I have been shocked and appalled by the unqualified support by some Christian televangelists for the most anti-Christian religion on the face of the earth, Judaism. They also support the corrupt, Jewish supremacist, anti-Christian Israeli state. I know that some of you reading this may respond by saying that Islam is really the most anti-Christian religion and that Judaism is a friendly faith. Many mistakenly think that Judaism is a sister religion to Christianity. The term “Judeo-Christian” has entered our modern lexicon to the point where no politician, George Bush on down, would dare even invoke the term “Christian heritage” without adding the prefix, “Judeo” to it. The term “Judeo-Christian” didn’t even come into existence until after the Second World War when Jews became supreme in their influence over major media.

The truth is that there is no such thing as Judeo-Christianity. That would be like saying Satanic-Christianity. The religion now called Judaism did not even come formally into existence until six hundred years after Jesus Christ. It began with the codification of the Babylonian Talmud. In Judaism, the Talmud is the supreme scripture, not the Old Testament. Only Satanism can rival Judaism’s vicious hatred for Jesus Christ. The Talmud even claims that Jesus Christ is being punished in hell by “being boiled in hot semen!”1

When I first read this hateful Talmudic quote, I just couldn’t believe it. Maybe you don’t believe what I am saying right now, but read on and I will prove to you that this quotation is accurate and that Judaism is intrinsically and viciously anti-Christian. Judaism it the embodiment of the same Satanic tradition that Christ condemned when He referred to “the synagogue of Satan.” (Rev. 2-9) What I say here I can prove in the documented words of the most sacred texts of Judaism and in the clearly documented words of the highest authorities of Judaism itself, and even more importantly, in the scriptures of the New Testament.

Interestingly enough, Islam is much closer to Christianity than Judaism. For instance, Judaism condemns the Virgin Mary as a prostitute and viciously condemns Jesus an evil sorcerer and a bastard. The Talmud even claims Jesus was a sexual pervert who had intercourse relations with his donkey. In stark contrast, although Islam certainly does not share all the Christian views of Jesus Christ, it views Christ as a true prophet of God, virgin-born, and that God resurrected Jesus from the dead. Ironically, the chief religious book of Islam, the Qur’an, actually defends Jesus Christ from the obscene slanders made against Him in the Jewish Talmud.

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