Paris Muslims attacked in new twist to Gaza tension in France

January 14, 2009

The tension in France because of the Gaza conflict has taken a new twist with a charge by three Muslim youths that Jewish militants had beaten them up because one of them had thrown away a pro-Israel pamphlet. The focus until now has been on rising anti-Semitic attacks, presumably mostly by Muslims angered by Israel’s military campaign in Gaza, but this puts another layer of complexity on the story. The attack happened almost a week ago, on Thursday Jan. 8, but the details are still unclear and the versions being put out don’t match up.

According to the victims’ account, about seven youths from the Ligue de Défense Juive (Jewish Defence League) were distributing the pamphlets on Jan. 8 outside Janson de Sailly, a leading lycée, secondary school, in a chic district of Paris, and handed one to a pupil of North African Arab origin.  When he threw it away, the JDL militants beat up him and one or two other youths of Maghrebin origin who came to help him. The lycée pupil and two others then filed a complaint with the police against the Jewish militants and police are now investigating the incident.

An LDJ spokesman flatly denied any link to this attack and said it does not distribute these pamphlets outside of lycées, only at universities. On its website, it was less clear, saying only that it “denounces the aggression against two pupils of the Janson de Sailly lycee. The LDJ rejects every form of violence.” The LDJ spokesman said his group had the same name and logo as the militant Kach movement banned in Israel and the Jewish Defence League banned in the United States — in both cases because they were suspected terrorist organisations — but had nothing to do with these groups.

CRIF, the umbrella group of Jewish organisations that has been at the forefront publicising a wave of anti-Semitic attacks here since Israel began its assault on Gaza on Dec. 27, has denounced the attack and urged police to track down “the authors of this act and punish them as the law foresees.” It noted the victims were French of Maghrebin origin but said nothing about the background of the attackers.

The Grand Mosque of Paris said on Wednesday afternoon that only two of the three pupils attacked at Janson de Sailly were of Maghrebin origin and urged an especially thorough investigation “if the racist character of this attack is proven.”

Although the attack occurred on Thursday Jan. 8, Le Monde broke the story on the afternoon of Monday Jan. 12 and the public prosecutor confirmed police were investigating late on Tuesday Jan. 13. “The aggressors have not been identified and the investigation is continuing,” a spokesman for the prosecutor’s office said.


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hmm, lets see. jewish extremsist carry out an attack on muslims and then they run and hide behind statements while the perpetrators walk away freely. why does this sounds so familiar?? does any of this even surprise anyone anymore??

Posted by sidney | Report as abusive

I call bullshit! Muslims gotta make up something in order to play the victim as they attack Jews all over Europe, don’t even get me started on Jews in Muslim-dominated countries!

Posted by Stephanie Anderson | Report as abusive

right, well the jews have been making up the holocaust for decades now and we all drank that kool-aid. lets not talk about the victim card when it comes to jews, they have lived off of that. that’s all they are about. they even use that to carry out their own holocaust.

Posted by sidney | Report as abusive

I think the students should learn more from their education not from there religious belief as they will end up stiff to their false beliefs.

Posted by raphnix | Report as abusive

this is a faith based blog, so the best way to answer some of the postings would be to remind that we are told that, “people would be given over to their own imaginations” this seems to be a classic example by sidney.

Posted by brian lee | Report as abusive