Priorities for Kirill from a Russian Orthodox blogger’s perspective

February 2, 2009

Russian-American blogger Aleksandr Andreev has taken us to task for saying a key question after the election of the new Russian Orthodox Patriarch Kirill is when he will meet with Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew and Pope Benedict. “Who cares? Honestly, there are more important issues in Russian Orthodoxy than whether or not the Patriarch meets the Pope of Rome,” he wrote in a comment. When I asked him to elaborate, he posted a response you can find on his Typicon Man’s Blog.

(Photo: Patriarch Kirill’s crowning ceremony, 1 Feb 2009/Sergei Karpukhin)

Andreev lists these issues as administrative problems facing parishes, missionary outreach for unchurched Orthodox, social ministry including military chaplaincy programs, issues of jurisdiction within the Church, finances, roles for the laity, juristiction in Estonia and relations with the Old Ritualists.

This is a very useful list and I’m grateful to him for providing it. He also added an interesting concluding comment: “Luckily, Patriarch Cyrill is well prepared to address these issues.  Brilliantly educated, incredibly smart, an excellent orator, he is greatly respected both by his fellow bishops and by those outside of the Church.  If Patriarch Alexey’s tenure was the “Second Baptism of Russia”, then Patriarch Cyrill’s may well be Russia’s Second Chrismation.”

That said, I still think the most interesting issue for a blog about religion news around the world is the question of Kirill’s relations with other churches. It’s hard to  think it deserves no mention in a list of priorities, even in last place. It may not be the most important issue seen from within the Church, but it’s the one most likely to interest church leaders and readers abroad.


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Probably the most decent form of religion for healthy minds and with credits for education (healthy education) traditional values an arts!
But steel a tool to control masses something the communists were stupid not to include in their ambition to control the world so now “The Putinskis” try to kiss ass.

From a Tool & Die maker (retired)
Thank you

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This is fantastic, thanks so much for this super posting. We were in Russia last summer and it was fantastic to observe the many many churches…. totally cared for and protected!! This will be fantastic to see the revelation of the numbers of folks who were Baptized/charismated at birth who are now adults, and perhaps free to express their Christian identity. In all our travels I would say the private citizens are truly believers!!

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I’m glad that the Russian Orthodox had elected a new Patriarch. I pray that he can unite Russia as one Church of Christ in comunion with the Church of Rome. May he be able to Christianize once again Russia. As the Bible says, may we be one, just as the Father and the Son are one

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