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By: V2C Thu, 05 Feb 2009 02:45:56 +0000 I’m going to be very blunt right off the bat. In regards to the recent numerous
attacks on Pope Benedict and the lifting of the excommunications of the SSPX
the critical priests, bishops, cardinals who are pledged in obedience to the pope
quite frankly need to shut up.

What a bunch of self righteous tradition hating intolerant bigots. Talk
about showing one’s true colors. Way to be true to the Gospels and
imitators of Christ by reaching out and welcoming back a million plus Catholic
souls who have been isolated from the Church for over twenty years. Great
pastoral work there boys! To be frank you critics of the Pope are as just
as light headed as the rest of these media junkies who couldn’t get a
Catholic thing right if the Pope himself educated them. If you think one
stupid bishop’s comments in an interview done last fall changes the stance of
the Church’s teaching and the efforts that Pope Benedict has made through
his entire life to work against anti-Semitism then your just as blind as the
rest of them.

We’re really getting sick and tired of half ass Catholics who are more so in
name than in deed attacking the Church and the person God Himself has
appointed as the Vicar of Christ (in case you forgot your theology in your
bureaucratic politics).

Hardly one of you has done a blasted thing to
condemn the sex scandals and hold your fellow bishops or priests

Hardly any of you has followed the documents of the Council in
regards to the liturgy and ecumenism. As far as many of us obedient and
orthodox ‘novus ordo’ Catholics are concerned you’re just as disobedient and
on the verge of schism as the SSPX.

We have traveled to at least 15 western countries world wide since the
release of Redemptionis Sacramentum and have hardly seen any implementation
of the document who your so called ‘beloved John Paul the Great’ mandated to
be implemented immediately.

Half of you have been a bunch of cowards in
following the teachings of the Church in regards to abortion, politicians
and the reception of the Body of Christ in the Eucharist.

We haven’t seen any unified public condemnation for the widespread dissent in your
seminaries and convents.

The disregard for adherence to the teachings of
Humanae Vitae and holding your priests accountable are completely out of
line with your ‘vocation descriptions’.

Your lack of excommunications or corrections for Catholics who out rightly defy
or deny almost every sexual teaching that the Church holds including the open
declaration of many of your priests to support same sex unions and participation
in gay events is frankly disgusting.

Many of you continue to do nothing in correcting and dealing with the many
priests, nuns, and laity who openly defy and disobey the teachings of
celibacy and woman’s ordinations.

The European bishops have done a great job at keeping up the Churches as
museums but in Church attendance they have failed miserably.

The lack of excommunications for ‘Catholics who have endorsed or enabled the
availability of same sex unions

The Canadian Bishops have yet to rebuke the 200 plus religious orders who in 2007
generated a report full of dissent in teaching, discipline, sexuality, celibacy, homosexuality,
divorce, and female ordination.

The Canadian Conference of Bishops still refuse to allow the Vatican to investigate
whether the Winnipeg Statement contains schismatic claims.

And you bishops world wide continue to question the authority of the pope and the huge
dilemma he has to fix because of your failings. Look to yourselves before you criticize and
condemn others.

Wake up priests and bishops and do your jobs. The pope is doing an
excellent job of getting the Catholic Church back on its feet and unifying
all Christians back into the fold. And you stand there like a bunch of
hypocrites criticizing your leader. Maybe if you started following His
example in teaching, example especially in regards to Ecumenism and Liturgy
you would see a change in the world in which you have allowed to become so
corrupt with sin. And if you had been as obedient and tolerable as you
claim to be then you would have never allowed this situation to get to where
its at. Stop pointing fingers at the Pope and start pointing them to God in
prayer. Your lack of charity with both the Pope and the millions of
Catholics who adhere to the authentic teachings of the Catholic Church is no
longer tolerable. Either wake up and deal with the crisis of faith that you
have allowed to occur for the past 40 years or as John Paul told the liberal
regimists in South America “Silencio” .

Just look at the simple comments from the Pope on the Media recently released
asking us to use the media to proclaim the Gospel and instead you use it to create
friction, division and attack your leader. This goes just as well for the Bishop Williams
fellow as well. Great example from our leaders and teachers of the faith!

To be a member of the Catholic Church means you adhere to the teachings and
the Magisterium, Not attack it! If you’re not with the Church then you are
against the Church. It’s that simple. Not our words Jesus’. These internal
attacks on the orthodoxy of the faith and the papacy need to end now! This
nonsense has been going on for 40 plus years and quite frankly its sinful.
The Catholic Church is not an organization running a Public Relations
campaign. The Catholic Faith is not an opinion it is a way of life.
The faith is not a Catholic buffet either you accept it in fullness or get out.
Why do you distract those who have chosen the Church as their way of life with your
spiritual garbage. Why are you in the Church if you are not here to build it up.
Why are you still here if you hate orthodoxy and the Church’s teachings.

The Catholic Church is the One True Church of Jesus Christ in which is concerned
only with the salvation of all mankind. If that is not your mission within
the Church to cooperate with God’s mission and save souls including the
million plus members of the SSPX then as Vatican II says ‘You are neither of
use to yourself or to the Church’. If you attack the Papacy you are
attacking the Church. If you are attacking the Church you are attacking
Jesus Himself. It’s really time for the Church’s members to stop attacking
the Church and start building it up. Your are the body of Christ. You are
the salt of the earth. You are commanded to save souls. You are told to
preach the gospel. “I give you a new commandment love one another as I have
loved you”

By: Walter H Lasinski Wed, 04 Feb 2009 17:55:53 +0000 How about lifting the excommunications of Galileo Galilei 1564-1642 who was rejected by the Roman Catholic Church and Bp Francis Hodur 1866-1953 of the Polish National Catholic Church of America and Poland who was vindicated by Vatican II as a progressive Catholic Bishop . . . . .

By: Anura Guruge Wed, 04 Feb 2009 17:52:39 +0000 All I am going to say is that my “Papabili List for 2009,” that got some ‘flack’ from some quarters for having three non-European cardinals in the top four, is looking more and more promising. <>
Grace, and may peace be with you all.

By: H.F. Wolff Wed, 04 Feb 2009 16:41:08 +0000 Over the last 60-odd years the Germans have been so brain-washed as to their culpability during WWII that it is impossible to conduct an intelligent discussion with any of them regarding the holocaust.

This brainwashing was necessary for the victorious allies to hide the fact that the allied actions were so truly barbaric that they had to convince the Germans and the people at home that the Germans had been worse when in fact the Germans were pussycats compared to the Allies.

The examination of 6 simple facts should be sufficient to cause great concern, and raise numerous questions, for any thinking person:

1) At the height of the holocaust survivor’s claims the German government is on record as having paid compensation to 5.6 million or so claimants.

2) In 2002 the Israeli government is on record as stating that over 1 million survivors were still alive.

3) In 2005 or so the German government is on record as stating that they were still paying reparations to 1.6 million survivors.

4) Anyone questioning any facet of the holocaust in Europe gets jailed; this very fact alone should be sufficient for the thinking person to seriously question “the public knowledge” of the holocaust.

5) The final report of the International Red Cross stated in 1972 or thereabouts that the total number of deaths due to all causes, but mainly due to diseases such as typhoid, was about 372000.

6) Forensic examination of the bodies, by British and American pathologists, determined that the people had died from starvation and disease; this due to the complete lack of any transportation since the allies bombed everything that moved.

Author Finkelstein in one of his books states “with all these survivors, who are the Germans supposed to have killed?”

Life insurance actuarialists are very good at calculating the number of people alive based on the figures given above, even though these are inconsistent.

Examination of documentary, forensic, and scientific evidence further points out the absolute lie of all holocaust claims. Ask yourself this: If the evidence in support of the holocaust is so compelling why forbid questioning and debate thereof?

WHAT HAVE THE HOLOCAUSTIANS TO HIDE TO PREVENT ANY DEBATE? WHAT ARE THEY AFRAID OF? Truth stands on its own, only lies require draconian measures for suppression.

“Name calling is the final refuge of the out-argued holocaust profiteer”.

H.F. Wolff

By: Tom Heneghan Wed, 04 Feb 2009 13:16:33 +0000 Peter, there’s something of that in the German response to anything to do with the Holocaust. But this has been the case for decades and this reaction can be expected when a prominent German is perceived to have violated the taboo.

By: Peter Wed, 04 Feb 2009 12:44:06 +0000 Could it simply be that the Germans feel the need to show
the same zealotry as a reformed smoker?

By: Tom Heneghan Wed, 04 Feb 2009 11:46:21 +0000 Daniel, your charge that mainstream media are anti-Catholic is so broad that it’s of little use in analysing this issue. Mainstream media are not pro-Catholic, but that’s not their job. Some reports are anti-Catholic, there’s no question about that. But there’s a wide spectrum in between those poles. Also, while you say mainstream media are anti-Catholic, I’ve recently heard complaints from Muslims, evangelical Christians and Hindus that they’re anti-Muslim, anti-evangelical and anti-Hindu. What the complaints from each religion seem to overlook is that the job of the mainstream media is to report critically on institutions and public figures and not advocate for any of them. Most comments like yours charge the media are biased against their own religion, without looking at how they cover others.

I disagree with another broadbrush statement you make, the one about reporting on the oppression of Christians in Iraq and Orissa. We have reported on those killings and we’re part of the mainstream media you accuse of ignoring this. You may not think we reported enough, but other readers do not think this is interesting and do not see why we should report it. There are also people who have political reasons for not wanting this reported at all. You used the word broadcast — I don’t know which television you watch or whether it broadcast anything about these killings. But if that’s your complaint, your criticism should be more clearly focused.

The reason why interfaith tensions make news is because they transcend the boundaries of individual religions and touch on sensitive issues between them. Most believers of one religion neither know nor care much about internal disputes in another one. But when tensions arise between the two, both sides are interested and leaders on both sides get involved. We wouldn’t get these flurries of statements from both sides if there weren’t something sensitive at stake.

My other question still stands. Why are so many Catholic bishops, archbishops and cardinals making critical remarks about the Vatican’s handling of the Williamson affair and urging the Vatican to make sure he and the other SSPX bishops sign up to the Vatican II reforms they reject? They are fuelling this story by making those statements, and I don’t think they’re doing it out of anti-Catholicism. They’re doing it because they know the Church operates in the world and that this affair is damaging to its work.

By: neeraj sharma Wed, 04 Feb 2009 11:23:56 +0000 The Berlin blockade was thwarted because people came together. Apartheid ended because people came together and walls tumbled. Winning the cold war was the same: “People of the world,” Obama declared, “look at Berlin, where a wall came down, a continent came together and history proved there is no challenge too great for a world that stands as one.”

When I first heard this sort of radically optimistic speech in Iowa, I have to confess my American soul was stirred. It seemed like the overture for a new yet quintessentially American campaign.

But now it is more than half a year on, and the post-partisanship of Iowa has given way to the post-nationalism of Berlin, and it turns out that the vague overture is the entire symphony. The golden rhetoric impresses less, the evasion of hard choices strikes one more.

When John F. Kennedy and Ronald Reagan went to Berlin, their rhetoric soared, but their optimism was grounded in the reality of politics, conflict and hard choices. Kennedy didn’t dream of the universal brotherhood of man. He drew lines that reflected hard realities: “There are some who say, in Europe and elsewhere, we can work with the Communists. Let them come to Berlin.” Reagan didn’t call for a kumbaya moment. He cited tough policies that sparked harsh political disagreements — the deployment of US missiles in response to the Soviet SS-20s — but still worked.


By: Tom Heneghan Wed, 04 Feb 2009 09:32:06 +0000 A correction to my answer above to Jason Harkins — I spoke of bishops “in good standing.” In fact, Lefebvre was not “in good standing” at the time; he had already been suspended from priestly activity for years. But he was still a bishop, so he could still validly ordain other bishops. Just not licitly.