Religion and politics behind sharia drive in Swat

February 16, 2009

Pakistan has agreed to restore Islamic law in the turbulent Swat valley and neighbouring areas of the North-West Frontier Province. What does that mean? Sharia is understood and applied in such varied ways across the Muslim world that it is difficult to say exactly what it is. Will we soon see Saudi or Taliban-style hand-chopping for thieves and stonings for adulterers? Would it be open to appeal and overturn harsh verdicts, as the Federal Sharia Court in Islamabad has sometimes done? Or could it be that these details are secondary because sharia is more a political than a religious strategy here?

(Photo: Swat Islamic leaders in Peshawar to negotiate sharia accord/16 Feb 2009/Ali Imam)

As is often the case in Pakistan, this issue has two sides — theory and practice. In theory, this looks like it should be a strict but not Taliban-style legal regime. As Zeeshan Haider in our Islamabad bureau put in in a Question&Answer list on sharia in Swat:


Under Nizam-e-Adl or Islamic system of justice, all judicial laws contrary to Islamic teachings stand cancelled and the courts will decide the cases in line with Islamic injunctions.

These laws were largely in use before Swat was absorbed into Pakistan in 1969, and governments in the 1990s had promised to implement them to placate militants, but never fully did.

Unlike the Taliban courts, which have been summarily handing out severe punishments like chopping off hands of thieves and stoning to death adulterers and rapists, there will be a system of appeal on the decisions handed out by courts in Swat and neighbouring districts.

Ordinary judges, with a knowledge of Islam, will officiate rather than a Qazi. Analysts said the courts are unlikely to hand down Taliban-like sentences.

(UPDATE: Haider followed this up on Tuesday with an analysis “Pakistan takes risk with Islamic Law.”)

According to the Karachi daily Dawn, the draft regulation to implement Islamic law, which was already under debate in the provincial capital of Peshawar, has been made more restrictive than a text drawn up last October. That regulation gave sharia courts wide powers with no recourse for appeal. This latest draft says the Federal Sharia Court in Islamabad  will be the final court of appeal. Ordinary judges, not qazis (Islamic judges), will officiate. All that makes it sound like sharia in Swat will be less harsh than the summary sharia judgments the Taliban may impose in other areas.

(Photo: Swat school bombed by Taliban, 19 Jan 2009/Abdul Rehman)

So far, so good. But that’s just on the theory side. As for the practical issues, the Daily Times in Lahore focuses on the local politics behind the sharia drive. It says implementation will depend on local Islamist leaders such as Maulana Sufi Mohammad and adds:

“A chilling feeling is that the Sufi and his warlord son-in-law will preside over the establishment of the sharia law and will also interfere in the day to day implementation of it. The power of the Sufi will derive from the gun of the Taliban and he will not for long allow a sharia which is different from the one enforced by the Taliban elsewhere. This is very important because sharia is the order that will ensure longevity to the governance of the Taliban in the various territories they hold. Finally, if the Taliban win the war in Afghanistan and the Americans leave the region, it is the sharia that will ensure that the territories conquered in Pakistan stay with them.”

So once again, as mentioned here in our last post about Swat, religion and politics form an unpredictable and combustible mixture with the Taliban. If previous blogosphere debates about sharia are anything to go by, we’ll probably hear a lot about how sharia is imposed, how the system compares to Saudi Arabia and whether this reflects true Islam. That will be interesting, of course, but won’t go far enough to understand what’s happening in Swat. There will also be a heavy dose of local politics involved, much of it opaque to outsiders. But it’s in this practical sphere that the real issue will lie. The Daily Times gives the context for this political struggle that points to a wider strategy in which sharia is a tool. It’s worth repeating: “…if the Taliban win the war in Afghanistan and the Americans leave the region, it is the sharia that will ensure that the territories conquered in Pakistan stay with them.”


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I think this is a great decision. This will substantially curtail the violence in the scenic valley. Imposition of Shariah has been the long standing demand of the people living in the Malakand Division. I do not agree with the view put forward by numerous commentators that this is synonymous of giving Swat to the Taliban.1) This shariah law is not only restricted to Swat. It is for the whole Malakand Division and Kohistan.2) No one can deny speedy and cheap justice to the people living in the region.3) People of Swat have suffered a lot during the past 16 months. In order to stop further bloodshed, this decision had become inevitable. I believe it has come a touch too late, it should have been done after the Feb. general elections.4) Most importantly, the imposition of Shariah will take away the high moral ground, i.e. fighting for the sake of Shariah, held by the Taliban.Though long lasting peace in the region will depend on the way the government goes about implementing it.Why were residents of Swat distributing sweets after this decision? Food for thought…

Posted by Hammad | Report as abusive

“It might not mean the end of fear but it will mean the end of violence here.”The above is a quote from the Swat diary on the BBC site. Seems as if the Swat residents are has happy to live in fear.Distributing sweets one day, distributing sentences the next day.These Taliban have got what they wanted bu killing people in these regions. Digging up dead bodies to place on diplace as warnings. Beheading people for being DANCERS, SINGERS, MUSICIANS.

Posted by bulletfish | Report as abusive

Hammad,Please read ‘Swat: Pakistan’s lost paradise’ on the al Jazeera English website.Talban have Swat and soon they will have other areas. Then they will on your front door. Foreign companies (with investment money) will leave in droves. You will then see yourself standing in a work visa queue in the US embassy. Then you will find yourself saving every penny to bring your wife and children (if you have any) to be safe with you.

Posted by bulletfish | Report as abusive

Hammad:What is Sharia? There are many different schools of thought, from the enlightened Sharia of Islamic scholars to the tribal barbarity that is called Sharia by Taliban and most Pakistani maulvis.This Swat Sharia is also coming to force by the use of the gun, not by persuasion or democratic means.Finally the Taliban are not going to stop violence as they are addicted to it. This Sharia attempt will also fail.

Posted by Aamir Ali | Report as abusive

Tom,R u trying to justify this Sharia (Sorry axx) law? Seems like after 600 American lives, countless Afghan lives and 600 billions US$, we are trying to find what we are fighting for? Am I right? May be then we surrender Afghanistan to Taliban and declare “Mission Accomplished”!

Posted by An American | Report as abusive

It seems that theocracy is acceptable for most people in the world for Islamic countries. How I wish we can do the same in Christian countries. One more, I hope Christian countries will not enact a law that is contrary to the faith.There is indeed no room for moral relativism. I believe that the Catholic’s teachings are more in order than that of Islam because we have a central authority that defines our faith which is the Holy See. If Muslim countries can do that without uproar from the liberals, I don’t think there is a reason for denying the same to Christian countries such as the Philippines and Latin America.But I concede that this can no longer be done. All I am trying to say is that Governments of Christian countries must cherish their Christian roots and heritage. Politicians must not de Christianize this countries but rather, they must instead uphold Christ and his teachings.

Posted by Daniel Rosaupan | Report as abusive

Taliban are not school boys to stop violence immediately after getting Sharia law in the Swat. Pakistan and Taliban may not able to hold ceasefire as USA and NATO are also involved in this figting. Pakistan is trying to win the hearts and minds of local people in the region. Lets wait and see.

Posted by Murugan | Report as abusive

Once again Pakistan heading in the opposite direction.It is beyond logic to make excuses for a democratically elected governemnet of Pakistan to allow 7th century legal system to solve 2009 problems in Swat valley. It is baffling what their rationale is behind this decision other than initial appeasement followed by disaster.”LAW” is a living entity, it needs to be modified and amended on ongoing basis, be it more favorable to religious basis, if the majority so desires. To make some legally unqualified mullah or religious party leader an equal to a Supreme Court panel and chief justice is LUNACY!How is this system going to be fair to the people of Swat or any “normal” Pakistani person?What are the leaders of the Justice Dept. in Pakistan thinking? This makes no sense – just further isolation from the entire world and more potential problems will occur trying to solve complex cases which involve international common (British) law which 100% of the rest of the world follow and is diametrically opposed often to Sharia decisions at times.Pakistani people are being short changed with this move and once again suffer dire consequences. What will the music and singing artist do now? How will they feed their families? All the while your politicians are enjoying mujrahs and sipping wine with the Indian and Chinese politicians in “private” meetings?Peace –

Posted by Nathuram Waghmare | Report as abusive

Laws created a thousand odd years ago cannot fit today’s world. In other religions, when people have to shun music, sex, and other worldly matters, they go to a monastery and pursue their spiritual goals. Normal people cannot adhere to such strict codes of conduct. This simply does not fit into today’s world, even for an Islamic nation. The great Islamic empires under the Abbasids did not follow the sharia codes.The Taliban was created by the Pakistani establishment to bring peace to Afghanistan. The various tribes there began to tear the already war torn country in all directions. So when Taliban went in there and took over, it came as a welcome relief to the people there for sometime. But soon the reality began to dawn. Afghanistan was pushed back in time and became the breeding ground for global terrorism.Making peace with this monster by allowing them what they want is a short sighted move by the Pakistani government. The Taliban will be quiet for a short while. But then the US is not going to keep quiet. When they find the Taliban on their way, they will try to take on them themselves. The Pakistani military will try to stay out of this in order to protect itself. If the Pakistani government makes any mistake by allying with the US, the Taliban will move in and take over the government, in order to turn against the US initiative. And that will be a full scale war. Those within the system who support international efforts will splinter off and fight on the side of the US. They will call themselves as the true Pakistani military and the civil war will catch on. Regions like NWFP and Balochistan will declare themselves independent, capitalizing on the situation and the Pakistani military and other factions will fight for the control of the country.The US and its allies might try to seize the nukes and this might intensify the conflict even more. I won’t be surprised if India joins the party to scavenge on the dying country. Or a desperate Pakistan will try to draw India into a conflict with terror strikes inside the country.China will see the opportunity and run over Taiwan. Their logic will be that if the US can run over Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan and run them, why China cannot run over Taiwan. And this will escalate into a global conflict.This is not a wish. But I see this coming. The world is going to see a massive disaster never witnessed before. This is going to destroy many countries around the world. And Indians will be the worst affected by being the neighborhood.

Posted by Mauryan | Report as abusive

@All I am trying to say is that Governments of Christian countries must cherish their Christian roots and heritage. Politicians must not de Christianize this countries but rather, they must instead uphold Christ and his teachings.- Posted by Daniel RosaupanDaniel Rosaupan:Which Christian countries are you talking about?

Posted by rajeev | Report as abusive

rajeev, that is just part of my comment found above. I don’t know why it was divided but kindly refer to my first comment.

Posted by Daniel Rosaupan | Report as abusive

[…] there’s Swat’s tortured history. And then, of course, there’s the question of interpretation: Sharia is understood and applied in such varied ways across the Muslim world that it is difficult […]

Posted by Swat: Pakistan Ratifies Defeat « The Stupidest Man on Earth | Report as abusive

first comes Swat then the rest will fall one by one.there is no way nobody can stop the talibs, this is a grass roots movement under different names from the fillipines to morocco. you find them in remote places as far as chechnya too.The western countries have been sucking the oil and raw materials out of these poor countries for centuries without giving back anything useful, like education technical help support. It has always encouraged corupt leaders to rule the poor countries, so that it would make the sucking of resources easy. All protests were banged down to quiteness with a huge hammer.Now the revoloution has started its under the disguise of an islamic flag. The tides have turned and it is too late. Many lives will be lost, there are too many who support the talibs and their kind.The Osama bin Ladins are sitting back and laughing and watching the drama unfold itself in their favour.I am sorry to say but it seems a new islamic empire is on its way. The only way to stop it is by grass root education in every remote village in every remote islamic country. Bombs and bullits cannot stop the islamists. Only logic and education can.Pakistan had no choice but to bow its head to the mightyone track minded fanatic loonatic talibans.

Posted by fawaz al-alawi | Report as abusive

Pakistan need to have an introspection,what it has acheived so far after indipendence and where it is going, what would be its future?

Posted by Sachin | Report as abusive

Fawaz,Don’t play the colonial card of Western countries sucking poor countries dry. This is dead and buried over years and years. Whenever somthing bad happening in a former colony (British, French…etc). Everyone plays the colonial card.E.g. Zambia and Malaysia became independent at the same time. Both have the same resourses. Now, Malaysia is much richer (GDP) than Zambia.These Taliban can be stopped and they will. If these guys want to test the metal of the world then they are the ones who will get cut.What the hell are they going to live off?Will they kidnap foreigners and hold them for ransom? However, if this does spread then all foreigners (Muslim & non-Muslim) will leave Pakistan taking there money with them. You cannot have this attitude that if you talk to them they will leave you alone. Or if you ignore them then they will go away. They will come knocking at your door once their resources are low and they want more. How will you welcome them?Maybe they can ask Sheikh Mohammad bin Rashid Maktoum of Dubai for help to turn Swat into an Islamic Jihadi, Taliban (no non-Muslims allowed) playground.

Posted by bulletfish | Report as abusive

The Taliban care as little for the people of the Swat Valley as they do for its history. Visitors used to marvel at the Buddhist antiquities housed at the museum there, but that is a thing of the past. Who is going to want to go to Swat now? How long until the museum is blown up or pillages? Pakistan is loosing pieces of its rich heritage to extremism each and every day.

Posted by lotus | Report as abusive

Pakistan Army and the people of Swat have succumed to the voilence of the Taliban. They just gave up fight against Knowledge, Freedom for the weak and the Woman promised by Gods Messinger. All the early muslims were Women and Slaves who were Ensured freedom and rights by the Prophit of Allah. Big leaders of Quresh and others in Mecca and Madina accepted Islam as the options diminished for them. Voilent Islam is the creation of voilent people only who practice injustice in their families thats why voilent traslations of Quran attract them. This vicious cycle of evil growth is also continued by subdued caged illitrate women of oppressed cultures only. Its the enlightened mothers who nurture the physical as well as psychological needs of a child, male or female. The whole idea of woman being half as good as men is fundamentaly flawed and nurtered so widely by such voilent men.

Posted by N. Junaid | Report as abusive

t seems that theocracy is acceptable for most people in the world for Islamic countries. How I wish we can do the same in Christian countries. One more, I hope Christian countries will not enact a law that is contrary to the faith.There is indeed no room for moral relativism. I believe that the Catholic’s teachings are more in order than that of Islam because we have a central authority that defines our faith which is the Holy See. If Muslim countries can do that without uproar from the liberals, I don’t think there is a reason for denying the same to Christian countries such as the Philippines and Latin America.But I concede that this can no longer be done. All I am trying to say is that Governments of Christian countries must cherish their Christian roots and heritage. Politicians must not de Christianize this countries but rather, they must instead uphold Christ and his teachings.- Posted by Daniel Rosaupan–Thank you, yes I missed that.I am never fascinated by Religion-State association since state’s word becomes GOD’s word and hinders free expression, hence progress. the statement “I believe that the Catholic’s teachings are more in order than that of Islam” is your opinion, indicating the superiority to Islam, which most catholics may agree and Muslims disagree and I as an outsider will disagree. Predominantly Muslim but still secular Turkey is a good model to think about. In any case even the countries such as USA, whose for-fathers did not want to be christian nation, is fast becoming so and the overpowering laws and policies being moved ahead (issues of stem cells, pro-life, abortion, vcaccination, evolution) affects everyone including those who do are uninterested in it.It is time to think of religion for individual spirituality/morality not for national policy.

Posted by rajeev | Report as abusive

lotus,I agree with you. From my viewpoint (across the Pak-Indo border) I cannot even believe this has happened. Once Zardari was elected all I heard and read on the news from Pakistan was about:DEMOCRATICALLY elected govt.Friends of DEMOCRATIC Pakistan.Now, here they are making a so-called peace deal with a buch of bearded, draconian, barbaric, despotic, violent thugs.I do not want this coming to India.Id this speards, I do not even want the ordinary Pakistani seeking refuge in India because the knives (verbal and otherwise) will truly come out.62 years ago they wanted a soverign territory of their own and got it. If they cannot handle it, tough.You reap what you sow.Devil has come to dinner.Chickens are home to roost.

Posted by bulletfish | Report as abusive

SOLUTION:1. Pakistan army and ISI can’t be trusted anymore. There is no end to the war if world listens to Pakistan army and ISI.2. NATO should enter Pakistan and drain the swamps.3. Pakistan army should take orders from NATO and not run its own agenda.4. Pakistan army and ISI should be cut-down in size (something which is commensurate with the size and requirements of Pakistan and which Pakistan can support without going bankrupt). Pakistan army should never plan to survive on US aid or looting state budget.5. Pakistan army and ISI should be brought under civilian control. NATO shouldn’t leave Pakistan until this happens.6. New generation of civilian leaders should be propped-up. Current civilian leaders don’t belong to Pakistan. They are all imported and they are never committed to Pakistan. They still live in 2-3 countries and take orders from foreign governments like Saudi, UAE and China. When is the last time Saudi, UAE and China created a country!7. Once the Taliban problem goes away, neighbors of (including India, US, Japan, Europe) should make a steering-committee on Afghanistan and regulate all aid and development activities and reduce mutual suspicions. Committee’s role can be reviewed every 5 years till Afghanistan is strong and able.8. Pakistan should be made to end support to all anti-India terrorist groups. Pakistan’s territory should never be used for any kind of anti-India or anti-Afghanistan activities. Once Pakistan takes visible actions and India is satisfied, India, Pakistan and Afghanistan should sit together and solve the border problems. They should all sign friendship agreements. Accepting the current borders might be a good idea. Going back in time to solve borders may be very tough.If Pakistan army DOESN’T co-operate in all this, then1. Iraq-2 should be repeated in Pakistan (Keeping Pakistan in one piece)2. Or Pakistan should be divided along ethnic lines and divided along neighbors. This has been done before Bangladesh liberated. Dividing Pakistan is not a bad idea because history tells us that all these different ethnic muslims can hardly live together. They will always be a problem to themselves and neighbors. Look, what Pakistan army was doing in East Pakistan. At least, this threat will make Pakistan army listen and act.

Posted by David | Report as abusive

After reading the comments made by some Pakistanis here and in their blog forums, I see a sense of surrender to the Taliban, anticipating their further gain. Some are consoling themselves as though the agreement between the inept Pakistani government and the Taliban is a welcome sign. “It is for justice,” wrote someone.I do not blame them. But this pre-emptive attitude seems to be built in for survival in this region. When the US came in close and said, “either you are with us or against us,” Musharraf threw in the towel and dropped his Islamic brothers in Afghanistan. Now he was fighting the “terrorists.” At least the Taliban was bold and they stood their ground. Pakistan on the other hand decided to save its skin and started running with the hounds. Now that the Taliban has spread out from Afghanistan into Pakistan, the culture shows its true nature – surrender and make peace. If you can’t beat them why not join them? And some one has written in one of the articles that the Pakistani military is not trained on counter-insurgency and so they decided to give in. They can probably seek help from the Indian military on counter-insurgency operations that they have become experts at, thanks to you know who. Doesn’t Islam mean surrender? No wonder the Pakistani establishment surrendered to the Taliban. There is peace in two places – in a place or worship or in a grave yard. The peace that Taliban brings is similar to the latter. Enjoy it. But never console yourself that this is what the people of Swat want. They do not want women’s education shut down. When I read Pakistan’s history, there itself these people have done a similar thing – Jump ship and join hands with the Arab invader Qasim and re-write history – Dahir was corrupt so the people of the land welcomed him and over threw the Buddhists. So now Swat was corrupted and the Taliban has come to save them. Good luck. Soon you will need to rewrite your history again. May be your history will start with the arrival of the Taliban.

Posted by Mauryan | Report as abusive

India doesn’t want any refugees from Pakistan in case full scale war broke out. Majority of Pakistanis never had a good heart for Indians. Send them to heaven.I strongly believe Pakistan will try to inflict war with India for her own survival. India is ready to thwart any challenge.Murugan, Indian.

Posted by Murugan | Report as abusive

To Hammad:Are you male or Female?I want to hear the view from any female personality from your area about imposing the sharia in SWAT.You seriously living in stone age world. We are not fighting to change your lifestyle. You and your lifestyle simply go to hell. We are fighting because you and your radical ideology which are posing the serious threat to the peace and prosperity of Afganistan, India, US and Israel.

Posted by Yogesh | Report as abusive

So now we see the reason why America invades other nations, desposes dictators, and imposes democracy.Because today, Pakistan has capitulated. It did not have the fight or resolve, so it surrendered.This is the reason that militant islam takes root. Because in the end, these people prefer life over liberty.”I will do whatever you say. I will worship your god. I will not drink, or smoke. I will chant death to America. Just please….please don’t hurt me or my family”A modern counterpoint to the words Patrick Henry made, so long ago.

Posted by Spooky | Report as abusive

@Doesn’t Islam mean surrender?- Posted by MauryanMauryan: Your several posts have been useful. But I feel that the above statement is too pungent for anybody’s taste atleast for more than 150 million Indians. I do not mind criticizing religion for academic interests, but not this way. I like to believe you don;t mean it.

Posted by rajeev | Report as abusive

Rajeev Sorry if my comment sounded too caustic. But Islam does mean surrender (to God of course). But in today’s world, power is God and whoever wields power gets to make the rule.Surrendering to the Taliban for quick justice is like going to the local Mafia don for the same. Who has patience to wait for the legal system to work? The don will get the same justice done for you, within twenty four hours. All he needs is your life long loyalty. And you life won’t be long if you betrayed. If people want to take a short cut for justice, it means they have no value in a legal system or government. I do not blame the people at Swat. Pakistan itself never had a stable government and laws are there for namesake.I have read stories where villages and the local law makers make peace with bandits who torment them. In return for peace, the bandits get to do what they want.This Sharia law is the same as Mafia law. Those who make a deal with these groups will lose their freedom and rights for good.

Posted by Mauryan | Report as abusive

Wacko Indians can’t discuss a topic at hand, always have to go into ancient history or history of Pakistan as a whole.

Posted by Aamir Ali | Report as abusive

Aamir ali writes: “Wacko Indians can’t discuss a topic at hand, always have to go into ancient history or history of Pakistan as a whole.”In order to discuss on a topic with someone on the other side, one expects proper knowledge of the whole thing. One sided history or close minded views will not help a discussion to go forward.Some of the comments I have been seeing from you and other people from your country tell me that you have been fed with wrongful information and a lot of important truths have been completely hidden from your views. It is difficult to discuss with people who are fed only biased views. Therefore it becomes necessary to emphasize on knowing the correct history of the whole thing.I agree that there is always a bias in everyone’s view. But your bias seems to be built on ignorance. I am sure you believe that Bangladesh happened entirely by Indian plan and that Mujibur Rehman was an Indian puppet. I see claims from you and others that India is helping Balochistan rebellion. So for not one iota of proof for it exists. Somewhere, some event should have linked India to the events in Balochistan and I do not see any. Mind you, I read a lot on these matters from different sources. I live outside India and have access to many unbiased reports. I can tell you that your establishment has created an image of a monster out of India. India’s actions against Pakistan has only been reactive and not proactive. If the RAW was such a sinister establishment, Mumbai attacks would never have happened. Pakistan openly supports many activities against India. There is no comparison. If India spent all its energy on destabilizing its neighbors, it would fall apart. These things take up a lot of money and resources. India has chosen instead to focus on economic development and has progressed substantially. I wish you guys could do the same.If you see my writings, I have been fair where I have to be. I have supported the accession of Kashmir to Pakistan. Some Indian readers have expressed their concerns about my views. But one has to be fair based on overall knowledge.

Posted by Mauryan | Report as abusive

By calling a wolf a swan, the wolf does not adopt the qualities and the beauty of a swan.By severly beating and murdering uneducated people in the name of God for their trivial trespasses against religion to “set an example”, is the greatest sin against Almighty. Because if God wanted only “the pure” tolive in any land or country, it is not impossible for Him to create it!This simple yet pure thinking obviously seemed to escape a Gujarathi-Katchi Khoja man called Jinnah from India, yet he had a dream, be it so high, that it is impossible for any Pakistani leader to fullfil. By installing religious police, the Taliban, who may mean well, but themselves are corrupt, to enforce “law”, without due process or ever a sense of “forgiveness”, a key tenant of religion by the so called democratic governemnent of Pakistan is no less than a crime of enslavement and an errosion of basic human rights. If the father of the nation of Pakistan, Jinnah, was alive today, he would behorrified at this event.Before any Pakistani talks about Kashmir or human rights violation in India toward any minority, he should look in the mirror and ask himself what his own despot leaders are doing to the people of Swat Valley, Hindu minorities, Balochi people who are in peasant status, and all non-Pakistani punjabis who are suffering only because of their ethnicity. To deny this basic fact is in itself a crime. Until this type of thinking is borne in the minds of Pakistani people, there will never be peace within Pakistan or around it. Much less any prosperity, progress or goodwill to someday becoming the “land of the pure”, something God would have done himself if he thought it was so deserved.

Posted by Nathuram Waghmare | Report as abusive

DEAL WITH CRIMINALSAnother shameful day for Pukhtuns by those who shamefully bowed to the murderers of innocent people in Swat.Bad news that the government has given in to demands of the scoundrels in Swat…they say that (Nizam- i -adl ) is to be imposed in Malakand/Swat now…thus giving in to the mullahs by the authorities…a black day, sad and shameful…how could you let murderors and criminals to have th eir way like this,I am not against if people in Swat legally through election or referendum demanded for such lawasbut unfortunately thses lawas are imposed on them by bunch of ignorant who killed and treated people of Swat like they were not Muslims and even real Islam of Mohammad(PBUH) will not allow actions of Talibans.What is the educational background of mullah sufi,Fazullah or betullah mesud,are they Islamic scholars, on the other hand Pakistani elite and military;instead of crushing theose morans like pests and vermin that they are, they’re being rewarded by giving in to their medieval, absurd, and contorted demands. Way to go! Be that as it may, looks like this cancer will spread and spread until it will eventually remove the smug smirk. from the faces of johnies who call themselves arjuns, jaypees, ajeyas, nkgs and stuff…and all their baniya’s hard painstaking work that they have done for themselves in business finagling would eventually come down to aught.So called leaders of pukhtuns and Pakistani regime surrendered to thugs and criminal and killers of Pukhtuns. This is indeed a shameful day, when the elected representatives of the swati people were ignored and the state put under the tender mercies of the scoundrels who wear the mask of “Islam” and “sharia” to hide their power-grab.Will these mullahs and ignorant Taliban leaders will be punished for killing so many people?, destroying busnises, destroying schools,will they be punished for using bombs and suicide bombers for imposing their views on majority?Are these religious fanatics going to build those schools they destroyed,what they do for all those people who were forced to leave Sawt,their homes,kids could not go to schools for months?Do these morans and biguits have any plan for those kids future ot they want them to join Taliban club of ignorance.Pakistani elite,bourgeious and corrupt politicians are as much responsible for Pukhtuns destruction and deaths as Taliban and their moro n leaders are responsible.M waqar, United States of America

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[…] days have passed since Pakistan cut a deal with Islamists to enforce sharia in the turbulent Swat region in return for a ceasefire, and we still don’t know […]

Posted by The more you look, the less you see in Swat sharia deal « GOATMILK: An intellectual playground edited by Wajahat Ali | Report as abusive