Comments on: Official text of pope’s letter to bishops on Williamson affair Religion, faith and ethics Sat, 23 Apr 2016 23:25:07 +0000 hourly 1 By: Daniel Rosaupan Sun, 15 Mar 2009 09:38:31 +0000 I do empathize the dilemma the Pope is experiencing at this point in time. He cannot please everyone whether the traditionalists or the liberals. The Pope is now experiencing the Passion of Christ where his very own people condemns and hate him. But I do believe that God is with him. The Church through the Pope is guided by the Holy Spirit to what is true and just. The successor of Peter is given the keys of the kingdom of heaven such that whatever he binds on earth shall be bound in heaven and whatever he loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven. It is Peter whom Christ had prayed that he may strengthen his brothers.

Pope Benedict XVI has the first hand understanding about Vatican II which has been misinterpreted by both the traditionalists and liberals. Both of them must understand that Vatican II Council did not abrogate the Council of Trent down to the Council of Jerusalem. Vatican II must be interpreted and understood in light of the Church’s tradition and not as an isolated act otherwise all of us will be misled. For both the traditionalists and liberals, Vatican II is just an approach on how to deal the modern world that advocates tolerance without sacrificing the truth that our forefathers had believed. The Church cannot impose its belief to others since we are now on the age where people has the right to believe what he wants to believe. However, the Church will not allow that nonbelievers would remain unbelievers, and our separated brethren would remain separated forever. In light of this scenario, the Church has to plant its seeds on this people through ecumenical dialogue by capitalizing the beliefs which we share in common with other denominations and religions. The Vatican II decided to reform the mass such that the Priest must now faces the congregation and allow the people to participate the mass, and use a language that the Congregation understands.

On the other hand, the Church never abandoned its tradition which it believed and preached for several centuries. The Church still maintains the gesture of the Tridentine Mass and still gives emphasis on reverence to the Eucharist and condemns any abuses committed in the liturgy. Vatican II did not intend to tolerate liturgical abuses. Neither did it intends to do away from tradition.

As to the mass apostasy, precisely this was the reason why Vatican II was convened. It was not the Vatican II that caused the mass apostasy as what the traditionalists would like to put it. Since the time of Martin Luther, many had fallen away from the faith. False Prophets had proliferated. They preached another gospel to misled the faithful. The ideology of relativism dominated the world and the people no longer knows what is right and what is evil. How do we deal with this? The answer was Vatican II Council.

I hope all Bishops, Priests and lay persons will understand the Pope’s action which is just a response to the Call of Christ for oneness, just as the Father and Jesus are one. Instead of questioning the Pope, let us instead help him that he may be able to fulfill his mission as the Vicar of Christ – to feed the lambs, tend the sheep and feed the sheep. Pax Tecum

By: Dawn marie Fri, 13 Mar 2009 00:37:14 +0000 I would love nothing more than to comment on this letter of his holiness,but I simply cannot find the words to express how broken my heart is to see the holy father tearing down by his words the goodness that we know to be present in our bishops and priests within the SSPX. Maybe I am simply not understanding it right but it seems as though he refers to them and to all the good they have done for so many over the years as though they are some kind of misguided poor deluded men,leading…or rather misleading otherwise good people. I think this is a very hurtful letter and it reeks of certain unkindness for men women and faithful of the SSPX,myself included, who have tried so hard to defend the faith of our fathers. The holy father would like to see us back in the Church and we would like nothing more,but at what cost? He lays down the conditions….accept the teachings of Vatican ll or stay outside. He asks then that we deny all that we know to be true as has been taught by the Church for 2 thousand years. Why in his dialog with other religons does he not ask them to deny that which they hold to be true. No all is fine for the rest of those with whom Rome deals with but NOT where we are concerned. He says he has seen this narrow mindedness vanish with others who accepted Rome i.e status quo and how well they have done. This is arguable to say the least. Many of these traditional groups were told they could retain their trad. practices while at the same time returning to the open arms of Rome. Where are they? They were swallowed up and spit out and are no longer recognizable as the traditionalist they once were. He speaks of the loss of faith in the world and still gives no credence to what was the cause of this mass apostasy. It is, it was, and it remains Vatican ll. I certainly do love,respect,and give my prayers and my heart to the holy father,but this letter heals no wounds for me it only widens what we have been bearing in our hearts for many,many years now.