Berlin campaign for religion lessons unites faiths

April 27, 2009

Berliners on Sunday voted against introducing compulsory religion lessons in schools. Social Democrat Mayor Klaus Wowereit has welcomed the result as a victory for “togetherness” and common values for Catholic, Protestant, Jewish, Muslim or aetheist children.

Campaign posterFor details on the result, look at the Reuters story.

However, as Pro Reli leader Christoph Lehmann said, the campaign to boost the status of faith-based lessons in the German capital — a city with a long secular tradition — has put the subject firmly on the agenda and made it a talking point.

Celebrities and politicians, even conservative Chancellor Angela Merkel,have joined the call for religion lessons. Perhaps she was trying to make amends with members of her predominantly Catholic Christian Democrats (CDU) who were angry with her for criticising the Pope in the row over a Holocaust-denying bishop.

Even the pope has weighed in.

The argument in Berlin, which is home to Germany’s biggest Muslim community, centred on whether children who have a deep knowledge of their own faith are more tolerant of people who have a different religion than those who receive a broader education in ethics which touches on several religions. Does an in-depth grounding in one religion equip children with a stronger moral compass?

For more detail on the arguments, you can see last week’s post and story.

However, the campaign has had another, perhaps unexpected, result. Despite suggestions by the Pro Ethik camp that faith-based religion lessons would promote Christianity, the Pro Reli campaign ended up uniting Berlin’s main faiths — several Muslim and Jewish groups backed the Pro Reli cause.

Perhaps in the end, that is its biggest achievement.

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This is a sad moment. Europe, which includes Germany is indeed turning away from its Catholic Christian heritage. I do fear that Europe, from being a Christian Continent will become a Masonic Continent. Instead of teaching the younger generation of the Universal teachings of Christ, they will now be taught of the Masonic teachings of Satan through arts, philosophy and other social sciences. Germany will now be accommodating all kind of ideas including evil ones for the sake of “togetherness”. They have sacrificed their heritage for the sake of the apostates, heretics, and the enemies of the Christian faith. Germans will now be taught not to offend members of any religion such as Islam, Judaism, including the atheists except Christianity. And And I do fear that one day, Germany will be legislating policies which are contrary to public morals and Christian faith claiming that they are not a Christian country. The serpent once again succeeded in deceiving Adam and Eve. Such indeed, is another triumph of the enemies of the Church. But I still do hope that God will not allow Satan to dominate the world.

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