UPDATE: SSPX to ordain new priests despite Vatican warning

June 17, 2009

econe-1The Vatican warning to the ultra-traditionalist SSPX not to ordain new priests this month without Roman approval had no discernible effect on the rebel Catholic group. Soon after the Vatican declared the ordinations would be illegitimate, Father Yves Le Roux, rector of the SSPX’s St Thomas Aquinas seminary in Winona, Minnesota, said the ordination of 13 new priests there would go ahead on Friday.

“Absolutely. We are doing it,” he told our Vatican correspondent Philip Pullella by telephone. “This is something the Vatican feels it has to say. It’s a political statement but the reality is totally different.”

(Photo: SSPX ordains deacons in Écône, Switzerland, 3 April 2009/Valentin Flauraud)

The SSPX seminary at Zaitzkofen, in the German state of Bavaria, declared its intention to go ahead with its June 27 ordinations in a statement posted on its website on Monday (here in German original and in English). It argued that Pope Benedict’s decision in January to lift the excommunications of the four SSPX bishops was a “confidence-building measure for the coming theological discussions with representatives of the Holy See” meant to thrash out an official position in the Church for the SSPX.” Further ordinations are due at the SSPX headquarters in Écône, Switzerland on June 29.

Defying a papal warning against ordaining new priests before its official status was clarified seems to be the opposite of a confidence-building measure on the SSPX’s part. As the BBC’s David Willey put it in his report from Rome tonight, Pope Benedict “gave them an inch and they took a mile.”

So the SSPX has thrown the ball back into the Vatican’s court. The Vatican statement said “the ordinations should still be considered illegitimate” and “doctrinal and, consequently, also disciplinary questions still remain open.” That leaves open the option of a further reaction from Rome, or possibly from Regensburg Bishop Gerhard Ludwig Müller. Or there might be no reaction, just that curious Vatican silence that caused it such trouble after the Regensburg speech and the readmission of the Holocaust-denying SSPX Bishop Richard Williamson. That would leave the narrow issue unresolved and pose wider questions about Pope Benedict’s leadership.


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Tom Heneghan shows his disdain for Catholicism with such a biased post.

Where will we see such activism against the heresy of the German episcopacy or nominally Catholic universities?

Such transparently anti-Catholic journalism reveals that the enemies of the Church are in total panic mode and taking desperate actions that look pathetic and in reality are futile.

Posted by Ted | Report as abusive

The BBC must be having a laugh if they call this a “ban”.

http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/europe/810571 6.stm

It looks like the BBC are the ones who take an inch and then blow that inch into a mile.

Are you guys actually professional journalists? You actually make a living with this fifth rate journalism?

Posted by Ted | Report as abusive

There is NO Vatican WARNING!!!!

The Vatican SIMPLY REiterated the fact that the Society of St. Pius X does not have a canonical status in the Catholic Church – it needs to be ‘regularized’ by the Holy See – and thus the ordinations are ILLICIT by that very fact.

NO WARNING or Excommunication or anything else as the heretic German bishops – successors of Judas Iscariot wanted!

Posted by Peter Haddad | Report as abusive

Peter, if there is no warning, why did the statement say that “disciplinary questions still remain open”?

Posted by Tom Heneghan | Report as abusive

God Bless the SSPX and their new 21 holy Roman Catholic priests who will celebrate the ancient Traditional Latin Mass and administer traditional Catholic Sacraments….not the fabricated garbage of Vatican II.

As a young Catholic, my family and I (13 people), and many of our friends, have made the decision to support the SSPX regardless of Vatican threats.

They stand for true Catholicism.

Posted by Kimiko Shoda | Report as abusive

If the Pope will not make an express repudiation of the SSPX Ordination of new Priests, this means oly one thing, the act of SSPX is ratified- in ordinary parlance, there is an implied approval by the Pope.

Posted by Daniel Rosaupan | Report as abusive

Vatican should never stop priesly ordination of SSPX. Because the modern priests could not called as preists as they don’t have that quality. So now if vatican opposes priestly ordination by SSPX means it simply opposes priesthood itself. Outside SSPX priesthood is almost destroyed. Everywhere there are heresy and wrong teachings. Without SSPX vatican is a submerging in satan sea. In best of my knowledge SSPX only keeps catholic faith and priesthood. Except some of old priests and bishops who are attached with vatican all others already fell in heresy, a satan sea. So if vatican stops sspx ordination it stops production of priests

Posted by Christopher | Report as abusive

The REAL “GOOD SHEPHERD” is calling HIS flock of over 20 young men–to assist in ‘bringing in HIS sheep’. NO person on earth can stop what GOD has determind.

Non-traditionalists are merely afraid–because more young men ARE turning to Tradition. Therefore they will use any ploy they can dream up to TRY to stop these young men. Satan might as well give up—GOD WILL WIN.

May ‘angels’ surround these young men of God as they truly become HIS. May angels walk with them and help them to gather all God’s sheep into His fold.

The ‘Gates of hell shall NOT prevail…”

Posted by Jeannie | Report as abusive

You are absolutely right Jeannie and I Too wish the same you wish

Posted by Christopher | Report as abusive

Where is the statement from the Vatican banning the ordinations? Where can it be found? All I could find is the statement from the German bishop…. He is still waiting on the Vatican to take action? Why would the German Bishop want to stir up so much trouble and put the Pontiff on blast again by the media and others?

It just does not add up to me….

Posted by Jason | Report as abusive

We need to hear from the Pope on u tube on such matters, there are enemys of the Church and the Pope in the “Vatican” Bishop Bernard Fellay makes a lot of sense to me

Posted by noddy | Report as abusive

The Church saves us; we do not save the Church.

One cannot work for the Church, by working outside it.

The SSPX is outside the Church.

Basic catechism teaches us that the Church is baptised people, united in faith under, our Holy Father the Pope.

Posted by Eamon Hatley-Smith | Report as abusive

This article is so wrong. The SSPX is NOT outside the church. I am of the Society, and we are under the Holy Father, despite what anyone might say. One day you’ll all see that the SSPX has the only true Catholic Churches after all… God bless everyone. xx

Posted by HumanAngel | Report as abusive