Funeral may show if Michael Jackson converted to Islam

June 29, 2009


One of the many rumours that swirled around Michael Jackson in the final years of his life was that he had secretly converted to Islam and taken the name Mikaeel. The “King of Pop” does not seem to have spoken about this publicly himself, and that scene in Bahrain when he went shopping badly disguised in an Arab woman’s abaya could be put down to his well-known penchant for dressing up. So unless there is some statement in his will or documentary evidence in his estate, his funeral expected this week may be the last time to test whether this rumour has any basis in fact.

(Photo: Veiled Jackson greets security guard as he enters shopping mall in Manama, Bahrain with veiled child, 25 Jan 2006/Hamad Mohammed)

The Jacksons are Jehovah’s Witnesses and could be expected to bury Michael in the tradition of that faith. When he announced the death, his brother Jermaine — a Muslim — ended with the words: “May Allah be with you, Michael, always.” Jermaine said in 2007 he was trying to convince Michael to convert.

The post-mortem period hasn’t looked very Muslim so far. Traditions vary, but in Islamic funeral practices in general, autopsies and cremation are out and the body should be buried quickly, usually in a day or two. Jackson is reported to have asked for cremation in his will and his family has asked for a second autopsy after the first one failed to pinpoint the cause of death without long toxicology tests.

Jehovah’s Witnesses prefer short and simple funerals, usually with a Scripture reading, and warn adherents against funerals with emotional outbursts ranging “from frantic wailing and shouting in the presence of the corpse to joyous festivities after the burial. Unrestrained feasting, drunkenness, and dancing to loud music often characterize such funeral celebrations.”

The focal point of an Islamic funeral is the funeral prayer called the salat al-janazah. An imam facing Mecca leads the faithful in saying the prayer, punctuated by declarations of Allahu Akbar. The corpse of the deceased is placed perpendicular to the qibla, the direction of Mecca in which all worshippers are standing, rather than in the same direction as the faithful as usual in a Christian funeral.

The funeral service could be in the Jehovah’s Witness style, it could be Islamic or it could be a mix of the two (maybe even with borrowings from other traditions as well). If Michael Jackson’s artistic career is anything to go by, the third option wouldn’t be a surprise at all.


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GBRay did not say that ALL of Jacksons family are JWs. To my knowledge only one or two are (Rebbie / Katherine). Could be wrong about that.Interesting that people like GB crawl out of the woodwork spouting hatred and discuss for the witnesses. Sure there are a few witnesses who have proven to be bad examples but the vast majority that I know are honest,clean and wonderful people.It’s irrelevant at this point what Michael did. His family have a responsibility to help these kids get in touch with their spirituality and grieve their fathers death.So back off and get over it.

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On Target~I didn’t crawl out of any woodwork, and I don’t hate the JW’s…just the watchtower organization that continues to lie to it’s followers.Jehovah’s Witnesses believe they have the only true religion and because of that they feel a bit superior to the rest of us, I know, I was one, and have clearly earned the right to speak about JW’s, having devoted most of the last 50 years to the religion.If you think anything I have said is not true, then point it out, instead of calling names.Also, MJ’s family is responsible for caring for his kids by making sure they are safe and healthy and have as normal life as possible. They have no responsibility WHATSOEVER helping his kids, “get in touch with their spirituality” by way of the Watchtower organization. Where do you get that stuff? Oh, that’s right, you’re a JW who believes everybody needs to be a witness…My challenge still stands to you or any other JW here to watch the video posted, and find ONE THING untrue about JW’s in it. Until someone does, YOU can back off and get over it!

Posted by GB | Report as abusive

if he;s a muslim really then jermaine would know what to do and we all know that the family are non muslims so theres nothing we are not going to expect the best thing to do is to pray for the soul if eally he is a muslim and i say farewell mikaeel

Posted by abdul | Report as abusive

as per the documentary Michael Jackson Private Home Movie, Liz Taylor states that he quited being a JW…it was back in 1993…

Posted by Angie | Report as abusive

Bernie, are you sure of what you claim? Perhaps you could explain why MJ introduced them to pagan celebrations — you know, the ones he was taught as a JW to keep clear of. Better yet, perhaps you could explain why he had such friction when it came to living to the standards of a JW. For instance, why did they threaten to kick him out over “Thriller,” where MJ barely escaped their actions by adding a disclaimer over occult beliefs? Why then did he finally “disassociate” himself in 1987 over similar clashes?You see, simply because his sister took his kids to the JW meeting (shown on link) now that MJ has passed, doesn’t necessarily prove those were his wishes.

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i agree with stuart.i was brought up as a witness, many of my family members are still witnesses and i have been inactive for sometimes because of some personal shortcoming but that does not mean that i should critise them they are one religion who maintain God standard and do not look at you as a rich man to tell you the truth about your short coming,rather they are willing to help you family have not abandon me as i am inactive and they encourage me reminding me not to lose hope becos jehovah sees the heart.i also did not lose anything as a child becos i had a religion that gave me a bible train conscience and made me very knowledgeable i know micheal had his regret becos in his writig about the sabbath , he said he missed a day with God which obviously is the chritain meetings ,which i did too, if micheal do not value the organisation he will not live the custody of his kids to the mum who he knows that the mum is a witness and will always encourage his kids to practice it.well if most ex- witness are not able to keep to the requirement or standard that does not mean that they shd critise the organisation.and some who have had their problem with some elders or their personal family should know that they are all imperfect human ,they are God and shd not use that to measure the whole organisation but rather they shd pesistently pray that one day Jehovah will bring out the truth about whatever issue it is.even regularly we here emphasis on the scripture which says that jehovah watches the heart.

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Q~Why do you assume that if an ex-witness is critical of the JW organization it’s because it had to be something like, they couldn’t hold to Bible standards, or had problems with some elders or some other foolish thing? Why don’t you think that maybe there was perhaps a change in something that they just couldn’t agree with, and left?If you think Micheal Jackson wanted his kids to go to JW meetings, WHY DIDN’T HE TAKE THEM HIMSELF? If you think MJ wanted his kids to go to JW meetings, why did he leave the crazy religion himself and put it in his past?Do you think it’s possible that MJ’s mother is doing what she (as a Jehovah’s Witness) is doing what SHE thinks is best for her grandchildren? I know many JW’s who believe this is perfectly fine to do, that is, undermine whatever a non-witness parent says and do ANYTHING to get the grandkids into the JW organization. Witnesses are notorious for doing whatever it takes for, “kingdom interests”.The bottom line is….(1) Once you become a witness, there is no honorable way to leave the Jehovah’s Witness religion. (2) If Micheal Jackson wanted his kids to go to JW meetings, he would have taken them himself.

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GB, I think your response to Q was quite truthful. Q, have you bothered to review the video link on JW’s posted earlier? So sad and arrogant of you and all other JW’s to continue claiming it is only Jehovah who knows the heart, but time and time again it comes back to what you all have been brainwashed to preach against those who simply saw hypocrisy among those claiming to represent “The Truth.” If anyone of you actually took to heart what you preach, why is it that you JUDGE by default that anyone opposing anything of what they have endured as a God-fearing, Jehovah loving, imperfect human is presumed to be an apostate, wild worldly person out of control, or gross sinner? How can you possibly explain or questions truths such as what seems to be sincere-hearted, ordinary human beings like that Fay and that Rosie she attempted to support?Where is your humility? Where does your so-called Christian training come into focus when you are writing and equally accusing disassociated JW’s who have obviously been hurt by the same so-called loving, mind controlling organization? Who are you to JUDGE? Oh, I forgot, that’s what imperfect of an imperfect organization teach to think about other imperfect human beings who never claim to be Jehovah and know what’s in a person’s heart.Must be nice to be so powerful and all-knowing. What then is left for Jesus Christ whom Jehovah had granted the power to judge, since all of you (JW’s) who you assert know so much about everybody else that doesn’t think as you?

Posted by Innocent | Report as abusive

Nice thoughts Innocent….Too bad the JW’s who have posted here before, are unable to respond to our questions and comments. Shameful….

Posted by GB | Report as abusive

So very true GB … QUITE SHAMEFUL of the so-called righteous. How very hypocritical and pathetic when it comes to addressing “the (real) truth,” that no one seems capable of defending themselves with the honest reality of what goes on and what abuses innocent sheep have endured at the hands of JW’s. The devil they imply that is within anyone opposed to their views, can equally be claimed about them by people like us. After all, it is the great satan, and in all the history recorded in Jehovah’s inspired Scriptures, he has never come outright to those he greatly influences to be as cunning and deceptive as he is under the guise of self-proclaimed righteousness.The elders, governing body, and everybody else are nothing more than mere men like the rest of us, with the same imperfect frailties, lust for power and control — in many cases, as I have seen, desire to be worshipped gods themselves through gross manipulation, mental stress, and threat of breaking up family and friends if you don’t bow down and follow blindly. The reality remains, though, there will be a day of judgment for each and every one of us — especially, and including all of them and their followers.

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Michael did NOT convert to Islam. His personal lawyer and alleged participants (Yusuf Islam and Dawud) denied taking part in the conversion ceremony. It was a false lie created by the british tabloid ‘The Sun’. Please see this website for the details rebuttal: ichael_Jackson

I agree with stuart.Great idea!! Michael Jackson is the great king of pop.I think your responses are very superb..Thanks……

Michael Jackson did NOT convert to Islam. Here’s a detailed well researched article that compiles all the evidence: ichael_Jackson(making sure that this post stays at the top where it belongs)

Michael Jackson mentioned time and again in his OWN WORD that he always followed the teaching of JESUS to LOVE and be Childlike. He believed in Jesus Christ and singing about bring back the Salvation in his lastest song “What More Can I Give” for charity. Michael Jackson is the the TRUE follower of Jesus Christ.

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Mj is a muslim. I was wrong being a christian. Shame on me.

Posted by Jesus | Report as abusive

He is in fact a Muslim.

Posted by truther | Report as abusive

Michael Jackson did NOT convert to Islam. His personal lawyer denies it. Here’s a detailed well researched article that compiles all the evidence: ichael_Jackson(making sure that this post stays at the top where it belongs)

ALERT!!contents in WIKIISLAM are NOT TRUE….so…be smart…dont be stupid to believe all those things in the wikiislam….thank you~

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Rear the article, my brother. Michael’s personal lawyer denied the conversion. So did Yousaf Islam and everyone else allegedly related to the story.

Posted by abdul haseem | Report as abusive

microMichael Jackson did NOT convert to Islam. His personal lawyer denies it. Here’s a detailed well researched article that compiles all the evidence: ichael_Jackson(making sure that this post stays at the top where it belongs)

It’s clear to everybody that US governmental agents killed Michael Jackson for his conversion to Islam. Michael Jackson converted secretly to Islam earlier in 2007 but unfortunately, Neil Syson spread a rumor to make his conversion complicated for the people to believe. That was all fabricated to give the image that MJ’s conversion was a lie. But we know when you simply say that Jesus is the prophet of God, and, bingo, you’re a Muslim.

The nasty rumour was spread on 21 November 2008 and it was rejected by both Muslim converts (Steven and David). But Michael never said a single word, he should have told something about that. He never told that it was a crap about his conversion. We don’t believe in any rumour spread by the Americans in association with Neil Syson. We only believe that Michael Jackson was a Muslim convert and he was murdered for his conversion to Islam.

Here are two statements that you can comprehend….

Michael Jackson never said that he has converted to Islam.
Michael Jackson never said that he has not converted to Islam.

Michael Jackson was threatened for his getting closer to Islam. He was not allowed to show any sensitivity with Islam. He was tortured by the American lies. He was accused of things he never did. FBI/CIA and the US government have spent 17 years to do investigation on Michael Jackson for what they found nothing and they tried to bring him down by defaming his popularity. Americans feared that if Michael was allowed to be alive, he would ask for trouble speaking to Americans in his last concert. And, Michael was for this reason murdered about 13 days before his last concert date. Conrad Murray is just an individual who acts as an murderer and surely he will be out in 4 years.

The only problem is, nobody is allowed to associate Michael with Islam. Even his family members are not allowed to say anything about his conversion. In America, anti-Islamic sentiment runs so deep that the Islam is treated with scorn and derision and given no moral weight. Unfortunately, much of it’s so deeply embedded in the Media’s culture that it’s very hard to change it. Americans can say all they want because Michael Jackson is not here to contradict them. Michael isn’t here to defend himself, so Americans continue to spew innuendo and speculation based on their own wishes. They were not ready to accept him with Islam anymore.
Michael Jackson was tortured by the Americans for his getting closer to Islam. He left America for peace. He left Christianity to Islam. Surely Michael was buried as a Muslim by Americans but what they are saying is just to show that he wasn’t a Muslim. Although his memorial service was clearly a Christian oriented service, but Michael Jackson was not inside the casket. There was a compromise between Jackson’s family and the US government. The family is not allowed to openly confirm his conversion.
Why did they order for 3 gold caskets?
And why were the Jackson brothers and the father at Muslim funeral showing true sad tears with the light blue casket that was meant to be for Michael Jackson and his brothers with father were seen at a Muslim funeral in real mourning as Michael Jackson was devout Muslim. As the police said, “The Jackson family is also said to be planning a small funeral ceremony at a cemetery in the Hollywood Hills, calling it a “private family function”.

America is a Christian country and so the tribute was Christian by force, under the Christian Administration.
Americans can do anything because it is their country. Americans tried to hide the Michael’s conversion but the truth has been exposed in some way.

Some things in life they just don’t wanna see
You know I do really hate to say it
The government don’t wanna see

But if Michael Jackson was livin’
He wouldn’t let this be

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Will you publish the comment or not?

Posted by Ocaepilef | Report as abusive

FYI the delay was due to the holidays. Comment moderators take some time off too :-).