Funeral may show if Michael Jackson converted to Islam

June 29, 2009


One of the many rumours that swirled around Michael Jackson in the final years of his life was that he had secretly converted to Islam and taken the name Mikaeel. The “King of Pop” does not seem to have spoken about this publicly himself, and that scene in Bahrain when he went shopping badly disguised in an Arab woman’s abaya could be put down to his well-known penchant for dressing up. So unless there is some statement in his will or documentary evidence in his estate, his funeral expected this week may be the last time to test whether this rumour has any basis in fact.

(Photo: Veiled Jackson greets security guard as he enters shopping mall in Manama, Bahrain with veiled child, 25 Jan 2006/Hamad Mohammed)

The Jacksons are Jehovah’s Witnesses and could be expected to bury Michael in the tradition of that faith. When he announced the death, his brother Jermaine — a Muslim — ended with the words: “May Allah be with you, Michael, always.” Jermaine said in 2007 he was trying to convince Michael to convert.

The post-mortem period hasn’t looked very Muslim so far. Traditions vary, but in Islamic funeral practices in general, autopsies and cremation are out and the body should be buried quickly, usually in a day or two. Jackson is reported to have asked for cremation in his will and his family has asked for a second autopsy after the first one failed to pinpoint the cause of death without long toxicology tests.

Jehovah’s Witnesses prefer short and simple funerals, usually with a Scripture reading, and warn adherents against funerals with emotional outbursts ranging “from frantic wailing and shouting in the presence of the corpse to joyous festivities after the burial. Unrestrained feasting, drunkenness, and dancing to loud music often characterize such funeral celebrations.”

The focal point of an Islamic funeral is the funeral prayer called the salat al-janazah. An imam facing Mecca leads the faithful in saying the prayer, punctuated by declarations of Allahu Akbar. The corpse of the deceased is placed perpendicular to the qibla, the direction of Mecca in which all worshippers are standing, rather than in the same direction as the faithful as usual in a Christian funeral.

The funeral service could be in the Jehovah’s Witness style, it could be Islamic or it could be a mix of the two (maybe even with borrowings from other traditions as well). If Michael Jackson’s artistic career is anything to go by, the third option wouldn’t be a surprise at all.


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I find it interesting that 99.9% of reporters and commentators state or imply that Michael Jackson’s connection with the WatchTower Cult ended when he was disfellowshipped in the 1980s.Katherine and Rebbie’s family are all active JWs. Anyone who knows anything about JWs knows how this would play on MJ, who was at onetime an extremely devout JW.In fact, circa 2004-5, a southern California newspaper published photos and an article showing MJ and his children attending their local Kingdom Hall. Does anyone really believe that someone with MJ’s ego would not only attend a “meetings” at his Kingdom Hall, but also take his children with him, if he were being shunned as disfellowshipped persons are at a JW Kingdom Hall. I suspect that MJ had been “reinstated” as an active JW sometime prior to 2004. Let’s see some reporter dig into that one. Don’t expect the WatchTower Society or local JWs admit such without presentation of overwhelming evidence given present citcumstances.The negative influence of the teachings of the Jehovah’s Witnesses on Michael and his family have been either downplayed or totally ignored for as long as the Jackson Family has received public attention. For those readers who really want to know what life is like to be reared in the WatchTower Cult, nothing beats real world scenarios, and of real world scenarios, nothing beats actual civil and criminal court cases.The following website summarizes 900 court cases and lawsuits involving children of Jehovah’s Witness Parents. The summaries demonstrate how JW Families rear their children and live life day-to-day. Also included are nearly 400 CRIMINAL cases — most involving MURDERS:DIVORCE, BLOOD TRANSFUSIONS, AND OTHER LEGAL ISSUES AFFECTING CHILDREN OF JEHOVAH’S

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Michael Jackson disassociated himself as one of Jehovah’s Witnesses years ago, so the funeral will not be held like that. Also, this: Unrestrained feasting, drunkenness, and dancing to loud music often characterize such funeral celebrations.”, is completely untrue.

Posted by Danny | Report as abusive

may his soul rest in peace.

Posted by shanzah | Report as abusive

I think this abaya had little to do with converting to Islam, I more see it as his love for cross dressing (dressing up).

Posted by Boss Hoss | Report as abusive

Jackson was kicked out/forced out by the Jehovahs Witnesses. Anyone disassociated or disfellowshipped cannot receive an official service by anyone acting as an Elder of a congregation. Apart from Rebbie, I don’t know if anyone in the Jackson family is still a member of the religion.

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Michael’s religious preferences should be none of our concern. We should focus on what he tried to change about the world, through his music and philanthropic efforts. A great man, in any light.

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may Michael Jackson rest in peace and he shall not be judge by this world anymore EXCEPT by his maker!!!!!!!!!

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The rules in Islam bear a lot of logic and we as Muslims are called to use our minds when applying the rules and not just apply them blindly. If the case calls for an autopsy or further tests then this should be done and the body should be buried as soon as humanly possible. We believe that the best way to show respect to the deceased is to let him rest in peace. We also forbid screaming, etc during and after the funeral and it goes without saying that people should either mention the deceased’s good deeds or be silent because bad-mouthing others is unacceptable in general and its even worse when someone is bad-mouthing a person who passed away.The salat-Al-Jinazah could be attended by any one, even a by passer who so wishes to attend and pray for God to forgive the deceased. The salat and the funeral are meant to be a way for people to make prayers to God to forgive the deceased and accept him in heavens and also to give comfort to his family so that they feel they are not alone in this. The prayer also includes asking God to forgive all of us and those who already passed away. More important, death is seen as a reminder to all of us that in the end no matter how rich or poor, how powerful or weak that we are all meant to die and all that we will get is that small piece of soil that preserve our bodies and remains. This should make us feel humble and think of how we are spending our time on Earth and what have we done to prepare us for the eternal life because we will be questioned for each and every deed and thought and our fate will be subject to how well we did in this earthly life and subject to God’s vast compassion.Regardless of whether he died as a Muslim or not, I gave prayers for God to forgive him. This man used his talent to make millions of ppl happy, clearly served as a role model for many and used his connections to help the poor in several parts of the World. Like all humans, he had his share of happiness and sadness. What remains evident is that he was loved by millions of fans despite the negative impact the media had on his image in the past few years. For me this type of love is a good indication because as we say in my country peoples true love is a gift from God, it cannt be bought.

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please just let him rest…why does it matter!!

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Well the point is still well made, the funeral will reveal if Jacko has something in his will about his burial and whether it should conform with Islam. If there is nothing about it in the will, then it is up to the family. I’m not sure how many, other than the mom, is a Witness – so she may be out voted. If it is Witness style, then it will be a simple memorial service at a funeral home. A short Bible-based talk discussing the condition of the dead on the resurrection is given by an elder (assuming one is willing!) in accord with Witness believes. Oh, and a closing prayer. No eulogy, no additional speakers are allowed. That’s about it for the religious aspect. If there is a burial, a reception, anything else – it’s all up to the family.

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This is very bad reporting. I understand you meant to say “Unrestrained feasting, drunkenness and dancing to loud music” characterize the type of funerals Jehovah’s witnesses warn adherents against, as the italics and quotes suggest. Instead the reading of this seem to be saying these features characterize a Jehovah Witness funeral. I would expect clearer, less ambiguous from Reuters. Unless, of course, you are having a joke on us all.

Posted by Chris | Report as abusive

JW’s don’t have any specific burial requirements so long as individuals attending are respectful to themselves and others. If family members are sobbing uncontrollably I doubt that it would be frowned upon. The writer needs to get more info about these things before posting. Abd also I thought Katherine Jackson was disfellowshipped and Joe Jackson never wanted any part of the faith so I’m confused….

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I completely agree with Danny and before anyone speaks about the Jehovah’s Witnesses they should do a lot of research!!! There is a website where everyone can go find info just Google it!!!!!!!!!! MAKE SURE ITS THE OFFICIAL WEBSITE!!

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well,i also think that he convrtd to islam .all i can comnt is that may ALLAH ALMIGHTY rest his soul in peace.

Posted by ayesha shahid | Report as abusive

Only his mom and oldest sister, Rebby are JW’s – Michael was, but is no longer -not for many years altho he visited halls from time to timeLatoya was df’d

Posted by Sandy Cairnes | Report as abusive

Danny I think you misunderstood the quote the writer took from the Watchtower website. He was not saying that Jehovah’s Witnesses have “unrestrained feasting, drunkeness, etc…”This is the actual quote from the JW website:”Funerals that are intended to appease the dead often involve a whole range of emotions—from frantic wailing and shouting in the presence of the corpse to joyous festivities after the burial. Unrestrained feasting, drunkenness, and dancing to loud music often characterize such funeral celebrations.”Therefore the statement made in this news article is true.

Posted by Michelle | Report as abusive

Danny- the article says J.W.’s warn AGAINST drunkenness, feasting, and emotional outbursts. J.W.’s believe, “Cry at a birth, celebrate at a funeral.”Do you know when Michael dissociated? Was that his decision, or was he disfellowshipped by the ‘church’? The web can’t seem to decide on any of this…I am curious as to why Janet appeared wearing a cross on B.E.T. last night, if she is a practicing J.W.? They are against all such symbols, as they don’t believe Jesus was crucified on a cross, nor do they believe in Jesus’ diety.How does the pentecost turned baptist Sharpton fit into all this?

Posted by Nikki | Report as abusive

What’s the big deal? All that matters is that he gets a respectful farewell.

Posted by Daisy | Report as abusive

Chapter 48:1-5Al-Fath — The Victory:________________________________ ________In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful.48:1 Surely We have granted thee a clear victory,48:2 That Allah may cover for thee thy (alleged) shortcomings in the past and those to come, and complete His favour to thee and guide thee on a right path,48:3 And that Allah might help thee with a mighty help.48:4 He it is Who sent down tranquillity into the hearts of the believers that they might add faith to their faith. And Allah’s are the hosts of the heavens and the earth, and Allah is ever Knowing, Wise —48:5 That He may cause the believing men and the believing women to enter Gardens wherein flow rivers to abide therein and remove from them their evil. And that is a grand achievement with Allah,Allah U Akbar!

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Beloved Michael.“O soul that art at rest! return to thy Lord, He being pleased with thee and thou being pleased with Him. So enter among My servants and enter My Garden” (89:27–30).Further on Micheal (the name)The boy’s name Michael m(i)-chael, also used as girl’s name Michael, is pronounced MYE-kal. It is of Hebrew origin, and its meaning is “who resembles God”. Biblical: Michael is the archangel (chief or principal angel) who defeats the dragon. He and Gabriel are angels given personal names in the canonical Bible.What a beautiful name for a beautiful human being.

Posted by Yasin | Report as abusive

I find it very suspicious that Michael died days before his concert in London, in which we know he was going to announce something. The circumstances in which he died are obscure as well.Imagine Michael telling millions of people in the concert (and through TV) that he converted to Islam and that he has found the truth! Some people might not be ready to face that perspective. Now you can make the link. I hope everyone else does.I hope that the truth comes out from where people want to hide it, and that God saves Mikaeel and all those who love him.

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Just for the record and for those who may not already know, Jehovah’s Christian Witnesses are not a cult and never have been. They ‘witness’ about the existence of God, the creator, that He has a name and as ‘witnesses’ they tell the truth about Him and the message, the comforting message the Bible contains that gives to all the sure hope of the coming new system of things under God’s Kingdom Government rule. The Lord’s prayer, for starters, is where this rule is talked of by Jesus. As ‘witnesses’ they choose to provide evidence in support of Jehovah in the universal court case in which Jehovah is slandered and maligned by Satan the devil. The vindication of Jehovah’s Sovereignty and the sanctification of his great and illustrious name, is very shortly to take place. I repeat, Jehovah’s witnesses are not a cult if they were, they would vote, go to war and do all the things that cults do. But as true Christians, they cannot in all conscience do these things. Ask any Jehovah’s Witness for a free home Bible study to confirm for yourself, the above and you will be very pleasantly surprised, I guarantee it. Thank you.

Posted by BLR | Report as abusive

James Jones, I am deeply saddened by your view of Jehovah’s witnesses! I am 19 and have been a Jehovah’s witness all my life! Contrary to what you said, We are not a cult!! I do however find it interesting how you are quick to condemn witnesses but not muslims? Have muslims not done wrong in their lives? No one is perfect!My dad is an elder in my congregation (we dont have reverends or priests, but a group of appointed men, who are in a good spiritual & moral standing, these men oversee the congregation and help us, they are from all backgrounds, white, black, family men, married men, etc!!) All of our teachings come directly from the bible! Pick up any of our magazines, books or walk into any Kingdom Hall and listen to a talk, it all comes from the bible – which is inspired of God, his name is Jehovah.. Psalms 83 v 18, It has been taken out alot of bibles :( We like everyone are imperfect, if people do SERIOUS wrong, they are put outside the congregation! If people are sorry for what they have done, they can come back to the meetings.. but are helped by the elders and have restrictions placed upon them!! It really depends on the situation!! We do NOT tolerate things such as murders!! This is NOT covered up rather the local authorities are notified straight away!You say that there is around 400 cases! Did you know there is over 7 million Jehovah’s Witnesses worldwide?? A very small proportion I would say compared to most religious groups! I am not condoning those cases, as I am unaware of them, but I am sure they were dealt with correctly and these people were not true lovers of Jehovah!Jehovah’s Witnesses are normal people in society who live very moral lives and would bend over backwards to help people!! I remember going to the Carribean last year on holiday and I didnt know anyone, I went to my local congregation and not only did they ask if I needed a place to stay but also included me in their social activities in their daily lives, the same happened when I went to Australia!! It feels like a big family when your a witness, anyone can walk into a Kingdom Hall and you will be welcomed!!! I now have friends all over the world :)I don’t understand why you seem to make out that Jehovah’s witnesses are bad people? Were not! I don’t smoke, I drink moderately, I dress respectfully, I do not use bad language, I treat people older than me with respect, inc my parents! I will wait until I am married to have sex, I help people in my community! How are these bad qualities for a 19 year old? Or any other person??Anyway, I am not a spokesman, just someone that is defending her faith :) If you want to know THE TRUTH about Jehovah’s witnesses, don’t believe what you read online, in the papers, or listen to apostate comments that are looking for trouble, instead go to a Kingdom Hall or one of our assemblies, see for yourself!Im going to the biggest convention in the country at Twickenham from the 31st July – 2nd August 2009! Your all more than welcome to come and listen!! Its totally free.. Just walk into the stadium and find a seat, if you need assistance ask any brother in a yellow jacket (they are friendly attendants who are there to help you) :) All the best to everyone!! xx

Posted by Kirsty | Report as abusive

Michael Jackson personally left Jehovah’s Witnesses many years ago …. and although his mother and one sister may or may not be a Witness…that is completely immaterial.He rejected Jehovah’s Witnesses, and left them and Jehovah and Christian principles for the lifestyle and all strangeness that money could buy.If he has a JW funeral, it will show that the rightous standards that one might reasonably expect of Jehovah’s Witnesses is a sham.My best friend’s son died in a motorcycle accident, years after rejecting the teachings of Jehovah’s Witnesses, and his memorial service was NOT held in a Kingdom Hall because of that. He was considered a “man of the Nations”, not a person consecrated to God.If he gets a “Witness Funeral” it will show that Jehovah’s Witnesses are no better than Christendom, who has spent the last 1700 years in cannibalistic warfare, and from whom no one really expects anything spiritual .. only “politics as usual”.Tom.Rook@Technik-SA.US

Posted by Tom Rook | Report as abusive

Michael Jackson formally disassociated himself from Jehovah’s Witnesses in 1987, and has had no contact with the organization since then. Normal protocol prevents Jehovah’s Witnesses from conducting funeral/memorial services for disfellowshiped or disassociated persons, unless they began to live by Bible principals and were seeking reinstatement at the time of their death. I would be very surprised if a Jehovah’s Witness elder consented to giving a talk.

Posted by Bryan Avila | Report as abusive

What ever faith Michael embraced in, I think it doesn’t really matter anymore and so does the ritual. We know that he was and his so loved by so many out there, no matter what. So, let him Rest In Peace. May Allah, God, Jesus, of what ever be with him, loves him, always…

Posted by Maya | Report as abusive

Michael Jackson was nuts but even he knew to get the hell out of the JW cult. What a bunch of mouth-breathers…

Posted by Radd Mann | Report as abusive

If he had embraced Islam, I wonder how he could hide such a big truth from his day to day life. Islam is not a political ideology, policy or theory which can be secretly keep inside anyone’s mind. Accepting Islam is he/she takes a “U TURN” in his life where he would become an active in practicing it.Will see…

Posted by Farzan Razick | Report as abusive

I totally agree with you Kirsty! You are a wonderful YOUNG sister who obviously loves JEHOVAH. I’d love to meet you someday in the NEW World soon to come! I’m a sister too.

Posted by marilyn | Report as abusive

I use to be a Jehovah witness. If Michael never recieved Jesus Christ as his savior he is in a place of eternal torment. Unless one be born again he will never see the kingdom of God ! Repent and recieve Jesus as your savior.

Posted by Steven Phillips | Report as abusive

This is a message for Kristy. I love you first in Jesus Christ but does’nt your organization prevent you from going on the internet because you could possibly find the real truth that your organization is built upon one man who was insane and believed in astrology one Charles Taze Russel that is burried under a pyramid in Penn. Look it up on Google “Charles Taze Russel Jehovah Witness”.Ask your self the question were are you going to spend eternity when you die ? Jesus talked about hell more than He ever talked about heaven. Isaiah said that your works are as filthy rags so when is the last time you been door to to door trying to work your way to God’s ( Jehovah’s) approval ?

Posted by Steven Phillips | Report as abusive

Michael jackson might have been a Muslim, might not have. If he is a Muslim and he has a Muslim funeral then, he might get saved from the punishment of the grave and Inshallah have a good life in the hereafter BUT if he has any other form of funeral, then God help him for he has committed too many sins and erm….Inshallah Allah is forgiving and its all up to God, he might forgive him, but now its all between him and Allah xxxx

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i dont how a king of pop could convert to islam lolllz!

Posted by rizwana chitbahal | Report as abusive

i dont know how a ”’king”’ of pop could be converted to a good islam lollz!!!!!

Posted by rizwana chitbahal | Report as abusive

The only official websites of Jehovah’s Witness are and Anything else you read on the internet is false.

Posted by Danny | Report as abusive

Not to be bashing JW’s or anything, but I would love to know MJ’s mother’s answer to this: How does it feel to know your son doesn’t have the chance of resurrection due to his disassociating himself from the Organization? (or whatever the real case may be)I would bet she would think he will be raised up again and not believe JW’s theory about this, but will not make it known to anyone due to this making her subject for disfellowshipping. Anyone have any thoughts about this?

Posted by Jeff | Report as abusive

Hey Nikki:You wrote that JW’s do not believe in Jesuse’s diety, could you please explain how they view him? I do not know much about JW’s but I found it interesting that based on the information in this article, they seem to share with us Muslims several practices regarding the meaning of death and funerals. We also believe that Jesus (for us Eisa the son of blessed Mariam) is not God himself, or his son etc but a prophet and we also believe that he was not killed but was saved by God and will come back to rid the World from the anti-christ. I am always interested in common points between religions and so, I would appreciate it if you have any more information.

Posted by egygirl | Report as abusive

I don’t think that it matters which religion he was following as long as he goes to heaven. There is only one Truth and only one God… Hope he did and will experience the eternal love and mercy of our Father once again. May he rest in peace.

Posted by gabry | Report as abusive

Know the real J . W

Posted by Farooq[Frank in English] | Report as abusive

I am a Jehovah’s Witness, I am not sure what Michael Jackson was. I can tell you that the Witnesses cannot and will not judge whether a person has a resurrection or not, this is simply left up to the Creator himself. We do believe what the scriptures say at Acts 24:15 that there will be a resurrection of both the righteous and the unrighteous. But the Sovereign Lord of the Universe along with Christ Jesus makes the ultimate decision. We are only human beings with a beautiful hope.

Posted by Jenny | Report as abusive

There are many who attack Jehovah’s Witnesses. Some are ministers of churches who have seen members of their flocks leave to become Witnesses and some are ex-Witnesses who were disfellowshipped for grossly dishonest or immoral conduct. Stubbornly refusing to accept correction their only defense is to retaliate with apostate lies and slander.Disgruntled former Jehovah’s Witnesses never divulge to those whom their hate mongering is intended to influence just why it was that they were excommunicated. Telling the truth on just this point alone might prove helpful to those who read their comments but being helpful is no part of their motives. Instead of accepting correction they give in to the injured pride and jealousy that can result from being unmasked and not getting to have it their way. They allow their personal chagrin to fester until vexation leads them into open declarations of animosity, spewing forth all consuming tirades with such vehemence that they no longer have any capacity left for telling the truth.As a result, readers who relish hate filled criticism eagerly believe apostate lies and become their latest victims, while those interested in knowing the truth look for factual evidence and are not taken in by falsely contrived stories. If you are one who prefers to know the facts contact the nearest Kingdom Hall or ask the next Witness who calls at your door and it will be supplied to you.

Posted by Stuart | Report as abusive

Egygirl go here,This is what Jehovah’s witnesses believe regarding the Trinity.Should You Believe in the Trinity? tart.htm

Posted by Stuart | Report as abusive

This is what Jehovah’s witnesses believe regarding the resurrection.Acts 24:15: “I have hope toward God . . . that there is going to be a resurrection of both the righteous and the unrighteous.” (Both those who lived in harmony with God’s righteous ways and people who, out of ignorance, did unrighteous things will be resurrected. The Bible does not answer all our questions as to whether certain specific individuals who have died will be resurrected. But we can be confident that God, who knows all the facts, will act impartially, with justice tempered by mercy that does not ignore his righteous standards. Compare Genesis 18:25.)

Posted by Stuart | Report as abusive

to the few of you that have responded about JW’s belief of the resurrection. Am I wrong when I say I thought they believed that anyone who made the choice to turn down the opportunity to become one of Jehovahs Witnesses, or left them either on their own or by disfellowshipping would not have the chance of a resurrection? I haven’t been to any of their meetings in a long time, but I know for sure that they used to say anyone who died while being disfellowshipped would not have the chance for a resurrection. As for unrighteous ones also being resurrected, I remember being told that was only for the ones that never got the opportunity to become part of “His” organization on earth.I also would like to comment about JW’s being judgmental and that I have asked this to their face of several of them including my own parents. At first they don’t want to actually say they are judgmental, but if you ask them if they are the chosen ones they will say yes, and also that only JW’s will survive armaggedon. Please dont comment calling me names or anything, I am only asking about all this. As for Michael Jackson, from what I was taught as a JW he would not be resurrected….as for what I believe now I don’t have the right to say because it’s up to God alone, and Jesus. I should not be judging him or anyone else. I would also like to say altho some of MJ’s ways may have seemed “different”, I myself believe he was a great person and never did anything wrong with any children. No one needs me to tell you he was talented, and I hope to meet him some day.

Posted by jeff | Report as abusive

@Stuart: many thanks. I will check that. I wasnt sure if you were asking if we believe in trinity. If you were, the answer is nope. We believe in one god, Allah the almighty, the creator of all. We believe that he sent a lot of prophets and messengers, some are known to us but many were kept from our knowledge. We believe that God is like no other, he doesnt have children, a wife etc. We also believe that Prophet Mohamed (PBUH) is the last of the prophets and his message compliments the messages of both Moses and Eissa (and previous prophets of course like Ibrahim, Ismail, Yacoub, Issac, etc), which were tarnished by human intervention in their respective holy books and teachings. We also believe that all humans will witness judgment day with no distinction and that is when each persons fate, (to go to hell or heavens) will be decided by God, through ones deeds and God’s vast compassion and forgiveness.

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As regards former Jehovah’s Witnesses being disgruntled, sadly most of them would be around the age of Michael.The way a child lived was no life for a child, and Michael is an example of ‘what it was like to be raised as a JW Child”.I feel so much for him, because anyone who has suffered the total and complete loss of a childhood never, ever, ever recovers completely.This is the typical week Michael would have had-:I two hour meeting on a Sunday + Preaching door to door. That is Sunday out of the way apart from a small amount of time a child can have on that day.Tuesday was another 2 hourly meeting, and home by about 10pm if you are lucky.Wednesday or Monday was a “book study” for studying a new publication or an old one and went for an hour, usually more as people would mingle and talk after. Fine for parents, but too late for children to get adequate sleep. In amongst that is the beatings of “spare the rod or spoil the child”. The “rod” became feared, a child felt hated, loathed, a piece of garbage that could never be accepted. The child had to constantly seek perfection within themselves or be punished in ways that today would be a major criminal offence.I’m still a JW. They won’t Disfellowship me, and I doubt they did Michael either.They stole his cildhood. They stole mine, and they stole millions of others.Do I hate them? No. I used to, but had to let it go for me own sake, but I still cry a lot, and cry a lot for any other that was raised and abused in this manner.I believe those brought up as JW’s now have things far easier, so please do not attack what I say if you are far younger that 45-50, or had parents that were not so dogmatic to take every word so literal in the bible.I am not an apostate, and am not known as one, and I shall leave this by saying, I pray Michael now has peace; a peace some of us longed for all our lives. He deserved the childhood he always sought and couldn’t find. There is always a kinship with those of us who suffered the loss of a truly absent childhood.I will let the JW’s reply to my post in their usual manner.RIP Michael. Some of us do know what you felt. I’m so sorry.

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An extended family member grew up Jehovah’s Witness. Truely this religion has been a disapointment to her. Her family is forever split according to who is in the fold and who isn’t that month. She has never had a family reunion that can be attended by all relatives. We don’t talk about it but I know that the Societies teachings have not unfolded as she expected. She told me in 1985 that Armagedon would arrive probably within 5 years, but definitely within 10. She was required to go to meetings Sunday, Monday, Thursday along with door to door work Saturdays. He baptized sister left and joined the pentacostals. They haven’t spoken in over 20 years. For a religion that claims that ‘the members are the happiest people on earth’ there doesn’t seem to be much to celebrate for her.

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Rosa, your childhood sounds like the complete opposite to mine & any witnesses I personally know. That scripture you cited is regarding discipline NOT abuse!! So it saddens me when it is mis-interpreted. My parents have never hurt me, sure they have told me off when I have done wrong things like any child does, what parent doesn’t? But my punishment was usually being grounded! Every parent in the world has a different form of discipline so please don’t generalize all witness parents by saying that they robbed their children’s childhood & beat their children!I have never been made to fear or hate my parents! And wasn’t brought up as a piece of garbage. I have respect for my parents because they brought me up in a loving manner and made me feel valued! They have never put me down but always encouraged me to have an opinion on things.I am 19 now and can look back and say that I had a great childhood!! I did all the things children should do.. I climbed trees, built tree houses, played football with my friends, spent hours riding my bike and having fun! I also went to these meetings and still do go the meetings (in fact I’m going tonight),Ok the meetings when your a kid are not exciting! But you send kids to school to get an education don’t you, that’s not exciting for kids, but you do it for their best interests! Because you know they will learn things they will need in their daily lives & in the future! So that’s what the meetings are, a spiritual education, they are just as important! And these meetings have stood me in good stead for later life! After the meetings I used to chat with all sorts of people at the Kingdom Hall, people from different races, nationalities, ages!! It has made me the confident people person I am today, but also helped me respect people from different backgrounds.We now have a 1 & 3/4 hour meeting on a Wednesday & a 1 hour and a 1/2 meeting on a Sunday! We also do ministry on a Saturday, which is an hour followed by drinks and association (which is offered but you don’t have to go), So that is about 4 hours out of 168 hours in the week!! Hardly robbing a child’s childhood! What else would you be doing in those 4 hours? Sitting on the computer? Watching the TV? The reason are meetings have been shortened is because having 3 meetings in the current economic climate could cause financial worry – I.e petrol costs! What a loving thing to do by having 2 and instead encouraging families to have studies at home one night a week!My family study is half an hour and is great!! I read the bible with my mum, My dad reads the young people ask book with my brother, as he is 17 it deals with everyday teenage problems and how the bible helps! My little sister studies with my mum and does the book of bible stories! Which my mum helps bring to life for her – when they learnt about the flood last week they built a little ark out of paper mache, she loves every minute of it!! She is also disabled and I tell you what she has a much happier out look on life than a lot of people in the world!! In my family we love and care for each other!! And I know loads of families just like mine! Hey, were not perfect, no family in the world is! But we all look out for each other and try to do our best!So, looking back on my childhood I don’t really know what I have missed? Unless your referring to Birthdays & Christmas? Which we have present days, so I get presents every year anyway!I know you said not to reply if I was under 45-50 but I am defending what I believe in which I hope you can respect. And I know loads of people in that age category that did have a happy upbringing including my own parents! I am sorry that yours wasn’t :(Its a shame that you have dis-associated yourself, but this is none on my business, I just think its a shame that’s all :) I don’t really know what your implying when you say that you will let JW’s reply in our usual manner? I think that’s pretty harsh, were defending our faith and expressing our beliefs, just as you have you have done in your email. Anyway.. I wish you all the best in the future :) xx

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Real Hope for Your Loved Ones Who Have DiedClick the link le_07.htm

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Kirsty, as I said in my post, I believe some things have changed for witness children now, althought I am fully aware that that is not the case for all of the children.At 19, you are still a child, and so much remind me of how I was at 19 despite what I suffered.Be glad your parents did not take those scriptures literally. For me, and countless others, it was not uncommon to be beaten unconcious. But it made a better ”lady” of me for an elder’s wife, or it was supposed to.As for all the time I had between those meetings, the time was spent doing household chores and book study at home. The most I ever had to myself was an hour or so alone, and that was time wishing I had not been born.So what was my life, and others like me at that time. Please note the past tense.MeetingsBeatingsEmotional AbuseHouseworkSpiritual StudyPioneering – yes I was that good a JW.SchoolingI was denied university where I had the grades and wished to become a Doctor of Medicine due to the blood issues. Doctor friends have said I would have been a brillant Doctor of research.You tell me where there was a childhood in that?Same as Michael with the constant perfecting of his music; his entire family of brothers and sisters. It was a mess for many of us back then. It was a crime against humantities children.Like Michael, that past placed me in the hands of Doctors who diagnosed me with PTSD. This led to prescription use, and then abuse to help stop the pain of what I suffered.Fast forward – I got off the medication, I accept I have no family other than the beautiful man I married and the children I have made with him. I am a successful artist. I don’t drink, I don’t smoke, I don’t do drugs, and I’m a faithful wife, and will be to my dying day. I am proud of what I made of myself – alone. But all of that does not mean that now and then the shadows of the past do not haunt me. I was not alone. Many of us suffered like this whether you know it or not. I shut up for a very long time before I walked away. Why? Why do so many shut up? Because to walk away means no family will have anything to do with you once you leave. You are disassociated through inactivity, and I married a man outside of the faith.The loss of all family ties is usually sufficient to make many put on a happy face, marry a JW and shut up.Few have what it takes to go it alone, and I don’t blame them, I don’t blame the average JW like you. I do blame the organization at that time and how they taught parents to guard their children.You can elect to believe me or not. It is your choice. It is also a question of empathy. Do you have enough empathy to understand that this happened to more children than I care to mention, and worse? I pray you do for a lie detector would prove me honest.I posted here because I know why Michael was so messed up to begin with. He never stood a chance unless he had the right help [medically], and clearly he didn’t. My heart cries for the child he was.As for what I thought about my own parents, I didn’t hate them as a child. I hated and feared what was done to me. I adored my parents. That is the pain.**According to what I remember of JW teachings, Michael would be resurrected. His ””sin”” would be repaid by his death.**My only deepest wish and prayer is not for Michael as it is sadly too late for him; it is for the children. I pray they not be brought up in a home and with people that are already known abusers through Michael’s suffering.Kirsty, I also wish you the best, and am so happy you are, and have been well treated. :)

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I agree with Kirsty. Also, God’s people have always been instructed in unity from infancy on, dating back to ancient Israel. Later on, Paul was inspired to write to “not forsake gathering together” at Hebrews 10:24,25. And while Jesus was on earth, children were drawn to him, and the way he taught. Even at a young age, children are able to comprehend the true meaning and purpose of life, while many are still searching. Our meetings help us to see that and form a closer bond with our Creator. We also have talks on how precious children are, and how to raise them in a loving Christian way.

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I was a JW for many years, and even had the opportunity to meet MJ at Bethel when I served there many years ago back in the 70’s.I have no doubt that the way he was raised as a JW affected his life growing up. Being raised as a JW is no picnic. I feel so sorry for those of you posting here who are still JW’s and believe you are in “the only true religion”. I diassociated myself several years ago when I found out the real truth about “The Truth”. To this day, I have still not done ANYTHING to be DF’d for. However, my parents and the rest of my family have nothing to do with me or my children because I don’t believe what they do as JW’s. So don’t try to make it sound like all ex-JW’s are bad, evil, wrongdoers that won’t take counsel from the elders and need to be outed from the cong. to keep it clean. Your only fooling yourself.The reason JW’s aren’t allowed to talk to former members is so they don’t find out the real truth, period.Sorry to disapoint all you JW’s out there! RIP MJ. GB

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What was MJ doing at Bethel?

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Personally i think the RUMORS of him converting to Islam are false as you probably would of heard about it more from the Press. Theres been no real SOLID evidence to these rumors. Also MJ has never admitted to converting, only he can tell you what faith he believed in.But does his faith really matter? You should not judge someone by their faith or Color, either way Michael Joseph Jackson was the greatest musical talent of all time.

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That’s why Islam makes sense to me. no complications. sweet and simple.

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but what’s a DEAD BODY anyway?1.) it has very little value to anybody who’s still alive..2.) & if it is of value to anybody who’s dead–but cant tell us the importance of it.So let them bury, anyway they want & say anything they care about.i am largely bemused how this generates plenty of discussion.

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Michael jackson who was converted Islam is not a secret thing to the whole world and neither he denied the news published in world’s famous news paper and on electronic media so his funeral should be only as Islamic laws and further I like to say on more important point on his will that so many claimers are coming forward and showing his will but AS PER ISLAMIC LAW ( SHARIA ) A DECEASED PERSON CAN NOT GIVE HIS PROPERTY TO ANY BODY NOT MORE THAN 33 PERCENT AND REMAING PROPERTY WILL BE DIVIDED TO THEIR RELATIVES AS PER ISLAMIC LAWS. THIS POINT IS IMPORTANT AND SHOULD KEEP IN MIND OF JUSTICE WHILE DEALING THIS CASE. MD.SAMIUDDIN KHAN 23-3-22, SULTAN SHAHI, HYDERABAD INDIA CELL. 9492429950

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I was raised JW and chose to go inactive for reasons some have listed and other personal issues–none related to being “unfit to serve”. Over the years, I’ve come to know many other former or dormant JW’s who while not in communion with that religious body still hold some (or all) of the tenets in their beliefs structure. Thus, I feel it plausible that MJJ could have removed himself from the immediate influence and control of the august body of elders while privately maintaining his beliefs. Yet, being such a public figure, he also was required to fulfill the needs, demands and respect of many cultures. He did so admirably while not heavy-handedly imposing his own viewpoints on others.And, while he is a talented entertainer, let’s not neglect his sharp business and marketing skills which created the Phenom.

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I sincerely HOPE that Michael Jackson has a Christian burial. I believe Jesus Christ is the only hope for ALL of us. I pray that Michael Jackson is at peace in the presence of the Lord Jesus Christ.

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Michael Jackson believed in God but I don’t recall him saying that he was a Jehovah’s Witness anymore. But he did state that he missed out on a lot as a child because of the religion and rigorous rehearsals. He also stated that he WOULD NEVER have his children miss out on things like that.So, when you all see “Dr” Firpo Carr on television talking about how Michael pulled him aside privately and requested that if anything happened to him, he wanted his children to study the Bible and be Jehovah’s Witnesses because that is how he was raised, that is a FLAT OUT LIE!!!!!Michael did speak with him but he did not tell him that. He wants hi children to have birthdays, Christmas, celebrate Easter (Resurrection Day)and other holidays.Michael has mentioned Jesus on numerous occasions and quoted the Bible. Now JW’s not only use the New World Translation but they also use the Holy Bible, yet they are forbidden to study the Bible WITHOUT the New WOrld Translation.According to JW doctrine, Katherine, LaToya, and Michael should have been disfellowshipped long ago. Katherine had a birthday party, Michael Jackson celebrates Christmans, Easter and birthday parties and LaToya (well do I really have to explain that one!?).And for those of you who say that they do not disfellowship just because of that, well, they DO!We don’t know what faith or religion Michael Jackson practiced when he passed away. But on most of his interviews when he is asked about his religion, all he says is that he believes in God (JW’s are supposed to use God’s name which is Jehovah), that he believes in the after life and that he believes in what Jesus said.So if one believes in what Jesus said, he stated that he was the Son of God in the Spirit and in the Flesh. JW’s don’t believe that. They believe that Jesus is an arch angel.So, my point is nobody really knows, but what we can gather is that he WAS NOT A JEHOVAH’S WITNESS. Oh, yeah and this “Dr.” Firpo Carr is a straight up FRAUD!!!!

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Whatever his faith or religion is, its between him and Allah only, whether he converted to Islam or not should not be our greatest concern coz its something private and in spite of all he was a great musician and we will always miss him and remember him in his timeless music.

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Kristy, Danny, Stuart,While your zeal to uphold/defend Jehovah and his organization can be seen as exemplary, they do not; however, discount or cancel out the truths being spoken by others such as Rosa. Differences in opinion does not always amount to apostasy, hatred, or false truths as your sentiments imply (John 8:44). In fact, Jesus instructed “Stop judging that you may not be judged; for with what judgment you are judging, you will be judged; and with the measure that you are measuring out, they will measure out to you. Why, then, do you look at the straw in your brother’s eye, but do not consider the rafter in your own eye? Or how can you say to your brother, ‘Allow me to extract the straw from your eye\'; when, look! A rafter is in your own eye? Hypocrite! First extract the rafter from your own eye, and then you will see clearly how to extract the straw from your brother’s eye” (Matthew 7:1-5).Like Rosa, I have a story to tell. I was born as a JW, baptized twice – once in my mother’s womb before birth, then later on my own at eleven years old. My father had always been an outstanding elder, as far as I can recall; and I even pioneered alongside my mother as a pre-teen. On the outside looking in, I suppose it looked as if I were part of a near perfect and happy family; but like Rosa, we suffered severe beatings and a host of other abuses. Like MJ, I was the seventh out of nine children, and witnessed my eldest brother being institutionalized in a mental hospital by the time he was 16 or 17 (of which he never seemed to recover). Shortly after that, my next eldest brother became a drug addict, and the list could go on with the rest of my siblings, but I realized at an early age I could not end up like them.The meetings and field service wasn’t so bad, but it left little time for academics; worse feeding 11 on a janitor’s income required several jobs of which my father arranged for the entire family to clean city and state public offices. Often after meetings instead of going home, we went to clean welfare or other public offices where my father had been subcontracted to clean. We weren’t allowed to have friends, phone calls, or visits – even from blood relatives because they were non-believers. Like Rosa, I graduated with honors (the only of my siblings to do so), but since the world was coming to an end and I should not seek worldly pursuits, college was out of the question. Especially when my part-time paycheck through my high school’s federal work-study program had to be signed over to my father every two weeks. There was no time to be a child and I was suddenly all grown up and in such a big family and organization still all very alone.I left home shortly thereafter to preserve my own sanity, got my own place and a full-time job to support myself. Soon I married and unbeliever and we moved from IL to MI where he accepted a federal position. By the time I returned home 10 years later, I discovered somehow my loving father, the perfect elder, had convinced the congregation to disfellowship me because even though I was married I had somehow admitted to my older sister I was living in sin with who was my husband at the time in question. I met with the elders and they claimed, well, I had been away for so long that I should be humble and accept Jehovah’s spiritual upbuilding (Bridgeview Congregation, IL) by letting the disfellowship stand. Whatever happened to me being a witness to defend myself, or as Paul directed “At the mouth of two witnesses or of three every matter must be established” (2 Corinthians 13:1; Philippians 2:2-3)?The story gets better, after adhering to whatever the elders directed, including my renowned father, I took to heart Matthew 19:9 and reconciled with my husband for whom I had separated only to have him treated like an outsider by the congregation, even when taking off from work to help build the new building (Evanston Congregation, IL). In fact, we had traveled to Nigeria to visit his family, leaving my youngest sister to care for my pre-teen son at our home; however, when we returned, she had somehow cleaned out our joint bank account – claiming my 10-yrs. old son had lost her payroll check. After taking measures to have the bank reimburse the stolen funds, dear old elder dad, called family services claiming we abandoned my son and left the country, even had my sisters to call and claim it was true. It gets better, he further took it to the Lakeview Congregation, IL elders and they attempted to start proceedings to disfellowship me for reporting my sister had forged checks on my account and child abandonment, until I was forced to write the headquarters in NY to complain – my husband called them nuts.Eventually we purchased a home across the border in IN, only to be run away by elders and insecure wives who thought my studious and detailed comments at meetings were showing off, as were the suits/outfits I wore to meetings (coming directly from work) after 1.5 hrs. commute from downtown Chicago. My passion to help others in the congregation less fortunate, invite everyone over for gatherings in my home, and even reaching out to brothers in times of crisis like during Iraq’s first war, when the Bethel Home there sent a beautiful response of how they were encouraged by my words of comfort; but the elders refused to accept or read it to the congregation as it instructed because I was again trying to show off (Merrillville & Crown Point Congregations, IN). These all helped me to gradually steer away from the personalities associated with JW.As you can see, there are a host of things that can be written, but I think this is sufficient to support that Rosa was right, and anyone not having lived in another person’s shoes really should remember John 8:44. My faith, as I am sure of others, is strong as those who claim to live up to what Jesus taught that true Christians should be; I have found JW’s, though, to be the biggest stumbling blocks (Matthew 18:5-6) if ever there could be – and have let the elders know as much. I will take my chances on the outside and place my trust in the only true judge (John 5:22) and only true “see[r of] … heart[s] (1 Samuel 16:7) – not man.I too pray for MJ’s children.

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Thanks for sharing F. Fay… many more stories out there like yours…MJ was at Bethel on a tour with his family when I met him back around 77′-78′.

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Naomi,Jehovah’s Witnesses are not a, “strange sect or something”. For those of us who have not gone on “hearsay”, but have actually gotten to know JW’s and have relatives who are JW’s, we know Jehovah’s Witnesses to be a very destructive religious CULT.Have a nice day! MJ R.I.P.

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My ex husband is Jehovah’s Witness. I am not. When our son died in 2000, at age 21, we planned his funeral together. It was simple. Done as soon as we could make arrangements. My Christian pastor said a few words and prayers graveside. My son’s dad himself said a couple of scripture versus. We filed by his open casket, little JW family members tossed in toys, stuffed animals etc. Me and his JW stepmother bent and kissed him goodbye. We all threw dirt onto his casket and then it was over. Simple.Just my experience.RIP MJ

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I was raised as a JW. Your being baptized in the womb smacks of dishonesty, or at least perhaps you’re mistaken, because Jehovah’s Witnesses adhere to the example set by John the Baptist and Jesus Christ as regards baptism. For us baptism is a biblically intellectual and faith based decision. If you don’t wish to dedicate yourself to doing God’s will and are unwilling to submit yourself to Christ Jesus Kingship, such an undertaking as baptism would be foolhardy indeed!Fay, I’m sorry that you had a bad experience. What a traumatic life you’ve had. Of course I have no way of knowing how much of your story is filled with truths versus lies, nor do I know how much is perspective versus fact. I can only say that I on the other hand have found my experiences to be quite the opposite.I have traveled the world, performed on stage in many different arenas and had a 4.0 at University as a Jehovah’s Witnesses. I’ve had the opportunity of meeting the poor and humble as well as millionaires, and the picture you paint is a uniquely bleak and ugly one amongst these people. I’ve lived in 6 different states and two different countries and while no JW is perfect, I’ve found them to be on the whole gorgeous inside and out.The early Christian congregations mentioned in the Christian Greek Scriptures were often filled with ever so many problems, as well as problematic people. No matter the religion calling itself Christian, the people in it are only as good as their ability to apply and humbly submit to Christian principals. As individuals we are accountable before Jehovah God and his reigning son Christ Jesus. If we are unloving and reprehensible in our behavior, in addition to stumbling others, we can only expect to bring reproach and malediction upon ourselves.For my part, even if I got directions to the emergency room from a cruel and vicious person, I would prefer that over a sweet, kind and utterly mistaken individual who cost me my life because their directions were incorrect. During my University education, I was able to confirm what I had actually been told to be correct by Jehovah’s Witnesses. My Western Civilization professor in the very first week mentioned that the teaching of the “Immortality of the Human Soul came from ancient Babylon” and he was Seminary trained. Also, in my universities library I was able to confirm that indeed the Catholic Church did put it down in writing in one of their dictionaries that that same teaching was not bible based, nor is the trinity. (Ezekiel 18:4) (1 Corinthians 15:24-28) Jehovah’s Witnesses are Protestants, it’s just that we protest many more of the teachings springing forth from the Catholic Church than most other religions calling themselves protestant. The fact that the game show “Jeopardy” stated our New World Translation was the most accurate bible available did not hurt my feelings any! The most important issue is that Michael could not be in the hands of a more righteous and loving God than our creator Jehovah and his highly favored son, our redeemer, judge and reigning king Christ Jesus. (Ecclesiastes 12:13) (John 25:25-30)

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Naomi, GB,Your comments are very revealing, I came across this Reuters article in search of a website to send MJ’s brother, Jermaine, a response to his extremely surprising claim on CNN’s Larry King that Allah and Jehovah are synonymous – a total contrast to the Quran’s teaching that there is “No god but Allah; Muhammad is the messenger of Allah” (Surah 33:40). Worse, he went on to somewhat claim MJ was the most important man to ever have walked this earth. In my opinion, something went tragically wrong in the Jackson family – tantamount to what I experienced and still witness today in the remnants of what remains of own dysfunctional family. MJ’s heartbreaking story reminded me of my own brothers. The eldest was weak and shy as MJ, but lost his mind as I mentioned earlier, another refused to be brutalized at a point in life, which earned him a scalding pot of hot water that peeled his flesh from his skin in one beating.Everybody has his or her own story, I am sure; but what happened to you GB? Of all the things on this earth to classify JW’s as, why would you capitalize on cult? And Naomi, does anyone know you are claiming to be a JW on the Internet and calling potential sheep “STUPID”? How exactly do you think anyone reading such comments will view the next JW knocking on their door (Matthew 26:51-53)?In my opinion, Katherine was about as helpless as my own mother to stop the abuses against her nine children. On the other hand, I have seen documentary-type videos of her own words, and her children of how they view life based on religious beliefs. With such a rock of a JW mother (as has been reported), how could anyone believe an ancient Arabian practice to worship a deceased man named Allah and a cubed black meteorite in Mecca Valley (Middle East) ever be likened to the true Creator and his presence (Psalms 106:36)? If nothing else, Islamic beliefs appear to include much bloodshed, hatred, and self-proclaimed supremacy over infidels. Although, not all Muslims practice such hatred, it is seemingly still a contrast between the two beliefs; that is, being raised as I was as a JW then choosing to embrace (often violent) Islamic beliefs.It is easy to understand why MJ was lost, alone, and confused. Only he can answer for his sins when judged, like me and you and everybody else. For now, though, remember that there is no real need for wishing RIP because “the living are conscious that they will die; but as for the dead, they are conscious of nothing at all, neither do they anymore have wages … [a]lso, their love and hate and their jealousy have already perished (Ecclesiastes 9:5-6; Psalms 146:4; Genesis 3:19). Based on what has been revealed thus far about the Jackson family, I believe MJ’s children need the most prayers right now; although I do also understand and can empathize with the person MJ turned out to be.

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Tricia,While you are apparently upset with my truths, yours and no other person’s desire to accept or not accept what I have lived through concerns me. If you have a question, a polite inquiry would have sufficed. It seems as if attack anyone that does not paint a pretty portrait about the truths of JW’s is how you were raised and trained to teach theocractically from the weekly meetings. First, I never said JW’s believed in womb baptisms, I simply stated a fact that my mother was eight months or so pregnant with me when she was baptized. What that has to do with “smack” or “dishonesty” is beyond me, since I know for a fact you were not there. If your education makes you proud, good for you; but before you attempt belittling anyone else on that basis, perhaps you should learn humility and find out whether or not the person achieved a degree as well. I attended the University of Illinois (Chicago) and courses at American University recently which completed my degree in legal studies this past February – with a 3.9+ / 4.0 GPA. I have worked for all the major law firms in Chicago for as long as I have been able to work, but my husband insisted I get the degree I could not achieve so very many years ago. I happened to marry into an educated family from Africa.As far as your fake sympathy, by all means keep it – I don’t need it from you or any other JW since most don’t have a heart to begin with when it counts. Its personalities like yours that keep me in the frame of reference about JW’s being so hypocritical with their biased judgment and let’s not forget, self-righteousness, that I only sit back and wait to see what Jehovah will do to all of your types (Matthew 7:1-2; Romans 14:4). What makes you believe you are qualified to teach? Are you unaware of Paul’s words that “a slave of the Lord does not need to fight, but needs to be gentle toward all, qualified to teach, keeping himself restrained under evil, instructing with mildness those not favorably disposed; as perhaps God may give them repentance leading to an accurate knowledge of truth” (2 Timothy 2:24-25). I take it your words mean you are up there in the ranks of Jesus Christ, right?You are no one and nothing but a human being, much like me; therefore, I do not have to answer to you or anyone of your caliber for anything. If, on the other hand, you would like to talk to the congregation elder that knows me and what they did to ultimately turn me off, look up E. Jones in Merrillville, IN (lives on Delaware St. or so, and he is listed). It would seem there is a number of you that need the humility you speak of; are you aware that carrying the Bible, attending meetings and preaching what you do not practice will not gain you a ticket to anywhere – let alone everlasting life in Paradise. When you can read my heart and mind, I may consider you worthy of my time, but as long as you bleed the same blood, breathe the same air, indelibly employ the same imperfections sanctioned on us all since Adam and Eve, you can take your presumptions and go to that same place you have destined me and countless others with your arrogance and promise of doom. There is but one God, and His name is not Tricia, neither is it that of his son, Jesus Christ.

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may allah bless you mj@ mikail…..islam forever

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The World does not care whether MJ was a JW or a Muslim. The World care because he was the King of Pop.

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Fay,I call JW’s a cult because that’s what they are.The mind-controlling tactics JW’s use to recruit other members and the control the Governing Body has over every little thing in the members lives is as cult-like as any other religious cult out there.Having been a JW for many years (as a Bethelite, special pioneer and elder), and now being away from them, I know exactly what JW’s are.Being one of Jehovah’s Witnesses means that you give up the right to decide for yourself what the Bible says and what you believe, the Watchtower will tell you that. When they change teachings, so do you.Jehovah’s Witnesses strongly discourage thier children from being involved in school sports, or even having friends who aren’t other JW’s. Jehovah’s Witnesses cannot celebrate birthdays or other holidays. Jehovah’s Witnesses are strongly encouraged to not go to college, but spend more time knocking on doors.My family hasn’t spoken to me for years, do you want to know why? Because i’m not one of Jehovah’s Witnesses anymore. I left…. That’s all. I stopped going to meetings and knocking on doors. I found out what JW’s really were and decided I couldn’t be a part of the organization anymore. As a JW, that is not really an option. I knew exactly what would happen if I left. My family would have nothing to do with me anymore, and that’s exactly what happened.My family is not allowed to talk to me, these are the rules of being one of Jehovah’s Witnesses and every JW knows this. Can you feel the love yet?These thing are really just the tip of the iceberg, what more do you need to see before understanding the mind-controlling ways of the Witnesses?

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MJ(mikaeel) may allah bless u

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Anyone interested in finding out about the ways of religious cults can read some of the books of Steve Hassan, a former cult member (Moonies) and expert on the subject of cults.If MJ had not been raised as one of Jehovah’s Witness (like myself), I’m sure someone with his talents and artistic spirit would never have gotten involved with such a crazy and controlling organization. R.I.P.Michael….

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GB,Totally understand where you are coming from and can even empathize. Seemingly, rules apply to some and not others, as by all accounts (as you, me, and countless others have experienced) at the very least today MJ’s mother and sister should not be speaking to anyone in the Jackson family since all of them have disassociated themselves, let alone going to MJ’s memorial service at the Forest funeral site and the now televised memorial celebration. I am sure JW’s would say all MJ’s cash has nothing to do with it, but folks like us know better. My self-proclaimed righteous family (what remains of it), have not spoken to me either. I shared the same type of love for my mother as MJ had for his, but because of religious fanaticism I wasn’t even invited to her funeral and had been banned from seeing her at home. She had been dead and buried over a month before the loving JW’s decided to let me know she had passed – mind you, that included the outstanding elder father, righteous elder family friend in NY’s Bethel, and righteous pioneer sisters. You are quite right about where is the love – then again, who needs it with such alleged God-fearing people. It will be interesting to see of the elders in CA will disfellowship Katherine for loving her son and supporting those that wish to honor him.Peace be with the Jacksons, you, and the so very many others out there that are reliving things in their life that perhaps MJ helped them to survive through his music.

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Jehovah’s Witnesses dont want to believe he was a muslim.His funeral dont say what he was:- his family (mostly) was not muslim- not ordinary death delays funeralHe made good music. That’s why he was famous.

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watchtower or Jehovah Witness’s aren’t cults

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I believe that MJ was disfellowshipped for making the Thriller viedo. Iam not positive. Because of the vampirers and dead bodies. Does anyone recall or know the truth?

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Michael, may human beings understand your shortcomings just as they will wish others to understand theirs as no one is perfect. Only Allah is perfect and limitless. You are blessed for accepting the message at the last seven months of the fifty years of your life. Only few men will be this previledged

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linda Allen,How would you describe a cult?MJ was never disfellowshipped because he was never baptized.

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Assalamu alaikum brothers and sisters.I agree with the post by Adam on the 29th June. I think there is a foul play in is death. Lets wait for the toxicology. Could you imagine the world especially to Michael Jackson’s admirers, the youths and the Muslim world if he had publicly announced his conversion to Islam after the London concert? What happened just over a decade ago when Dodi Al fayad and Princess Diana were about to wed? They tragically and abruptly died.Allah has a way of working things out though. Lets not cry hues yet. More than what we can reason or imagine might come out. Facts will open up however lateWhen Michael Jackson was asked why his ‘invincible’ album never topped the chat in the USA, he responded tearfully by saying that the album topped the chat in every other country other than the US. That there was conspiracy against him in the US. The interviewer never asked further for him to elaborate.Well, perhaps he realized that he has been used or manipulated and he was looking for a way out. Again for him, i feel he is lucky to have seen the light at the tail end of his life. Allah is merciful and forgiving. This is a sign for many to see.In the manner in which he will be buried is not much an issue now if he had embraced Islam before death. May Allay forgive us our sins. Ameen

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plz dont bring this crap of world conspiring against MuslimsIf u would bother to find out the religion of terrorists all over the world then ur question of who is conspiring against whom will be cleared.

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Brother, or Sister?,I appreciate your anonymous comment.Are you saying that all the muslims in the world are terrorists? I am sure you know and respect some muslim personalities that you will not look into the eyes and call terrorists.I am sure you know the word “conspiracy” exist. Please don’t allow your mind to be fixed. Be accommodating and see things objectively. Perhaps the muslims dont accommodate inuendos!!!!SALAM, PEACE.

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Linda, can you explain this? GB appears to be right like all those other poor souls pouring there hearts out here. ocid=7529203252348464576

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to anonymous user,what kind of person r u i don’t know but to call the whole religion “a religion of terrorist” is something to be ashamed of. Do you even know what is the meaning of the word Islam its “peace”, if some black sheep’s r doing something that doesn’t mean that u can use the terrorist label to every body.Hitler killed 6 million Jews so u don’t call Christians terrorist do u.Please know what you r talking about then commentWhether he(Michael)was a Muslim or not can only be proved by him ,and his testimony if it s there.

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to Anonymous I will ask you 1 thing ,did YOU bother to find about about this religion that you call “religion of terrorists”and about who is conspiring against who.Don’t you remember 2-3 years back an artist in Denmark drew some really insulting pictures about our Prophet.My question to you did the Muslim did any thing to him any thing which brought him to draw this pictures.In France 3-4 years ago a law was created that any woman whether she wants it or not will not be allowed to wear Hijab(the Islamic code of dressing for Muslims) isn’t this a direct hit against the Muslims law.Isn’t this a conspiracy.British ruled half of the world for ages,did the countries welcome them to be enslaved,did the Britishconquered lawfully,i guess not,so were they Muslim?Do you know what do they call our place of worship,the Masjid, mosque which has the root word mosquito,isn’t it a direct insult to us?

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Oopss. Let me clarify: a member of the Jackson family, and brother in the local congregation of Jehovah’s Witnesses read a few comforting scriptures at the private service.

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M.E.,How do you know this?

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GREAT Question GB, how do you know M.E.? You were there, right? Or perhaps you have the name of who spoke, right? Please, do tell …

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Sorry, forgot to ask, what is the name of local congregation the brother belongs too? Will anyone from that congregation admit to such a thing?

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And you wonder how rumors get started….

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“Innocent” posted a video that I challenge any JW’s to watch and find ONE THING said about Jehovah’s Witnesses in it about what they teach to be untrue. ONE THING.Of coarse, JW’s are not aloud to watch such things…isn’t that easy!

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That’s ALOUD…and allowed! :)

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MJ and most of the Jackson family are NOT Jehovah’s Witnesses. Unlike many other religions who allow their follows to live against their own beliefs Jehovah’s Witness allow no such behavior. The majority of the Jackson family is no longer associated with the religion and should not be referred to as such.

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Hey Ray, you make it sound like JW’s, as a people, are better than other religions.I’ve known lots of JW’s who drank too much, use bad language, lie, steal, cheat on their spouses, etc. So don’t talk about the behavior that Jehovah’s Witnesses “allow” like you guys are any different from the rest of us.

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Also Ray, if the Jackson Family are NOT JW’s, why are MJ’s kids attending Jehovah’s Witness meetings?

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What does it matter whether this man was a Muslim or not. Islam does not need high profile converts to legitimize itself. Either you believe in the tenets of Islam or you dont and let the matter rest there.Michael Jackson is dead and now any thing to do with him is between him and his Creator. As a Muslim I can only wish him peace when he stands before his and our Creator.May Allah give him peace and may his sins be forgiven.

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. . . and folks wonder why MJ was so lost. GB is right, as I also believe F. Fay, why not JW’s step up like the ministers they claim to be and truthfully discount the video — Satan’s daring you (that is what you believe, right?) Well, there is another Biblical quote that I love so much regarding the truth — it will set you free. Do you JW’s believe — that is, when it doesn’t cramp your style? Please do tell your side of what happened to MJ.

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Ray, in case you (and other JW’s) need to see proof of GB’s last post — take a peek … (and at that, Paris is allowed to wear slacks to Kingdom Hall as they all file into meeting with their Song Books) 07/michael-jacksons-kids-spotted-at.html

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The link just proved that Michael indeed wants his daughter/sons to grow studying the bible with the Jehovah’s Witnesses. Otherwise, if he found the truth with Muslims he would asked them to become muslims. It’s just Jermaine who became Muslim, in fact up to know Michael of becoming a muslim is a hearsay. 9/07/mic hael-jacksons-kids-spotted-at.html

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GBRay did not say that ALL of Jacksons family are JWs. To my knowledge only one or two are (Rebbie / Katherine). Could be wrong about that.Interesting that people like GB crawl out of the woodwork spouting hatred and discuss for the witnesses. Sure there are a few witnesses who have proven to be bad examples but the vast majority that I know are honest,clean and wonderful people.It’s irrelevant at this point what Michael did. His family have a responsibility to help these kids get in touch with their spirituality and grieve their fathers death.So back off and get over it.

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On Target~I didn’t crawl out of any woodwork, and I don’t hate the JW’s…just the watchtower organization that continues to lie to it’s followers.Jehovah’s Witnesses believe they have the only true religion and because of that they feel a bit superior to the rest of us, I know, I was one, and have clearly earned the right to speak about JW’s, having devoted most of the last 50 years to the religion.If you think anything I have said is not true, then point it out, instead of calling names.Also, MJ’s family is responsible for caring for his kids by making sure they are safe and healthy and have as normal life as possible. They have no responsibility WHATSOEVER helping his kids, “get in touch with their spirituality” by way of the Watchtower organization. Where do you get that stuff? Oh, that’s right, you’re a JW who believes everybody needs to be a witness…My challenge still stands to you or any other JW here to watch the video posted, and find ONE THING untrue about JW’s in it. Until someone does, YOU can back off and get over it!

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if he;s a muslim really then jermaine would know what to do and we all know that the family are non muslims so theres nothing we are not going to expect the best thing to do is to pray for the soul if eally he is a muslim and i say farewell mikaeel

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as per the documentary Michael Jackson Private Home Movie, Liz Taylor states that he quited being a JW…it was back in 1993…

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Bernie, are you sure of what you claim? Perhaps you could explain why MJ introduced them to pagan celebrations — you know, the ones he was taught as a JW to keep clear of. Better yet, perhaps you could explain why he had such friction when it came to living to the standards of a JW. For instance, why did they threaten to kick him out over “Thriller,” where MJ barely escaped their actions by adding a disclaimer over occult beliefs? Why then did he finally “disassociate” himself in 1987 over similar clashes?You see, simply because his sister took his kids to the JW meeting (shown on link) now that MJ has passed, doesn’t necessarily prove those were his wishes.

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i agree with stuart.i was brought up as a witness, many of my family members are still witnesses and i have been inactive for sometimes because of some personal shortcoming but that does not mean that i should critise them they are one religion who maintain God standard and do not look at you as a rich man to tell you the truth about your short coming,rather they are willing to help you family have not abandon me as i am inactive and they encourage me reminding me not to lose hope becos jehovah sees the heart.i also did not lose anything as a child becos i had a religion that gave me a bible train conscience and made me very knowledgeable i know micheal had his regret becos in his writig about the sabbath , he said he missed a day with God which obviously is the chritain meetings ,which i did too, if micheal do not value the organisation he will not live the custody of his kids to the mum who he knows that the mum is a witness and will always encourage his kids to practice it.well if most ex- witness are not able to keep to the requirement or standard that does not mean that they shd critise the organisation.and some who have had their problem with some elders or their personal family should know that they are all imperfect human ,they are God and shd not use that to measure the whole organisation but rather they shd pesistently pray that one day Jehovah will bring out the truth about whatever issue it is.even regularly we here emphasis on the scripture which says that jehovah watches the heart.

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Q~Why do you assume that if an ex-witness is critical of the JW organization it’s because it had to be something like, they couldn’t hold to Bible standards, or had problems with some elders or some other foolish thing? Why don’t you think that maybe there was perhaps a change in something that they just couldn’t agree with, and left?If you think Micheal Jackson wanted his kids to go to JW meetings, WHY DIDN’T HE TAKE THEM HIMSELF? If you think MJ wanted his kids to go to JW meetings, why did he leave the crazy religion himself and put it in his past?Do you think it’s possible that MJ’s mother is doing what she (as a Jehovah’s Witness) is doing what SHE thinks is best for her grandchildren? I know many JW’s who believe this is perfectly fine to do, that is, undermine whatever a non-witness parent says and do ANYTHING to get the grandkids into the JW organization. Witnesses are notorious for doing whatever it takes for, “kingdom interests”.The bottom line is….(1) Once you become a witness, there is no honorable way to leave the Jehovah’s Witness religion. (2) If Micheal Jackson wanted his kids to go to JW meetings, he would have taken them himself.

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GB, I think your response to Q was quite truthful. Q, have you bothered to review the video link on JW’s posted earlier? So sad and arrogant of you and all other JW’s to continue claiming it is only Jehovah who knows the heart, but time and time again it comes back to what you all have been brainwashed to preach against those who simply saw hypocrisy among those claiming to represent “The Truth.” If anyone of you actually took to heart what you preach, why is it that you JUDGE by default that anyone opposing anything of what they have endured as a God-fearing, Jehovah loving, imperfect human is presumed to be an apostate, wild worldly person out of control, or gross sinner? How can you possibly explain or questions truths such as what seems to be sincere-hearted, ordinary human beings like that Fay and that Rosie she attempted to support?Where is your humility? Where does your so-called Christian training come into focus when you are writing and equally accusing disassociated JW’s who have obviously been hurt by the same so-called loving, mind controlling organization? Who are you to JUDGE? Oh, I forgot, that’s what imperfect of an imperfect organization teach to think about other imperfect human beings who never claim to be Jehovah and know what’s in a person’s heart.Must be nice to be so powerful and all-knowing. What then is left for Jesus Christ whom Jehovah had granted the power to judge, since all of you (JW’s) who you assert know so much about everybody else that doesn’t think as you?

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Nice thoughts Innocent….Too bad the JW’s who have posted here before, are unable to respond to our questions and comments. Shameful….

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So very true GB … QUITE SHAMEFUL of the so-called righteous. How very hypocritical and pathetic when it comes to addressing “the (real) truth,” that no one seems capable of defending themselves with the honest reality of what goes on and what abuses innocent sheep have endured at the hands of JW’s. The devil they imply that is within anyone opposed to their views, can equally be claimed about them by people like us. After all, it is the great satan, and in all the history recorded in Jehovah’s inspired Scriptures, he has never come outright to those he greatly influences to be as cunning and deceptive as he is under the guise of self-proclaimed righteousness.The elders, governing body, and everybody else are nothing more than mere men like the rest of us, with the same imperfect frailties, lust for power and control — in many cases, as I have seen, desire to be worshipped gods themselves through gross manipulation, mental stress, and threat of breaking up family and friends if you don’t bow down and follow blindly. The reality remains, though, there will be a day of judgment for each and every one of us — especially, and including all of them and their followers.

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Michael did NOT convert to Islam. His personal lawyer and alleged participants (Yusuf Islam and Dawud) denied taking part in the conversion ceremony. It was a false lie created by the british tabloid ‘The Sun’. Please see this website for the details rebuttal: ichael_Jackson

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I agree with stuart.Great idea!! Michael Jackson is the great king of pop.I think your responses are very superb..Thanks……

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Michael Jackson did NOT convert to Islam. Here’s a detailed well researched article that compiles all the evidence: ichael_Jackson(making sure that this post stays at the top where it belongs)

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Michael Jackson mentioned time and again in his OWN WORD that he always followed the teaching of JESUS to LOVE and be Childlike. He believed in Jesus Christ and singing about bring back the Salvation in his lastest song “What More Can I Give” for charity. Michael Jackson is the the TRUE follower of Jesus Christ.

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Mj is a muslim. I was wrong being a christian. Shame on me.

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He is in fact a Muslim.

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Michael Jackson did NOT convert to Islam. His personal lawyer denies it. Here’s a detailed well researched article that compiles all the evidence: ichael_Jackson(making sure that this post stays at the top where it belongs)

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ALERT!!contents in WIKIISLAM are NOT TRUE….so…be smart…dont be stupid to believe all those things in the wikiislam….thank you~

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Rear the article, my brother. Michael’s personal lawyer denied the conversion. So did Yousaf Islam and everyone else allegedly related to the story.

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microMichael Jackson did NOT convert to Islam. His personal lawyer denies it. Here’s a detailed well researched article that compiles all the evidence: ichael_Jackson(making sure that this post stays at the top where it belongs)

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It’s clear to everybody that US governmental agents killed Michael Jackson for his conversion to Islam. Michael Jackson converted secretly to Islam earlier in 2007 but unfortunately, Neil Syson spread a rumor to make his conversion complicated for the people to believe. That was all fabricated to give the image that MJ’s conversion was a lie. But we know when you simply say that Jesus is the prophet of God, and, bingo, you’re a Muslim.

The nasty rumour was spread on 21 November 2008 and it was rejected by both Muslim converts (Steven and David). But Michael never said a single word, he should have told something about that. He never told that it was a crap about his conversion. We don’t believe in any rumour spread by the Americans in association with Neil Syson. We only believe that Michael Jackson was a Muslim convert and he was murdered for his conversion to Islam.

Here are two statements that you can comprehend….

Michael Jackson never said that he has converted to Islam.
Michael Jackson never said that he has not converted to Islam.

Michael Jackson was threatened for his getting closer to Islam. He was not allowed to show any sensitivity with Islam. He was tortured by the American lies. He was accused of things he never did. FBI/CIA and the US government have spent 17 years to do investigation on Michael Jackson for what they found nothing and they tried to bring him down by defaming his popularity. Americans feared that if Michael was allowed to be alive, he would ask for trouble speaking to Americans in his last concert. And, Michael was for this reason murdered about 13 days before his last concert date. Conrad Murray is just an individual who acts as an murderer and surely he will be out in 4 years.

The only problem is, nobody is allowed to associate Michael with Islam. Even his family members are not allowed to say anything about his conversion. In America, anti-Islamic sentiment runs so deep that the Islam is treated with scorn and derision and given no moral weight. Unfortunately, much of it’s so deeply embedded in the Media’s culture that it’s very hard to change it. Americans can say all they want because Michael Jackson is not here to contradict them. Michael isn’t here to defend himself, so Americans continue to spew innuendo and speculation based on their own wishes. They were not ready to accept him with Islam anymore.
Michael Jackson was tortured by the Americans for his getting closer to Islam. He left America for peace. He left Christianity to Islam. Surely Michael was buried as a Muslim by Americans but what they are saying is just to show that he wasn’t a Muslim. Although his memorial service was clearly a Christian oriented service, but Michael Jackson was not inside the casket. There was a compromise between Jackson’s family and the US government. The family is not allowed to openly confirm his conversion.
Why did they order for 3 gold caskets?
And why were the Jackson brothers and the father at Muslim funeral showing true sad tears with the light blue casket that was meant to be for Michael Jackson and his brothers with father were seen at a Muslim funeral in real mourning as Michael Jackson was devout Muslim. As the police said, “The Jackson family is also said to be planning a small funeral ceremony at a cemetery in the Hollywood Hills, calling it a “private family function”.

America is a Christian country and so the tribute was Christian by force, under the Christian Administration.
Americans can do anything because it is their country. Americans tried to hide the Michael’s conversion but the truth has been exposed in some way.

Some things in life they just don’t wanna see
You know I do really hate to say it
The government don’t wanna see

But if Michael Jackson was livin’
He wouldn’t let this be

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Will you publish the comment or not?

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FYI the delay was due to the holidays. Comment moderators take some time off too :-).

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