Funeral may show if Michael Jackson converted to Islam

June 29, 2009


One of the many rumours that swirled around Michael Jackson in the final years of his life was that he had secretly converted to Islam and taken the name Mikaeel. The “King of Pop” does not seem to have spoken about this publicly himself, and that scene in Bahrain when he went shopping badly disguised in an Arab woman’s abaya could be put down to his well-known penchant for dressing up. So unless there is some statement in his will or documentary evidence in his estate, his funeral expected this week may be the last time to test whether this rumour has any basis in fact.

(Photo: Veiled Jackson greets security guard as he enters shopping mall in Manama, Bahrain with veiled child, 25 Jan 2006/Hamad Mohammed)

The Jacksons are Jehovah’s Witnesses and could be expected to bury Michael in the tradition of that faith. When he announced the death, his brother Jermaine — a Muslim — ended with the words: “May Allah be with you, Michael, always.” Jermaine said in 2007 he was trying to convince Michael to convert.

The post-mortem period hasn’t looked very Muslim so far. Traditions vary, but in Islamic funeral practices in general, autopsies and cremation are out and the body should be buried quickly, usually in a day or two. Jackson is reported to have asked for cremation in his will and his family has asked for a second autopsy after the first one failed to pinpoint the cause of death without long toxicology tests.

Jehovah’s Witnesses prefer short and simple funerals, usually with a Scripture reading, and warn adherents against funerals with emotional outbursts ranging “from frantic wailing and shouting in the presence of the corpse to joyous festivities after the burial. Unrestrained feasting, drunkenness, and dancing to loud music often characterize such funeral celebrations.”

The focal point of an Islamic funeral is the funeral prayer called the salat al-janazah. An imam facing Mecca leads the faithful in saying the prayer, punctuated by declarations of Allahu Akbar. The corpse of the deceased is placed perpendicular to the qibla, the direction of Mecca in which all worshippers are standing, rather than in the same direction as the faithful as usual in a Christian funeral.

The funeral service could be in the Jehovah’s Witness style, it could be Islamic or it could be a mix of the two (maybe even with borrowings from other traditions as well). If Michael Jackson’s artistic career is anything to go by, the third option wouldn’t be a surprise at all.


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I agree with Kirsty. Also, God’s people have always been instructed in unity from infancy on, dating back to ancient Israel. Later on, Paul was inspired to write to “not forsake gathering together” at Hebrews 10:24,25. And while Jesus was on earth, children were drawn to him, and the way he taught. Even at a young age, children are able to comprehend the true meaning and purpose of life, while many are still searching. Our meetings help us to see that and form a closer bond with our Creator. We also have talks on how precious children are, and how to raise them in a loving Christian way.

I was a JW for many years, and even had the opportunity to meet MJ at Bethel when I served there many years ago back in the 70′s.I have no doubt that the way he was raised as a JW affected his life growing up. Being raised as a JW is no picnic. I feel so sorry for those of you posting here who are still JW’s and believe you are in “the only true religion”. I diassociated myself several years ago when I found out the real truth about “The Truth”. To this day, I have still not done ANYTHING to be DF’d for. However, my parents and the rest of my family have nothing to do with me or my children because I don’t believe what they do as JW’s. So don’t try to make it sound like all ex-JW’s are bad, evil, wrongdoers that won’t take counsel from the elders and need to be outed from the cong. to keep it clean. Your only fooling yourself.The reason JW’s aren’t allowed to talk to former members is so they don’t find out the real truth, period.Sorry to disapoint all you JW’s out there! RIP MJ. GB

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What was MJ doing at Bethel?

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Personally i think the RUMORS of him converting to Islam are false as you probably would of heard about it more from the Press. Theres been no real SOLID evidence to these rumors. Also MJ has never admitted to converting, only he can tell you what faith he believed in.But does his faith really matter? You should not judge someone by their faith or Color, either way Michael Joseph Jackson was the greatest musical talent of all time.

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That’s why Islam makes sense to me. no complications. sweet and simple.

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but what’s a DEAD BODY anyway?1.) it has very little value to anybody who’s still alive..2.) & if it is of value to anybody who’s dead–but cant tell us the importance of it.So let them bury, anyway they want & say anything they care about.i am largely bemused how this generates plenty of discussion.

Michael jackson who was converted Islam is not a secret thing to the whole world and neither he denied the news published in world’s famous news paper and on electronic media so his funeral should be only as Islamic laws and further I like to say on more important point on his will that so many claimers are coming forward and showing his will but AS PER ISLAMIC LAW ( SHARIA ) A DECEASED PERSON CAN NOT GIVE HIS PROPERTY TO ANY BODY NOT MORE THAN 33 PERCENT AND REMAING PROPERTY WILL BE DIVIDED TO THEIR RELATIVES AS PER ISLAMIC LAWS. THIS POINT IS IMPORTANT AND SHOULD KEEP IN MIND OF JUSTICE WHILE DEALING THIS CASE. MD.SAMIUDDIN KHAN 23-3-22, SULTAN SHAHI, HYDERABAD INDIA CELL. 9492429950

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I was raised JW and chose to go inactive for reasons some have listed and other personal issues–none related to being “unfit to serve”. Over the years, I’ve come to know many other former or dormant JW’s who while not in communion with that religious body still hold some (or all) of the tenets in their beliefs structure. Thus, I feel it plausible that MJJ could have removed himself from the immediate influence and control of the august body of elders while privately maintaining his beliefs. Yet, being such a public figure, he also was required to fulfill the needs, demands and respect of many cultures. He did so admirably while not heavy-handedly imposing his own viewpoints on others.And, while he is a talented entertainer, let’s not neglect his sharp business and marketing skills which created the Phenom.

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I sincerely HOPE that Michael Jackson has a Christian burial. I believe Jesus Christ is the only hope for ALL of us. I pray that Michael Jackson is at peace in the presence of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Michael Jackson believed in God but I don’t recall him saying that he was a Jehovah’s Witness anymore. But he did state that he missed out on a lot as a child because of the religion and rigorous rehearsals. He also stated that he WOULD NEVER have his children miss out on things like that.So, when you all see “Dr” Firpo Carr on television talking about how Michael pulled him aside privately and requested that if anything happened to him, he wanted his children to study the Bible and be Jehovah’s Witnesses because that is how he was raised, that is a FLAT OUT LIE!!!!!Michael did speak with him but he did not tell him that. He wants hi children to have birthdays, Christmas, celebrate Easter (Resurrection Day)and other holidays.Michael has mentioned Jesus on numerous occasions and quoted the Bible. Now JW’s not only use the New World Translation but they also use the Holy Bible, yet they are forbidden to study the Bible WITHOUT the New WOrld Translation.According to JW doctrine, Katherine, LaToya, and Michael should have been disfellowshipped long ago. Katherine had a birthday party, Michael Jackson celebrates Christmans, Easter and birthday parties and LaToya (well do I really have to explain that one!?).And for those of you who say that they do not disfellowship just because of that, well, they DO!We don’t know what faith or religion Michael Jackson practiced when he passed away. But on most of his interviews when he is asked about his religion, all he says is that he believes in God (JW’s are supposed to use God’s name which is Jehovah), that he believes in the after life and that he believes in what Jesus said.So if one believes in what Jesus said, he stated that he was the Son of God in the Spirit and in the Flesh. JW’s don’t believe that. They believe that Jesus is an arch angel.So, my point is nobody really knows, but what we can gather is that he WAS NOT A JEHOVAH’S WITNESS. Oh, yeah and this “Dr.” Firpo Carr is a straight up FRAUD!!!!

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Whatever his faith or religion is, its between him and Allah only, whether he converted to Islam or not should not be our greatest concern coz its something private and in spite of all he was a great musician and we will always miss him and remember him in his timeless music.

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Kristy, Danny, Stuart,While your zeal to uphold/defend Jehovah and his organization can be seen as exemplary, they do not; however, discount or cancel out the truths being spoken by others such as Rosa. Differences in opinion does not always amount to apostasy, hatred, or false truths as your sentiments imply (John 8:44). In fact, Jesus instructed “Stop judging that you may not be judged; for with what judgment you are judging, you will be judged; and with the measure that you are measuring out, they will measure out to you. Why, then, do you look at the straw in your brother’s eye, but do not consider the rafter in your own eye? Or how can you say to your brother, ‘Allow me to extract the straw from your eye’; when, look! A rafter is in your own eye? Hypocrite! First extract the rafter from your own eye, and then you will see clearly how to extract the straw from your brother’s eye” (Matthew 7:1-5).Like Rosa, I have a story to tell. I was born as a JW, baptized twice – once in my mother’s womb before birth, then later on my own at eleven years old. My father had always been an outstanding elder, as far as I can recall; and I even pioneered alongside my mother as a pre-teen. On the outside looking in, I suppose it looked as if I were part of a near perfect and happy family; but like Rosa, we suffered severe beatings and a host of other abuses. Like MJ, I was the seventh out of nine children, and witnessed my eldest brother being institutionalized in a mental hospital by the time he was 16 or 17 (of which he never seemed to recover). Shortly after that, my next eldest brother became a drug addict, and the list could go on with the rest of my siblings, but I realized at an early age I could not end up like them.The meetings and field service wasn’t so bad, but it left little time for academics; worse feeding 11 on a janitor’s income required several jobs of which my father arranged for the entire family to clean city and state public offices. Often after meetings instead of going home, we went to clean welfare or other public offices where my father had been subcontracted to clean. We weren’t allowed to have friends, phone calls, or visits – even from blood relatives because they were non-believers. Like Rosa, I graduated with honors (the only of my siblings to do so), but since the world was coming to an end and I should not seek worldly pursuits, college was out of the question. Especially when my part-time paycheck through my high school’s federal work-study program had to be signed over to my father every two weeks. There was no time to be a child and I was suddenly all grown up and in such a big family and organization still all very alone.I left home shortly thereafter to preserve my own sanity, got my own place and a full-time job to support myself. Soon I married and unbeliever and we moved from IL to MI where he accepted a federal position. By the time I returned home 10 years later, I discovered somehow my loving father, the perfect elder, had convinced the congregation to disfellowship me because even though I was married I had somehow admitted to my older sister I was living in sin with who was my husband at the time in question. I met with the elders and they claimed, well, I had been away for so long that I should be humble and accept Jehovah’s spiritual upbuilding (Bridgeview Congregation, IL) by letting the disfellowship stand. Whatever happened to me being a witness to defend myself, or as Paul directed “At the mouth of two witnesses or of three every matter must be established” (2 Corinthians 13:1; Philippians 2:2-3)?The story gets better, after adhering to whatever the elders directed, including my renowned father, I took to heart Matthew 19:9 and reconciled with my husband for whom I had separated only to have him treated like an outsider by the congregation, even when taking off from work to help build the new building (Evanston Congregation, IL). In fact, we had traveled to Nigeria to visit his family, leaving my youngest sister to care for my pre-teen son at our home; however, when we returned, she had somehow cleaned out our joint bank account – claiming my 10-yrs. old son had lost her payroll check. After taking measures to have the bank reimburse the stolen funds, dear old elder dad, called family services claiming we abandoned my son and left the country, even had my sisters to call and claim it was true. It gets better, he further took it to the Lakeview Congregation, IL elders and they attempted to start proceedings to disfellowship me for reporting my sister had forged checks on my account and child abandonment, until I was forced to write the headquarters in NY to complain – my husband called them nuts.Eventually we purchased a home across the border in IN, only to be run away by elders and insecure wives who thought my studious and detailed comments at meetings were showing off, as were the suits/outfits I wore to meetings (coming directly from work) after 1.5 hrs. commute from downtown Chicago. My passion to help others in the congregation less fortunate, invite everyone over for gatherings in my home, and even reaching out to brothers in times of crisis like during Iraq’s first war, when the Bethel Home there sent a beautiful response of how they were encouraged by my words of comfort; but the elders refused to accept or read it to the congregation as it instructed because I was again trying to show off (Merrillville & Crown Point Congregations, IN). These all helped me to gradually steer away from the personalities associated with JW.As you can see, there are a host of things that can be written, but I think this is sufficient to support that Rosa was right, and anyone not having lived in another person’s shoes really should remember John 8:44. My faith, as I am sure of others, is strong as those who claim to live up to what Jesus taught that true Christians should be; I have found JW’s, though, to be the biggest stumbling blocks (Matthew 18:5-6) if ever there could be – and have let the elders know as much. I will take my chances on the outside and place my trust in the only true judge (John 5:22) and only true “see[r of] … heart[s] (1 Samuel 16:7) – not man.I too pray for MJ’s children.

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Thanks for sharing F. Fay… many more stories out there like yours…MJ was at Bethel on a tour with his family when I met him back around 77′-78′.

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Naomi,Jehovah’s Witnesses are not a, “strange sect or something”. For those of us who have not gone on “hearsay”, but have actually gotten to know JW’s and have relatives who are JW’s, we know Jehovah’s Witnesses to be a very destructive religious CULT.Have a nice day! MJ R.I.P.

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My ex husband is Jehovah’s Witness. I am not. When our son died in 2000, at age 21, we planned his funeral together. It was simple. Done as soon as we could make arrangements. My Christian pastor said a few words and prayers graveside. My son’s dad himself said a couple of scripture versus. We filed by his open casket, little JW family members tossed in toys, stuffed animals etc. Me and his JW stepmother bent and kissed him goodbye. We all threw dirt onto his casket and then it was over. Simple.Just my experience.RIP MJ

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I was raised as a JW. Your being baptized in the womb smacks of dishonesty, or at least perhaps you’re mistaken, because Jehovah’s Witnesses adhere to the example set by John the Baptist and Jesus Christ as regards baptism. For us baptism is a biblically intellectual and faith based decision. If you don’t wish to dedicate yourself to doing God’s will and are unwilling to submit yourself to Christ Jesus Kingship, such an undertaking as baptism would be foolhardy indeed!Fay, I’m sorry that you had a bad experience. What a traumatic life you’ve had. Of course I have no way of knowing how much of your story is filled with truths versus lies, nor do I know how much is perspective versus fact. I can only say that I on the other hand have found my experiences to be quite the opposite.I have traveled the world, performed on stage in many different arenas and had a 4.0 at University as a Jehovah’s Witnesses. I’ve had the opportunity of meeting the poor and humble as well as millionaires, and the picture you paint is a uniquely bleak and ugly one amongst these people. I’ve lived in 6 different states and two different countries and while no JW is perfect, I’ve found them to be on the whole gorgeous inside and out.The early Christian congregations mentioned in the Christian Greek Scriptures were often filled with ever so many problems, as well as problematic people. No matter the religion calling itself Christian, the people in it are only as good as their ability to apply and humbly submit to Christian principals. As individuals we are accountable before Jehovah God and his reigning son Christ Jesus. If we are unloving and reprehensible in our behavior, in addition to stumbling others, we can only expect to bring reproach and malediction upon ourselves.For my part, even if I got directions to the emergency room from a cruel and vicious person, I would prefer that over a sweet, kind and utterly mistaken individual who cost me my life because their directions were incorrect. During my University education, I was able to confirm what I had actually been told to be correct by Jehovah’s Witnesses. My Western Civilization professor in the very first week mentioned that the teaching of the “Immortality of the Human Soul came from ancient Babylon” and he was Seminary trained. Also, in my universities library I was able to confirm that indeed the Catholic Church did put it down in writing in one of their dictionaries that that same teaching was not bible based, nor is the trinity. (Ezekiel 18:4) (1 Corinthians 15:24-28) Jehovah’s Witnesses are Protestants, it’s just that we protest many more of the teachings springing forth from the Catholic Church than most other religions calling themselves protestant. The fact that the game show “Jeopardy” stated our New World Translation was the most accurate bible available did not hurt my feelings any! The most important issue is that Michael could not be in the hands of a more righteous and loving God than our creator Jehovah and his highly favored son, our redeemer, judge and reigning king Christ Jesus. (Ecclesiastes 12:13) (John 25:25-30)

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Naomi, GB,Your comments are very revealing, I came across this Reuters article in search of a website to send MJ’s brother, Jermaine, a response to his extremely surprising claim on CNN’s Larry King that Allah and Jehovah are synonymous – a total contrast to the Quran’s teaching that there is “No god but Allah; Muhammad is the messenger of Allah” (Surah 33:40). Worse, he went on to somewhat claim MJ was the most important man to ever have walked this earth. In my opinion, something went tragically wrong in the Jackson family – tantamount to what I experienced and still witness today in the remnants of what remains of own dysfunctional family. MJ’s heartbreaking story reminded me of my own brothers. The eldest was weak and shy as MJ, but lost his mind as I mentioned earlier, another refused to be brutalized at a point in life, which earned him a scalding pot of hot water that peeled his flesh from his skin in one beating.Everybody has his or her own story, I am sure; but what happened to you GB? Of all the things on this earth to classify JW’s as, why would you capitalize on cult? And Naomi, does anyone know you are claiming to be a JW on the Internet and calling potential sheep “STUPID”? How exactly do you think anyone reading such comments will view the next JW knocking on their door (Matthew 26:51-53)?In my opinion, Katherine was about as helpless as my own mother to stop the abuses against her nine children. On the other hand, I have seen documentary-type videos of her own words, and her children of how they view life based on religious beliefs. With such a rock of a JW mother (as has been reported), how could anyone believe an ancient Arabian practice to worship a deceased man named Allah and a cubed black meteorite in Mecca Valley (Middle East) ever be likened to the true Creator and his presence (Psalms 106:36)? If nothing else, Islamic beliefs appear to include much bloodshed, hatred, and self-proclaimed supremacy over infidels. Although, not all Muslims practice such hatred, it is seemingly still a contrast between the two beliefs; that is, being raised as I was as a JW then choosing to embrace (often violent) Islamic beliefs.It is easy to understand why MJ was lost, alone, and confused. Only he can answer for his sins when judged, like me and you and everybody else. For now, though, remember that there is no real need for wishing RIP because “the living are conscious that they will die; but as for the dead, they are conscious of nothing at all, neither do they anymore have wages … [a]lso, their love and hate and their jealousy have already perished (Ecclesiastes 9:5-6; Psalms 146:4; Genesis 3:19). Based on what has been revealed thus far about the Jackson family, I believe MJ’s children need the most prayers right now; although I do also understand and can empathize with the person MJ turned out to be.

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Tricia,While you are apparently upset with my truths, yours and no other person’s desire to accept or not accept what I have lived through concerns me. If you have a question, a polite inquiry would have sufficed. It seems as if attack anyone that does not paint a pretty portrait about the truths of JW’s is how you were raised and trained to teach theocractically from the weekly meetings. First, I never said JW’s believed in womb baptisms, I simply stated a fact that my mother was eight months or so pregnant with me when she was baptized. What that has to do with “smack” or “dishonesty” is beyond me, since I know for a fact you were not there. If your education makes you proud, good for you; but before you attempt belittling anyone else on that basis, perhaps you should learn humility and find out whether or not the person achieved a degree as well. I attended the University of Illinois (Chicago) and courses at American University recently which completed my degree in legal studies this past February – with a 3.9+ / 4.0 GPA. I have worked for all the major law firms in Chicago for as long as I have been able to work, but my husband insisted I get the degree I could not achieve so very many years ago. I happened to marry into an educated family from Africa.As far as your fake sympathy, by all means keep it – I don’t need it from you or any other JW since most don’t have a heart to begin with when it counts. Its personalities like yours that keep me in the frame of reference about JW’s being so hypocritical with their biased judgment and let’s not forget, self-righteousness, that I only sit back and wait to see what Jehovah will do to all of your types (Matthew 7:1-2; Romans 14:4). What makes you believe you are qualified to teach? Are you unaware of Paul’s words that “a slave of the Lord does not need to fight, but needs to be gentle toward all, qualified to teach, keeping himself restrained under evil, instructing with mildness those not favorably disposed; as perhaps God may give them repentance leading to an accurate knowledge of truth” (2 Timothy 2:24-25). I take it your words mean you are up there in the ranks of Jesus Christ, right?You are no one and nothing but a human being, much like me; therefore, I do not have to answer to you or anyone of your caliber for anything. If, on the other hand, you would like to talk to the congregation elder that knows me and what they did to ultimately turn me off, look up E. Jones in Merrillville, IN (lives on Delaware St. or so, and he is listed). It would seem there is a number of you that need the humility you speak of; are you aware that carrying the Bible, attending meetings and preaching what you do not practice will not gain you a ticket to anywhere – let alone everlasting life in Paradise. When you can read my heart and mind, I may consider you worthy of my time, but as long as you bleed the same blood, breathe the same air, indelibly employ the same imperfections sanctioned on us all since Adam and Eve, you can take your presumptions and go to that same place you have destined me and countless others with your arrogance and promise of doom. There is but one God, and His name is not Tricia, neither is it that of his son, Jesus Christ.

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may allah bless you mj@ mikail…..islam forever

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The World does not care whether MJ was a JW or a Muslim. The World care because he was the King of Pop.

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Fay,I call JW’s a cult because that’s what they are.The mind-controlling tactics JW’s use to recruit other members and the control the Governing Body has over every little thing in the members lives is as cult-like as any other religious cult out there.Having been a JW for many years (as a Bethelite, special pioneer and elder), and now being away from them, I know exactly what JW’s are.Being one of Jehovah’s Witnesses means that you give up the right to decide for yourself what the Bible says and what you believe, the Watchtower will tell you that. When they change teachings, so do you.Jehovah’s Witnesses strongly discourage thier children from being involved in school sports, or even having friends who aren’t other JW’s. Jehovah’s Witnesses cannot celebrate birthdays or other holidays. Jehovah’s Witnesses are strongly encouraged to not go to college, but spend more time knocking on doors.My family hasn’t spoken to me for years, do you want to know why? Because i’m not one of Jehovah’s Witnesses anymore. I left…. That’s all. I stopped going to meetings and knocking on doors. I found out what JW’s really were and decided I couldn’t be a part of the organization anymore. As a JW, that is not really an option. I knew exactly what would happen if I left. My family would have nothing to do with me anymore, and that’s exactly what happened.My family is not allowed to talk to me, these are the rules of being one of Jehovah’s Witnesses and every JW knows this. Can you feel the love yet?These thing are really just the tip of the iceberg, what more do you need to see before understanding the mind-controlling ways of the Witnesses?

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MJ(mikaeel) may allah bless u

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Anyone interested in finding out about the ways of religious cults can read some of the books of Steve Hassan, a former cult member (Moonies) and expert on the subject of cults.If MJ had not been raised as one of Jehovah’s Witness (like myself), I’m sure someone with his talents and artistic spirit would never have gotten involved with such a crazy and controlling organization. R.I.P.Michael….

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GB,Totally understand where you are coming from and can even empathize. Seemingly, rules apply to some and not others, as by all accounts (as you, me, and countless others have experienced) at the very least today MJ’s mother and sister should not be speaking to anyone in the Jackson family since all of them have disassociated themselves, let alone going to MJ’s memorial service at the Forest funeral site and the now televised memorial celebration. I am sure JW’s would say all MJ’s cash has nothing to do with it, but folks like us know better. My self-proclaimed righteous family (what remains of it), have not spoken to me either. I shared the same type of love for my mother as MJ had for his, but because of religious fanaticism I wasn’t even invited to her funeral and had been banned from seeing her at home. She had been dead and buried over a month before the loving JW’s decided to let me know she had passed – mind you, that included the outstanding elder father, righteous elder family friend in NY’s Bethel, and righteous pioneer sisters. You are quite right about where is the love – then again, who needs it with such alleged God-fearing people. It will be interesting to see of the elders in CA will disfellowship Katherine for loving her son and supporting those that wish to honor him.Peace be with the Jacksons, you, and the so very many others out there that are reliving things in their life that perhaps MJ helped them to survive through his music.

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Jehovah’s Witnesses dont want to believe he was a muslim.His funeral dont say what he was:- his family (mostly) was not muslim- not ordinary death delays funeralHe made good music. That’s why he was famous.

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watchtower or Jehovah Witness’s aren’t cults

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I believe that MJ was disfellowshipped for making the Thriller viedo. Iam not positive. Because of the vampirers and dead bodies. Does anyone recall or know the truth?

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Michael, may human beings understand your shortcomings just as they will wish others to understand theirs as no one is perfect. Only Allah is perfect and limitless. You are blessed for accepting the message at the last seven months of the fifty years of your life. Only few men will be this previledged

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linda Allen,How would you describe a cult?MJ was never disfellowshipped because he was never baptized.

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Assalamu alaikum brothers and sisters.I agree with the post by Adam on the 29th June. I think there is a foul play in is death. Lets wait for the toxicology. Could you imagine the world especially to Michael Jackson’s admirers, the youths and the Muslim world if he had publicly announced his conversion to Islam after the London concert? What happened just over a decade ago when Dodi Al fayad and Princess Diana were about to wed? They tragically and abruptly died.Allah has a way of working things out though. Lets not cry hues yet. More than what we can reason or imagine might come out. Facts will open up however lateWhen Michael Jackson was asked why his ‘invincible’ album never topped the chat in the USA, he responded tearfully by saying that the album topped the chat in every other country other than the US. That there was conspiracy against him in the US. The interviewer never asked further for him to elaborate.Well, perhaps he realized that he has been used or manipulated and he was looking for a way out. Again for him, i feel he is lucky to have seen the light at the tail end of his life. Allah is merciful and forgiving. This is a sign for many to see.In the manner in which he will be buried is not much an issue now if he had embraced Islam before death. May Allay forgive us our sins. Ameen

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plz dont bring this crap of world conspiring against MuslimsIf u would bother to find out the religion of terrorists all over the world then ur question of who is conspiring against whom will be cleared.

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Brother, or Sister?,I appreciate your anonymous comment.Are you saying that all the muslims in the world are terrorists? I am sure you know and respect some muslim personalities that you will not look into the eyes and call terrorists.I am sure you know the word “conspiracy” exist. Please don’t allow your mind to be fixed. Be accommodating and see things objectively. Perhaps the muslims dont accommodate inuendos!!!!SALAM, PEACE.

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Linda, can you explain this? GB appears to be right like all those other poor souls pouring there hearts out here. ocid=7529203252348464576

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to anonymous user,what kind of person r u i don’t know but to call the whole religion “a religion of terrorist” is something to be ashamed of. Do you even know what is the meaning of the word Islam its “peace”, if some black sheep’s r doing something that doesn’t mean that u can use the terrorist label to every body.Hitler killed 6 million Jews so u don’t call Christians terrorist do u.Please know what you r talking about then commentWhether he(Michael)was a Muslim or not can only be proved by him ,and his testimony if it s there.

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to Anonymous I will ask you 1 thing ,did YOU bother to find about about this religion that you call “religion of terrorists”and about who is conspiring against who.Don’t you remember 2-3 years back an artist in Denmark drew some really insulting pictures about our Prophet.My question to you did the Muslim did any thing to him any thing which brought him to draw this pictures.In France 3-4 years ago a law was created that any woman whether she wants it or not will not be allowed to wear Hijab(the Islamic code of dressing for Muslims) isn’t this a direct hit against the Muslims law.Isn’t this a conspiracy.British ruled half of the world for ages,did the countries welcome them to be enslaved,did the Britishconquered lawfully,i guess not,so were they Muslim?Do you know what do they call our place of worship,the Masjid, mosque which has the root word mosquito,isn’t it a direct insult to us?

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Oopss. Let me clarify: a member of the Jackson family, and brother in the local congregation of Jehovah’s Witnesses read a few comforting scriptures at the private service.

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M.E.,How do you know this?

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GREAT Question GB, how do you know M.E.? You were there, right? Or perhaps you have the name of who spoke, right? Please, do tell …

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Sorry, forgot to ask, what is the name of local congregation the brother belongs too? Will anyone from that congregation admit to such a thing?

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And you wonder how rumors get started….

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“Innocent” posted a video that I challenge any JW’s to watch and find ONE THING said about Jehovah’s Witnesses in it about what they teach to be untrue. ONE THING.Of coarse, JW’s are not aloud to watch such things…isn’t that easy!

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That’s ALOUD…and allowed! :)

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MJ and most of the Jackson family are NOT Jehovah’s Witnesses. Unlike many other religions who allow their follows to live against their own beliefs Jehovah’s Witness allow no such behavior. The majority of the Jackson family is no longer associated with the religion and should not be referred to as such.

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Hey Ray, you make it sound like JW’s, as a people, are better than other religions.I’ve known lots of JW’s who drank too much, use bad language, lie, steal, cheat on their spouses, etc. So don’t talk about the behavior that Jehovah’s Witnesses “allow” like you guys are any different from the rest of us.

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Also Ray, if the Jackson Family are NOT JW’s, why are MJ’s kids attending Jehovah’s Witness meetings?

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What does it matter whether this man was a Muslim or not. Islam does not need high profile converts to legitimize itself. Either you believe in the tenets of Islam or you dont and let the matter rest there.Michael Jackson is dead and now any thing to do with him is between him and his Creator. As a Muslim I can only wish him peace when he stands before his and our Creator.May Allah give him peace and may his sins be forgiven.

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. . . and folks wonder why MJ was so lost. GB is right, as I also believe F. Fay, why not JW’s step up like the ministers they claim to be and truthfully discount the video — Satan’s daring you (that is what you believe, right?) Well, there is another Biblical quote that I love so much regarding the truth — it will set you free. Do you JW’s believe — that is, when it doesn’t cramp your style? Please do tell your side of what happened to MJ.

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Ray, in case you (and other JW’s) need to see proof of GB’s last post — take a peek … (and at that, Paris is allowed to wear slacks to Kingdom Hall as they all file into meeting with their Song Books) 07/michael-jacksons-kids-spotted-at.html

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The link just proved that Michael indeed wants his daughter/sons to grow studying the bible with the Jehovah’s Witnesses. Otherwise, if he found the truth with Muslims he would asked them to become muslims. It’s just Jermaine who became Muslim, in fact up to know Michael of becoming a muslim is a hearsay. 9/07/mic hael-jacksons-kids-spotted-at.html