Comments on: Algeria also opts for “Sufi card” to fight Islamist extremism Religion, faith and ethics Sat, 23 Apr 2016 23:25:07 +0000 hourly 1 By: christopher witt diamant Fri, 10 Jul 2009 12:43:28 +0000 The idea of supporting Sufism to combat “jihadism”, which is usually anti-western and pro-Qutbist in nature, is one of the more intelligent ideas which Islamic regimes are now advocating after Saudia Arabia’s efforts to return to the Salafism and Wahabist currents which have destroyed the Ummah and broken it into 72 warring sects opposed to each other: whereas Sufism seeks the Unity which the Elect know is the “essence” or “Fruit” of the Tree of Life.

To overcome the demons of ignorance it is far more perplexing to the supporters of hatred and violence to deal with the reality of the Sufis than conventional tools of repression and civil authority and the police; thus we are now seeing the manifestation of the true jihad that the Apostle Muhammed advocated: the one within.

It is for this reason that he said; to wit;

“The ink of the Learned is holier than the
blood of the Martyr”.

The advent of Misih ad-Dajjal Osama bin Laden has not been recognized in Islam due to the destruction of the schools of Sufism and their adherents: now Islam sees that to survive it is indded the Sufus and the 4 Major Orders who are that of the People of Salvation for the Ummah.

Could the Voice of Reason by those like Sayed Hisham Kabbani and others be making itself heard?

Perhaps the real jihad against the ego and it’s attendent blindness and greed can now begin; as we are at the Last Day of which Muhammed and Jesus both spoke; the 2 Brothers of the Truth of Allah that restored the relationship Ishmael and Issac were to have enjoyed and thus healed the heart of Abraham; and it is this which will unite the Believers at the End.

By: Yakoub Fri, 10 Jul 2009 05:28:29 +0000 Yes, we can indeed argue that to stereotype Sufis as pacifistic contemplatives is potentially misleading, and it amuses me when those usually prone to essentialising Islam as inherently violent suddenly appeal to Muslim diversity to assert Muslims are inherently violently, but the fact is, zaouias have been largely associated with hospitality and education, not anti-colonial resistance.

By: A Thu, 09 Jul 2009 17:18:58 +0000 “Mystical and tolerant”, Lamine? Isn’t that a tad general? There are many forms of Sufism, and many of them are not “tolerant.” The Jihad waged against the Russian Empire in Chechnya more than a hundred years ago was waged under the banner of Sufism… and they were ruthless, fighting viciously to the death. The Sanussis that wore down the Italian occupation of Libya were Sufis. Some African Jihad movements were Sufi. Let’s not reduce everything to simple (and misleading) headlines. It only messes everything up even more.