Muslim Americans encouraged, hopeful with Obama at the helm

July 13, 2009

alqaisiIraqi Americans Wasan Alqaisi and Sumer Majid made a Fourth of July family picnic of kebab — served on hamburger buns with slices of American cheese.

Celebrating Independence Day in Washington D.C., the two Muslim women were doing what generations of Americans have done before them: blending their faith and lifestyle with a U.S. national identity.

Eight years after Middle East militants carried out the September 11 attacks, Muslim Americans are raising their profile, encouraged by the election of Barack Obama, a U.S. president proud of his Kenyan father’s Muslim heritage.

“We are more optimistic about the future for us here,” said Alqaisi, an accountant. “They changed the way they communicate with the Muslim countries. We feel like we have more value here now. We hope that will continue in the future.”

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(Photo:Wasan Alqaisi (R) prepares kebabs on hamburger buns for Sumer Majid (L) and Sabaa Sabeeh (C) during a Fourth of July picnic in Washington, 4 July 2009/Wendell Marsh)

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Kebab served on hamburger buns with slices of American cheese. This is a beautiful example of mixing and combining two cultures, next time when we have a bbq I’ll have a hamburger bun kebab as well.

Posted by 12 Weeks Pregnant | Report as abusive

it would be even lovelier if nonmulsims in muslim countries could publicly enjoy some pulled pork on an hamburger bun; don’t hold your breath

Posted by jd | Report as abusive