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By: DE Teodoru Thu, 20 Aug 2009 18:58:11 +0000 No one is to blame but Mr&Mrs America Fool. First there’s the doctor who finds that he gets paid less for every hour of patient contact than a plumber and then figures that at least he’ll get paid in egomania remuneration. So he tries to enjoy having gone from the high school geek to the God in White Coat as his reward for a life of hard work having no life. He likes to dispense good health care, doesn’t give a damn about the payment– his wife runs that part of the office if single practitioner or an office manager does if in a group. All he worries about is doing the right things and saying the right things to make you feel better as if he were the Burning Bush doing miracles. But in fact he knows little and is only groping in the dark. The HMO capitations dump so many patients on him that he barely has time to think– never mind time to learn the new genomics revolution at the cutting edge of medicine. It’s all foreign language to him for the medicine he learned less than a decade ago is based on physiology, not molecular biology; his chemistry and physics he forgot and counts on the miniskirted drug rep with a college degree in jazz ballet to tell him what drugs to use and why. What with legal and “best practice” blah, blah, blah thrown at him by journals that are 80% drug ads, he works most of the time off of a Chinese menu: ColA: signs&symptoms; ColB: diagnoses, ColC: treatment– all in algorithms that protect him from the lawyers….so he thinks. He is forced the give the patient 5 min. If the patient can’t articulate the problem in the first minute, it doesn’t matter, we’ll catch on the next 5 min. visit…..and so it goes until the cancer is caught too late to really be killed. Secondly there’s the patient who deems his disease as a big bag; once it fills with symptoms and is too cumbersome to carry around he goes to doctor, drops it on MD’s lap and says: “my insurance pays you to take care of this…I don’t want it anymore…I just want to get back to my regular life.” Thirdly there are for-profit corporate insurers. They know they didn’t sell insurance, just a rigged roulette table. The chances that your house goes on fire are minute, but you get fire insurance anyway, just in case. But you getting sick is inevitable– especially as you reach 45 to 65… you are at highest risk then of serious, chronic, irreversible and thus expensive diseases like cancer. That’s why a lot of people lose their jobs at around 45 and have to wait 20 years until Medicare kicks in to pick up their diseases, unable to find an “insurer” who covers “pre-existing conditions (whatever that means since many can be said to have been “pre-existing in your genes at birth). By then serious chronic illness is so sure that insurance wants to leave it to Gov because they don’t sell insurance, they play actuarial statistics for big profits and dump you as soon as these are at risk. The same Wall Street that killed your economy managing it for profits is now managing your health for profit. But since you join the work-force at 20, it takes your bosses money for health “insurance” premiums to play the spread instead of the odds. By the time you reach a streak of bad health luck (~ 45), they find excuse to dump you or raise your premiums to unbearable. But stupid Americans don’t care. 80% haven’t reached that inevitable point so they think they are fine. After all, American education consists of learning how NOT to think ahead and enjoy your freedom to watch TV while someone else is in charge of your life. Our schools teach you to sell your freedom so you don’t have to suffer the responsibilities that go with them. HMOs know that you don’t care what your “insurance” is like so long as you have it because, hey, at 20 who gets sick? From medical education to funeral, America is a rip off– overpriced for the little it gives. Someone always makes much more than a good living from your devastation….HEY! THAT’S THE AMERICAN WAY OF DOING THINGS. HMOs are like jungle predators. They hit the very young, the debilitated and the old whenever they can and devour them in their utter ignorance. They are cannibals eating their own species for profit. They are Bush-it “entrepreneurs”– French for THE TAKER IN BETWEEN– who does nothing but set up a toll at which he charges for things to go through. That’s whose keeping Gucci going; they can afford it at your expense. They like the taste of blood– your blood– because their gut can convert it into wealth for manure-eating entrepreneurs. For OUTRAGEOUS profit corporations stack up like saprophytes between you and your doctor making out like bandits (why does a tongue depressor cost 10x the price of a Popsicle stick like the $50 hammer and $100 toilet seat for the Defense Dept.?). BUT HERE’S THE REAL ISSUE. YOU ARE AN IDIOT BECAUSE YOU DON ‘T WANT TO TAKE TIME AND INVESTIGATE THE CURRENT HEALTH CARE SYSTEM YOU DEPEND ON TO STAY ALIVE. Like drinking, smoking and sweets&fats eating you do, you are an irresponsible hedonist who doesn’t want to be bothered and doesn’t understand that FREEDOM IS A RESPONSIBILITY. So you go on and on, pissing in your doctor’s face because you waste his time babbling rather than coming in ready to answer his probing questions and then you never see yourself as HIS/HER PARTNER IN YOUR CARE — shared responsibility– once you dropped off your bag of illness and paid your co-pay.


Yes, in the end it is always smug you– Mr&Mrs Ignorance is Bliss. You are like the dog at the vet…you don’t know whether he’s trying to repair you or hurt you, so you bite him as soon as it hurts. Dr. Obama is trying to fix YOUR healthcare system before your employer dumps you and so, like the dog, you bite him. You like your “coverage,” so why bother? Employer paid healthcare was a gimmick started in the 1950s to attract employees. Now nobody needs employees so why pay the ever rising premiums? But you are too short-sighted to wonder what will my plan be like for you when you’re 40, or 50, or anytime you reeeeaaaalllllyyyy get sick? You take no responsibility…. you want to learn nothing…. after all, you’re a happy follower, not an exposed leader and master of your own fate. You are caught by HMO lobbyists like squirrels trapped with peanuts. So you go to Town halls to show how big Viagra made you, not to show that you think and learn….You pretend you read the whooole plan when all you have is the page number of the sentence or two the lobbyist gave you to site in your attack. Just as you didn’t study in school you don’t study now. You think you are Constitutionally entitled to express your opinion…. but you never heard of a responsibility to study the issue on which your opinion is based.

That “dumb n–ger Obama who is anti-American and foreign born,” as so many of you call him– a total series of lies to cover-up your view of him as a “n–ger” trying to impose “socialism” on your healthcare….even though all he tried was to give you a choice so you can choose which better serves you– for-profit predation or Federal social-conscience. But what you don’t know– BECAUSE YOIU DON ‘T WANT TO KNOW– is that US medicine AS PRACTICED TODAY is for average people– as opposed to millionaires– below that of most Western CAPITALIST countries that provide single-payer healthcare because it is technologically backward contingent of big profits for HMOs and PHARMA so everything is overpriced except for your primary physician (who is UNDERPAID), and everyone but your boss who pays is making out like bandits by making your care SUB -OPTIMUM so it doesn’t cut into the massive profits. It will take a lot of money up-front to fix this current for-profit mess so you can get better and scientifically up to date medical care. The HMOs don’t want to lay out the money, they just want to get rich on the POOR CARE you now get. You are only a dumb squirrel trying to cross a busy highway if you don’t bother to look and investigate. Are you thinking: Hell, I’m covered…I can smoke…I can drink….I can eat crap…I’m covered and they have to take care of me because I’M COVERED”?

WELL YOU’RE NOT COVERED BECAUSE YOUR HEALTH IS DANGEROUS TO AMERICA ‘S CORPORATE PROFIT HEALTH– and hey baby, better you than them! So you take their handout, read your lines at the town hall and bully the speaker figuratively spitting at that “N–er Obama” trying to socialize your healthcare. The for profit corps and HMOs and PHARMA can count on you because you are a total lazy ass who never really wanted to educate himself on how to use the advances of medical research for a better life for you and your family: “ain’t my job…I pay the doc to take care of that and I’m not interested in all that readin’ and thinkin’!” But if you don’t, you are a fool who has a damned good chance to die for profits. It will be YOUR fault because you are the one so smug who just verbally spit into the face of your Congressman!

By: Rob Thu, 20 Aug 2009 16:25:25 +0000 Anyone who is lying about health care reform is clearly not practicing what Christ taught.

Anyone who is practicing deception to scare people are not practicing Christ’s teachings.

And yet many of those same people are the first to proclaim not only their “Faith” but that the United States is a Christian Nation.

Those folks have a very interesting view of Christianity.

By: Decided1 Thu, 20 Aug 2009 11:28:46 +0000 Claudia : I’m afraid I don’t have it backward at all.

Perhaps a refresher on the constitution is in order…the very first amendment states:
“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof;..”

It seems to me to be very clear that the founders were concerned, just as a Puritans were as they set sail for the new world, that government should not interfere in religion.

Also, in Jefferson’s letter to the Danbury Baptist’s he was reassuring them that government’s intrusion into religion was walled off by the constitution.

Progressive Liberals have tried twist Jefferson’s words for years by spinning them out of context.

I urge you to read his letter on-line for yourself.

By: Earna Mon, 17 Aug 2009 02:17:02 +0000 There seems to be not only quite a lot of racial undertones from those that immediately went out and purchased guns after President Obama was elected,but every attempt he makes to better something, those voices roar in their once quited(because they were implementing behind the scene plans of greed) racism. On the subject of health care, no one made noise while Bush was in office and made no attempts to change anything that may appeal to or benefit the masses, especially those millions of Americans without health care. I think racism has just gotten to the point that it can no longer hide its ugly head because ignorance will not allow.

By: Claudia Sun, 16 Aug 2009 03:19:36 +0000 To Decided1
You’ve got it backwards. Separation of church and state is SOLELY designed to keep religion from establishing a government. So that people of any or no religious affiliation can enjoy the freedoms of democracy equally without being forced to live according to others’ religious dictates.

By: Claudia Sun, 16 Aug 2009 03:03:27 +0000 To TC: Something I think a lot of people misunderstand about those whose access to healthcare is through emergency rooms: cancer mortality is higher when cancer is diagnosed in late stages. Most early stage cancer doesn’t present symptoms that would spur a visit to the emergency room. People do die for lack of access to health care when their illnesses and diseases are not diagnosed until treatment is likely to be uneffective or recovery odds are low. Similar examples can be found acroos the gamut of human illness and disease. Without adequate preventive care and routine screenings, more people are sicker longer and die earlier than otherwise: they are also less able to be productive taxpayers. It is is the interest of all of us to help each other live more productive lives. You may surprise yourself one day and find that it is you who have lost your access to healthcare. Will you then be less deserving?

By: TC Sat, 15 Aug 2009 14:46:22 +0000 Actually James, I am a United States citizen who believes in the Constitution of the United States. I am not a citizen of the United Nations.

Makes me wonder why congress doesn’t just say, “hey we have this United Nations signed charter, health care for all…no debate…no need to pass a bill…it is automatically law”. Well, you know that isn’t the case, so it really doesn’t matter what point you are making. The fact is, it is not a “right” to Americans and the United States of America. And a majority of Americans are in agreement with me.

My point still stands, health care is not a “right” it is a “responsibility”.

BTW, no one is dying in the streets because of a lack of health care. Under federal law, no one can be denied health care if they go to an emergency room. So, I will give you one thing, health care is already there for people who need it, regardless of whether they have health insurance or not. So, we actually are a compassionate nation afterall.

Also, the CBO continually reports a universal national health care system will increase the cost of health care not reduce the cost.

What this ends up meaning is that rationing of care will occur, your taxes will go up and when you reach a milestone in age, you will no longer be covered for a whole host of procedures. My Canadian relatives love getting those letters….Wonderful, isn’t it?

By: TC Sat, 15 Aug 2009 14:31:45 +0000 Actually, the problem is with the president himself saying what the health care bill will and will not do? Well, just what is the actual plan he is talking about? There isn’t a bill that he can speak to, there are so many versions being bantered about in congress that he cannot “honestly” speak to what a universal national health care plan will actually look like. In the meantime, he is just speaking non-sense and saying what will make him look good.

When it comes to prevention and the tests that go with it to help find potential heart attacks, cancer, etc. Well, preventive services will cost the nation more and will “not” reduce medical costs. If there are 100 people tested and only 1 person gets cancer, then where is the savings? It will be prohibitively more expensive than under our current health care system. BTW, the CBO agrees with this assessment and that is a real thorn in any health care proposal working through congress.

Anyone who thinks health care won’t be more expensive than now and won’t lead to “rationing” of care, is living in a fantasy world. Huge government programs do not work. Medicare and Medicaid are broke. What makes anyone think universal government run health care won’t face the same hurdles?

In the end, the American people will wish they never went down the universal road, especially when they get the letter from the government informing them they no longer qualify for cancer treatment, or a heart transplant or a hip replacement because it is too expensive. “You’ve lived a good life….Thanks for coming out!!”

It will be grand.

By: rajeev Fri, 14 Aug 2009 22:00:29 +0000 It is 60yrs, not 40yrs since 1948.