U.S. court nixes faith displays in postal station

August 20, 2009

Another dispatch from the trenches of the U.S. church/state wars, this one from my colleague Jonathan Stempel in New York.

A Connecticut church may operate a postal station without violating the constitutional separation of church and state, as long as it clearly distinguishes it from private space, a federal appeals court ruled on Thursday.

You can see his report here.


It will be interesting to see wider reaction to this decision, which found the church in the town of Manchester did violate the U.S. Constitution by including “religious displays” — but that it could easily fix the violations by removing them and making it clear to customers where the postal station ends and church property begins.

Both sides have expressed support for the decision — but it could still upset some religious conservatives who see no “wall of separation” between church and state.


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Thank God for seperation of church and state, but my goodness, who did the whole nation call upon when our country was invaded in WWII, the Twin Towers and who knows how many other attempts (It was the Lord almighty), it appears that all of us whatever the religion came together on that herriffic morning and prayed to God for strength, and mercy. It’s a shame that we only want God around when all hell is breaking loose and we don’t know what to do. I know for sure no one minded having religious symbols in their building that day. So folks give it a rest, wish I was old enough to have been on the front line and say NO we don’t want pray taken out of school, if you don’t want to pray, just keep your eyes open, and as I tell the children in Bible Study pray silently, they could have just been silent. This is the very fiber that made up our country.

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