Malaysian Muslims charged for cow-head protest against Hindus

September 10, 2009

cow-head-protestSix Malaysian Muslims have been charged with sedition after they marched with a cow’s head to protest the construction of a Hindu temple in a case that has stirred racial tensions in the country. The men were from a group of about 50 who had marched on Aug. 28 with the head of a cow, which is sacred to Hindus, to protest a plan to build a Hindu temple in their mainly Muslim neighbourhood.

(Photo: Protesters stomp on cow’s head, 28 Aug 2009/Samsul Said)

The incident has angered Malaysia’s mainly Hindu Indians who make up 9 percent of this mostly Muslim country of 27 million people.

Analysts say the protest reflected the increasingly difficult task Prime Minister Najib Razak has in narrowing ethnic and religious differences to win back ethnic minorities who abandoned the government in last year’s polls. “The trial shows how precarious race and religious issues still are in Malaysia, and how a small issue like the relocation of a temple can spark off a potential race riot,” said James Chin, a politics professor at Monash University in Kuala Lumpur.

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They must stop fundamentalist wahabi institutions to fund heir mosques. Saudi Arabia is known to foster global hatred and soon all roads will lead to Riyadh. UNO has an obligation to identify any hate ideology like teachings in places of worship, school text books and political party policies and adequately address the same.As it is Islamic ideology ranks highest and christian evangelism contributesits own hate ideology. Interfaith dialogue is good but needs to be debated on UN forums.

Malaysia is now at cross roads, it will continue to remain a global destination for businesses if it unequivocally establishes its secular credentials, both law makers and law enforcement tighten up their belts and thwart fundamentalism.The world is watching silently.

Whoever has the full authority to justice must do what the public sees fit. It’s not a matter to be taken lightly, Malaysia is on a verge of another unnecessary race riots and there is nothing more we want than an angry mobs of ruffians tarnishing already what’s left of the country.

The world is watching silently because UN is dominated by Christians who don’t give a fig to non Christians. Nepal is a weak country headed by chicken heads and India is headed by sickulars who are agents of Rome and Mecca.

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