Indonesian province moves closer to death by stoning law

September 14, 2009

bandar-aceh-mosqueMuslims who commit adultery in Indonesia’s Aceh province may be stoned to death under a controversial new sharia law passed by the local parliament on Monday.  Aceh is the only province in predominantly Muslim Indonesia to use sharia for its legal code, introduced as part of an autonomy deal in 2002.

The “qanun jinayat”, or sharia law for crimes, covers adultery, consumption of alcohol, rape and homosexuality, according to the draft seen by Reuters. Adultery is punishable by stoning to death, while other punishments include caning, gold fines and imprisonment.

The new law could come into force as soon as next month. See the full story here.

(Photo: Baiturrahman Mosque in Banda Aceh, 15 April 2005/Tarmizy Harva)

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Jijiya- tax to be paid by non muslims to keep their religion is next?

another afpak in the making for sure

this is the time UN should intervene.

who ever said democracies should be left alone, ought change it and call upon- democracies to be interrupted if they turn anti people.

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