Hindus and Muslims worship side-by-side in Uttar Pradesh

By Reuters Staff
September 16, 2009

News stories about Hindu-Muslim relations in India usually stress strains between followers of the two faiths. Here’s a short Reuters video from our partner ANI on Hindus and Muslims worshipping side by side in a temple and a mazar (mausoleum) in Uttar Pradesh state:


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This is quite common in India.Many temples in South India have Muslims as Trustees of Temples.In many a temple, the right to perform some ritual like supplying flowers, organizing some festivals are left to Muslims.In the famous SriRangamtemple,Sri Rangam , first reverence is made to Thulukka Nachiar,a Muslim woman.

Be careful. What is the guarantee that when you are praying for world peace and long life and happiness for all, next to most likely to turn out to be a human bomb, and all your prayers won’t get vaporized. I hope Talibanis, Al Quaedas are not eyeing this piece of article.

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True that terrorists are Muslims but All Muslims are not terrorists. We, in India, trust Muslims as our own despite some crazies among them.Tell me, which Religion does not have crazies amidst them?

Tell me which religon produces greatest number of crazies?

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